Round Ups: Pleasure Panel Reviews August 2017

As you may know, we have been part of Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel for a while now so I thought I would start posting snippets of our reviews here so people can catch up on what we’ve been reviewing elsewhere. In August, we received three products to review for the Pleasure Panel.

Wicked Aqua Pink Lemonade Flavoured Lubricant


The first product we reviewed this month was the Wicked Aqua Pink Lemonade Flavoured Lubricant. We love trying new lubricants and this one was definitely a hit for us. Its one of my partners favourites and his most requested choice at the moment. Here is a short extract from our review: “He finds many flavoured lubricants artificial and tacky in taste, but he said that this one was more subtle, less chemical and pretty spot on with what it was supposed to taste like.”

Wicked Creme Masturbation Cream

The second product we reviewed this month was another from the brand Wicked. This time it was the Creme Masturbation Cream. A coconut oil, silicone and water based mix that sounded like it wouldn’t work in theory, but definitely did in practice. Here’s a short snippet from the full review: “He feels that the Wicked Crème Masturbation Cream provides a smooth, easy-sailing slip and slide that lasts much longer than any lubricating product he has used in the past.”

We-Vibe Wish

Last but not least, we tried out the We-Vibe Wish. I was most excited for this one as it’s no secret that I adore this brand. It took me on somewhat of a journey and is one of a handful of exceptions to my ‘I hate patterned vibrations’ tendencies. Here’s a preview: “All ten settings are patterned and as these are settings I tend to avoid I thought I’d ended up with something unusable. That was until I discovered the PowerPulse settings, the first three modes on the We-Vibe Wish.”

Huge thanks to Cara Sutra for allowing us to take part in August’s Pleasure Panel Round and an additional thank you to the companies who sent in the products for testing. If you are a member of the Pleasure Panel or would like to be, be sure to check out Cara’s Patreon and pledge what you can!



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