Review: Lovehoney Desire Luxury Remote Controlled Butt Plug

Lovehoney’s Desire range is a collection of affordable luxury sex toys that have been designed with the thousands of customer reviews from their website in mind. I’ve become a big fan of the range so I was pleased to be offered the chance to test one of its latest additions. I have been getting into butt plugs on a serious level recently and the description of this one had ticked all of my metaphorical boxes. I had high hopes that it would be a major success considering the amount of feedback Lovehoney have to work from and I was not disappointed. I actually think this is the best product from the Desire range so far, alongside the rechargeable wand.

The plug arrives in a classy purple and black box with a product photo on the front and traditional Lovehoney heart on the back. Inside the box I found that my favourite feature of the Desire range had been included. A sturdy leather storage case with the Lovehoney logo embossed onto the front. I think this is way more convenient than having numerous satin storage bags that all look the same as it makes the finding the toy in the heat of the moment much easier. Another great thing about this case is the charging hole leading out of the back. This allows you to charge the toy whilst it’s stored away safely. This is particularly useful for those of us with pets or children as it keeps prying eyes and paws at bay. The case even has a netted section with elasticated straps to hold the toy in place and a small netted pocket to hold the charging cable, instruction manual and a small bottle of lube.

Lovehoney Desire Remote Controlled Butt Plug

Lovehoney Desire Remote Controlled Butt PlugLovehoney Desire Remote Controlled Butt Plug

Lovehoney Desire Remote Controlled Butt Plug





Made from a smooth, silky-soft silicone this plug feels luxurious and glorious. It does have some level of drag to it as silicone naturally has this problem, but it’s easily fixable with a good coating of water-based anal lubricant. I used a few pumps of Sliquid Sassy on the toy and a couple on myself and that was about right. You can use more or less than I do depending on your experience and how comfortable you find the material, but always use some. After use, rinse the plug with warm soapy water and leave to dry. It is fully waterproof so this is not a problem just be sure to keep the non waterproof remote out of the bathroom and just wipe down if/when needed.

Lovehoney Desire Remote Controlled Butt PlugBefore use, prepare for a full charge to be needed. To do so, plug the USB into a laptop or suitable charging port and attach the magnetic cap to the corresponding prongs on the base. A light should flash whilst charging and go solid once complete. It should take roughly 120 minutes and this should give up to 60 minutes of use, depending on what settings are being used, when the battery begins to run low the light will flash quickly to indicate that it needs to be plugged in.

As for the remote, it takes one battery (CR2032) and this comes included. You have to put some pressure on the back of the controller in a downward motion to release it so you can twist the cap inside the compartment and remove the paper disc from underneath the battery. You can then place the battery back into position, twist the cap back into place and slide the back firmly back on the remote. It sounds complicated and time-consuming but it really isn’t. This is all that’s required before the plug and the remote are ready for action.

Lovehoney Desire Remote Controlled Butt PlugTo turn on, press and hold the button on the base of the plug for around three seconds. Then hold down the central button on the remote for the same amount of time. You can then press any of the buttons on the remote to kickstart the vibrations. You can control the intensity of each setting with the plus and minus buttons whilst the central button flicks through each function.

To turn the plug off, press and hold the central button for a couple of seconds. You can use the plug without the remote too by tapping the singular button on its base to cycle through the patterns. We found this difficult when wearing the plug so tend to stick to the remote.

The Desire Remote Controlled Butt Plug is a tad bigger than other plugs I’ve used in the past, but as I’ve taken dildos and my partner anally, I found it comfortable and easy enough to insert. It’s definitely what I’d consider to be an intermediate plug in terms of girth (5.2 inches at the widest point) and it’s also longer than a lot of beginners plugs (5 inches insertable) so keep that in mind if you prefer width to length or aren’t used to length in your butt. I would not recommend this to someone new to anal or plugs, but it is going to be suitable for those who can manage medium-sized, verging into the larger category of butt stuff.

Lovehoney Desire Remote Controlled Butt PlugI found the size perfect for me to be able to move around comfortably without jabbing from the tapered tip or too much stretching from the girth. I can happily wear it for a couple of hours and leave the remote in the hands of my partner, enjoying the apprehension of not knowing when he’s going to turn it on. We had lots of fun with this as I did some housework and he used the remote to operate it from the other room. It seems to work from about 30 meters away, so there’s the potential for outside adventures too.

There are eight functions and twelve intensities to choose from on this plug. There’s one constant speed and seven various pulsations. Naturally I am drawn to the constant vibration, but I thought a couple of the other settings were fun too. I am very much power orientated so I wondered whether I’d be able to derive enough strength from this or not, but I’m happy to report that it’s strong enough to satisfy my urges. I can make good use of it from intensity seven and above and have found that the orgasms that come from it are quite strong and fairly reliable from this point.

Lovehoney Desire Remote Controlled Butt PlugI think this plugs base is great as its flared enough to provide me with the knowledge that it won’t be travelling anywhere unwanted unexpectedly and it offers the well needed, basic safety mechanic for these sorts of toys. I know for a fact that this plug won’t be going anywhere it shouldn’t so I’m able to relax and fully enjoy everything it has to offer me. The neck of it is flexible which makes insertion and removal extra comfortable and carefree, whilst also making long-term wear possible. The bulb is the opposite as it has little to no squish/flex and its firmness serves as a constant reminder of its presence, which I love.

