Review: Dreamgirl Tartan Tease Schoolgirl Costume

I’ve been trying to cut back on the amount of lingerie reviews that I post to my Lovehoney account as I seem to have reviewed so much that I’ve made my profile load slowly – oops! As a result my still-to-review box has been overflowing with gorgeous pieces that are waiting to be written about. I decided it was time to write something new and as I rooted through the options I came across this piece and knew I had to talk about it. The Dreamgirl Tartan Tease is one of my favourite costumes that I currently own and certainly one of my best schoolgirl related outfits. It is often a struggle to find the right combination between sexy and slutty with certain costumes but this particular one has struck the perfect balance.

Dreamgirl Tartan Tease Schoolgirl CostumeArriving in simple fashion, the Tartan Tease comes inside a cardboard sleeve with an image of a model wearing the outfit on the front and back. The outfit was wrapped in some plastic inside and the included novelty glasses were in their own plastic pouch. I hadn’t actually realized glasses were included as I assumed they were just a photo prop (as is often the disappointing case with outfits like this) so I was pleased to see them as I unraveled the plastic.

I’ll keep the quality and materials section of this post short and sweet as it’s important to know, but boring to read. The top portion of the outfit is made from a stretchy mesh. The bottom portion of the outfit consists of a blue, black and grey plaid combination and there’s also a tie attached to the upper half made from the same fabric. The glasses are made from a hard plastic. The outfit felt great quality and had no obvious flaws. The glasses were also surprisingly sturdy considering the fact that they’re a novelty extra.

I own a multitude of schoolgirl costumes but this one is the only ‘all in one’ type. Most of the ones that I own are a skirt and cropped shirt combo, whereas this one is more of a dress. It is a one size garment so I had concerns that it may not fit. It is said to accommodate a size six to sixteen and I wear a UK four. I did not mind taking the risk as Lovehoney have a wonderful no questions asked returns policy for any and all items that are not suitable. It fit me beautifully which leads me to believe that it would be tight-fitting on someone who wears a sixteen. It isn’t as stretchy as I thought it would be. If you wear fourteen or above then the plus size version might be more comfortable for you.

Dreamgirl Tartan Tease Schoolgirl CostumeThe shirt is very sheer. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but I suppose that’s the idea. I personally wear nipple pasties underneath to add some anticipation and not give everything up straight away. I find this has a better effect on my partner and teases him efficiently. It doesn’t provide any bust support whatsoever, which was fine for me as I have a basically non-existent bust and don’t need it. However, you could wear a nude or white bra underneath this if wanted or needed. It makes for a nice alternative to the pasties too.

It’s extremely short. Just skims past my butt and I’m only a mere five foot. If you’re taller than me (which lets face it wouldn’t be difficult or shocking) then this may show off a lot of cheek. If you’re around 5’11 or above then I suspect that this outfit will be more of a shirt on you and may not suit the designed aesthetic. It is a flowing style of skirt which skims the hips nicely and makes the wearer’s waist look smaller and their thighs slimmer. It doesn’t cling to the stomach or draw attention to the area at all which I thought it might due to the material. It’s incredibly flattering and super-duper sexy.

Dreamgirl Tartan Tease Schoolgirl CostumeIt fastens via a velcro strap around the neck so it’s quick to put on and tear off. This makes the fit adjustable along with the aid of the elastic band around the top. This is comfortable and pretty supportive. It doesn’t dig in and provides a decent amount of stretch to accommodate several sizes.

It doesn’t come with suspender straps but you could wear silicone banded hold-ups with or wear a flat suspender belt under the skirt and attach stockings that way. I opted for a slightly different option and wore suspender tights (crotchless of course) and some Pleaser heels.

Overall, I think this outfit is lovely. I’m fond of the colour scheme, the design and the fit. There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with it. I can still remember my partners reaction when I wore this for the first time and I can feel myself melting at the thought of those memories. His jaw dropped as I entered the bedroom and I couldn’t help but giggle. He managed to squeeze out a few words before fetching our favourite spanking tools and throwing me on the bed. Those words were “May I have a word with you miss? I believe you’re in three major violations of our dress code”. I never did find out what the third violation was…

You can purchase the Dreamgirl Tartan Tease Schoolgirl Costume (£29.99) from Lovehoney.


