Review: Black Rose Wrist-to-Collar Restraint Set

If you want good quality, pretty and affordable bondage pieces that are suitable for all experience levels then the Black Rose collection from Bondage Boutique could be a perfect contender. After receiving a few items from the line in a mystery bundle last year I was excited to see some more additions added recently. I was particularly interested in the Wrist-to-Collar Restraint Set as I’ve been looking for an intermediate collar for a while and this aesthetically pleasing combo appeared to tick all of the boxes. Did it still tick those boxes after testing it? Let’s find out.

Made from faux leather, this set is suitable for vegans and people who like to avoid the real deal. It feels supple, high quality and doesn’t disappoint in the quality department. The gorgeous black rose aesthetic that I love so much patterns the exterior and the finishings are made from matte black metal. There is a connecting chain, several buckles and multiple D-rings. All of them can handle strong tugs and sharp movements as they are well secured to the restraints. I have no concerns about them breaking off or coming loose whatsoever.

Black Rose Wrist-To-Collar Restraints

Black Rose Wrist-To-Collar RestraintsBlack Rose Wrist-To-Collar RestraintsBlack Rose Wrist-To-Collar Restraints





Tom and I both identity as switches so we like to have restraints in our collection that work for both of us. It makes finding suitable items for sessions much easier and allows us to swap over halfway through if we want. We have both worn the Bondage Boutique Beginners Collar previously which gave us an indication that the depth of this particular collar would be fine. If you or your partner have only worn the thin choker style collars before then this one may feel more restrictive and uncomfortable at first but it doesn’t completely restrict head movements or force your head back like a posture collar would.

I wore the collar set first and found it fairly comfortable. It wasn’t as comfortable as the beginners collar mentioned above but that was to be expected as this one has no neoprene padding. The faux leather is soft enough for a couple of hours wear. According to my partner I have a small neck so finding collars that are adjustable enough can be problematic. We got this one tight enough to fit as it has nine eyes on the straps to suit a range of sizes. I wear it through the seventh hole which leaves enough room to get two fingers underneath to relieve contact if needed but not enough room to be ineffective.

His turn to wear it came next. He agreed with me in regards to comfort and said that he preferred this to the other basic collars in our collection as it’s more restrictive, allowing him to embrace his submissive side. He has a larger neck circumference than I do but the collar also managed to fit him well. He wears it through the second or third hole depending how tight he wants it on that given day. Overall, it can adjust between 12.5 inches and 17.5 inches. It is completed with a detachable lead that can be removed instantly if needed due to the quick-release clip.

As for the wrist restraints, I also struggle finding these to fit however I knew I would be fine with these as we own the regular wrist cuffs from this range. These have seven eyes on the strap and I wear them on the second to last hole for a tight, secure fight that I can’t wriggle free from. My partner wears them through the second hole when it’s his turn to be restrained and says these are some of the most comfortable wrist restraints he’s ever worn. These can be adjusted between 5.5 inches and 10 inches.

Black Rose Wrist-To-Collar Restraints

Black Rose Wrist-To-Collar RestraintsBlack Rose Wrist-To-Collar RestraintsBlack Rose Wrist-To-Collar Restraints





I briefly touched on the fact that my partner likes the idea of being able to quickly remove the lead if needed. I think this is a great idea for those who may be new to restraints, safety conscious (always good when engaging in bondage situations) or unsure about being controlled via a leash. The quick-release clips are also attached to the wrist restraints so can be unclipped from the collar in a matter of seconds should there be a spoken safe word or other emergency situation. The only thing that can’t be removed instantly is the collar as this needs unbuckling first. Quick release clips are not only good for fast removal as they can be alternatively used for introducing other pieces of restraint.

To conclude, we were more than satisfied with this set. The rose patterned design makes it non-intimidating and the release clips make this set perfect for beginners and intermediate users. We were impressed that we were able to make the collar and the wrist restraints fit us both despite the differences in our measurements. As a result of this I’m happy to state that they are suitable for a wide range of people, just check in with the above measurements first to be sure that includes you. The only thing we didn’t like about the set was the lead. It’s very plain and basic in comparison to the rest of the set which was disappointing. A matching lead would have been the perfect finishing touch and I wouldn’t have minded if that had amped up the cost by a few pounds.

You can purchase the Black Rose Wrist-to-Collar Restraint Set (£29.99) from Lovehoney.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Fifty Shades Darker No Bounds Collection Riding Crop

Fifty Shades of Grey No Bounds Riding CropWhether you are a fan of the Fifty Shades series or not, you have to admit that the products Lovehoney have designed alongside them so far have been quite good. I haven’t had the best of luck with the vibrators, but the bondage items have impressed me thus far, so I decided I had to try something from the limited edition No Bounds collection. I honestly could have purchased everything minus the ball gag (hard limit) but I eventually decided to just settle on one piece I knew we’d get a ton of use from.

