Review: Rocks Off Unihorn Clitoral Vibrator

Rocks Off are best known for their extremely popular bullet vibrators. Every sex toy shop that I’ve ever visited has stocked at least one version of them and lots of people recommend them to first time toy users, couples and people who ask for something small and non-intimidating. How could they continue to grow in this area? Branch out from basic bullet shapes and simple colour schemes to release exciting new designs like the Unihorn. This cute little clitoral vibrator has ombré shading that features four or five bright colours and it’s also unsurprisingly shaped like a unicorn horn. It’s an absolute treat on the eyes but was it a treat for my clitoris? Let’s find out!

Rocks Off Unihorn Clitoral VibratorIt was presented in usual Rocks Off fashion, just a classic black box with a cut-out viewing window that shows off the sparkly surface of the Unihorn. There’s a gold banner that runs across the bottom of the box that reads the product name and brand logo whilst the back houses some basic product information and a few of the key features.

Inside the box, the vibrator rests within two pieces of plastic casing that are secured together to keep the toy protected. The required triple A battery comes included and inserted so the toy can be used almost instantly. Just remove the white paper disc beforehand.

Made from abs plastic, the Unihorn is non-toxic, non-porous and completely body-safe. It’s completely rigid so can make the sensations feel more aggressive than a silicone surface would. It is compatible with water based lubricants but don’t go overboard on the slippery stuff as this can make the toy hard to hold on to in my experience. This mini vibrator is fully waterproof so it can be sprayed with toy cleaner and rinsed or cleaned in soapy warm water. It doesn’t attract lint at all and is fine to be stored with other body safe materials.

There’s just one button on this vibrator and its located on the cap. Press it once to turn on, continue to press to cycle through the ten functions and press and hold for a couple of seconds to turn off. It has three speeds and seven patterns to choose from. I wasn’t sure how I would get along with them as I’ve been spoilt with mains-powered vibrations from the Doxy and rechargeable rumbles from the likes of the Tango but my experience with the Unihorn was primarily positive.

As I have said a thousand times on this blog, patterned vibrations aren’t my thing. We have never particularly clicked as I find them distracting, frustrating and off-putting so this isn’t a criticism of the toy, it’s just a matter of personal preference. They’ve never got me close to an orgasm at all but for people who do like these settings, there are a nice variety of different options to choose from. It has some faster pulsations and some slower ones so there should be something suitable for every mood and need.

Rocks Off Unihorn Clitoral VibratorOf the ten settings, the highest speed is my favourite. It is as buzzy as I expected it to be but strangely I didn’t hate this. The vibrations are not overly numbing or high-pitched so they can bring me to orgasm although those climaxes aren’t the strongest I’ve ever experienced. I have managed to hit the point of release and satisfaction several times so I could classify this toy as reliable although I believe it works better for my partner than it does for me.

With a small amount of water-based lubricant, the tapered tip is comfortable to place against the clitoris. I noticed that the pinpoint precision made the clitoral area feel extra sensitive which made me more susceptive to stronger toys that I mentioned above later on in the session. I couldn’t orgasm from using the tip but I discovered during my exploration that holding the vibrator upside down and pushing the shaft against the labia and clitoris felt great. Direct contact is usually the thing that gets me off the quickest but in the Unihorn’s case it was all about the wider spread sensations.

As for my partner, he doesn’t need as much power or precision as I do and often takes ownership of the vibrators that aren’t strong enough to please my clitoris. His orgasms can be induced with very little intensity so even the lower speeds felt pleasant to him. He prefers buzzy vibrations against his glans and shaft as he has found that rumbles are overwhelming for him at the moment so this little gem is ideal for him. It doesn’t make him feel too sensitive that he needs to push the vibrator away from himself but it doesn’t make him orgasm so quickly that he feels like his orgasm was wasted. It strikes the perfect balance for him and just goes to show that Rocks Off make versatile vibrators that aren’t limited to clitoris owning people.

Rocks Off Unihorn Clitoral Vibrator

Overall, I think this would be a great first vibrator. I also think it would be a suitable choice for people who don’t mind buzzy vibrations, don’t need power queen level vibes to get off and want something that’s quiet, unassuming and pretty. The Unihorn and I may not be inseparable lovers but I can appreciate it for what it is and it could bring me to orgasm if I ever needed it to. My partner has now taken possession of this toy as it worked brilliantly for him and he’d recommend other penis owners give it a go too.