Review: Furry Fantasy Bunny Tail Butt Plug

I recently found myself in somewhat of a frustrating situation at the hands of a company that shall not be named. They pulled out of doing a giveaway at the last-minute leaving me with no back up plan for the giveaway I had been wanting to do for months. Thankfully, a fellow sex blogger, RandomRedRose stepped in and posted a tweet asking if any companies would be willing to help out and as a result of that, Charlie (from got in touch and said he could sort something out. We decided on the Furry Fantasy Bunny Tail Butt Plug in Black and he kindly offered me one of my own to review.

Furry Fantasy Black Bunny Tail Butt PlugThe packaging for this product is very understated and simple. It comes in a velvet drawstring pouch with a simple tag attached. It doesn’t give much information other than the two materials used within this plug but I don’t think anything else was actually needed. Inside the drawstring pouch I found a small resealable plastic bag housing the plug which had been wrapped in tissue paper and a polystyrene like pouch for added protection. It may be basic in its presentation, but I maintained high hopes for its performance.

Furry Fantasy’s Bunny Tail Butt Plug is made from a shiny aluminium alloy. It feels smooth to the touch, is seamless and seemed to be finished well. It is free from latex and phthalates and feels high quality, especially considering the price tag. It hasn’t chipped or flaked at all which makes me confident in stating that this is non-toxic and body-safe. It can be used with any type of lubricant, which is great news for me as I like to use silicone based options with butt toys, although I didn’t want to risk staining the faux fur so I’ve stuck with water based so far. I have been using a 10% bleach solution to clean the plug and so far this has done me well. I’ve had no problems.

Size wise, I’d class this in the range between beginner and intermediate. I have a fair amount of anal experience, be that with my partner and with sex toys, so this was more than suitable for me. If you can take two fingers in your butt comfortably, then this plug should be fine for you. It is 4.72 inches in overall length, but only 2.95 inches are actually insertable. This is quite short for a plug and definitely more in the beginners realm of comfort. As for the girth, it measured in at 3.1 inches at the tip and 4.3 inches around the widest point of the bulb.

Furry Fantasy Black Bunny Tail Butt PlugThe Furry Fantasy Bunny Tail Butt Plug was designed in a classic shape. The traditional and very popular teardrop. This means that there’s a pointed/tapered tip with a rounded body and a slender neck. It has an all important circular base (with faux fur attached) that is wider than the neck to prevent unwanted travel.

You should never use anything anally that doesn’t have some form of sturdy flared base as it could end up getting lost and that would create an uncomfortable (and potentially painful) trip to hospital to get it located and removed.

As I mentioned above, the size was very manageable for me. I found that the plug was easy to insert with a small helping of lube and comfortable to wear once in place. It hasn’t slipped out at all, despite me being used to bigger products and I have no doubts about the base whatsoever. It feels secure and keeps the plug firmly in place until I’m done with it. This plug isn’t large at all so I can wear it for longer periods of time, but sitting down with it in is not much of an option. It isn’t very comfortable and I feel like the tail gets all squashed which ruins the aesthetic. To sum it up, I can clean the house with it in, but it’s not a plug I’d wear to lounge around and get aroused in.

When I was younger, probably mid-teens, I was surrounded by people who thought that anything anal was “disgusting” and “gross” so I adapted myself to that situation and thought those same things. As I’ve gotten older and developed my own opinions and begun trying things out for myself, I discovered that anal was something that I actually really enjoyed. I’ve been experimenting for a few years now but surprisingly butt plugs haven’t come onto my radar until much later. I only started using/trying/buying them around seven or eight months ago and I had always gone back and forth about whether I should get one before that.

I had previously restricted my searches to the most bland, basic, stripped-back designs that I could find and ignored the bright and beautiful, eccentric and fetish types. When I eventually started using butt plugs and realising how fantastic they could be, my mind suddenly started remembering all of these ‘unusual’ plugs that I’d pushed to the back of the shelf and I found myself honing on in animal tails. I was drawn to ponies, cats and fox tails as these seemed to appeal to my inner pet the most, but I wanted to start off with something small and cute like a bunny tail so I didn’t shock myself into never trying a tail again.

Furry Fantasy Black Bunny Tail Butt PlugWhen I had inserted the Furry Fantasy Bunny Tail Butt Plug for the first time, I turned around to check out the tail in the mirror and immediately fell in love with the aesthetic. I thought it looked adorable and my partner agreed. He said that I have a small butt (in terms of cheek size) so the pert fluff of this tail looked well suited between my cheeks. We both agreed that it could be potentially buried between larger cheeks, so a fuller, fluffier tail may be better suited to those who have a butt that Nicki Minaj would envy.

