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I first heard about the Zumio Clitoral Stimulator through Twitter, which is basically my main source for all things sexy, and I was immediately intrigued. Often I see posts about ‘new’ products that promise the world and don’t deliver but I got a very good feeling about this one. My first thoughts consisted of ‘wow, this space-looking device is unusual’ and a bunch of questions circulated based around how it would work in practice. Zumio offer some impressive stats based on their research and testing, but I like to remain impartial and knew I had to find out the truth for myself. As the surface area is so small I wasn’t sure whether it would actually work for me or not, but I’m so glad I gave it a try as it turns out that it absolutely does. I have a preference for pinpoint contact and the Zumio is bloody wonderful at that.

Arriving in a simple white box with purple on-brand lettering and a holographic pattern on the front and one side, I was pleased. The presentation was good. The side lists the products characteristics and the front shows a glossy product shot amongst all the metallic detailing. The other side just shows some directions for use. Inside this box, I found a fairly plain storage box housing the Zumio and docking station. There was also the charging cable, an instruction manual and branded storage bag.

My device offered no charge at all upon arrival, so that was the first thing I set up. To do so, place the Zumio into the docking station and plug the micro end of the charging cable into the port on the stand. Then place the USB into a relevant port such as the one that can be found on your laptop. A flashing light should then begin to indicate the charging process has started. It will go steady once complete and this is said to take around sixteen hours for a full freshen up. This gives approximately four hours of use depending on the intensity used. The charge time is long and could be frustrating for some, but I can look past it in exchange for a pleasurable experience when it’s finally ready to use.

Zumio Clitoral Stimulator

Zumio Clitoral StimulatorZumio Clitoral StimulatorZumio Clitoral Stimulator





It’s made from a combination of abs plastic and premium silicone. Both of these materials are odourless, hypoallergenic, phthalate free, latex free and completely body safe. The plastic areas cover the handle and the antenna whilst the silicone covers the section where the control panel is located. I found the shape and size of the Zumio to be comfortable to hold although the glossy plastic can be hard to grip with lubed hands. You can only use water based lubricants with this toy, on its tip directly or on the clitoris, or both, but I found I didn’t need much to be comfortable.

After use, clean the Zumio with warm, soapy water and leave it to dry naturally. It is waterproof up to 0.5 meters and I’ve had no problems with rinsing it, although I wouldn’t use it in the bath. The materials don’t attract as much lint as I expected and there’s no texture so cleaning is really simple. I would recommend going over the seam where the silicone and plastic meets with a q-tip though just to remove any fluids or dust that may become trapped.

There are three buttons on this vibrator. A power button that turns the toy on and off with a light tap and two intensity buttons. The power button is located on the bottom of the panel and the intensity buttons are inside the figure of eight shape above it. There’s an up and down arrow to choose from, so pretty self-explanatory and easy to understand. There’s also a travel lock feature which can be activated and deactivated by pressing the power button down for five seconds. This is very useful if you travel with toys or simply don’t want them turning on in the bedside drawer.

So, fully charged and all set, I lubed up the petite antenna and placed it against my clitoris in a comfortable position. Turning the vibrations on sent shockwaves through my body. I was met with streams of power, even on the lowest intensity and some deep rumbles that I loved. The low setting was awesome to warm up with, but it wasn’t orgasm material for me personally. If you don’t need as much strength as I do then it might be more than enough for you. It unfortunately became buzzier as the intensities developed, but as I only needed a minute or three on the high speeds I didn’t have chance to be numbed by the buzzy sensations. Power wise, I think it’s level with my beloved Tango, although I do prefer that as the vibrations are deeper.

One thing that quickly became noticeable as I tested the Zumio was the fact that I couldn’t use as much pressure as I would typically choose to use with a clitoral stimulator. I like to push the surface of a toy up close and personal to get off, but when I went to do that with the Zumio, the connection sort of disappeared and the vibrations would slow right down in intensity almost immediately until I relieved some of the pressure. This was irritating to me at first but as I’ve got to know the toy more over the last few weeks I’ve noticed that I don’t need to use as much pressure as I usually would because the more precise contact balances that out. If you’re used to forcing pressure then this might take some getting used to or it may not be right for you at all. This is something I would definitely keep in mind if considering a purchase of the Zumio.

Zumio Clitoral Stimulator

Zumio Clitoral StimulatorZumio Clitoral Stimulator





Whilst the tip of the toy is small, the handle isn’t. This makes it hard to use during penetrative sex with my partner. We have given it a go on a handful of occasions but found that it’s a struggle in our usual repertoire of positions. We’ve noticed that either the intensity would decrease as the connection became interrupted or the handle got in the way of our bodies. It might work well for other couples but for us as a couple, it wasn’t meant to be. We engage in mainly close contact and intimate positions which makes the space between us limited.

I intended to hold it as I would with some form of wand, with the handle upwards and the head down whilst in a variation of the missionary position, but when doing that with the Zumio I found accessing the buttons to be challenging. I’m not bothered by the fact that it doesn’t work for me during sex as I feel that this is a toy I’d rather use alone anyway. This is something that I would reach for as a quick, reliable orgasm giver rather than something I’d use when wanting to climax in unison with him.

The Zumio is certainly one of the more interesting toys that I’ve tried so far this year and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before in terms of aesthetics. It might look unusual, but I kinda dig the space vibe it has going on. I love that it’s rechargeable, body safe and waterproof but it has the added bonus of being quiet, which is a rare combo with clitoral stimulators in my experience. I’d be happy to recommend it to those who require privacy but place some background music on if you’re unsure.

I think it’s a lovely toy for those who must have precision and direct clitoral contact, but it’s more intense than a lot of the other clitoral toys on the market, so I’d suggest trying it over underwear first. If you currently prefer a wand to a bullet then I’d avoid the Zumio as it’s very likely that this will be too much for you and the completely wrong type of stimulation for your body. I like both, so this worked well for me, but if you only like broad contact, this is clearly not going to be suitable. It only has a couple of downsides for me. The first is that it gets buzzy on the highest intensity and I’d prefer a rumble, the second is that it heats up quite quickly so multiple orgasms are ruled out past the third or fourth time and the final thing is some of the wording used to market it.

Zumio Clitoral StimulatorI disliked that it has a ’60 second experience’ with specific instructions inside the manual as a) I like to figure out how to use a toy in the best way for my body rather than following rigid instructions as I feel this sucks the fun out of orgasms and exploration and b) I think stating a time limit puts unnecessary pressure on achieving orgasms within that time frame and it has the potential to make people feel bad if they can’t get there.

Our bodies are all so different and some of us take longer than others to reach climax. I can get off with the Zumio this quickly, but not everybody will be able to. I love that Zumio are proud of their product and the results it can have on some people, but I’d like it if they focused less on achieving an orgasm and more on enjoying clitoral exploration and having fun in the bedroom.

Bondara Toys

You can purchase the Zumio Clitoral Stimulator (£129.99) from Bondara.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

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