It was presented nicely upon arrival, stored within a branded navy storage pouch. It has been sized to fit the crop perfectly and has been made from a luxurious soft velvet, which adds to the high-quality feel of this range. Storing a spanking implement has never been easier, as it even comes with a small ribbon loop that can be hooked onto something for added convenience. It also comes with some attached branded tags, one of which thankfully mentions the importance of having a safe word.

In terms of aesthetics and quality, I couldn’t have asked for better. It was immaculate. I found no flaws whatsoever with the overall design, stitching or way it had been put together. It was just exquisite. It features a stunning, braided, faux-leather handle that feels desirable to the touch and it contrasts wonderfully with the supple, smooth feel of the gorgeous leather tip. I usually find myself wanting one material or the other, but the combination of the two materials worked well for me.

Fifty Shades of Grey No Bounds Riding CropIt felt extremely sturdy and rigid within the stem and handle, but the tip had a small amount of flexibility to it, which gave the impression that some spine-trembling spanks would be coming my way. I was right, but I made sure my partner was confident with it first. It is the biggest implement we currently have in our collection at 26 inches, so test runs on a pile of stacked pillows was something I insisted on. I wanted to be certain that it was comfortable for him to hold, easy for him to use and suitable for him to control as he’s the one who’s going to be in charge of it the most.

Once he’d got the hang of it, I was ordered to lay face down and wait. I have often encountered my partners hesitation with spanking at the start of a session (he’s a gentle soul), but he seemed to be so excited to try this product that he just couldn’t wait to use it on me. I had no warm-ups from other implements beforehand, as I usually would with something new, because we were both growing impatient. It seemed to take forever for those first signs of contact, but in reality, it was just a matter of moments. My partner wanted to build the tension up just enough to drive me crazy and insist on starting, with him looking to oblige the second I opened my mouth to speak.

After a few gentle, stinging swats, I was ready for more. During these sessions I like to feel as though my partner is pushing me to my limits, especially if we’re engaging in a punishment or role-play scenario, and my partner was happy to up the ante to do this. I quickly realised that this crop could be evil, probably even more so than I had anticipated. It may look luxurious and innocent from the outside aesthetics, but this is how it tricks you. It hides its dark, stingy secrets well. You honestly don’t need much force behind it to deliver some nail-biting, eye-watering stings to the backside.

It is not very forgiving and it canFifty Shades of Grey No Bounds Riding Crop leave marks that last a few days, depending on the force it has been used with. I refer to these red marks as fond memories because I’m reminded of a session every time I sit down over that few day period. It hasn’t broken the skin or caused any marks that lasted longer than a week, even with full-throttle use, so it’s not quite on the same level as a cane, which might mean masochists don’t get anything from this. I personally require a small amount of aftercare following use, which usually involves a hand rub over the affected areas and a spot of after spanking cream.

To clean this crop, the instructions advise using a specialist leather cleaner on the tip and mild soap and water on the faux leather elements. I have only washed it once, just to see how the condition would maintain and it seems to still be perfect. It needs to be left to dry naturally following each clean and put away safely to keep it in tip-top shape.

Overall, I think this is definitely worth the price. It might be steep in comparison to the other options Lovehoney stock, but it’s a worthwhile investment in my opinion. I feel that it will last a long time with care, attention and proper storage. I treasure the sensations that it offers me and the confidence boost it gives to my partner. I love the delightful swooshing sound it makes as it is aimed and even when it doesn’t make contact, it’s enough to make me flinch. If you are looking for a crop that doesn’t look cruel, but sounds and feels it, then I think you just found it.

You can purchase the Fifty Shades Darker No Bounds Collection Riding Crop (£49.99) from Lovehoney, but hurry, stock is limited! Affiliate links have been used in this post.

Review: Tease by Lovehoney Spanking Paddle

This is the final review I have to write for the Tease by Lovehoney collection and it’s for the Spanking Paddle which I have in Red. I ordered this months ago when the range first launched along with the Crop. I got them both on the 2 for £20 offer, which they are both still under at the time of writing this review. We have loved everything we’ve had from this range and the paddle was no exception to this.

Tease by Lovehoney Spanking PaddleIt arrived in a simple plastic packet with a Tease by Lovehoney sticker on the front. This is fairly boring packaging for a range that’s almost luxurious, but it does the job of protecting the items from dust or damage during storage and delivery. There was a small information leaflet attached to the paddle explaining how to use it and a reminder to use safe words during this type of play. As I’ve said in all the reviews for this range, I’d have liked a safety diagram of areas not to spank as this range is ideal for beginners who might not know this.

Our first paddle was the Twitchy Palm and whilst it was great for starting out, I wanted something a little harsher. This paddle is quite similar to that but it has a few advantages. First of all, I didn’t mistake the wrist loop for the information guide attachment ribbon this time, so this one is easier to store, hold and aim. Appearance wise, the colourings are obviously different and there’s no raised neoprene cushioning underneath the satin side with this one. It’s also quite sturdy in comparison to the Twitchy Palm, which was flimsier and not as rigid.