I felt in my element when wearing this plug and I really hadn’t expected to feel that way. Something seemed to click in me that said I’d found something worthwhile, something that worked for me and knowing that I hadn’t even considered it until recently surprised me. I feel that since I’ve started sex blogging I have discovered a lot about myself and I think this particular product has allowed me to explore a fantasy that I never knew (or pretended I didn’t know) I had. I almost wished I had some matching ears and fluffy mittens to complete the look and get fully in the zone, but who knows? Maybe I’ll step up my game again in the coming months and indulge in some animal accessories.

Butt plugs can make the vaginal canal feel tighter during PIV which can be fun for both parties. My partner could notice a subtle difference although he said it wasn’t as obvious as it’s been with other plugs that I have used. I’m quite tight down there anyway as I’ve never had children and I do my kegels often, so I care more about the noticeable amount of pressure placed up against the back wall of my vagina than the sensation of tightness. It increases my chances of orgasm and helps me get off much faster during an act that doesn’t do a whole lot for me on its own. If I combine a clitoral vibrator with the feel of the cool plug and that pressure, I can be in heaven within around ten minutes.

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You can purchase the Furry Fantasy Bunny Tail Black Butt Plug (£24.95) from

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.


Limits – Cupid Does Not Have Me In A Chokehold

In this entry of my hard limits blog series, I decided to talk about one of the major things that has plagued my entire sexual history. Choking. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just light pressure from a hand being placed on my neck or hands more forcefully pressed against my throat, everything neck related (aside from kissing and the occasional collar wearing) is off-limits for me. I’ll pretty much give anything a go once or twice (within reason) but both times I’ve tried choking have resulted in a PTSD flashback. I’ve had to go into a dark room with my favourite blanket and a scented candle to feel okay again.

If I take you back to the limits post that I wrote about rape play, you’ll know that I was assaulted at a young age. This is relevant because the guy that was responsible for that event put his forearm against my throat during the assault. It was forceful and it hurt. I didn’t really understand it at the time. I thought he was trying to kill me. I now understand that this was an attempt to keep me quiet but because of this, I can’t associate any level of choking or breath play with anything but traumatic memories and physical pain. It’s not a sexy type of domination for me. I don’t know if my feelings and boundaries on this topic will change following a revisit to trauma treatment, but I am not expecting it to be an activity that’s part of my sex life anytime soon. It is a defined in stone hard limit for me and I don’t think I’d mind if this box stayed locked forever.

I think it looks hot in porn, and I can see how that level of trust and vulnerability can be sexy to some, but it’s not something I could do. I thought that coming back to it in adulthood with a trusted sexual partner could change the way I feel about it, or at least make me less scared of it, but evidently that’s something I’m not able to explore. I have taken a few steps in recovery such as allowing someone touch me there and penetration was an issue for a while, but acting out anything similar to what happened during that assault send me into a trauma infused panic attack. I can’t do certain sex positions with my partner now as they are variations of what that person put me through and it’s a painful (mentally and physically) encounter.

Outside of that part of my past, there’s another reason that plays on my mind when I think about choking. My health. This can be a very risky, dangerous play and using the wrong amount of pressure or missing a safe signal can be deadly. For that reason, I think that being in a well-rested, sober mind-set with good lung health is vital before engaging. I personally do not have great lung health. I am a lifelong asthmatic who had pneumonia in my childhood that required surgery on my left lung. I still have it, unlike my grandfather who had to have his removed, but it’s never been quite the same. I end up in a panic state if I can’t take a deep inhale/exhale every five seconds or so. I wouldn’t be able to feel safe, comfortable and sane during a choking scene as a result.

If you are going to engage in this sort of play, I’d recommend only doing so with someone you truly trust. Someone you’ve been intimate with before. Someone who understands what “no”, “stop” or a safe word/signal means. Get those safety measures in place beforehand. Both be clear on the signal and make sure to follow through and use it if needed. Be aware of your surroundings if the choking isn’t taking place on a bed and remove any possible hazards from the area such as long cables or dressing gown ties that could get caught around the throat. Don’t pull the neck upwards, apply pressure on the receivers windpipe or use your grip to move a partner around. Use their lower body to manoeuvre them into a more comfortable, accessible position or stop and let them adjust themselves.

