Review: Kiiroo Pearl 2 Interactive G-Spot Vibrator

Every year there seems to be a rise in the amount of sex toy designs that are created to be used with apps, websites, remotes, partners, headsets and other interactive resources. I think this is a category that’s only going to continue to grow and improve as the demands for these products increase. Technology is becoming more prevalent within all areas of life so it makes sense that it’s now reaching the sex toy market at full force. When I was presented with the opportunity to test out a new and improved interactive idea from Kiiroo, I was looking forward to seeing how this teledildonic device would work in practice and what exactly it could do that similar options couldn’t.

Kiiroo’s Pearl 2 comes in a white and purple box with a product shot on the front, specs on one side and a brief description plus the compatible interactive features listed on the back. Inside, the toy rests upon some foam casing alongside the charging cable, warranty card, quick set-up guide and a little card that tells you where to find the full user manual. The warranty is for one year after purchase and can be registered at this section of their website. A downside to the contents of the box was the lack of storage. It’s disappointing to me as this retails at just under $100 and it wouldn’t have upped the cost much to throw in a drawstring pouch.

It has been made from a smooth silicone that feels decent to the touch and has all the usual benefits of being the only soft material that’s completely body safe without being rock hard. It is odourless, non-toxic, phthalate free and hypoallergenic. It is soft but has a ton of drag to its surface so a thicker water-based lubricant has been required for comfortable, friction-free use. It attracts lint, not obsessively so, but it’s fully waterproof so can be rinsed before each use to remove traces of fluff and pet hair. After use, soapy water and a thorough rinse will clean it up perfectly.

Kiiroo Pearl 2 G-Spot Vibrator

Kiiroo Pearl 2 G-Spot VibratorKiiroo Pearl 2 G-Spot VibratorKiiroo Pearl 2 G-Spot Vibrator





Charging wise, there is a port located on the base that is covered with self-healing silicone. Stiff at first but this becomes easier after several charges. The light on the front will blink slowly to indicate that it’s charging and turn to a steady green glow once complete. A full refresh takes about two hours and gives around an hour of use. There are two other light alerts to watch out for. Red and flashing means the battery is running low and yellow means there’s an update that needs checking or an error has occurred.

To control the Pearl, there is one button. Power on by pressing down for four seconds, a solid blue colour will show to indicate the Bluetooth mode has been activated, press again for a white light to head to touch sensitive mode. Each press after that goes to a preset mode of vibration. To turn off press and hold down again for a few seconds. Having just one button sounds simple and practical, but for me, it caused massive frustration and broken nails. I have brittle nails, amongst other brittle areas of my body, and they bent back and snapped every time I tried to connect with the button. This is because it’s stiff and not raised enough. It doesn’t stick out enough to be comfortable to interact with and its hard to find in the dark even with the light glistening. It irritated the hell out of me and would absolutely need to be improved on a future version for me to consider getting one.

Kiiroo Pearl 2 G-Spot VibratorAs mentioned above there are a couple of settings that aren’t preset vibrations and that may leave some questions lingering. So to answer them, the Bluetooth mode is the only one that can be used to receive signals from a partner. You have to go to the website feelme (or the FeelConnect app) to set up the device to connect with a partner or use the interactive content provided.

Follow the instructions given to pair the Pearl to the website or app. The touch sensitive mode is almost self explanatory. It responds intuitively to touch, making the surface vibrate whenever it comes into contact with the body. You can see from the guide where the sensitive zones are to figure out how to target the vibrations to your advantage.

It has 7.8 inches of overall length, with just under five inches being usable. It doesn’t bash my cervix during internal use but it’s theoretically long enough to hit the g-spot. It doesn’t hit mine but that is an issue that doesn’t relate to size. Girth wise, there’s a maximum of 4.5 inches around the widest point which is on the slim side for this style of vibrator. It would be a great size for someone who’s new to sex toys/penetration or simply prefers a smaller insertable. Do remember that there’s no flared base so this should never be used for anal.