Tease by Lovehoney Spanking Paddle RedJust like the Twitchy Palm, this paddle is dual-sided. One side being faux leather and the other being a soft satin. The satin side is the perfect introduction to paddle spanking as it’s very gentle. All the fun of spanking is present, just without any pain, making it perfect for those who are new to spanking or aren’t sure of their limits yet. It’s not just good for beginners however, intermediate users could make use of this side as part of their warm-up to something harsher. We often begin with this side before progressing onto something harsher like this Spanking Ruler.

I definitely prefer the leather side. It’s more suitable for us, I like something meaner and my partner can achieve what I’m looking for, if he aims the paddle right with enough pressure behind it. The harder the paddle is swung, the more of a thwack you get. This has the potential to be a right stinger, if it’s in the hands of the right person. It’s more of a tingle/sting than a thud, which is what I truly crave, but it’s still capable of leaving some short-term marks which can be nice every once in a while. I’d describe the impact of this paddle as being like a cheeky slap from your partner’s hand, with a more precise area of contact. When I’m craving a spanking, but don’t want something too harsh, I will ask for this.


Overall, this paddle reflects and withholds the standards of the Tease by Lovehoney collection. It’s a well-welcomed and placed piece of equipment in our kit and whilst it’s the not my favourite, it’s a paddle that is often used for warm-up or more sensual spanking sessions. I think this is the perfect option for those are venturing into bondage or are looking for something a little lighter. It has maintained shape and condition well even after around 40 (?) uses.

You can purchase the Tease by Lovehoney Spanking Paddle (£16.99) at Lovehoney. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Tease by Lovehoney Flogger

The Tease by Lovehoney Flogger was our very first one. We had tried hand spanking and a soft dual-sided paddle, even the softer side of the Tease by Lovehoney crop, but flogging was something we’d never done before. We decided this would be the nice to start with and it would also complete our Tease collection. So this review is based upon our first time flogging experience and an update of how we feel about it now that we’re progressing onto tougher floggers.

It arrived in a clear plastic packet as all items from this range do, with a simple Tease by Lovehoney sticker on the front. Attached to the flogger was a small information tag explaining how to use it. I do like that the leaflet emphasises the importance of using safe words during bondage play, as this is an ideal range for beginners. I have mentioned in my reviews for the rest of the implements in this range that I would have liked some more safety information with these products, specifically where to avoid spanking/flogging.

It’s quite lightweight, more so than I thought it would be, but it’s in no way flimsy. The satin handle feels rigid and supportive, being comfortable and stable enough to hold for long periods of time, but there is an included wrist loop that can provide some extra support and stop the flogger being swung through your TV. This also comes in handy for storage and can be used to hang up the flogger amongst the other spanking tools we have. The fronds are made from a soft leather and there are around 40 of them. I later discovered these fronds can provide two completely different sensations, one of which I wasn’t expecting.

tease by lovehoney flogger

I have learnt that I liked to be restrained and blindfolded during impact play, this helps me to focus on the sensations without any outside distractions. So blindfold on and wrists bound with tape, I lay down onto my front and gave my partner the go ahead to use it on me. We use the traffic light system so we don’t need to go through safe words each and every time we try something new, this system works for us. He followed the suggestions in the information guide to begin with, running the fronds across my skin to awaken my nerves and heighten the impact that would be happening next.

I found the sensation of fronds running against my bare skin rather lovely, it’s teasing and feels slightly more intense and heavy than a feather tickler, the coldness of the leather also helps with this rather satisfying warm-up. I love this to be traced across my inner thighs and down my spine. I wasn’t expecting an impact tool to provide a sensual experience, but I guess we learn something new with every purchase.

I found the flogs to be lighter than I was expecting. I was perhaps already used to the crop at this point. I can feel each frond as it hits my skin, but it’s a small, quick sting that is soon forgotten about and doesn’t leave any reminders. There has been times where my partner has used more force and been able to produce a red mark, but each time this has only lasted for around an hour. If you like longer lasting marks or harsh stings/thuds, I’m not sure how much you could get from this, unless you’re using it purely for a warm-up to something meaner. My partner quickly got the hang of how to hold and aim the flogger, a figure of eight movement did take some practice, but he has since perfected the technique and is able to aim heavier floggers with my desired precision.


Overall, I do like this flogger, it’s great-quality, sturdy and non-intimidating. I have said this a lot when reviewing bondage equipment on my blog as most of our collection, prior to a few recent purchases, have been aimed at beginners. We are definitely looking to expand our collection of hitty things by getting some intermediate/advanced products in the near future. This was a great introduction to flogging and is still fun to warm up with, but it seems that I prefer something a little harsher. I would recommend this to beginners or those who like spanking without too much pain.

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       You can purchase the Tease by Lovehoney Flogger (£14.99) from Lovehoney. Affiliate links have been used within this post.