Review: Fifty Shades Darker by Coco de Mer Anastasia Half Cup Bra

I probably could have ordered the entire Fifty Shades Darker lingerie line if funds had allowed, but as I’m not a millionaire, I decided to limit myself to just three of my favourite items. The Anastasia Half Cup Multiway Bra was one of them. It was the last item I purchased as I was going back and forth between this and something from the Escala collection for a while but I’m so glad that I finally settled on this piece. The Anastasia collection is described as “blending feminine shapes with deep pink satin and lace to offer a statement of modern femininity and intrinsic desirability” and I think that statement summarizes it perfectly.

I was disappointed and bored with the packaging, or lack of, that the Fifty Shades Darker lingerie arrives in. It’s just a plain plastic pouch. I expect this from Lovehoney as the lingerie is more budget friendly, but Coco de Mer are known for being lavish so I would expect more from them. I’m not asking for extreme levels of extravagance, but even just arriving on a nice satin hanger would have been better than this. If the boat can be pushed out for gorgeous packaging for the sex toy line, I don’t see why the lingerie line can’t also be gift-wrapped.

Fifty Shades Darker by Coco de Mer Anastasia Half Cup BraUntil this range landed at Lovehoney, I had never had the pleasure of trying lingerie designed by a Coco de Mer, because again, I’m not a millionaire. I can’t afford to be splashing out a couple of hundred pounds on a basque, robe or bra set. I’d rather buy three £40 options and have variety than just own a couple of nice pieces that I’d have to wear until death to get my money’s worth. The only exception to this will be the lingerie I wear for my honeymoon. That I will go all out for.

Getting back to this piece, I was expecting perfection and that’s precisely what I got. I couldn’t find any flaws with it whatsoever and it appeared to be made beautifully. It’s made up of two main materials, one being satin and the other being lace. Both felt divine to touch and I was particularly impressed with how comfortable they both were. Lace can sometimes be itchy or irritating, but this was not the case with this bra. It was soft and supple as one would hope for considering the price tag.

32B was the smallest size that I could get my hands on, and breasts into, so I went for that one. I usually wear a 30A so I hoped that sister sizing would be my friend on this occasion. It seemed to work out well as the Fifty Shades Darker lingerie all seems to run a bit small. The Anastasia Half Cup Bra has three hook-and-eye fastenings around the back and I wear this on the tightest setting. It fits pretty well. It doesn’t feel loose at all which makes me think that this would be incredibly skin-tight on someone who actually wears a 32.

Fifty Shades Darker by Coco de Mer Anastasia Half Cup BraAs for the cups, I was apprehensive. I am obviously lacking in the bust department so sizing up made me worry about things like obvious room left in the cups and gaping. Thankfully there wasn’t much of this. The cups actually seemed to fit very well. There was a tiny bit of room leftover, but not much, so I would suggest someone who wears a B cup to size up to the C in this particular bra. The cups definitely run small. This is great for small chests like mine as they seem to give a bit of a lift and a greatly appreciated boost.

Do I have any complaints? Outside of the packaging, not really. I could have done with being able to adjust the shoulder straps a tiny bit more for maximum comfort, but that’s a minor issue and something I can happily look past. The Anastasia Half Cup Bra is an absolutely stunning piece of lingerie and although I didn’t want to fork out on the matching briefs it wasn’t an issue as it matched a (now discontinued) raspberry Flirty Thong I have from Lovehoney. I  am not typically fond of pink especially when it comes to the bedroom as there’s so much of it in this industry, but I couldn’t resist this gorgeous rich shade. Combine this with the gorgeous front strapping and it’s an absolute winner. I love it.