So it’s marketed as a “g-spot vibrator” but for me it was everything but that. It didn’t do much for me as an internal toy because it didn’t hit the spots it promises to. It’s simply not curved enough for this kind of contact. The head does not differ much in girth from the rest of the shaft and it has a lack of defined curve/angle. It functions better as a classic vibrator from my perspective as it doesn’t have the right shape or definition to work for my g-spot. I like classic vibrators every once in a while although there needs to be at least one of the followings things: a taped tip, texture or a thick girth. This has none of those features so I wasn’t enthused with it at all.

Kiiroo Pearl 2 G-Spot VibratorUntil this point, I couldn’t decide how I felt about the Pearl. I had written a list that consisted of a handful of cons and a handful of pros, with the pros being some of the basic things like rechargeable, body-safe, waterproof etc. I wasn’t particularly impressed as the most important features seemed to have been overlooked (good control panel, shape, dimensions) but then I turned on the motor and the pros list began to look a little brighter.

The vibrations were rumbly and resonate well below the surface. I felt that they were fairly strong and suitable for most users. I can’t say that they’d impress a hardened power queen but they were just about enough to bring me to a clitoral orgasm. I stuck with the constant vibration mode as I didn’t want to frustrate myself trying to change to any of the other functions. The shape isn’t too bad for clitoral stimulation either. I wouldn’t argue with a tapered tip for more precise contact, but broad stimulation can be fun sometimes too.

People seem to be asking for sex toys that do more than just vibrate these days and the Pearl 2 is a perfect example of that. You can pair with a partner through the FeelConnect app and allow them to control the device from anywhere in the world. This is the perfect feature for those of us in long-distance relationships or those who travel often for work as it allows us to be involved in a partners pleasure even from a distance. Other features available include listening to erotica, watching porn videos, engaging in live cam shows, playing games and even VR for those who own headsets.

Overall, there are things I like about Kiiroo’s second generation Pearl but it became apparent to me over time that the focus was on making it interactive, rather than anything else. I would need someone to take a harder look at the build and shape for this to get full marks. The button needs to be raised from the surface more and easier to press whilst the shape needs a revamp and a bit more research. A curve or angled head is the prominent feature of almost every other g-spot marketed sex toy and this lacks that entirely. It needs that if it’s going to be advertised as a toy that will hit that spot successfully. As a clitoral or classic vibrator this could work well for people who like decently powered, deep sensations and want to explore interactive content for the first time.

You can purchase the Pearl 2 ($99/£73.95) in black or purple from Kiiroo.

We received this product free of charge in exchange for our honest review. This in no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. No affiliate links have been used within this post.


Review: Miss On The Go Kegel Exerciser

Miss On The GoUnderstanding a companies ethics, morals and back story can play a huge part in understanding the products that they make, so before I tried the Miss On The Go, I had some great conversations with its creator, the lovely Miss VV. Her dedication to this product astounded me and after trying it, I believe all of her hard work has paid off. It took her almost three years to achieve it, as she aimed for high-quality and didn’t want to release a substandard product, which I applaud. You can tell just from speaking to her that she is truly passionate about her product and the industry, which just shows how much love, research, time and effort has been put into making the Miss On The Go what it is today.

I think the most important thing that I have taken from my conversations with her, was her message. Confidence IS sexy. It’s not all about the way that you look, it’s about your attitude. Don’t let other people control your decisions. It’s up to you and you should trust yourself to make those choices. Trust your instincts, but don’t be afraid to try new things, or explore your body. Be respectful in your manner, but don’t tolerate those things that go against your values. Ultimately, just be you and allow yourself to have a happy, healthy sex life.

Moving onto the product itself – I really liked the classy packaging. It arrived in a small tube, that’s stylish in appearance and made from eco-friendly materials. It comes with two sets of instructions, one set in English and another in French. It also comes with the necessary charging cable and a small storage pouch to keep it in. It needs to be charged completely for three hours before use, but this gives around 2.5 hours of use on full speed, which is a great charge to play time ratio. It will flash every two seconds to indicate the charge is taking place, which turns to a steady glow once complete.

