Review: Fifty Shades Darker Just Sensation Beaded Clitoral Clamp

Like it or loathe it, the Fifty Shades series are not going away. It might not be the best existing portrayal of a bdsm relationship, but it has opened up people’s minds and started to break down the taboo barrier that bondage and sex toys have, which is great. Regardless of the thoughts I have surrounding the books and films, I do have great appreciation for the adult product ranges designed by Lovehoney, the latest of which is the Fifty Shades Darker Collection. I was stoked to trial the new Just Sensation Beaded Clitoral Clamp to see if the quality from the first line had been continued.

Fifty Shades Darker Just Sensation Beaded Clitoral ClampAfter removing the clamp from the discreet, boring envelope it arrived in, I immediately noticed the wonderful packaging. It is definitely the most luxurious of all the Fifty Shades ranges so far and I was very impressed. The petite, thin box is a mixture of navy and black and features an image of the clamp on the front. The box also features a few logos throughout as-well as a quote from the book on the back along with the instructions for use. Inside, the clamp is safely secured to a piece of cardboard alongside a multi-lingual instruction guide and a branded storage pouch.

Once I opened up the box, I noted that the clamp matches perfectly with the At My Mercy Chained Nipple Clamps from the same range and also The Pinch Nipple Clamps from the original collection. It’s made from body-safe, nickel-free metal and has the same beading detail as both pairs of clamps, although it only has the small, circular Fifty Shades tag on one side instead of both. It looks very aesthetically pleasing, particularly when you’re wearing it with the matching nipple accessories. It feels high-quality and the beads are attached well, so I’m not worried about them snapping off even if they are being tugged on with a fair amount of force.

Fifty Shades Darker Just Sensation Beaded Clitoral ClampPrior to receiving this clitoral clamp, I had only used a couple of others and they had been the sort that were adjustable via a little slider, so it felt like I was taking a step in the right direction when this arrived. I did wonder how exactly I’d be able to get it on, but after some research via the net, I found it much easier than I had anticipated. It was fiddly on the first couple of attempts and a hand mirror was needed to find the correct placement, but now I can get it into place with ease.

I simply apply a small amount of water-based lubricant to the clip and a little to myself, then spread the two ends apart whilst placing the hooped end over my clitoris. It ends up pinching around the clitoris whilst the sides of the clip rest against my inner labia and the beads add a bit of weight to further intensify the pinch. It’s not painful, but it’s certainly intense enough that it cannot be forgotten about. I really like the sensation and I think it makes me feel a lot more sensitive during masturbation and oral sex. If I combine a powerful clitoral vibrator with this clamp, I am guaranteed a fast and extremely relieving orgasm.

It’s easy to remove by simply opening up the ends again, relieving the pressure and sliding it back up and over the clitoris. I’ve found the sensitivity continues for a few minutes even after the clamp is removed, but the intensity depends on how long it has been worn for. I am comfortable wearing this for around twenty minutes at a time and if I ever felt like I wanted to wear it for longer, I would allow a ten minute break after half an hour to allow the circulation to regulate again. As of right now, twenty minutes is more than enough for me to get done what I need to do and move on to another activity. After it has been removed, it can be rinsed and spritzed with toy cleaner, then placed safely in the storage bag ready for its next use.

Fifty Shades Darker Just Sensation Beaded Clitoral Clamp

Overall, I think this is a fantastic clamp for all users, regardless of experience level, although I would advise beginners to air on the side of caution as it is not adjustable. This was my first clitoral clamp of this type and it definitely won’t be my last. I really enjoyed wearing it and seeing how well it heightened my sensitivity. It makes a session more interesting, whether I’m alone or with my partner. It also makes stimulation from a vibrator feel more intense, which usually results in a better orgasm.

I received the Fifty Shades Darker Just Sensation Beaded Clitoral Clamp (£9.99) from Lovehoney in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! Affiliate links have been used in this post.

Review: Fifty Shades Darker At My Mercy Chained Nipple Clamps

Like it or loathe it, the Fifty Shades series are not going away. It might not be the best existing portrayal of a bdsm relationship, but it has opened up people’s minds and started to break down the taboo barrier that bondage and sex toys have, which is great. Regardless of the thoughts I have surrounding the books and films, I do have great appreciation for the adult product ranges designed by Lovehoney, the latest of which is the Fifty Shades Darker Collection. I was stoked to trial the new At My Mercy Chained Nipple Clamps to see if the quality from the first line had been continued.