You can purchase the Fifty Shades Darker by Coco de Mer Anastasia Half Cup Bra (£35) from Coco de Mer. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

Review: Fifty Shades Darker by Coco de Mer Goddess Basque

Fifty Shades Darker Goddess BasqueI think the packaging for the Fifty Shades Darker lingerie line is boring and disappointing as it’s just a plain plastic pouch. The sex toy packaging for Fifty Shades Darker products is much better and they were made by Lovehoney, a company that cater to all price levels. Coco de Mer are a lavish brand, so something nicer for something that costs this much would have been appreciated. I’m not asking for huge extravagance, but they can do better y’know?

I had never had the pleasure of trying lingerie designed by Coco de Mer before this range came out but as they are known for luxury, I expected this piece to be perfect in terms of quality. It was. It appeared to have been made beautifully and was pretty damn flawless. The Goddess Basque is made up of two main materials and has subtle elements of one other. All three of them felt great and I was particularly impressed with how gorgeously soft the lace was. The mesh was lovely too and this makes a welcome change from the itchy mesh found on cheaper pieces.

For the price, I naively expected this basque to come with matching underwear. It doesn’t. You can get a thong or pair of high-waisted briefs separately, but having already spent £50 on a single piece of lingerie, I’d rather not. I would have been pleased with just a plain black thong with an emerald trim and I don’t think that would have been too much to ask. I don’t think it would have improved the price by much at all either. As of right now I’m just wearing regular black underwear and it looks fine, but I probably will have to get the briefs eventually.

32B was the smallest size available in this basque and I wear a 30A so I was apprehensive about the fit. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to fill out the cups or the band would be loose, but I needn’t have worried. There are two hook-and-eye fastenings on this basque and I wear it on the tightest one. It then fits like a dream. I feel that someone who wears a 28 band might even find this comfortable enough to wear as it seems to run on the smaller side. It should be fine for those who wear a 32 also, but it might be a little tight.

Fifty Shades Darker Goddess BasqueAs for the cups, I surprisingly filled them out well. I obviously don’t have much of a bust, but there was no gaping or obvious spaces remaining. There was a small amount of room left in the cups as I expected but this was not noticeable to my partner at all. I think this is partly due to the clever strapping above the cups. I have found that this style seems to be extremely flattering with the size and shape of my bust and it has fast become one of my favourite bra options to go for. It’s even better on a basque.

One thing that really impressed me about the Goddess Basque was the boning. I have tons of basques that look amazing when I’m standing up or sitting still, but they are ruined with any sort of movement. It’s not particularly flattering as it bunches up the material, creating an odd bump in the front that ruins the overall look of the outfit. This one does not give me those sort of problems. The boning still moves as I do but it doesn’t stick out in bend in the creating a bulge sort of way. It stays pretty close to the skin which is exactly what I hoped it would do.

The final thing that’s worth mentioning is the suspender straps. These are both removable and adjustable. When I have tightened them fully I can attach them to stockings with no problems. I usually struggle with straps being too long for my five-foot, short-arse frame, but the ones on this basque seem to be shorter than most. This is great news for short women like myself, but it means that they may not be long enough for those who are much taller.

Overall, I really like the Goddess Basque. It has a gorgeous colour scheme that I can’t get enough of and after seeing how it looks with my skin tone, I’m convinced that I need more emerald-green in my lingerie collection. I love the strappy cups, mix of materials and the clever strapping across the waist that creates the illusion of a smaller figure. It’s a really flattering piece and I’m incredibly pleased with it. The lack of interesting packaging and matching underwear were the only downsides for me.

You can purchase the Fifty Shades Darker by Coco de Mer Goddess Basque (£60) from Coco de Mer. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

Review: Coco de Mer Teach Me A Lesson Spanking Ruler 

Coco de Mer Teach Me a Lesson Spanking RulerIf you read my review for the Fifty Shades of Grey Ruler, you will already know that I absolutely adored the sensations that it gave and was hoping to find something similar. It didn’t take me long to come across this Coco de Mer edition, which features a cheeky ‘Teach Me a Lesson‘ scribble on the back.