Overall, I think the Desire Remote Controlled Butt Plug is wonderful. I love that it can be used with or without the remote as this opens up the options of ways that it can be used, even if it slightly difficult to control manually. It’s tons of fun during masturbation in conjunction with a clitoral vibrator and feels amazing during penetrative sex with a partner. It provides that tighter vaginal canal feeling that my partner loves and it. doesn’t seem to get in the way in of any of our regular rotation of positions. One thing I don’t encounter with every plug that I did with this one is the enjoyment when using it without any extras. This makes it a standout product for me, plus it’s pretty quiet so I can use it when there are others in the house without worrying about being heard. Bonus!

You can purchase the Lovehoney Desire Remote Controlled Butt Plug (£59.99) from Lovehoney. I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!


Review: Lovehoney Desire Clitoral Vibrator

In case you hadn’t noticed, Lovehoney are one of my favourite retailers in the adult industry. They have a huge range of products and have the best customer service. I have had great experiences with their own brand products before so was beyond excited when I heard they were launching their first luxury toy range DesireI watched the making of the range video (which you can find on Youtube or the product pages) and this peaked my interest further. I decided to purchase the clitoral vibrator and have now had it for a few months. This was a difficult review to write as it took quite a while for me to determine how I felt about this toy.

The entire Desire range is sleek, well-designed and affordable. I think there’s a huge gap in the market for luxurious yet purse-friendly toys and it’s great to see some being introduced. This range was designed with the thousands of customer reviews on their site in mind so I had high hopes this toy would fit all my requirements. I was impressed with this toy, but I think it could give more expensive toys a run for their money if it had a few improvements.

LOVEHONEY DESIRE CLITORAL VIBRATOR 1The packaging is completely different from other Lovehoney own branded products. It arrives in a classy purple and black box with a picture of the toy on the front and the Lovehoney logo on the back. The real difference between this and their products is the contents of this purple box. I found a small storage case with the logo embedded into the sturdy material, this is so much more convenient than endless satin storage bags. It’s much easier for me to find this toy amongst the masses, thanks to the case.

Another great thing about the case is that is has a charging hole leading out of the back which allows you to charge your toy whilst it’s stored away safely. Useful feature for those of us with children or pets, as it keeps toys away from prying eyes or paws. The case has a netted section with some elasticated straps to hold the toy in place, a small netted pocket to hold the charging cable with a little left over room for the instructions and a small bottle of lube.

The quality of this clitoral vibrator is fantastic as expected, it is made from silky smooth silicone and is lightweight, yet sturdy. This toy has no visible seams to ruin the aesthetics. The shade of purple used is stunning, but I wish they’d chosen something other than one of the most generic colours in the industry. The Desire clitoral vibrator is bigger than the Nea 2 as it’s just a little larger than my palm yet it’s still small enough to be held between my partner and I during sex. This toy has buttons that are much easier to press than those on the Nea, they press down without resistance and I can operate the toy without needing to check I’m pressing the right button.

I always give new purchases a full charge before use, this toy only took 90 minutes and this offers 60 minutes of play. I think this is a good charge-to-play ratio, but if used on the higher speeds as I do, it’s more like 40 minutes. To charge simply plug the USB into your chosen charging port and push the jack into the silicone port on the base of the toy. The silicone self-covers the port when not being charged to ensure the toy is fully waterproof.

This toy is very easy to operate as there are only three buttons. The (+) button turns on the toy and increases intensity, (-) decreases intensity/turns the toy off and the central button operates the patterns. You have the option to decrease/increase the intensity of the patterns as described above. This toy has eight patterns to choose from and none of them really appeal to me, but I’ll explain that in the next paragraph. It’s claimed that this toy has 12 different levels of intensity, but I struggle to find them. I can find six or seven noticeable differences, the lowest being a gentle tickle and the highest being much stronger. I am not sure if it’s me or the toy, the intensities may just be so similar that I can’t tell the difference. The changes that I can feel are great, there’s a strength level suitable for everyone from the beginners vibrations to the more seasoned veteran who prefers something a bit tougher.

Desire clit vibe

Desire clit vibe

Desire clit vibe

Desire clit vibe





I am not a fan of patterns at the best of the times, but I find all eight of the patterns on this clitoral vibe to be buzzy and off-putting. I like the fact you can choose your desired intensity, but this won’t encourage me to use them. I couldn’t find a setting that was suitable for me, but if you do like patterns then there’s a decent variety to explore. The constant vibration however, is nice. As the intensity builds, the toy verges on rumbly, but it never quite makes it. It certainly isn’t the buzziest toy I’ve ever felt and I do enjoy the sensations it can provide, but I’d have liked some more depth to the vibrations. I can orgasm with this vibrator on full speed, but I need some internal stimulation at the same time.

My partner really enjoys this toy. I like to hold it against his balls or run it along his lubed-up shaft during a blowjob or hand job, and he seems to like it too. He is very responsive to this, especially on the higher settings. He isn’t usually vocal until he’s at the brink of an orgasm, but if I add this vibrator to the mix, he starts moaning right away. He becomes fidgety, shaky and his eyes roll back into his head. He has actually used this toy more than I have.

In terms of noise, I hoped it would be quiet enough that I could use it with people in the house. I still live at home so quietness is essential when it comes to sex toys, most can be drowned out with some background music, but the highest vibrations on this toy can still be heard from the next room. If people are in the room next door, I would opt for something quieter.

This was a great attempt at a luxury product. It’s a reasonably feisty toy that boasts excellent storage, quality and body-safety. I would recommend this to anyone but power queens, I’m not sure this toy has the below the surface rumbles to satisfy. It’s not weak by any means, but it could have done with being a little stronger in my opinion. It was definitely worth the money that I spent on it and whilst it may not be my go-to, it is my partners, so it’s a nice little toy to have in our collection.

We purchased this product for ourselves and all opinions are our own. You can purchase your own  Desire Clitoral Vibrator (£59.99) from Lovehoney. Affiliate links were used within this review.