Fifty Shades Darker At My Mercy Chained Nipple Clamps

After removing the clamps from the plain boring envelope they arrived in, I immediately noticed the amazing packaging. It’s definitely the most luxurious of all the Fifty Shades ranges so far and I was highly impressed. The petite, thin box is a mixture of navy and black and features an image of the clamps on the front. There are a few logos throughout the packaging and even a quote from the book on the back along with some instructions for use. Inside, I found the nipple clamps secured safely onto a piece of cardboard with a multi-lingual instruction guide and a navy storage pouch.

Once I’d got them out of the box I noticed that they are basically a chained version of The Pinch Nipple Clamps from the original range. They have the same beading detail, but only one of the clamps in this pair features the small, circular Fifty Shades tag. These adjustable clamps are made from body-safe, nickel-free metal with smooth silicone tips. I like the appearance of them and I think the small detailing that has been added makes these clamps more decorative and aesthetically pleasing than basic clamps. I wanted to explore the quality before placing them onto my body, so I experimented by tugging on the chain forcefully and I came to the conclusion that no matter how hard I pulled, the chain wouldn’t split or come loose.

Fifty Shades Darker At My Mercy Chained Nipple Clamps

After using the Nothing But Sensations Suckers to warm up, I opened up the clamps and placed the silicone tips around my nipples before moving to the adjuster to tighten them to my desired intensity. I encountered a slight hitch during this process as I noticed that the adjuster was quite stiff from this angle. I have found that when the clamp is facing away from me, the adjuster becomes very stubborn and doesn’t slide up easily, whereas when I’m facing it, it goes where I want it to within seconds.

At first, I thought that I may just need more practise with them, but after multiple attempts this still seems to be the case, so I’m putting it down to them being new and hoping the stiffness will wear off with more use. I have managed to do them up a couple of times on my own, but it has taken a long time, which has been a bit of a mood killer. I find these much easier when my partner places them on instead, but the downside is that I can’t surprise him by wearing them like I can with other pairs that we own.

Fifty Shades Darker At My Mercy Chained Nipple Clamps

Once they are on, I have no complaints. I was expecting them to be slightly heavier, due to the beads, but they’re actually quite lightweight. I think because of this, they would make excellent clamps for people who are looking to progress to a chained style for the first time. They can be adjusted from the softest pinch to a tight, painful pull and I like them somewhere between the two, although having the option to soften or increase the intensity as and when I want to is great.

I wear them slightly lower on the nipple if I’m wearing these for my partner to pull on as I find this really intensifies the pull the clamps have, creating a sharper pinching sensation.

Overall, I think the At My Mercy Clamps are perfect for many users, regardless of experience level, as they can be adjusted accordingly. If you’re into hardcore nipple play, then these might not be advanced enough for you, but I think they should be suitable for most other people. This was my first pair of chained nipple clamps and I have not been left disappointed. I’m definitely going to get my hands on some more as I really enjoyed wearing these.

I received the Fifty Shades Darker At My Mercy Chained Nipple Clamps (£14.99) from Lovehoney in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! Affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Fifty Shades of Grey Tighten and Tense Silicone Jiggle Balls

Until recently, I only owned one pair of jiggle balls and they were the Lovehoney BASICS ones, so I decided that it was about time I purchased another pair. I had specifications this time around though, I wanted them to be made from silicone, be slightly heavier and have a retrieval cord. I found a few suitable options, but it ultimately came down to these and the Lelo Luna Beads. This pair happened to be slightly cheaper and fit in with my plans to buy a couple of other pieces from the Fifty Shades range, so I opted for these.

The Tighten and Tense Jiggle Balls arrived quickly and discreetly as expected from Lovehoney. The balls were packaged inside a simple, classic and understated box with a picture of the product on the front, with the back reading some information about the product along with cleaning directions and instructions for use. Inside the box, there was a shiny foil packet which contained the jiggle balls and kept them sanitary. I do wish a storage pouch had been included as this would make storing them and protecting them from lint much easier.









I love that these jiggle balls are much sleek than the BASICS ones, as it definitely feels like I made a step in the right direction. I think this has a lot to do with the material, as these ones are made from silicone rather than ABS plastic. The silicone feels silky smooth to the touch, of great quality and surprisingly, doesn’t have much of a drag to it at all. It of course still requires a sprinkling of water-based lubricant, but not as much as I’d thought I’d need.

I was slightly concerned upon discovering how stretchy and flexible the removal cord is, but it did feel sturdy despite this and has survived around 30-40 uses with no sign of wear and tear, or thoughts of it snapping during use. I have used them obviously quite a few times since I got them and have no worries regarding the build quality.