All packages from Coco de Mer are picked and packed in the Lovehoney warehouse, so be assured that it will be completely and utterly discreet. I have to admit that I was disappointed that there was no actual outer packaging for the product, other than the burgundy tissue paper that Coco de Mer use to wrap your entire order individually. I usually encourage no-frills packaging on cheaper items, but Coco is a luxury brand and company, so I expected that theme to continue throughout. A lovely storage bag wouldn’t have gone amiss either.

The ruler appears to be well-made and of the quality I would expect, it’s perhaps a little rougher than the other ruler that we have, but it’s smooth enough, particularly around the edges to be comfortable. It’s made from a sturdy, lightweight wood and features measurements on the front like a regular ruler would, in both cm’s and inches. I wouldn’t say that it’s completely accurate or to scale, so I wouldn’t go around trying to measure things with it, but for the visual effect, it’s great. It features Coco de Mer branding on the front and Teach Me A Lesson on the back as I mentioned earlier. It’s also available with the words ‘Spank You Very Much‘ if this saying doesn’t float your boat.

My partner and I have gotten into more aggressive/advanced spanking activities over the last few months, so silicone and wooden spanking implements have become some of our favourite tools of choice. I find that these materials are the harshest and generally the best for leaving red marks, scratches, faint bruising and a stingy sensation when you sit down the next day. If you like all of those, then I think you’re in luck because as I expected, this ruler ticks all of those boxes. It has the potential to take me out of my comfort zone, but there’s something about that which excites me.

Before we use this ruler, we generally start out with something softer. I think warm up is really important when playing with bondage and it’s something that we do every time spanking takes place. I am a fan of skin on skin contact before an implement is used as this just warms up the area and puts me in the right head space to take the hits from something harsher. Once I am ready, my partner begins with gentle taps followed by direct, stronger thwacks. I like this sort of tool to be used alongside a flogger as the different sensations keep me guessing and the floggers hits are generally softer which breaks up the tougher spanks from the ruler.

I think hits from a ruler like this one feel much more precise than spanks I’ve received from wooden paddles, because it’s a slimmer, longer implement and the small surface area only covers a specific area of the bottom when spanking. It stings more than the crops that I have, so I’m glad I didn’t rush in with a product like this as I probably would be more reluctant to continue spanking practices if I had. It doesn’t take much force to get a very satisfying sting and a highly enticing slapping sound. I have been left with some marks after a session, but none that last longer than a couple of days and nothing that some aftercare couldn’t handle.


Overall, it’s an exciting piece of kit to use during sex and role-play, particularly for student/teacher scenarios and we both really enjoy the sessions where this product comes out to play. It’s not as luxurious as I’d hoped for considering its branding though.

You can purchase the Teach Me A Lesson Spanking Ruler (£12) at Coco de Mer. No affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Coco de Mer Feather Tickler Blue 

Coco de Mer Feather Tickler BlueI purchased the Coco de Mer Feather Tickler shortly after it landed at Lovehoney, because I couldn’t resist the colour scheme and I wanted to see how a tickler could be so luxurious that it was worth this sort of price tag. I was underwhelmed with the first one that I received, but the Customer Care team at Lovehoney are wonderful and sent out another. It arrived a couple of days later, inside a plain plastic packet. I would expect more from the packaging considering this is a luxury product, but this was not the case.

When I examined it, I was much happier with what I saw. The first hadn’t been made as well as I’d expected, but the second was better. The tickler felt soft, full and fluffy and was far more luxurious than the first. The blue feathers appeared more vibrant and noticeable amongst the black with this one as all the feathers sat upright as shown on the product photos. My first tickler was slightly tilted and as a result of that, the blue feathers were hidden behind the black. I did notice upon closer inspection that there was some dried glue around the bottom of the feathers, but there was not a huge amount and it didn’t affect the overall appearance as it couldn’t be seen unless close-up.

I really like that the handle of this tickler is wooden, as it feels really sturdy and solid. Many ticklers come with a flimsy plastic handle that I worry will snap or break during use or storage, but a wooden handle is nice and rigid. It’s completely smooth, so is very comfortable to hold, but my partner did point out that it’s quite short, so his hands tend to cover the bottom half of the feathers when he’s holding it. I would have liked a couple of extra inches of handle room to avoid this happening.

