Review: Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit

I received the Ramsey Rabbit from Rocks Off as a prize during their Twitter Easter competition. It’s the first time I’d ever won anything, as well as being my first product from Rocks Off, so I was really excited for it to arrive. I’ve since nabbed a Bamboo and will hopefully try some more of their products in the near future, so look out for some more Rocks Off reviews soon.

The Ramsey Rabbit arrived quickly and fairly discreetly, wrapped inside a ‘remove before display’ sleeve, which I assume is to simply protect the packaging and product during transit. Removing the sleeve, I was met with the lovely, minimalistic outer box of the toy. It features a cut out window which shows off the vibrator in all its glory. A small purple banner across the bottom of the box reads the product name alongside the brand logo. The back of the box features some of the key selling points of the toy, along with battery information and vague instructions for use.

Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit

Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit

Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit

Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit





This toy is made up of two parts, an outer bunny sleeve and their famous 7 speed RO-80mm bullet vibrator. The sleeve is made from a very soft, smooth and somewhat flexible silicone, which is is completely body-safe, hypoallergenic and non porous. The silicone is completely seamless and of a high quality, with minimal drag to it. I would still recommend using a small amount of water-based lubricant though, just to make using the toy more comfortable. The bullet inside the silicone sleeve is made from sturdy ABS plastic, which is also body-safe. The toy is completely waterproof so is very easy to clean with a quick rinse and a squirt of toy cleaner. The bullet is also removable for a better, more intense clean.

The Ramsey Rabbit arrived with the needed N battery inside, so all I had to do was unscrew the base of the bullet, remove the white paper disc and place the cap back on. It’s operated by a singular button on the cap, so is very straight forward to use. Press down for a couple of seconds to begin the vibrations, tap to cycle through and press and hold for a few seconds to turn the toy off. There are three constant speeds and four patterns to choose from.

As expected, I’m not fond of the patterns, but I never usually am. I prefer constant vibration, I don’t really understand the need for fancy patterns and constant stopping and starting, this brings me further from orgasm, rather than closer to it. The patterns on the Ramsey Rabbit are ones that you’ll find on most inexpensive vibrators, so are nothing special, but there’s decent variety for those who might enjoy this type of stimulation. The speeds are okay, not mind-blowing or powerful enough to bring me to orgasm, but probably strong enough for someone who’s new to vibration. I must admit I’m used to strong/rumbly rechargeable vibrators now, so many battery operated toys aren’t strong enough for me anymore, but they may still be wonderful for others.

I was quite disappointed in the sleeve, as it just seemed to dull the vibrations and didn’t carry them very well. I had anticipated that the main source of vibrations would be in the ears, but these didn’t vibrate at all. I found the vibrations felt the strongest in the face of the rabbit and it definitely feels strange placing a rabbits nose on your clitoris, rather than having its ears surround it. The vibrations are also quite strong near the end of sleeve, which is quite odd as thats where your hand goes, resulting in a numb hand. Based on my experiences, I don’t think this sleeve is particularly functional.

The bullet on its own however, is much better than I had anticipated. It’s still not a toy that’s strong enough for me or suits me well, but I can definitely see someone new to sex toys or someone who doesn’t need much power enjoying it. In conclusion, the toy itself is not bad, it just isn’t right for me.

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You can purchase the Ramsey Rabbit (£19.99) from Nice ‘n’ Naughty. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

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