Review: Split Peaches Unicorn Horn Small

When I was a kid, I used to spend the weekends in bed, flicking through the Argos catalogue and ticking everything I wanted, now I do the same with the Split Peaches website. It all started when I first set sights on the Unicorn Horn, a unique toy that’s literally shaped like a Unicorn’s horn. This mesmerizing dildo is available in three different sizes, small, medium and large and comes in rainbow and white varieties. I chose the small rainbow horn, but I think I’ll be getting a medium at some point, possibly with their new awesome glowgasm feature.

Split Peaches Unicorn Horn and RivetorI absolutely love what Split Peaches do and they are a company I support whole heartedly. I think their customer service is absolutely fantastic and I’ve had nothing but pleasurable experiences when chatting to them via social media. I was kept updated from the second my order was placed and I knew when it was being moulded and I even got sent a photo of both toys I was receiving prior to them being packed. How cool is that?

I was expecting to have to wait a while as Split Peaches products are made in the US and I’m in the UK, but my package was with me within a week of placing the order and was discreet as promised. I found both of my toys wrapped inside Split Peaches tissue paper, which was a nice touch, and an envelope which contained a signed note from Andy (the owner), stickers and some temporary tattoos. Inside the tissue paper, the Unicorn Horn was inside a plastic tube (similar to Vixen packaging) with the brand name on one side.

I couldn’t wait to tear open the tube and have a feel of this majestic toy. It is made from a super high-quality silicone, which is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and free from phthalates. It’s easy to clean as all that’s necessary is a spray of toy cleaner and a rinse before and after each use. I had heard great things about the feel of Split Peaches silicone and those things that I heard were all true. I underestimated how soft and luxurious it would feel, but I was pleased to discover that it was of a wonderful standard, even though it did have some drag to it. I haven’t come across many silicone toys that don’t have drag, so this was not a downside, simply an excuse to get the Sliquid out!

Split Peaches Small Unicorn Horn 1I didn’t apply a huge amount of lubricant to this toy because I thought the measurements were quite manageable. It has six inches of length and 1.5″ of girth at the widest point, which is around the base. These measurements are well within my comfort range and I now see that I probably could have managed the medium, which is why I’m planning on getting one of those soon. I had also noted earlier that the Unicorn Horn has some squish and flexibility to it, which would help with insertion and comfort. It’s not so flexible that it will move without some encouragement, but the tip will touch the base if you want it to, which means it can be adjusted as much as you wish in any direction.

I was curious about how I’d manage to orgasm from this toy because it isn’t curved to specifically target the g-spot and it isn’t quite long enough or firm enough to hit my a-spot. I think the medium and large might work well for a-spot play, but I had to try something else with this small size. I decided that I’d try a simple in and out internal massage to see if the gentle, swirly texture would stimulate and warm-up my vaginal walls. I thought this would be the most effective method and I was pleased to discover the full length and girth was comfortable and the spiral texture, as minimal as it is, was lovely during warm up. It did massage the vaginal walls as I’d hoped, but it wasn’t overwhelming and couldn’t bring me to orgasm. It is great to use before The Rivetor though as that has a hell of lot going on.

I initially thought that g-spot stimulation was out of the question/not going to happen with the Unicorn Horn due to the straight shape and small width, but I was proved wrong when I accidentally pressed upon the g-spot whilst adjusting the toy. I wasn’t expecting it to be stimulated, but I decided to try some shallow thrusting just in case and found that it was actually pretty successful, as long as I angled the toy in a certain position and moved quite quickly. The toy isn’t quite firm enough to bring me to this kind of orgasm, but it still felt great nonetheless.

Split Peaches Small Unicorn Horn 2

I did find one way to orgasm with the Unicorn Horn and that was anally. It has a flared base so is completely safe for anal play and can even be used in a harness if that’s what you’re interested in. I don’t peg my partner so I haven’t tried this out, but it is compatible according to their site. I think the gradual increase of width in this toy makes this a fabulous contender for anal play, especially for a novice. I generally let my other half do the work with this toy and thrust it in and out at a medium pace, which doesn’t take long to leave me breathless.

Overall, I am so appreciative of toy makers who put safety first and use these fantastic quality materials, especially when they make them available in these amazing colour options and designs. Split Peaches are a company I support 100% and I’d highly recommend their small Unicorn Horn to those who are new to penetration (anal or vaginal), don’t like much girth or simply just want a unique, colourful toy in their collection. This size is not quite long/wide enough to be the cause of my vaginal orgasms, hence why I’m sizing up, but I still find it incredibly satisfying in use and it’s a dream to use anally. It has become one of my go-to toys for anal play and I can’t wait to get another to push my limits!

I received the Split Peaches Small Unicorn Horn ($43/£33.13) in exchange for my review. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

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