Review: Split Peaches The Rivetor Small 

I had already grown very fond of Split Peaches after spotting the truly wonderful piece of art that is the Unicorn Horn, but the second I saw The Rivetor I became well and truly invested. My interest has only continued to grow as they produce more fantastic designs and their latest toy named ‘Screw You‘ has left me fascinated. It’s a toy I absolutely must get my hands on asap. All of their designs come in a variety of size and colour options, so there’s something for every taste and experience level. I chose the Rivetor in a small because of the amount of texture it has, but it’s now available in a XS if you think the measurements might still be too much in combination with the bumps. I opted for the bronze colour as I don’t have anything similar, but it’s available in rainbow, plum, metallic silver and metallic green too. If none of those peak your interest, you can ask for custom colours or their new glowgasm feature instead.

Split Peaches The Rivetor If you haven’t already gathered, I absolutely love what Split Peaches do and they are a company I support 100%. The customer service is absolutely fantastic and I’ve had nothing but positive experiences when chatting to them via social media. They truly care about what their customers think and even take their feedback on board when creating new designs. I was pleased to be kept updated from the second my order was placed, which even included a photo of the two toys I was receiving prior to them being packed.

I was expecting to wait a while for delivery as the products are made in the US and I’m in the UK, but within a week I had both of my new toys in my hands. The packaging was unassuming as promised and both of my toys were wrapped inside branded tissue paper for protection on their journey, which was a nice touch. The package contained both of my toys and an envelope which contained a signed note from Andy (the owner), stickers and some temporary tattoos. The Rivetor itself was housed inside a plastic tube (similar to Vixen packaging) with the brand name printed on one side.

When I removed The Rivetor from the tube, I was immediately impressed. I had heard great things about the feel of Split Peaches silicone and those things were all proved to be true. I underestimated how soft and luxurious it would feel, but was pleased to discover it was of a fantastic standard. It’s completely body-safe because it’s made from a high-grade premium silicone, which is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and free from phthalates. It’s really easy to clean for everyday use as you just need toy cleaner and water, but you can place it in the dishwasher or boil it for a deeper clean when required. This particular toy had more drag to it than the Unicorn Horn, but I think that’s purely down to how textured it is. I haven’t come across many textured toys that don’t have drag, particularly when made from silicone, so it was just an excuse to get my favourite bottle of Sliquid out!

Split Peaches The Rivetor 2As I mentioned earlier I received the small, which is actually not that small in terms of girth. It’s quite average in terms of length though with roughly 5.5″ insertable inches. If you’re new to penetration and/or textured toys, I would probably opt for the extra small as this toy has a maximum girth of 5.9″ inches around the widest point of the head, which is definitely above average, heading into the large category. The shaft’s maximum girth is around 5.3″ inches, which is more manageable, but no use if you can’t get past the head. The extra small has the same amount of insertable inches, but the maximum girth is 4.39″ inches, which is much more appropriate for a first-timer.

I think it’s important to point out that this toy is quite firm, so consider the measurements carefully before deciding on a size as we all know that firmness can make a toy feel larger than it is. It does have some slight squish to it for easier insertion, but this is mostly limited to the head. It is somewhat flexible as I can make the tip touch the base if I want to, but I do have to be quite forceful with it to make it reach this point. It’s comfortable flexibility seems to be about 30 degrees in any direction, which again will make insertion easier but also allow the user to angle it at the best position for their anatomy.

I slathered the Rivetor in water-based lubricant and got to work. I find the points I mentioned above really did make insertion smoother and made for a better all-round experience when using the toy. I waited for a few moments after inserting the head to take in the size and wallow in the filling sensation that had become almost instantly noticeable. I think I made the right decision size-wise as any larger would have been stretching rather than filling and honestly I find that sensation uncomfortable more than I find it enjoyable. After a breather of enjoying this, I pushed the majority of the shaft inside and began thrusting quickly. I felt a building pressure against my g-spot within a matter of minutes and I knew what was about to happen, although I wasn’t expecting it to be that explosive. I ended up having a very intense, squirting orgasm at the hands (well, head) of the Rivetor.

Split Peaches The Rivetor 3I believe that the firmness, bulbous head and texture are perfect partners and I don’t think I’d have the same reaction to it if one of those three aspects was missing. I particularly enjoy the larger noduled strip of texture across the bottom of the head/start of the shaft as it’s raised furthest from the surface and nudges my g-spot whilst the head is hitting it with full force. It’s just that extra bit of stimulation that makes all the difference between a good g-spot orgasm and a great one. The texture from the shaft is not as intense, but it’s brilliant for stimulating the vaginal walls. It hits all the right spots, continuing my arousal and heightening sensitivity, which is exactly what I need in the build-up to my g-spot orgasm.

Overall, I can’t find anything to dislike regarding the Rivetor. It has one minor downside, which is the time it takes to clean properly due to the amount of texture, but I think the orgasms it gives are absolutely worth the time and effort. If you’re in the market for a steam punk dildo, then I highly recommend this ravishing Rivetor. It doesn’t get much better than this.

I received the Bronze Small Rivetor ($45.00/£34.28) from Split Peaches in exchange for my review. Thank you! Affiliate links have been used within this post.

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