Review: Red Corner Wet Look Dress with Lacing

Lingerie is one of the true loves of my life. That might sound super dramatic but it’s true. It’s helped me reach a point where I can be comfortable being intimate with my partner and it also gives me a temporary confidence boost. I was delighted to get the chance to try out a few pieces from Orion recently and I knew I had to save the best one until last. My favourite of the three items simply had to be this gorgeous Wet Look Dress with Lacing from Red Corner. Like the Peplum Wet Look Dress I also reviewed from this range, I had nothing quite like it in my lingerie collection. I don’t actually have many bedroom dresses at all but after these experiences I’m positive that these are styles that I should be exploring more.

Red Corner Mini Dress with LacingIt arrived presented in a stylish red and black cardboard sleeve complete with stunning model shots on the front and back. Inside the box the dress was folded inside a plastic packet and protected with tissue paper. I feel like this piece of lingerie could be given as a gift as is, all you would need to add is a nice pair of underwear (thong, string or whatever the giftee prefers) and a note advising that this look is best served with some killer heels.

Red Corner, a part of the prominent Cottelli Collection, was a brand new line to me so I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of standards. I like to hope for the best each time but my expectations are set high as I want both comfort and sex appeal. It appeared to have been made well with no ugly seams, unfinished stitching or loose threads to be found and I believe it will last a long time with proper care. So far it has held up well during the cleaning process. I’ve simply handwashed it in the bath with lukewarm water and baby shampoo and this has worked like a charm.

As the title and photos suggest, this dress has been made with a wet look appearance. It actually consists of 92% polyester and 8% elastane. The garment feels lovely and has a stunning high-shine, gloss finish that almost sparkles and dazzles under the light. I have a tendency to be drawn towards lace or satin lingerie so those materials make up a huge percentage of my collection and although my partner loves those options too, the shiny materials get his heart racing the most. It could be wet look, latex, vinyl, datex or leather – he’s not fussy about the specifics. If its patent and glossy, he’s interested. This seemed like a great choice to incorporate some of his preferences into my outfit repertoire and he would certainly agree.

Red Corner Mini Dress with LacingI received this little wet look number in an XS which is equivalent to a uk six to eight. As I’ve done with my previous lingerie reviews I’ve showcased the outfit on my glamorous model Berta, who is based on that size range, for an accurate representation of what it looks like. Y’all know body issues are very prevalent for me (which is why I’m not modeling anything) so this is the best way to show this dress off in all its glory. I wear a uk four to six and the fit is very similar on me although Berta has the adjustable height advantage which makes the hem sit in a slightly different place.

The high in the front and low in the back style skirt has become a popular trend in clothing items this year although I haven’t seen it done in lingerie very often. This dress has this feature and it suits the rest of the design perfectly. It comes mid-thigh on me in the front and low thigh in the back. If you like to be covered up in the back then this could be a great choice for you. It will sit around mid-thigh on most people who aren’t stuck at the five foot stance they reached at the age of twelve (me) and just below the butt on those who are around six-foot.

It fastens around the neck via a slip on halter style strap, that cannot be adjusted, so it’s an item that can be pulled on quickly if you should wish to surprise a partner and don’t have much time to change. It’s not completely unadjustable though as the lace-up detailing can be altered to fit the desired tightness and create different looks. You can make the laces sit wide apart to reveal cleavage or a bit of bust if you’re blessed in that department or you can position the laces close together for a more toned down hint at what’s underneath. Multiple looks and reactions can be achieved by playing around with the laces and that’s one of my favourite things about this.

Red Corner Mini Dress with Lacing

Red Corner Mini Dress with LacingRed Corner Mini Dress with Lacing Red Corner Mini Dress with Lacing





Small bust city is where I’m living, so finding lingerie that fits this area (even though it’s proportionate to my shape) can be something of a challenge. These cups don’t have padding or underwiring or any other type of support for that matter which can sometimes result in a flattened effect. This did not occur with this piece at all. The cups were genuinely flattering on me despite having room remaining for other cup sizes. I think the XS size could take two sizes bigger than I but whether I’d recommend it for those who have a larger bust would depend on that persons support needs. If it’s essential, then this is obviously a no-go but if you don’t mind going without for bedroom wear, then I’d be happy to suggest giving it a go.

Overall, I am infatuated with this dress and I think it has become one of my favourites for when the mood for something different or fetish suited strikes. My partner is in love with this also and he’s definitely hoping that I’ll be getting more items like this in the future. It ticks all of the boxes for him and most of the boxes for me so this has to go down as a success. The only thing I wasn’t in love with was the fact I had to wear seamless underwear underneath to avoid visible panty lines as it’s very difficult finding seamless knickers or thongs that aren’t plain and boring. Outside of that minor irritant, I am very pleased with this piece and the Red Corner collection in general so I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing more like this from them in 2018.

