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Leaf Fresh +I ordered the Leaf Fresh+ from Simply Pleasure during their 60% off sale and it arrived quickly and discreetly as advertised. It was presented in a simple cardboard box featuring the product name, a couple of small pictures of the toy and a few notes regarding its key features. Inside the box I found an instruction manual, charging cable, branded storage pouch and of course the vibrator itself. Everything about the packaging is just as eco-friendly as the toy inside, which I really liked.

The Leaf Fresh + is made from a high-grade silicone which is non-toxic, odourless and hypoallergenic. It’s also free from latex and phthalates, which makes it completely body-safe. The material is seamless and very smooth to the touch. It has some drag to it as expected with it being made from silicone, but there isn’t as much as I thought there might be. I would advise a couple of drops of lubricant applied to the vibrator or the clitoris before use to maximise comfort. Only water-based lubricants should be used as hybrid and silicone varieties can degrade the finish.

It feels and looks like a high-quality, well-made product and that’s definitely what I’d expect if I was paying the full retail price for this vibrator. You’ll be pleased to know it’s fully waterproof, so it’s great for aquatic fun and easy cleaning. A spritz of toy cleaner and a rinse is enough to get this toy fresh and clean for its next outing. I would recommend cleaning before each use too as this material does attract a fair amount of lint even when it’s stored in its pouch.

It arrived with no charge, so a full revitalise was needed before I could try it out. Plug the USB into the charging port of your choice and insert the jack into the hole that’s located in the base of the vibrator. A red LED light will show up to let you know that it’s charging and will turn off when the charge is complete. The information manual said it would take around three hours for the first charge and every charge since then has taken around two and a half. It gives off roughly the same amount of run time, but this depends purely on the settings that are being used. It’s just under two hours if using consistently on high speeds.

The Leaf Fresh + is operated via a single button which is located on the side of the toy. It is blended in with the silicone well, but is slightly raised so it’s easy to find if you have a quick feel around for it. A gentle tap will begin the vibrations and each further tap will cycle through the remaining settings. If you want the toy to remember your favourite setting, you’re in luck because it will remember the last setting it was used on and only forget it once you press to move to the next. This button is quite touch sensitive so activating the travel lock between uses is essential to avoid the toy turning on in your drawer or bag. This is done by pressing and holding the button for a few seconds.

Leaf Fresh +There are five settings in total and that covers your three basic speeds and two patterns. I am not a fan of patterns generally and I tend to avoid them, but always test them out for review purposes. I will say that these two patterns are the complete opposite of each other and they both happen to be very unique, they’re not the standard type of patterns you’ll find on most vibrators. I do think they’re stop and start type vibrations and this doesn’t do much for me at all, but if patterns are your thing, then you might enjoy them.

The low and medium speeds on the Leaf Fresh + are actually on the rumbly side which I was happy about but neither are strong enough for me to orgasm with. I was disappointed when the highest speed turned out to be on the buzzy spectrum, but this is often the case as the power increases unfortunately. If the highest setting had continued with the rumbles then it probably would have been a vibrator I could orgasm with. As it is, I can’t orgasm with on its own but I can get a blended orgasm if I use it during sex or penetration from a dildo. It doesn’t get me there as fast as the We-Vibe Touch, but it does have a decent amount of power that most would be happy with.

The vibrations travel through the shape well although they are strongest around the edges and slightly tamer in the body of the vibrator. I really like that you can change the type of stimulation you’re looking for depending on the part of the vibrator you’re using. I like the pointed end for direct, pin-point clitoral stimulation and the width of any side of the toy for broader clitoris and vulva stimulation. It can be used either way depending what you’re in the mood for.

This is a vibrator that I’d be happy to recommend to people who are in need of discretion due to house sharing, student accommodation or living with parents or children. It’s super quiet and can’t be heard through a closed-door, even without any background noise present.

Overall, I like this eco-friendly vibrator and it was definitely better than I had anticipated. I do wish the rumbles had continued into the third speed and it had a bit more strength behind it, but that’s just my inner power queen and rumbly-craving personality coming out. I think this would be a fantastic toy for somebody who’s looking to progress from a cheap bullet vibrator to something a little bit more luxurious. It would be a great step up before trying something like the We-Vibe Touch.

You can purchase the Leaf Fresh + ($89.99/£70.25) from Bettys Toy Box. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

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