The Tighten and Tense Jiggle Balls are easy to insert (with the aid of lubrication). It doesn’t take very long to get them both into position after you’ve done it a few times. I found that inserting one ball at a time is the best way to go and being relaxed is crucial. If you’re not relaxed, they may cause some discomfort. It takes some minimal pressure and then your body does the rest. I naturally clench around these jiggle balls, but can purposely add more force if I want to. I don’t require much as I’m not particularly trying to tone up down there, but the option is available for those who wish to use them for that purpose.

The retrieval cord then hangs just outside of the body, allowing a fast and smooth removal once you’re finished. I opt to wear these for 15-20 minutes at a time, sometimes a while longer, but like I said, I’m not trying to tone up too much, so I find this is all that is necessary. They are comfortable enough they could be worn for longer though. I almost forget they’re there until I feel the roaming weights start to shift when I move forwards or use the stairs. I find these weights provide some very gentle and subtle stimulation, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

There are no indents on the balls so they are really easy to clean with water and toy cleaner. I think they’re suitable for beginners and those who like lighter weights, like myself. All in all, a great product, with not much to complain about.

You can purchase the Fifty Shades of Grey Tighten and Tense Silicone Jiggle Balls (£14.99) from Lovehoney. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

Review: Fifty Shades of Grey Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle

I’ll start by noting I know many people do not approve of the Fifty Shades books and how they portray BDSM and whilst I mostly agree with this, I am thankful that these books made bondage more acceptable, accessible and spoken of. Bondage is perfectly healthy and can be great fun as long as there’s consent and proper precautions are taken. I’ve found the Fifty Shades range to be rather nice, not so much the vibrators, but the bondage equipment/essentials I’ve tried have been good quality and not overly intimidating. This range is perfect for newbies to the sex toy scene.

I received the Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle for free with some other purchases during one of Lovehoney’s wonderful offers. We got this right at the beginning of our sex toy journey, with it being one of the first pieces of bondage equipment in our toybox. It’s also the first paddle that we ever experimented with. We had been wondering how to venture into bondage, but aside from a couple of pairs of handcuffs and a basic tickler, we had no idea where to start. I jumped at the chance to try out this paddle free of charge, at least this way, we wouldn’t be loosing out if we decided paddles weren’t for us.

It arrived quickly & discreetly as always and I couldn’t wait to rip the box open. My other half was visiting after a couple of weeks apart, so we wanted to waste no time in testing it out. The paddle was presented in a plain, plastic packet and had a small instruction leaflet attached to some elastic. I didn’t realize at the time this was supposed to be a wrist loop and I’d cut it off with the leaflet. (D’oh!) I can’t remember much about the leaflet as it has been a while since I first got this, but I think safety advice should feature on any bondage product, especially those that are marketed towards beginners.









This paddle is dual sided, one side is a silver, smooth satin with a cushion of neoprene underneath and the other side is black, faux leather. It’s put together nicely, although over time some of the stitching has come loose. There’s a fifty shades of grey tag on one side of the handle. I don’t have the wrist loop anymore, but it’s easy enough to maintain grip of when in use. It does get slightly uncomfortable for my partner to hold if used for long periods of time, but we tend to use this as more of a warm up now, so it doesn’t often get to that stage.

The satin side is great for teasing, tracing it across the skin slowly is not only highly relaxing but it also makes the skin more sensitive for what’s coming next. Spanks from the satin side don’t cause pain but spanks from the faux leather side can provide a subtle sting if swung with enough force and pressure. It’s not the most hardcore spanking I’ve ever received, but as a first paddle and warm-up, it’s great.

Overall, I would recommend the Twitchy Palm Paddle to those looking to progress from a hand or those who’ve never been spanked at all before. If you’re used to harsher spankings, you may not get much from this. If you’re looking for something harsher but want to stick to the Fifty Shades of Grey range, I would highly recommend trying the spanking ruler.

You can purchase the Fifty Shades Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle at Lovehoney for £24.99. Affiliate links were used in this post.

Review: Fifty Shades of Grey Spank Me Please Spanking Ruler

A spanking ruler? Something I never thought I’d own, but I do and I love it! I want another one – I have my eye on this one from Coco De Mer, so you might see another ruler review in the future. I purchased this back in January and if I’m being honest, it still scares me a little. It’s fantastic, but it’s a force to be reckoned with.