You can purchase the Rocks Off Unihorn Clitoral Vibrator (£19.99) from Lovehoney.

 We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review but Rocks Off currently do not have this item listed on their website. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

Share Our Shit Saturday – Week Two & Three #SOSS

Welcome to Share Our Shit Saturday!

The hashtag that’s inspired sex bloggers around the world to support each other on a weekly basis by spreading the word about each others content and encouraging other people to do the same. It was created in the hopes of removing some of the social media stigmas that we face and to start the fight against some of the challenges these platforms put in place. A simple share takes just two seconds and can help us show these networks that there’s nothing “wrong” with talking about sex, creating adult based content and providing important education for those that have none.

Does anyone else feel like the last two weeks have just flown by? I feel as though I’ve blinked and missed them. I have however managed to sneak some time away from the festivities to pick out a selection of my favourite posts from the last fortnight. Let’s get stuck in, shall we?

Sinful Sunday 348: Festive FunBondageGod

I’m not creative enough with a camera to take part in Sinful Sunday but I’ve always enjoyed looking through the delightful images that are produced. One that caught my attention last week was this festive shot from Bondage God. I wasn’t in the mood for Christmas until I saw this picture but it made me want to hang tinsel on everything, buy some fun undies for my partner and use Santa’s beard as a feather tickler. Be sure to check out some of their other shots featuring lovely underwear from LHM.

Want Some? Sinful Sunday #349LittleSwitchBitch

Another shot that I adored recently was this one from LittleSwitchBitch. I’ll admit that theirs is one of the first blogs I check for new Sinful Sunday shots as they always manage to capture the theme beautifully. This particular photo has a focal point of a smooth dildo complete with strappy harness and I think it would instantly set any pegging fans heart rate up. It effortlessly oozes sex appeal with its striking black filter, clever positioning and killer high angle. It’s just stunning.

The 8 Best Male MasturbatorsLoveToyGuidance

There are a whole host of posts, guides, reviews and recommendations out there for people with vulvas looking to buy the “best” product but not so many for penis owning people. My partner stumbled across this post recently as he was browsing and thought this would be a helpful post to share. He’s still fairly new to this category himself so this gave him a couple of ideas of what he may want to explore next. I believe the Cobra Libre has just shot straight to the top of his lust list and the top of my ‘possible options for his birthday’ list, thanks!

Love Layla Desk Calender and Christmas Wrapping Paper Range ReviewsEmmeline Peaches

I really discovered Love Layla through the Pleasure Panel and thought their products were really fun. I enjoyed viewing and reading about some of their other products through these two reviews from Emmeline Peaches. Calendars aren’t the typical products reviewed on a sex blog but as this one contains cheekiness, implied references and sexual undertones, it’s more on brand than one may first expect. If you’re the kind of person who loves that sort of humor then I’d recommend checking out these reviews and browsing Love Layla’s shop. That Cobra Libre I mentioned earlier is definitely getting wrapped in some hilarious birthday wanker paper.

 So that’s all for this double edition of Share Our Shit Saturday but I’ll be back next week with another roundup of my favourite reviews, articles and images. Have a great Christmas all! x

Review: Black Rose Wrist-to-Collar Restraint Set

If you want good quality, pretty and affordable bondage pieces that are suitable for all experience levels then the Black Rose collection from Bondage Boutique could be a perfect contender. After receiving a few items from the line in a mystery bundle last year I was excited to see some more additions added recently. I was particularly interested in the Wrist-to-Collar Restraint Set as I’ve been looking for an intermediate collar for a while and this aesthetically pleasing combo appeared to tick all of the boxes. Did it still tick those boxes after testing it? Let’s find out.

Made from faux leather, this set is suitable for vegans and people who like to avoid the real deal. It feels supple, high quality and doesn’t disappoint in the quality department. The gorgeous black rose aesthetic that I love so much patterns the exterior and the finishings are made from matte black metal. There is a connecting chain, several buckles and multiple D-rings. All of them can handle strong tugs and sharp movements as they are well secured to the restraints. I have no concerns about them breaking off or coming loose whatsoever.

Black Rose Wrist-To-Collar Restraints

Black Rose Wrist-To-Collar RestraintsBlack Rose Wrist-To-Collar RestraintsBlack Rose Wrist-To-Collar Restraints





Tom and I both identity as switches so we like to have restraints in our collection that work for both of us. It makes finding suitable items for sessions much easier and allows us to swap over halfway through if we want. We have both worn the Bondage Boutique Beginners Collar previously which gave us an indication that the depth of this particular collar would be fine. If you or your partner have only worn the thin choker style collars before then this one may feel more restrictive and uncomfortable at first but it doesn’t completely restrict head movements or force your head back like a posture collar would.