It’s made from medical-grade silicone, which is of course free from latex and phthalates. It’s also hypoallergenic, non-toxic and odourless. Silicone is completely body-safe, but it does have some drag to it that other materials don’t have. It’s not so bad in this case, but I would advise using some water-based lubricant to remove the minor amount of friction it has and aid insertion. It attracts an unobjectionable amount of lint, as most silicone products do, but this can be removed easily with a quick rinse. It’s waterproof up to 1 meter, so rinsing is not an issue and is recommended for cleaning. The instructions also recommend using antibacterial cleaner.

I decided to try the Miss On The Go out manually first, just to get a feel for the shape, size and vibrations that it has to offer. I noticed then that there wasn’t any flex to the material whatsoever, which is not a deal-breaker, but it would be nice to have a slight squish in the tip for extra comfortable long-term wear. I would have also liked there to be a bit of extra room between the two balls, as I usually insert one at a time as I find this easier, but with this product, I have to do both at more or less the same time. Again, I’m not going to avoid this exerciser because of those things, but they are minor preferences of mine and would be preferred.

Miss On The GoTo turn on, simply press the power button for three seconds. The light will then flash every five seconds until the product is turned off. Press again to cycle through the modes, of which there are five. Three constant speeds and two patterns. If you’re using it without the app, find the setting you want prior to inserting it, as you won’t be able to access the button once it’s in position. If you’re using it with the app, then you can control the vibration modes from there, or turn them off if you wish. I have found its most comfortable to insert in a standing position and removed when squatting.

The Miss On The Go weighs 65g, which I’d define as standard for these types of products. I think it’s within the weight range that many people exploring Kegel exercisers for the first time try out. My first pair was just below this at 59g, so I’m quite comfortable with similar weights now. I can use more advanced pairs, but with added stimulation from vibrations and numerous uses to investigate, this weight suited me well. It would be great to see an advanced version over 100g in the future though. I’d quite like the challenge of that.

I love that this product doesn’t have a set-time frame for each use, as similar products that I’ve tried in the past have requested a specific amount of time each day. I like being able to go at my own pace, use it when I want to and for however long I want to. Consistency is a key part of working out your PC muscles, but the amount of time done for is dependent on the person doing so. I would advise just listening to your body, as you would with any other toy, and go from there. I personally like around 20-30 minutes in the morning whilst I move around and get ready for my day, but occasionally I’ll go for longer or shorter periods, depending on my mood and schedule. It’s important that kegels don’t become a chore – or something you want to put off. The Miss On The Go should be fun to use as-well as being beneficial to your health and sex life.

In regards to the app, I simply downloaded it and was asked to set up a profile. This consists of username, password, gender, age and email address. It gives you a set profile photo – so everybody has the same, the only differences are gender-based. Men are given the image of a shirt and tie, whilst the ladies have a heeled photo. I would love these to be less stereotypical representations of gender and I’d also love an option for non-binary people to have profiles. It would be great to see the app be more inclusive in the future to those who aren’t feminine women or masculine men.

Miss On The GoConnecting Miss On The Go to the App is simple. Just power the product on, turn the bluetooth on your phone and it should find it and connect. You then enter a code which is listed within the instruction booklet and you’re good to go. There are three options to explore on the App: My Own Pleasure, Strong is the New Sexy and Let the Game Begin. The first two can be used solo, one for exploring the vibrations and the other for strengthening your PC muscles. The final option can be used with a partner by searching for the person you’re looking for and inviting them to join you. If they accept, then you can both exchange pictures and texts.

In conclusion, I think the app has been well-designed. It is definitely one of the better apps that I’ve used, although I would make a couple of changes as mentioned above. I’d definitely like it to be more inclusive in regards to the profiles and photos, but the functionality to remain the same. I had no problems getting it to work or trying to connect the product to it, unlike previous app-controlled vibrators that I’ve used. It’s easy to understand, fun to use and has added a splash of interest to my daily pelvic floor routine. As for the balls themselves, I encountered very few things that troubled me. I personally would have given them a small amount of squish for comfort reasons and perhaps more room between them, but apart from that, I am quite satisfied with them.

