Review: Icicles No #5 Spiral Glass Dildo

Finding sex toy retailers that stock the best of the best and nothing less is challenging but recently I came across one that does just that. Crimson Princess are a new online store based in England that want to provide a comfortable online shopping experience for people who may find going into brick and mortar shops embarrassing or daunting. Their website is aesthetically pleasing, easy to browse and filled with toys, lingerie and bondage gear from top-rated brands. We have recently begun a collaboration and to kick-start this I was sent a gorgeous piece of glass. I picked out the Icicles No #5 for its delightful spiral texture and bulbous head as I thought it may be fun for G-spot sessions and might make a nice introduction to texture for glass newcomers.

Icicles No #5 Glass DildoMany of Pipedream’s ranges have unethical/misogynistic packaging but the Icicles range is an exception. The front of the box showcases an image of the product and pulls open to reveal the No #5 behind a window of plastic. It’s classy but simple and I like it. I do find it somewhat disappointing that this range doesn’t include storage bags as I like to store glass separately to prevent scratches or chipping but this is a minor complaint and more of a personal preference than a negative point. I would recommend having something on hand to secure the dildo if planning to purchase it though.

The box mentions some care instructions inside but I’ve mentioned in every Icicles review I’ve ever written that parts of this needs to be updated. It advocates using microwaves and freezers to change the temperature of the material but I strongly advise against doing this. Microwaves can create heat spots that aren’t noticeable until the burn comes and freezers can cause that tongue stuck to a metal pole scenario that we’ve all seen in movies, but instead of your tongue being stuck, it’s your nether regions, and I imagine that would be rather unpleasant to experience. Please stick to the safe methods for experimenting with temperature such as the fridge or a bucket of warm/cold water.

One of the best things about glass is that it can be used with any type of lubricant. The surface is non-porous, non-toxic, odourless, phthalate free and suitable for use with water bases, silicone bases and even oil bases. This body safe material can also be cleaned thoroughly by boiling for a few moments or placing inside the top rack of the dishwasher. If you are switching between orifices (particularly going from anal to vaginal) or multiple partners then I would definitely recommend one of the above options for safety. For daily cleans, soap and water will do the trick and an old toothbrush can be used around the textured areas to remove any lingering fluids.

The Icicles No #5 should be suitable for people with some penetration experience. It has an overall length of 7.25 inches and a maximum insertable length of 6.75 inches. For me personally, I’m quite comfortable using six to seven inches so this was the perfect length for me to feel comfortable during vaginal use. It doesn’t hit my cervix providing I’m relaxed and well-lubricated but it does hit the sensitive spots that are located near there. Width wise, the No #5 has a maximum circumference of four inches which is rather slimline. The texture does make it feel slightly larger so keep that in mind but generally I think it will be suitable for most people who can handle three fingers.

Icicles No #5 Glass DildoI was reminded of an earlier reviewing experience when I used the No #5 for the first time. One of the first products I ever reviewed on this blog a couple of years ago was the Kinx Rippled Teaser. It has a similar colour scheme to the No #5 and a swirled texture around the shaft that’s also reminiscent. The spiral texture is equally spread out across the shaft across the Icicles model whereas the Kinx is quite close together and intense. For that reason alone, the Icicles would win in a contest that was best suited for newcomers and beginners.

Less texture doesn’t mean less sensation or satisfaction though. Now don’t get me wrong, I love texture, but sometimes it’s not quite right for me and that’s usually the case when it’s paired with a toy that has a tip that’s been tapered too much. Again, I’ll go back to the Kinx as it’s head tapers to such a sharp point that it felt like I was being stabbed with each thrust. However the Icicles No #5 has a gentle taper to its bulbous head that’s comfortable to insert, thrust against internal sweet spots and remove. It also has a rounded base which makes for great grip and works wonderfully as a handle.

Each time I use the No #5 I fall in love with it a little more. The texture is delightful. It’s basically a spiral of raised ripples that work their way down the sleek shaft and provide maximum stimulation to the vaginal walls. It’s not the most textured glass piece that I own but there’s enough of it that it does what it’s designed to do. I’ve always found the combination of a cold, rigid surface and bumps/lines/ridges to work particularly well for me and this was no exception. If I use a gentle twisting motion whilst the toy is inserted, the ripples stimulate every internal erogenous zone that they can reach. This alone may have been enough to bring me to the brink of an orgasm but the curvature of the shaft just tips the scales and takes me over the edge.

Icicles No #5 Glass DildoIt’s a subtle curve with little definition but it sends the bulb and the texture that follows towards the direction of one of my favourite stimulation zones, the G-spot. The tip finds the spot with ease and minimal thrusting will provide all of the pressure this area needs to be stimulated to the point of no return.

I have had some fantastic internal orgasms with this dildo and some brilliant blended orgasms when I’ve added a clitoral vibrator into the mix. Vaginal play has been my primary source of use for this dildo but I have tried it out a handful of times for anal too. I did enjoy the few occasions I experimented with it like this but I feel that it would be better suited to anal players looking to achieve prostate stimulation.

Overall, I think I could recommend the Icicles No #5 to glass beginners who are looking to explore or discover their G-spot and/or prostate. For those with more sex toy experience, I’d also be able to recommend it to you if you are a fan of slimmer insertables, temperature play, rigid materials and texture. If I had to list a few downsides, I’d have some trouble as there wasn’t anything I hated but there are a couple of minor niggles that I could point out. The first is the lack of storage and the second is the potentially unsafe information listed on the inside of the packaging. Outside of those things, I can’t really complain as my experiences were positive and pleasurable for both me and my partner.

You can purchase the Icicles No #5 Spiral Glass Dildo (£25.99) from Crimson Princess.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.