You can purchase the Red Corner Wet Look Mini Dress with Lacing (€49.95/£43.99) from Orion.

We received this product free of charge in exchange for our honest review. This in no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. No affiliate links have been used within this post.


Review: Red Corner Peplum Wet Look Dress

Whilst I was browsing through a selection of lingerie options that I could review for Orion I decided that I should pick one item that I wouldn’t usually go for. I don’t wear dresses often in the bedroom, simply because I haven’t found many that I liked that also fit, but the Red Corner range within the Cottelli Collection had several cute pieces and this Peplum Wet Look Dress was one of them. I don’t have anything even remotely like this outfit in my lingerie collection so I thought it would be interesting to see whether this look would work for me and whether it’s a look I should be exploring more. My partner is a big fan of wet look and fetish/clubwear lingerie so this seemed like a good choice. It is more figure hugging than I would usually pick, due to the body issues/confidence problems I have, so I wasn’t sure how comfortable I would feel in it but surprisingly it made me feel great about myself and put me in a positive, inner dominatrix headspace.

It arrived in a stylish red and black cardboard sleeve complete with glamorous model shots on the front and back. The images are tasteful and the models are both gorgeous. Inside the box the dress was folded neatly inside a plastic packet and protected with tissue paper. This piece has a wet look appearance that’s made up of 92% polyester and 8% elastane. It also comes with a large Cottelli tag in the back which I instantly discarded as it was white and highly visible through the material.

Red Corner Peplum Wet Look Dress

Red Corner Peplum Wet Look DressRed Corner Peplum Wet Look DressRed Corner Peplum Wet Look Dress





Red Corner is a lingerie line that was brand new to me so I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of quality. I am something of a lingerie snob when discussing standards as I like comfortable but sexy garments that are well put together and will last a long time with care. This piece easily met those requirements. It appeared to be made perfectly with no ugly seams, unfinished edges or loose threads in sight. The material felt lovely and looked fantastic with its high-shine finish. I was very impressed with it and would absolutely wear more pieces from this range if they were all made like this.

Red Corner Peplum Wet Look DressI received the Peplum Wet Look Dress in an XS which is equivalent to a UK 6-8. I placed it on my glamorous assistant Berta for the review photos and she is based on that size so the photos are an accurate representation of what it looks like on someone who wears this size who has a smaller chest. I wear a UK 4-6 and it fits similarly on me although it isn’t as skin-tight around the thighs/butt.

This was definitely more of a challenging piece for me to wear than the other two items I chose to review as its out of my usual comfort zone but I think those boundaries have to be pushed sometimes and it seemed to pay off on this occasion. My partner had a great reaction to this outfit which made me feel incredible and as a result of that I’d seriously consider wearing more pieces like this in the future. It’s not something I would be able to wear on my worst days but for those occasions where I want to be dominant and have an outfit to match the mood, this will be one of my first picks.

The cups are the same style as the Cottelli Collection Wet Look Basque I just reviewed so I had high hopes that they would be similar when it came time to try this dress on. I wear an A cup, which is proportionate for my frame and body type, but can make finding lingerie difficult. These cups don’t have any underwiring or padding and sometimes this means they flatten me and take away the little chest that I do have but luckily we struck gold once again and it didn’t happen with this dress. The cups fit well, they were comfortable and it wasn’t obvious that there was room leftover for bigger cup sizes. I think this size could take up to a C cup but keep in mind that there’s no support at all. If you need padding or wiring to support the girls then this dress probably won’t be comfortable for you.

Red Corner Peplum Wet Look DressOne thing that I noticed about this dress that I wasn’t keen on was that it has a tendency to ride up. I’m only short, I stand at exactly five foot, and this finishes just below my butt. If I walk, move around or even fidget then the dress begins to ride up to expose some of the cheeks. It can be frustrating having to constantly adjust or pull the garment down every few minutes so I try not to move too much when I wear it. If you don’t mind exposing a bit of butt then I suspect this won’t be an issue for you but if you’re like me and find dresses/chemises/skirts riding up to be irritating then I would keep that in mind if you’re considering purchasing this.

Other than that minor issue, I didn’t come across any problems with the way that this dress fit me. It fits my bust perfectly, pulls in the waist and stomach with its lovely lace-up detailing and skims the hips and butt with its peplum trim. I was pleased with the quality and the packaging and I think it would make a great gift for someone who loves a touch of wet look and prefers their lingerie to make the most of their assets. It may not be something I would have ordinarily chosen for myself but I’m so glad I pushed myself out of the familiar zone of basques and babydolls to try something new. I really do like this dress and although it’s not something that will be worn on a super regular basis it definitely has a place in my collection and I am now on the look out for more pieces just like it.