A Beginner’s Guide To Basic Bondage Equipment

If the world of bondage is intimidating, scary or just plain alien to you then I’m here to help out with this guide. I know that when I was looking to test the waters I had to do a bit of reading first as I just had no idea where to start. I’ve picked out a few key categories of bondage tools to talk about in this guide to cover the basics and starting points. We’ll discuss some of the other items like clamps, electrosex toys and chastity devices in a future guide. For now, let’s get learning about the most known and widely experimented with bondage basics!

Blindfold; A lot of people start their bondage experience with a blindfold. Why? They’re simple, non-intimidating and come in a ton of different patterns, colours and styles. You can begin with a sleep style mask like the Lovehoney Oh Satin Blindfold and work up to blackout styles that prevent all light getting through like the Fetish Fantasy Blinder. Blindfolds work by restricting the wearers eyesight in order to heighten the other senses. When our sight is restricted, we rely on our other senses which means that any smells, sounds, tastes or physical contact become enhanced. They also build anticipation as the wearer tries to interpret what their partner/s are going to do next.

Mask; Not to be confused with a blindfold, masks are other types of head-gear worn for different aspects of bondage play. A mask is usually a decorative facial accessory designed to transform the appearance or conceal the identity of the wearer. Think back to Fifty Shades Darker and the masked ball that Christian and Ana attend. You can recreate this idea with the official masks. Alternatively, you can use masks for role play. Ever wanted to be Catwoman? Try pairing this Latex Cat Mask with a catsuit to get the look.

Gag; Designed to muffle the voice of the wearer and/or prevent them from speaking. As the wearer can’t speak, or can’t be heard clearly, they have to become more creative with communication. These should always be used in accordance with a safe signal so the partner knows when play must conclude or pause. These are worn by submissive parties and come in different styles and sizes. The most common is a ball gag and plenty of these have small holes through them so the wearer can breathe. Other types of gags include bits, hooks, rings and spiders. More on those in a future guide.

Wrist and Ankle Restraints; When I mention these to friends, the first thing they envision are metal cuffs that are used by law enforcement. Whilst these are available to purchase from most retailers, I wouldn’t recommend them to a beginner. There are a ton of safer and more comfortable options on the market. You can find these restraints in satin, suede, faux leather, real leather, faux fur and even silicone. These cuffs will often have a chain or clip between them which can detach to be clipped to something else. Wrist and/or ankle restraints are used to secure the limbs to prevent the wearer from moving from a placed position.

Collar and Lead; When these items are used together, they are used to control the wearer by moving them using the lead. If you’re a puppy player, you might want to use a collar and lead combination to go for walks and divulge your inner pup. If you’re a submissive, you may be asked or want to wear a collar to symbolize ownership. These are becoming increasingly popular in the mainstream community for fashion purposes, but in the bondage world, these generally mean a person is taken. Many of these collars feature lockable buckles which prevent removal by the wearer and enhance the feeling of being submissive and owned.

Feather Tickler; It’s pretty much what it sounds like. A bunch of feathers attached to some sort of handle that is designed to tickle and tease the skin. The feeling of a feather tickler being traced across the skin excites the nerve endings, usually resulting in goosebumps or a tingly sensation, making you temporarily more sensitive and response to touch. These are often used during foreplay to enhance sensation and anticipation. They can also be used during tease, torture and denial situations.

Spanking Paddle; A flat piece of equipment, usually with a handle, that is used in the same way as a hand. Think of it as an extension of your body. Paddles come in varied textures to cause different sensations. An example of this is a dual sided paddle. One side may be satin to get the giver and the receiver used to the feel of a paddle, then the other side could be faux leather to provide a bit of a sharper sensation. Different materials and textures can amplify or tone down the impact, so be selective and go for paddles that suit your experience level.

Flogger; An implement that have several surfaces (known as fronds) which all hit the skin at roughly the same time. This spreads the force of the hit over a larger surface area. It’s a great starting implement as it produces less pain than a crop or whip. They can also be doubled as ticklers. Tease your partner by running the fronds up and down/over their skin during foreplay to get their senses heightened and their pulse racing. Floggers are available in a variety of materials and I’d suggest starting with something soft such as suede or faux leather.