Round Ups: Share Our Shit Saturday (#SOSS) Week Two & Three

Welcome to Share Our Shit Saturday!

The hashtag that’s inspired sex bloggers around the world to support each other on a weekly basis by spreading the word about each others content and encouraging other people to do the same. It was created in the hopes of removing some of the social media stigmas that we face and to start the fight against some of the challenges these platforms put in place. A simple share takes just two seconds and can help us show these networks that there’s nothing “wrong” with talking about sex, creating adult based content and providing important education for those that have none.

Does anyone else feel like the last two weeks have just flown by? I feel as though I’ve blinked and missed them. I have however managed to sneak some time away from the festivities to pick out a selection of my favourite posts from the last fortnight. Let’s get stuck in, shall we?

Sinful Sunday 348: Festive FunBondageGod

I’m not creative enough with a camera to take part in Sinful Sunday but I’ve always enjoyed looking through the delightful images that are produced. One that caught my attention last week was this festive shot from Bondage God. I wasn’t in the mood for Christmas until I saw this picture but it made me want to hang tinsel on everything, buy some fun undies for my partner and use Santa’s beard as a feather tickler. Be sure to check out some of their other shots featuring lovely underwear from LHM.

Want Some? Sinful Sunday #349LittleSwitchBitch

Another shot that I adored recently was this one from LittleSwitchBitch. I’ll admit that theirs is one of the first blogs I check for new Sinful Sunday shots as they always manage to capture the theme beautifully. This particular photo has a focal point of a smooth dildo complete with strappy harness and I think it would instantly set any pegging fans heart rate up. It effortlessly oozes sex appeal with its striking black filter, clever positioning and killer high angle. It’s just stunning.

The 8 Best Male MasturbatorsLoveToyGuidance

There are a whole host of posts, guides, reviews and recommendations out there for people with vulvas looking to buy the “best” product but not so many for penis owning people. My partner stumbled across this post recently as he was browsing and thought this would be a helpful post to share. He’s still fairly new to this category himself so this gave him a couple of ideas of what he may want to explore next. I believe the Cobra Libre has just shot straight to the top of his lust list and the top of my ‘possible options for his birthday’ list, thanks!

Love Layla Desk Calender and Christmas Wrapping Paper Range ReviewsEmmeline Peaches

I really discovered Love Layla through the Pleasure Panel and thought their products were really fun. I enjoyed viewing and reading about some of their other products through these two reviews from Emmeline Peaches. Calendars aren’t the typical products reviewed on a sex blog but as this one contains cheekiness, implied references and sexual undertones, it’s more on brand than one may first expect. If you’re the kind of person who loves that sort of humor then I’d recommend checking out these reviews and browsing Love Layla’s shop. That Cobra Libre I mentioned earlier is definitely getting wrapped in some hilarious birthday wanker paper.

 So that’s all for this double edition of Share Our Shit Saturday but I’ll be back next week with another roundup of my favourite reviews, articles and images. Have a great Christmas all! x

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