I wore the collar set first and found it fairly comfortable. It wasn’t as comfortable as the beginners collar mentioned above but that was to be expected as this one has no neoprene padding. The faux leather is soft enough for a couple of hours wear. According to my partner I have a small neck so finding collars that are adjustable enough can be problematic. We got this one tight enough to fit as it has nine eyes on the straps to suit a range of sizes. I wear it through the seventh hole which leaves enough room to get two fingers underneath to relieve contact if needed but not enough room to be ineffective.

His turn to wear it came next. He agreed with me in regards to comfort and said that he preferred this to the other basic collars in our collection as it’s more restrictive, allowing him to embrace his submissive side. He has a larger neck circumference than I do but the collar also managed to fit him well. He wears it through the second or third hole depending how tight he wants it on that given day. Overall, it can adjust between 12.5 inches and 17.5 inches. It is completed with a detachable lead that can be removed instantly if needed due to the quick-release clip.

As for the wrist restraints, I also struggle finding these to fit however I knew I would be fine with these as we own the regular wrist cuffs from this range. These have seven eyes on the strap and I wear them on the second to last hole for a tight, secure fight that I can’t wriggle free from. My partner wears them through the second hole when it’s his turn to be restrained and says these are some of the most comfortable wrist restraints he’s ever worn. These can be adjusted between 5.5 inches and 10 inches.

Black Rose Wrist-To-Collar Restraints

Black Rose Wrist-To-Collar RestraintsBlack Rose Wrist-To-Collar RestraintsBlack Rose Wrist-To-Collar Restraints





I briefly touched on the fact that my partner likes the idea of being able to quickly remove the lead if needed. I think this is a great idea for those who may be new to restraints, safety conscious (always good when engaging in bondage situations) or unsure about being controlled via a leash. The quick-release clips are also attached to the wrist restraints so can be unclipped from the collar in a matter of seconds should there be a spoken safe word or other emergency situation. The only thing that can’t be removed instantly is the collar as this needs unbuckling first. Quick release clips are not only good for fast removal as they can be alternatively used for introducing other pieces of restraint.

To conclude, we were more than satisfied with this set. The rose patterned design makes it non-intimidating and the release clips make this set perfect for beginners and intermediate users. We were impressed that we were able to make the collar and the wrist restraints fit us both despite the differences in our measurements. As a result of this I’m happy to state that they are suitable for a wide range of people, just check in with the above measurements first to be sure that includes you. The only thing we didn’t like about the set was the lead. It’s very plain and basic in comparison to the rest of the set which was disappointing. A matching lead would have been the perfect finishing touch and I wouldn’t have minded if that had amped up the cost by a few pounds.

You can purchase the Black Rose Wrist-to-Collar Restraint Set (£29.99) from Lovehoney.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator

During the past twelve months there have been several new brands and companies that have managed to earn a spot on my sex toy radar but the only company that managed to consistently maintain my interest was So Divine. My partner and I have been so impressed with the quality of the products we have reviewed from them so far and their mission to produce safe, affordable sex toys for all is one that resonates deeply with us. So Divine’s journey started with mini bullets, single speed bullets, classic vibrators and massaging wands that doubled as internal vibrators. It continued with a petite jewelled plug which was followed by two larger plugs and it now expands further with the release of two rabbit vibrators.

The Let’s Go Crazy arrived in standard So Divine style – a minimalistic purple and white box with a striking product photo on the front. It points out a few key features on the side of the box and instructions for use on the back. Inside, the rabbit can be found alongside a three pin plug, charging cable, storage pouch and the information leaflet that comes with all of their toys. It gives a quick introduction to the company and basic cleaning directions for the product.

Let's Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator

Let's Go Crazy Rabbit VibratorLet's Go Crazy Rabbit VibratorLet's Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator





Charging couldn’t be simpler. Place the USB end of the cable into the port on the plug and then place that into an available socket. Next, attach the magnetic connector to the corresponding points on the back of the vibrator. It also has the helpful option of removing the plug for on the go charging. A flashing power light indicates that it’s charging, a steady light indicates a full battery and no light indicates that it’s not connected to the power or turned on. Full charge takes about four hours and gives two hours of use.