I placed a blindfold on my other half and gently traced the tickler across his arms and chest before working down to his stomach or back (depending on his positioning) and moving to his inner thighs. It received great responses from him each and every time the feathers made contact with his skin. It awakens the nerve endings, bringing blood to the surface and heightening whatever sensations come next. It’s a very subtle way of turning somebody on and I think this is a piece of kit everybody needs in their collection to explore their partners body during intimate, sensual sessions.

I will say that he prefers some of our other ticklers to this one, purely because they’re fluffier with a longer handle, but this one is still fit for purpose and fantastic for a luxury treat. I quite like this tickler myself, when it’s used on me, be that on my inner thighs, neck or spine as it really builds up the anticipation of what is coming next, adding further excitement to a session.

Coco de Mer Feather Tickler BlueOverall, I’m glad I gave the Coco de Mer Feather Tickler a second chance because the replacement I received was much better in terms of aesthetics and quality. I’m still not entirely convinced that it’s worth the £25 price tag and I think it would probably be sold for less if it wasn’t for the branding. Having said that, I think this would make a lovely gift for your partner if you want to add something a little more luxurious to your bondage collection.

    You can buy the Coco de Mer Feather Tickler Blue (£25) at Coco de Mer. Affiliate links have been not been used within this post.

Review: Coco de Mer Double Pleasure Artisan Glass Dildo

When I saw the Coco de Mer Double Pleasure Artisan Glass Dildo for the first time, I fell in love. I couldn’t justify spending so much money on a dildo that didn’t look as though it offered anything special other than branding and perhaps being well annealed, so I simply added it to my wish list and waited prayed for a sale. I was browsing the Coco de Mer site recently and noticed it was 50% off, which was good enough for me. £80 seemed more reasonable than £170. It’s still the most expensive piece of glass I’ve ever purchased, but I’m really glad to have it in my collection.

All Coco orders are picked, packed and passed to Royal Mail from Lovehoney’s warehouse, so are as discreet as a regular Lovehoney order is. The only difference is that Coco orders are all wrapped beautifully within burgundy tissue paper that is then sealed with a Coco sticker. There’s no outer packaging for the dildo itself, which is disappointing considering it’s so expensive, bubble wrap and a layer of foam to protect the toy is about as good as it gets.

The Double Pleasure Glass Dildo is made from super-strong borosilicate glass and feels extremely sturdy. It seems to be crafted beautifully and is absolutely immaculate in terms of quality. There are no faults I can find with the build at all. Being made from glass means that this toy can be used with any type of lubricant that you wish, although I wouldn’t recommend using water-based if you’re going to use it in the shower as it will be diluted/washed away by the water. I usually opt for Lovehoney’s Slick Silicone Lubricant in the shower and Coco de Mer Divine Glow in the bedroom. Glass is fully waterproof so is super easy to clean with toy cleaner and a rinse, although sometimes fluids can get caught in the texture, so I like to leave an old toothbrush near by just in case a further clean is necessary.

One reason that I adore glass so much is because it’s a completely body-safe, non-porous, non-toxic and hypoallergenic material that can be chilled or warmed up for versatile temperature play. I personally prefer my glass to be chilled, but warm dildos can be enticing on occasion. I usually opt to leave the toy in a bowl of water of my chosen temperature for around 20 minutes or so before use, but you could also place it in the fridge if you wish.

Coco De Mer Double Pleasure Artisan Glass Dildo 1

Coco De Mer Double Pleasure Artisan Glass Dildo 2







This might be the largest glass toy I own standing at 10.5 inches with an insertable length of 10 inches. Depending on how generous my cervix is feeling, I can comfortably take seven inches vaginally, but I’ve found most of my glass toys are this length in total providing only 4 or 5 inches of insertable material to work with. I really appreciate the extra length of this toy as it means I can make the most of the seven insertable inches I crave with a well-needed gripping space for my hands to rest whilst manoeuvering the toy. It has just 4.25 inches of girth at the widest point, which means that this toy is slimline, comfortable and should be manageable for the majority of people.

