Review: Black Rose Wrist-to-Collar Restraint Set

If you want good quality, pretty and affordable bondage pieces that are suitable for all experience levels then the Black Rose collection from Bondage Boutique could be a perfect contender. After receiving a few items from the line in a mystery bundle last year I was excited to see some more additions added recently. I was particularly interested in the Wrist-to-Collar Restraint Set as I’ve been looking for an intermediate collar for a while and this aesthetically pleasing combo appeared to tick all of the boxes. Did it still tick those boxes after testing it? Let’s find out.

Made from faux leather, this set is suitable for vegans and people who like to avoid the real deal. It feels supple, high quality and doesn’t disappoint in the quality department. The gorgeous black rose aesthetic that I love so much patterns the exterior and the finishings are made from matte black metal. There is a connecting chain, several buckles and multiple D-rings. All of them can handle strong tugs and sharp movements as they are well secured to the restraints. I have no concerns about them breaking off or coming loose whatsoever.

Black Rose Wrist-To-Collar Restraints

Black Rose Wrist-To-Collar RestraintsBlack Rose Wrist-To-Collar RestraintsBlack Rose Wrist-To-Collar Restraints





Tom and I both identity as switches so we like to have restraints in our collection that work for both of us. It makes finding suitable items for sessions much easier and allows us to swap over halfway through if we want. We have both worn the Bondage Boutique Beginners Collar previously which gave us an indication that the depth of this particular collar would be fine. If you or your partner have only worn the thin choker style collars before then this one may feel more restrictive and uncomfortable at first but it doesn’t completely restrict head movements or force your head back like a posture collar would.

I wore the collar set first and found it fairly comfortable. It wasn’t as comfortable as the beginners collar mentioned above but that was to be expected as this one has no neoprene padding. The faux leather is soft enough for a couple of hours wear. According to my partner I have a small neck so finding collars that are adjustable enough can be problematic. We got this one tight enough to fit as it has nine eyes on the straps to suit a range of sizes. I wear it through the seventh hole which leaves enough room to get two fingers underneath to relieve contact if needed but not enough room to be ineffective.

His turn to wear it came next. He agreed with me in regards to comfort and said that he preferred this to the other basic collars in our collection as it’s more restrictive, allowing him to embrace his submissive side. He has a larger neck circumference than I do but the collar also managed to fit him well. He wears it through the second or third hole depending how tight he wants it on that given day. Overall, it can adjust between 12.5 inches and 17.5 inches. It is completed with a detachable lead that can be removed instantly if needed due to the quick-release clip.

As for the wrist restraints, I also struggle finding these to fit however I knew I would be fine with these as we own the regular wrist cuffs from this range. These have seven eyes on the strap and I wear them on the second to last hole for a tight, secure fight that I can’t wriggle free from. My partner wears them through the second hole when it’s his turn to be restrained and says these are some of the most comfortable wrist restraints he’s ever worn. These can be adjusted between 5.5 inches and 10 inches.

Black Rose Wrist-To-Collar Restraints

Black Rose Wrist-To-Collar RestraintsBlack Rose Wrist-To-Collar RestraintsBlack Rose Wrist-To-Collar Restraints





I briefly touched on the fact that my partner likes the idea of being able to quickly remove the lead if needed. I think this is a great idea for those who may be new to restraints, safety conscious (always good when engaging in bondage situations) or unsure about being controlled via a leash. The quick-release clips are also attached to the wrist restraints so can be unclipped from the collar in a matter of seconds should there be a spoken safe word or other emergency situation. The only thing that can’t be removed instantly is the collar as this needs unbuckling first. Quick release clips are not only good for fast removal as they can be alternatively used for introducing other pieces of restraint.

To conclude, we were more than satisfied with this set. The rose patterned design makes it non-intimidating and the release clips make this set perfect for beginners and intermediate users. We were impressed that we were able to make the collar and the wrist restraints fit us both despite the differences in our measurements. As a result of this I’m happy to state that they are suitable for a wide range of people, just check in with the above measurements first to be sure that includes you. The only thing we didn’t like about the set was the lead. It’s very plain and basic in comparison to the rest of the set which was disappointing. A matching lead would have been the perfect finishing touch and I wouldn’t have minded if that had amped up the cost by a few pounds.

You can purchase the Black Rose Wrist-to-Collar Restraint Set (£29.99) from Lovehoney.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Bondage Boutique Beginners Collar and Lead 

Bondage Boutique Beginners Collar and Lead SetBeing a member of the Lovehoney forum, adult community and blogging scene has led to me trying many things that I’d always thought were a little bit scary, from
glass and metal to nipple clamps and pinwheels. I wouldn’t have even considered some of the things I now love this time last year. One of these things was a collar and lead set as I just couldn’t see the appeal to them and I thought they were intimidating, but then I developed a sudden urge to try one out..

I eventually decided on this Bondage Boutique Beginners Collar and Lead Set, as it was one of the most friendly options I could find. It arrived in typical fashion for this brand, which is just a clear packet with a sticker on the front. The only thing that I don’t like about this is the fact that there is no safety information included with it and I think this should be essential with all bondage products, especially those aimed at beginners.

This is an inexpensive starting option, but it seems that the quality has not been spared. The neoprene  it’s made from is smooth, soft and incredibly sturdy. It feels durable and I can see it lasting for quite a while. The collar has some flex to it, but not so much so that it begins to sag or sits strangely when being worn. It has just enough give in it to make it as adjustable and comfortable as possible. The ring at the front of the collar is well-attached and no amount of tugging (believe me, I’ve tried) will detach it. The lead isn’t the most comfortable to hold, due to the material, so after a few uses, I switched to using this one instead.

I chose this particular collar to be my first due to it being wider, softer and more adjustable than most of the others that I came across. It is fastened via velcro around the back and it has a long strip of this, so you can wear the collar as tight or loose as you want. I think this is perfect for beginners who want to get used to wearing something around the neck before exploring with something tighter-fitting and more choker-like. I did begin with it being loosely fastened, but I quickly moved to wanting it to fit and look tighter. I now fasten it at the halfway point, which I feel is tight enough for my current experience level.

I thought that the collar was extremely comfortable to wear and I believe I made the right choice to start out with something soft and lightweight. I have since moved onto a thinner, leather collar, but I still bring this out from time to time when I want to be dominated in a more gentle fashion. Leads attach very easily to the ring at the front, with the two I own both having quick-release clips for fast removal. The collars velcro fastening also means the collar itself can be removed within seconds if you reach a limit, need a break or simply decide collar play isn’t for you.

Bondage Boutique Beginners Collar and Lead SetOverall, I’m pleased that I changed my mind about collars and something inside me decided to tempt me into trying one. I have found that collars (and leads) are something I very much enjoy and I think they’re incredibly versatile pieces of kit. They can be used in numerous ways, from being pulled on during sex, to being used during teasing and spanking sessions. Your imagination is your limitation.


   You can purchase the Bondage Boutique Beginners Collar and Lead Set (£9.99) from Lovehoney. Affiliate links have been used within this post.