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A few months ago, I finally managed to get my hands on the Womanizer W500 and I really enjoyed the experience, so when I saw the W100 on sale at Lovehoney, I decided I just had to get the original too. Admittedly, I still prefer my beloved Satisfyer Pro 2 to both of these Womanizers, but I’m super excited to see what both brands bring out next.

Womanizer W100

Womanizer W100

Womanizer W100

Womanizer W100





I was reasonably happy with the presentation upon arrival as the box was much cleaner than I thought it would be. It’s classic and understated (unlike the toy) and features just a few simple images of the product and samples of the design that I chose. Inside the box, I found a lovely branded storage case alongside a user manual. Inside the case was the Womanizer itself, the charging cable, an adapter and a spare silicone head.

I opted for the black tattoo pattern as it’s totally different to anything that I have in my collection and it’s one of the least offensive designs available in my opinion. I think this is probably one of the best designs that Womanizer currently offer the W100 in, but I prefer the mint lace pattern of my W500 and the clean appearance of the white Pro40 to this style. I have to admit that I’m still not a big fan of the sparkly gemstone button that the original Womanizers have, but I find it easier to use on the W100 as it’s not so stiff.

Womanizer W100Before I could get stuck in, a full charge was required. I didn’t need the included adapter, so I just plugged the USB into the charging port and opened up the small silicone flap on the base of the toy to insert the jack. A light flashes near the charging port to indicate that the charge is taking place and this becomes steady once the charge has completed. The manual recommends four hours of charge for a complete refresh, which should give around ninety minutes of playtime, depending on the intensity it’s being used on.

Out of the two Womanizers that I currently own, I prefer the shape of this one, especially when I wish to use it for longer periods of time. I don’t have to stretch my hand around such a wide surface and I think the button placement is better on the original. It has two buttons, a power button and the gemstone button that I briefly mentioned earlier. The power button obviously turns the suction on, but it also reverts back to the lowest intensity if pressed again during use. It turns off by being pressed and held for a few seconds. The gemstone button is in charge of cycling through the available functions, of which there are six.

Womanizer W100The Womanizer has grabbed the attention of many, intriguing sex toy enthusiasts worldwide, but it’s not going to be suitable for everyone. I personally believe that this toy is best suited to those who enjoy direct/pin-point clitoral stimulation. If you’re a person who prefers broader stimulation, then I think you might find a toy such as this to be too intense, even on the lower settings. I like a bit of both, but I prefer intense, direct contact so a toy like this is ideal for me.

You can get two different sized heads for the Womanizer, regular or XL and I personally prefer the regular as I’ve found this makes the stimulation extremely precise. The larger heads are useful on the occasions where I don’t want to orgasm quite so quickly or I want to experiment with multiple orgasms. The larger head takes away some of the intensity, so it’s not my head of choice, but it is nice on those occasions where I want to spend more time with the Womanizer. The smaller head tends to make me feel more sensitive after one orgasm, to the point where a second orgasm could actually be painful, but this doesn’t happen with the larger size, which is why it’s useful for longer use.

Womanizer W100

Once I’ve found the perfect position around the clitoris, I can just lay back and let the Womanizer take over. I apply a small amount of water-based lubricant to the silicone nozzle beforehand as this makes use more comfortable. There are six settings ranging from light and gentle to an intense suction, but I only really use settings four through six. I am a power queen and I’ve learned that the W100’s highest setting is not always enough for me.

I prefer the W500 to the original simply because of the two extra settings, although the shape and control panel are much better on this one. If the things I liked about both of the Womanizers were combined into one toy, then I think it would seriously give the Satisfyer a run for its money. It would also have to be waterproof, which neither of these models are. The silicone heads can be removed and cleaned with toy cleaner and water, but the rest is not water-friendly so it’s best to use antibacterial wipes on the body.

Womanizer W100

In terms of noise, the Womanizer is not a particularly quiet toy, but the sound does dissipate once the toy makes contact with the skin. A closed-door is generally enough to cover the sound once it’s made contact, but once it’s taken away then the noise can be picked up on from outside the room. I usually use this toy when I have the house to myself or simply turn the toy off before removing it from the skin to avoid being heard. Background music may help out, so I wouldn’t completely rule it out for those who need discretion.

Overall, I think the Womanizer W100 is a wonderful device. I would highly recommend it to those who like direct clitoral contact, cooling sensations and fast orgasms. It can take some getting used to, but the orgasms from this toy are results I can’t reach with a regular vibrator. If it had the power of the W500, then I think this would be the winner for me because it has a better shape, easier control panel and it comes with a case, which the more expensive, wider version does not.

At the present time I can not locate a stockist of the Womanizer W100. It appears to have been discontinued in favour of the newer models. I will update with links if I find a stockist.

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