As you may have guessed by the name of this dildo, it’s double-ended, which makes it twice as fun as a regular glass dildo. I prefer my glass to be dual ended because it simply offers versatility, which keeps my interest peaked for longer. You can use this toy alone or with a partner, although I don’t think it can be used on two people at the same time due to the S shape, a C shape is probably much better for this purpose. Dual dildos like this one have two different textured ends, which offer completely different stimulation and although I found this dildo provided stimulation of the same sort, each end provided sensations in a totally different way.

I opted for the nubby textured end first, as this seemed to be the most appealing to me, maybe because I love the Lovehoney Nubby, or maybe it just simply felt the best of the two, I’m not sure. It turned out that I was right about this end and this is now my preference when I come to use this toy. The texture of the Double Pleasure feels much gentler than that of the Nubby, due to the texture being less defined. It still provides great stimulation though, in similar ways that the Nubby does. This side feels great when rubbed against the clitoris prior to insertion and once it’s inside, my walls seem to fold around the texture and never want to release it. It provides such a glorious internal massage whilst hitting my g-spot simultaneously and the combination of the two sends my eyes rolling back into my head.

I opt to thrust with this end as I find that’s the most comfortable and beneficial way of using it, I find that the texture combined with the firm pressure it places against my G-spot is enough to bring me to an orgasm pretty fast. I like to clench around the dildo as I slide it in and out quickly, feeling each bit of the texture as the pressure mounts against the delicateness of my g-spot. I have been able to squirt when using this end of the toy and overall I find it the most satisfying of the two. I don’t need a clitoral vibrator to get off with this side of the Double Pleasure, but I do when using the other end.

The other end is undulating and bulbed, with the same rounded head as the nubbed side, which makes insertion very uncomfortable. I noticed immediately that this end wasn’t as stimulating, which is possibly because there’s not much size difference between the bulbs and I spoiled myself with the heavier textured end first. It still felt marvellous though as it still hit my g-spot with fantastic precision. Without the help of some internal bliss like the nodules provided, I couldn’t orgasm alone with this so I involved my trusty Tango and begun thrusting. I soon realised thrusting wasn’t the way to go and twisting is actually the best method for this end. When I twist the toy, I begin to notice the raised bulbs which increases stimulation and stirs me on to keep going for the finale. I do find myself craving for the nubby texture again as I get closer to orgasm though.

I found a better way to make use of this side and that is for a completely different kind of stimulation. This toy is long enough that I can use it to find and torment my a-spot. I’ve recently begun experimenting more with stimulating this area and am finding that the more I practice, the more I enjoy it. I was worried that the Double Pleasure might miss and end up hitting my cervix, but so far (and touch wood) this hasn’t happened yet. I’m yet to be disappointed by the intense a-spot stimulation I get from this toy and think it’s going to make regular appearances as I discover more about this sensitive spot and what it enjoys. As I thrust this toy towards the direction of my a-spot, I notice a buzz building up inside me, my blood beginning to rush to the surface and a very sudden sensitivity. This is closely followed by what I can only describe as a mind-blowing climax.

Coco de Mer Double Pleasure Glass Artisan Dildo 3Overall, I’ve had a lot of enjoyment from the Double Pleasure so far and I think there’s plenty more where that came from. I really enjoy the variety of sensations and I adore the ample length, slim girth and gratifying texture. It’s a high-quality and well made handblown glass piece, although I don’t think it’s worth the bank-breaking price tag. It might be Coco branded and handmade, but I think £120 would be the most I’d pay for this.


The Coco de Mer Double Pleasure Artisan Glass Dildo (£169.99) is available from Coco de Mer.