You can purchase the Red Corner Peplum Wet Look Dress (€49.95/£44.49) from Orion.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. No affiliate links have been used within this post. 

Review: Dreamgirl Tartan Tease Schoolgirl Costume

I’ve been trying to cut back on the amount of lingerie reviews that I post to my Lovehoney account as I seem to have reviewed so much that I’ve made my profile load slowly – oops! As a result my still-to-review box has been overflowing with gorgeous pieces that are waiting to be written about. I decided it was time to write something new and as I rooted through the options I came across this piece and knew I had to talk about it. The Dreamgirl Tartan Tease is one of my favourite costumes that I currently own and certainly one of my best schoolgirl related outfits. It is often a struggle to find the right combination between sexy and slutty with certain costumes but this particular one has struck the perfect balance.

Dreamgirl Tartan Tease Schoolgirl CostumeArriving in simple fashion, the Tartan Tease comes inside a cardboard sleeve with an image of a model wearing the outfit on the front and back. The outfit was wrapped in some plastic inside and the included novelty glasses were in their own plastic pouch. I hadn’t actually realized glasses were included as I assumed they were just a photo prop (as is often the disappointing case with outfits like this) so I was pleased to see them as I unraveled the plastic.

I’ll keep the quality and materials section of this post short and sweet as it’s important to know, but boring to read. The top portion of the outfit is made from a stretchy mesh. The bottom portion of the outfit consists of a blue, black and grey plaid combination and there’s also a tie attached to the upper half made from the same fabric. The glasses are made from a hard plastic. The outfit felt great quality and had no obvious flaws. The glasses were also surprisingly sturdy considering the fact that they’re a novelty extra.

I own a multitude of schoolgirl costumes but this one is the only ‘all in one’ type. Most of the ones that I own are a skirt and cropped shirt combo, whereas this one is more of a dress. It is a one size garment so I had concerns that it may not fit. It is said to accommodate a size six to sixteen and I wear a UK four. I did not mind taking the risk as Lovehoney have a wonderful no questions asked returns policy for any and all items that are not suitable. It fit me beautifully which leads me to believe that it would be tight-fitting on someone who wears a sixteen. It isn’t as stretchy as I thought it would be. If you wear fourteen or above then the plus size version might be more comfortable for you.

Dreamgirl Tartan Tease Schoolgirl CostumeThe shirt is very sheer. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but I suppose that’s the idea. I personally wear nipple pasties underneath to add some anticipation and not give everything up straight away. I find this has a better effect on my partner and teases him efficiently. It doesn’t provide any bust support whatsoever, which was fine for me as I have a basically non-existent bust and don’t need it. However, you could wear a nude or white bra underneath this if wanted or needed. It makes for a nice alternative to the pasties too.

It’s extremely short. Just skims past my butt and I’m only a mere five foot. If you’re taller than me (which lets face it wouldn’t be difficult or shocking) then this may show off a lot of cheek. If you’re around 5’11 or above then I suspect that this outfit will be more of a shirt on you and may not suit the designed aesthetic. It is a flowing style of skirt which skims the hips nicely and makes the wearer’s waist look smaller and their thighs slimmer. It doesn’t cling to the stomach or draw attention to the area at all which I thought it might due to the material. It’s incredibly flattering and super-duper sexy.

Dreamgirl Tartan Tease Schoolgirl CostumeIt fastens via a velcro strap around the neck so it’s quick to put on and tear off. This makes the fit adjustable along with the aid of the elastic band around the top. This is comfortable and pretty supportive. It doesn’t dig in and provides a decent amount of stretch to accommodate several sizes.

It doesn’t come with suspender straps but you could wear silicone banded hold-ups with or wear a flat suspender belt under the skirt and attach stockings that way. I opted for a slightly different option and wore suspender tights (crotchless of course) and some Pleaser heels.

Overall, I think this outfit is lovely. I’m fond of the colour scheme, the design and the fit. There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with it. I can still remember my partners reaction when I wore this for the first time and I can feel myself melting at the thought of those memories. His jaw dropped as I entered the bedroom and I couldn’t help but giggle. He managed to squeeze out a few words before fetching our favourite spanking tools and throwing me on the bed. Those words were “May I have a word with you miss? I believe you’re in three major violations of our dress code”. I never did find out what the third violation was…

You can purchase the Dreamgirl Tartan Tease Schoolgirl Costume (£29.99) from Lovehoney.