I received the Miss On The Go ($169/£136.98) from MissVV’sMystery in exchange for my review. Thank you! Affiliate links have been used in this post.

Review: Vibease Wearable Vibrator

VibeaseMy partner and I are currently long-distance, so we’re always on the look out for new ways to keep that spark going whilst we’re apart. We don’t send photos, but we do engage in a lot of sexting and the occasional mutual masturbation over FaceTime. We don’t want these things to become routine and expected, as this could get boring, so we’ve been looking to explore some app-controlled vibrators, so he feels like he’s involved in my orgasms, even when he’s not here.

The Vibease arrived quickly and discreetly as advertised, in no-frills packaging. A simple pink and turquoise box with a cardboard sleeve featuring the brand name and some product information on the back. Inside the box, I found the Vibease nestled within some velvet lining and a separate section of the box housed the user manual and two different sized charging cables. I was a little bit disappointed that it didn’t offer a storage pouch as its a luxury product with a matching price tag, so I’d expect one to be included.

The Vibease is made from silicone, which is a non-toxic, non-porous, hypoallergenic material that is free from latex and phthalates. It’s completely body-safe and odourless. The silicone feels extremely smooth to the touch and it has minimal drag to it, so lubricant isn’t essential for comfortable use although I like to use a small amount if I’m going to be using it for longer than five-ten minutes. As this toy is made from silicone, only water-based lubricants should be used to avoid degrading the finish. It’s water-resistant/splashproof but it’s not submersible, so don’t take it into the bath or shower. It can be washed in soapy water for cleaning purposes, but needs to be left to dry completely before being used or charged.

VibeaseTo get started, the Vibease needs a full charge. Plug the USB into the charging port of your choice and the jack into the base of the toy. You can use either charger depending on the amount of cable you need, it makes no difference. The white light will flash to indicate that the toy is charging and this changes to blue once the battery is fully charged. The initial charge takes around three hours and charges after that take around two.

It’s operated via a two-button interface, a power button and a button that has a wave-like imprint. To turn on/off, simply press and hold the power button for two seconds. The light will blink three times and then the device will vibrate for half a second to indicate it’s ready for use. To change between the five available modes of vibration press the wave button. This function does not work when the vibrator is connected to the app (but more on that later).

It has a low and medium speed, which are followed by three patterns. I would personally have liked a third speed for some more intense vibrations, but I can orgasm with the medium speed if given 15 minutes or so. I would rate the medium intensity as 6.5/10, which is pretty good considering the amount of power that I like. I think that it would be powerful enough for many people, but if you’re like me, you might find yourself wanting to push the button for a power increase that isn’t available. I think the vibrations are on the buzzy end of the spectrum, although they’re not the awful de-sensisting/numbing type that I detest.  I will admit that I like the first pattern as it’s roller coaster style, which is a setting that I enjoy and will happily use often.

The Vibease sits against the vulva with the ‘hooked’ part sitting over the clitoris. It has an interesting shape, but I found that it might be even more flattering to my anatomy than a pebble shape, which is usually my go-to for clitoral toys. It can be placed in underwear, although I’ve found the underwear needs to be tight-fitting to keep the vibrator in place or have that little pocket of extra lining in the crotch to keep it safe and secure. If you don’t wish to wear the vibrator on every occasion, then you (or your partner) can hold it in place like a regular clitoral vibrator.

VibeaseThe Vibease is pretty quiet, especially when it’s placed inside underwear. The patterns are louder than the constant vibrations, but they’re still on the quieter scale. I found it only really makes a noticeable amount of noise when it’s laying on a surface, which it won’t be during use, so I’d feel comfortable recommending this to people who need discretion or wish to use this in public.

As I mentioned at the start of this review, this vibrator can be controlled via app. It’s compatible with Apple and Android models that support Bluetooth 4.0. Find the app ‘Vibease Chat’ in the App Store and download it to get started. Once you’ve opened the app, you make a profile which consists of your gender, username and a photo if you choose. The photo will not be visible to anyone other than your trusted partner/partners, so there’s no privacy worries there. If you have concerns about people getting hold of your phone, then there’s an option to add a passcode which you’ll have to enter every time you open the app.

