Round Ups: Pleasure Panel Reviews September/October 2017

If you have heard of our fellow blogger and sex industry legend, Cara Sutra, then you may have heard about their Pleasure Panel project. This gives bloggers, reviewers and general toy enthusiasts the chance to write product reviews that are placed on her popular site. We have been part of this project for a while now and have decided to start posting snippets of those reviews here so you can keep up with what we’ve been reviewing elsewhere on the web. We have combined September and October’s posts for this round-up and there’s a total of six products to talk about so let’s get stuck in!

Romant Amber Voice Activated Vibrator

In September we received just the one product to try out but it was an exciting one. The Romant Amber Voice Activated Vibrator from Honour. We were very intrigued by the concept of voice activation as it’s something we hadn’t explored before but did it impress us? Not particularly. Here’s a snippet: “I don’t know whether I expected too much from the technology behind this vibrator or whether it’s just an average toy with a cool feature but it didn’t wow me.”

Amoremeo Salted Caramel Massage Gel

Then came the October round and boy did Cara spoil us! We received five products for review in this round and up first was the Amoremeo Salted Caramel Kissable Massage Gel. You may recall us reviewing the Amoremeo Vanilla Massage Gel earlier on in 2017, so we’ve now tried both flavours and have contrasting opinions. I initially wasn’t sure about this scent but here’s a preview of what I thought in the end: “It was surprisingly pleasant to me and I found myself thinking that it would be perfect for the festive season.”

Give Lube #Selfie Masturbation Cream

Next up was the Give Lube #Selfie Masturbation Cream. My partner has now tried a handful of masturbation creams and lubricants and they seem to be getting better each time. This was a raging success with him and almost scored top marks. Here’s a brief overview of his feedback: “It’s more than thick enough to provide a level of comfort and glide that wouldn’t be possible with water-based options and could be a game changer for penis owners who’ve never tried a hybrid mix before.”

Give Lube Noir Silicone Lubricant

We are an interracial couple that have different skin needs so when I spotted the Give Lube Noir Silicone Lubricant on October’s listing I eagerly volunteered on his behalf. This lubricant was designed with black skin in mind and as my partner is mixed race I thought he’d be a good candidate to trial it. This received top marks from both of us and will be a staple in our collection from now on. From the review: “I’m really happy with the way my partner reacted to this lube and I love that the needs of black skin are now being well catered for.”

System JO Warm and Buzzy Clitoral Stimulant

System JO’s For Her Warm and Buzzy Clitoral Stimulant was one of my top choices during this round as I’m a sucker for orgasm enhancers. I haven’t had all positive experiences with this brand in the past but this product was great although some extra intensity wouldn’t have gone amiss. “If this is applied to the clitoris and left to warm up for a few moments before a vibrator is introduced then the area is more sensitive and results in more intense reactions to the vibrations.”

System JO Premium Jelly Silicone Based Lubricant

Finally, the System JO Premium Jelly Silicone Based Lubricant landed on our doorstep. As sex toy reviewers, bloggers and lube enthusiasts we can never have enough options. This is one of the best affordable silicone lubricants on the market at the moment in our opinion. It got top marks from us and we’d highly recommend this to our fellow silicone lube lovers. I think this one is best summed up by one simple sentence from the review: “System JO have definitely stepped up their game and done a great job creating this product.”


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