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Womanizer Pro 40A few weeks ago, Orion sent me the two new Womanizer models to review. I was really excited about trying the Pro 40 in particular as its everything I’ve been wanting from this brand. It seemed to solve a few of my past issues with previous models straight away and it also comes in at a much more respectable price tag than the past models. Does it hit as many buttons as the Satisfyer Pro 2 or were my initial impressions wrong? Read on to find out!

I rather liked the presentation of the Pro 40 packaging. Just a clean white box with a few glossy pictures of the product and the Womanizer branding. It’s classic and understated, but nice enough to give as a gift I think. Inside the box, the Pro 40 was found amongst the charging cable, adapter, user manual and a spare silicone head, which I believe was the larger size. Unlike the previous two Womanizer models, this one does not come with any storage. I understand wanting to keep costs down, but a small storage pouch would have been appreciated.

It needed a full charge as it arrived with none and this takes roughly 120 minutes. This gives around 240 minutes of play time (depending on the setting used), which I think is a wonderful ratio. I’ve only needed to recharge it a handful of times despite using it every other day since it arrived. It’s charged by placing the jack into the port on the toy and the USB into a charging station. The head will light up as the charge is taking place and it also flashes red when its in need of some fresh juice. I’ve had no issues with the charging process but please note that the product gets quite warm whilst doing so, so it’s best to keep on hard surfaces.

Am I in love with this sleek, updated take on the W100? Absolutely! The Pro 40 has gone back to the roots of the original Womanizer creation in terms of shape and I’m a big fan of that. I mentioned in my review of the W100 that I loved the long handle/slim body and this hasn’t changed. It’s much easier to use and control than the W500 in my opinion and I also find it more comfortable, especially for long-term use. I quite like the button placement on this model but for me it would feel more natural to have the plus and minus buttons the other way around on the control panel. I keep finding myself turning it down instead of up at the moment, which is momentarily frustrating.

Womanizer Pro 40The design of this is completely unlike the original though. Gone are the days of leopard print, bright crocodile print and awful gemstone buttons. The Pro 40 comes in two colour options – white and silver, which I chose, and Magenta and white. Neither are as feminine as previous models which I think is a bonus as it feels more inviting to people who have a clitoris but don’t identify as female. It’s also more inviting to those who were put off by the previous designs.

Remember in previous reviews of the Womanizer models where I complained that they weren’t waterproof? I can’t do that in this review. Feedback seems to have been taken on board and the Pro 40 is waterproof as a result. This makes the cleaning process so much easier. I like to gently rinse the entire unit and then dry it with a cloth before removing the head and washing that more intensively. I generally have to use a q-tip with toy cleaner to get any lube or lint residue from the head following each use.

As I mentioned before, I am fond of the control panel. It has a three-button interface, a power button then a plus and minus. The power obviously turns the toy on and off whilst the other two control the intensity and scroll through the various settings. I like the fact that there’s up and down arrows as I like to be able to go back to a previous setting if I accidentally pass the one I want or opt for too much intensity too soon. There are eight settings to explore on this clitoral stimulator and I can become invested in the sensations from setting four and above.

Womanizer Pro 40When I lay back with the Womanizer Pro 40, I can lose myself in orgasmic bliss after a minute or two on full power. It’s a quick, reliable orgasm tool and I’d say that it’s similar to a Doxy in that it just sort of rips an orgasm out of you. It’s not going to do that for everyone as the stimulation it offers is best suited to people who enjoy direct/pin-point clitoral contact.

If you like the broader stimulation of a wand and prefer it to a bullet vibrator, then you might find a toy such as this to be too intense, even on the lower settings. Equally, it might be too much if you have a highly sensitive clitoris. You’re probably better off with something broader. I personally like broad and direct stimulation, but direct is what gets me off the fastest, making the Womanizer perfect for me.

I would describe the Pro 40 as having the power of the W500 and all the best qualities of the W100. I’m glad it has eight levels of intensity as I didn’t find the six modes on the original to be enough for an intense orgasm. I am a power queen and although this is a pressure wave stimulator rather than a vibrator, I find the highest settings to penetrate below the surface of my clitoris as the highest settings on the Tango would. It feels different, but just as good. I haven’t been let down in the strength department and I’m quite pleased with the variety it has. It has some gentle suckle-like stimulation to start with if you’re not sure whether the technology will work for you or not.

On the topic of intensity, I think the choice of head can make all the difference. I personally prefer to use the regular heads as I’ve found these work best with my body and preferences. I think this makes the pressure feel rather precise. The larger heads take away some of the intensity in my experience, but I will use them on occasion if I don’t want to orgasm as quickly or I’m looking to achieve multiple climaxes. I feel that the regular heads tend to make me more sensitive after one orgasm, to the point where a second could be numbing and painful, but the larger heads don’t do this.

Womanizer Pro 40Before I turns this short review into a novel, I think noise is an important factor in a sex toy and is generally one of the first questions people ask me. I will admit that none of these “suction” type stimulators are quiet due to the mechanisms involved, but they aren’t sledgehammer loud. I do think the Pro 40 is louder than the previous models, only slightly, but I can tolerate this extra noise when I’m getting so many great things in exchange. If you need something quieter, than the W100 is probably the best Womanizer option for you.

In conclusion, I think this is the best Womanizer creation to date. I love the sleek aesthetics that this offers and whilst I’d remove a few of the visible seams, it’s pleasant to look at. It’s a huge improvement on previous models in terms of design and definitely a step in the best direction. I really like that the features I liked from both previous models have been morphed together to make one toy and then been made waterproof as a bonus. I am looking forward to seeing what this brand does next, but I’m hoping there will be some more models along these lines in the future that include storage.

I received the Womanizer Pro 40 (€99,00/£86.25) from Orion in exchange for my honest opinion. Thank you! No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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  1. Petra Pan

    I have this model too and I’m also delighted with it. It’s a firm favourite in my (rather busy) toy drawers!

    PP x


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