VibeaseTo connect the app to the device press and hold the power button for five seconds until the light indicator shows the blinking blue light. Once you’re in, make sure your partner has your username because you can then chat away on the messenger feature, send each photos and allow them to control the vibrator from their phone, regardless of their location. I really like that there’s an option to make eleven of your own pulsations as this allows for a different experience every time you use the toy. Unfortunately, your partner won’t know what it feels like or be able to tell if you’re enjoying it without communicating via the chat feature.

In our experience, we’ve found the app easy to use, although it has a couple of teething issues. The app seems to disconnect from the vibrator fairly easily, but we can’t decipher what is causing this. I also had difficulty with the initial connection, despite following the instructions to the letter. I think most apps and technology have glitches from time to time, so I won’t know for sure until we’ve used this for several months whether it’s a permanent issue or a temporary one. When it does connect and stay connected, we really enjoy using the app together as it’s a great way for him to feel dominant when he’s not around.

I can also use the app on my own as there’s an option to create your own fantasy, through music, podcasts, audiobooks and even your own voice. You can buy credits through the app for the paid audiobooks but many are free. It comes with three free audios to get you started although I didn’t find these erotic. I don’t know many people who are turned on by the sound of peaceful beach waves. I do however find the sound of rain relaxing, so the ‘fun in the rain’ audio was great for me to de-tense with prior to listening to something a little sexier. The vibrator works in accordance to the audio you’re listening to, vibrating gently when the voice is soft and full pace when the tone is harsher.

VibeaseOverall, I think the Vibease is better than I thought it would be. I don’t have tons of experience with app-controlled toys, but out of the few I have tried, this is definitely one of the better ones. If I could change anything to make this a perfect scorer, I’d add a third, rumbly speed and take away one of the patterns (as you can make your own anyway, so this wouldn’t be a loss) and I’d also fix the small connection problems with the app.

I received the Vibease ($119/£89.41) in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! Affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Fun Toys G Balls 2 

Fun Toys GBalls2 1I expressed an interest in upping my kegel game and Fun Toys agreed to help me out by sending me their Geisha Balls and G Balls 2 to review. I had always thought that an app-controlled kegel system sounded pretty interesting, so I couldn’t wait to get stuck in and see if the wait was worth it. Since I outgrew my basics kegel balls, I’ve been branching out and exploring more intermediate and advanced options, which is one of the reasons why I love this product. It has suitable levels for everyone, through from beginners to the owners of steel PC muscles.

From the moment the plain, discreet package had been opened up, I knew that I was getting a high-quality product. I noticed immediately that the packaging was lovely and I wasn’t disappointed by what was inside it. The packaging for the G Balls 2 is as pictured – a small white tube with product photos on either side and a few key details written in-between. The rest of the necessary information is included in a small user manual. Along with the G Balls and the manual, the tube included the USB charging cable and a branded storage pouch.

The G Balls 2 is primarily made from a high-quality, waterproof silicone that is free from latex and phthalates, but it also has some ABS plastic elements. This toy is completely body-safe, but due to the materials used, it should only be combined with water-based lubricant to avoid any damage. It is very easy to clean, all it requires is a squirt of toy cleaner and a rinse. It’s quite a petite exerciser at 31x82mm and weighs just 54g, which is the same weight as the basic balls I mentioned earlier, but this one offers vibration and varying levels of training that those do not.

To charge the G Balls, simply insert the USB into your chosen charging port and insert the jack into the charging point on the toy, which is located on the base. It is made from silicone and needs to be pierced each time, which can take a little force on the first few attempts. Once the charging is complete, remove the jack and the charging point will re-seal, ensuring the product is kept fully waterproof. The first charge took around four hours, but it doesn’t say how long a charge takes after that, so I’ve been going by the charging lights on the front of the toy. The LED light will be on whilst charging and turns off when complete. I’ve found it’s taking roughly two and a half to three hours after several uses. It provides around the same amount of usage time, which is pretty impressive.