Let’s Go Crazy is made from soft, luxurious silicone. This means it’s non-toxic, odourless, hypoallergenic and completely body safe. No latex or phthalates either. A hygienic, non-porous material is what I recommend opting for with all sex toys but it’s an absolute must-have if sharing the toy between partners. Silicone is the only safe material that doesn’t have to be rock hard. The kind that’s used on this vibrator is incredibly silky and smooth. It feels delightful. There’s not much resistance to the material but I’d still suggest a generous slathering of water based lube for comfortable use. To clean, rinse this waterproof device under warm water and slather it with soap.

Operating time! There are five buttons on the control panel and the central button is the one that turns the toy on and off. It goes into standby mode when the light is blue which means other buttons will then work. To start the vibrations, press the top button for a couple of seconds. You also switch through the ten functions via this button. To increase the intensity of the vibrations use the plus button and to decrease them use the minus. The final button on the bottom controls the heat function with a simple tap. You can change the settings whilst the heat is on as normal and the lights will flicker between blue and red alternatively.

Let's Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator

If you like girthy rabbits or larger insertables, then this may not be the best choice for you. It has a maximum circumference of 4.25 inches which is rather slimline. I personally like both slim and thick toys so I wasn’t discouraged by the size at all and I feel that it would be a great choice for people who prefer smaller vibrators or simply want something non-intimidating for first-time use. There are also five inches of insertable length which is pretty standard for a rabbit. It’s long enough to hit the right spots but short enough to avoid the cervix.

When I saw the colour scheme and shape of this rabbit I thought back to my experience with the Lelo Ina 2, a rabbit that I tried a while back that just didn’t work for me. On paper, it looked like it would have been perfect for me but in practice it wasn’t due to the firmness of the internal arm and the positioning of the clitoral arm. I do like my internal vibrators to be firm, but there’s a line between ‘firm enough’ and ‘ouch’. It had no flexibility whatsoever which meant I couldn’t move it around to avoid the bashing it gave to my internal spots and it left me feeling disappointed and wondering whether rabbits were just a waste of my time.

I have said in every rabbit review I have ever written that they are notoriously difficult to get right and are completely dependent on the users anatomy. It can be hard to tell from looking at one whether it will fit or not so it’s usually down to trial and error. Our vulvas are all different, even if the changes are minimal from one person to the next. These subtle changes in anatomy can be the deciding factors as to whether a particular rabbit will work for the user or not. Subtle changes in shape between two rabbits can be another deciding factor. For example, the Ina 2 has a similar shape to the Let’s Go Crazy but this suits me much better due to the flex of the shaft and internal arm.

Let's Go Crazy Rabbit VibratorBeing able to alter the positioning of the internal arm allows me to send it to the places where I want focused stimulation and avoid the spots where it pokes uncomfortably. The bulbous head and gentle curve of the shaft contour to my g-spot beautifully and caress it with rumbly, powerful vibrations. I stick to the constant speeds on high intensities and find myself riding out the waves of orgasm within several minutes.

The clitoral arm is placed in the perfect position for my body allowing the arm to firmly push up against the clitoris rather than sitting above or next to it. I can make the most of these external vibrations because the fit lines up well and I don’t need to move the toy around much internally to get the stimulation that I’m looking for. I think this is due to a combination of the gentle shape and the heating function. Without the heat I think I would have to put in more work to get my orgasms.

Being the sucker for temperature play that I am, a heating function is always warmly welcomed. I usually choose to use cold temperatures with glass and metal sex toys but heat on silicone feels exquisite and each time I experience it I wish all of my toys had the option to warm up. Once the function has been turned on it takes about five minutes to gradually warm up to 38 degrees. It is certainly noticeable at that point and it feels out of this world when combined with the powerful rumbly vibrations of this dual-motored device. It’s something I would recommend everyone try at least once.

Let's Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator

Overall, I love So Divine more each time a new product is released and this has made me all the more excited for further products in 2018. Let’s Go Crazy is a winning rabbit for me. It has everything that I could want in this style of vibrator as well as the bonus of heat. The shape is perfect, the motors are reasonably quiet, the dimensions are ideal for all players regardless of experience level and the amount of combinations that can be created left me wanting to have fun with this for several more hours after I finished testing it.

You can purchase the Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator (£64.99) from So Divine.

 We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This in no way changes our opinion of the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. No affiliate links have been used within this post.