Fun Toys G Balls 2 2

To get started, download the Magic Kegel app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once the download is complete, run the app and follow the guide. To connect the G Balls to your device, press the power button located near the base and an LED light should turn on. The app should then show that the device is connected, but this doesn’t seem to work every time. If it doesn’t work, then find the button in the top right corner and press it, it should then find the G Balls and connect. If it still isn’t working, double-check that your bluetooth is turned on and your settings are allowing access. After a few times of using either method, you can simply open the app, turn on the G Balls and shake your phone to create the connection.

Then find a comfortable position for insertion, which for me is laying down on my back with a cushion under my hips for comfort. If you choose to use this position, remember to keep your knees apart and the removal cord fully outside of the body so that the signal isn’t affected. I slathered a small amount of water-based lubricant to the tip and inserted it slowly. I found it quite comfortable and fairly easy to insert, although it feels bigger than it looks. Remember that this is a vaginal toy only and don’t be tempted to use it anally as there is no flared base. It’s not worth the risk of it getting lost/sucked into the anus.

Once you have connected your G Balls and inserted them, a virtual coach will guide you through a series of exercises. These exercises generally consist of clench and hold, quick reps and long holds, all of which are in time with vibrations. I loved the feature of the small bird on-screen that you have to help fly by clenching around the toy, as when you clench harder, he flies higher. This indicates how well you’re doing the exercises and can also be a way of noticing progress. The data from the sensors is then recorded within the app and will give you a score based on your progress.

When you fulfil your daily goal you are rewarded with beans, which can later be exchanged for vibration patterns within the ‘Fun’ mode. This is supposed to be a good incentive to keep up with training, but at times can feel like I’m a kid trying to win treats for doing chores! Once you have these vibration patterns though, you can turn the G Balls into an app-controlled clitoral vibrator or even a love egg, which can be lots of fun. The intensity of the settings is even adjustable, so there’s a range suitable for most people. It’s not mind-blowing rumbly territory, but it’s definitely powerful enough to be enjoyable.

There are six training courses to choose from, including: Entry Level, Honeymoon, Young Mum, Muscle Recovery, Hot Lover and Planning a Baby. The courses each have four difficulty levels to unlock and explore. I have been primarily using the Entry Level course so far, but I have experimented with Hot Lover a little bit and was pleased to discover you can switch courses at any point without losing progress and having to start over.

Fun Toys G Balls 2 3

You can also the G Balls 2 without the app and these are called independent modes. The first (and default) mode is called ‘Squeeze for Vibration’ which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Once you’ve turned the G Balls on, you simply squeeze your pelvic floor muscles to control the strength of the vibrations. You can turn the balls off by pressing and holding the power button down for a few seconds.

The second mode is called sustained vibration and you can activate this by pressing the power button once more. Tap again to go back to the default mode. This mode is pretty self-explanatory too as it simply vibrates constantly whilst you work out, which provides some subtle stimulation. It’s a good option when you fancy a quick workout or don’t fancy getting your phone out, but it’s not particularly challenging or a great way of tracking progress. It’s probably best for rest days or days where you don’t have time to work your way through the course. I think it may also be a good mode for beginners who are wanting to get a feel of the product.

Do they work? From my experiences with the G Balls over the past eight weeks or so, I am going to conclude that they do work. I find the app has been a great way to track my progress and notice where I’ve been going wrong or slacking. I feel that there’s already a noticeable difference, I’m feeling much stronger and toned, so I’m looking forward to this continuing and improving over the next few months as I work my way through the courses. I think that there truly is a course and intensity for everybody on this app and it’s extremely to use, which is perfect for those who aren’t technologically inclined. The app has a few glitches and can sometimes disconnect from the device, but what app doesn’t have hiccups every now and again?

I received the G Balls 2 directly from Fun Toys in exchange for my honest review thank you! You can find the G Balls 2 (£79.95) at Simply Pleasure. Affiliate links have been used.