IMG_0450I’d been going back and forth about wanting this for a long time, so when my partner and I started wondering about getting some more intermediate-advanced equipment, the ruler was our obvious choice. Wood seemed like the logical next step as it’s one of the harshest materials to be spanked with alongside silicone. It came very highly recommended to us, so we went ahead and ordered one. At the time I purchased it, it was £7.99 from Lovehoney but they are sadly discontinuing it now (to make room for newer products). However it is still available elsewhere so I will post those links at the end of the review.

When the ruler arrived, I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed with the simplistic packaging. I usually encourage no-nonsense packaging for cheaper items, but everything else from this range has arrived in sleek, particular packaging and it would have been nice to keep the theme throughout. It almost makes the ruler look like an afterthought. It was simply placed inside a plain, plastic packet with a small information guide attached. I would have loved a long bondage bag to keep it in as this picks up dust quite quickly and most of the other products from the range came with some included storage.

IMG_0453What was inside the information guide? There were a few suggestions for use which is written in four different languages, which I’ll admit is pretty cool. It also had a reminder to use safe words and advised to begin with gentle taps, which was great to see, but I think it would be better if the guide included some extra information about aftercare and areas that need to be off-limits. Many people buy these products, so I feel it’s important to make sure everyone has the facts to hand to make sure they can enjoy spanking safely.

This ruler is of excellent quality, it’s made from sturdy and lightweight wood. I was expecting it to be a little heavier, but it’s just the right weight for ease of use. It has measurements printed onto the front in silver just like a regular ruler would have, it has both cm’s and inches. It isn’t exactly accurate or to scale, so I wouldn’t go trying to measure your penis with it, but you could use it as an underlining tool if you felt so inclined. It has ‘Spank me, please… Sir‘ printed at the end of the ruler, again in silver, but this time done in calligraphy and the back of the ruler features the printed Fifty Shades of Grey branding. It’s possible that the print may wear off over time if used excessively, but so far, it’s remained in perfect condition.

cooltext173723770475016Do you like to being spanked to the point of red marks, slight scratches, faint bruises and a slight hint of pain when you sit down? If you answered yes to all of those, you’re in luck. This ruler can provide all of those things with the right amount of pressure and it will definitely leave you with a reminder of the night before. I am really beginning to enjoy pleasurable pain and this ruler certainly provides that, but it also provides an opportunity to potentially get out of my comfort zone if my partner decides to swing too aggressively.

IMG_0452I haven’t used this ruler at the start of a session (and I have no plans to) because there needs to be some soft of warm up first. I like skin on skin contact for a few minutes, followed by a satin and leather dual sided spanking paddle and then I am ready for some gentle taps with the ruler that progress to harder, stronger thwacks. I really enjoy soft flogs in-between thwacks for a cool, soft sensation as this really breaks up the tougher hits. I’ve found this to be the perfect tool to use alongside the ruler. The soft fronds make the next thwack of the ruler feel much more intense. Most of the spanks I’ve received from this ruler have been to my backside, my partner generally alternating cheeks after two to three taps to spread out sensation.

When it comes to spanking, I am well and truly the submissive. My partner is happy to provide the pain as long as we have a safe word, coding system or signal in place first. I haven’t yet had to call my safe word during a session with this implement, but I do often feel very vulnerable to its next hit, so having full trust in my partner is important. I feel safe with the ruler in his custody and rather enjoy the sensations it gives. I do like to have some sweet, loving aftercare when it’s all over though as it’s on the rougher side of things.

IMG_0455I find the hits from the ruler to be much more precise than ones I’ve received from a paddle, because it’s a slimmer, longer implement that’s made from a harsher material. It stings a little more than the Tease by Lovehoney crop, so it’s something I’m glad I worked up too, rather than thinking I could handle it straight away. It doesn’t take much force to get a satisfying sting and an enticing, yet frightening, slapping sound out of this ruler. It’s really easy to use, especially since we have our make-do wrist loop. It’s a super exciting piece of kit to use during sex or role-play and it really gets my heart racing. It’s great for student/teacher scenarios and not just for actual spanking. It can be used as a pointer, prodder and a behaviour incentive.

Overall, most of the other spanking equipment we own, now feel pretty tame in comparison. It’s a great addition to our ever-growing collection. I would probably advise beginners to stay away from wood as a first spanking tool as it produces a greater sting and could cause some damage if swung by someone with no experience or knowledge of spanking safety. This ruler has great aesthetics, provides some luscious, divine lashes to my backside and it’s super inexpensive. What’s not to like? It’s a piece of kit I have to be in the mood for, but I absolutely love it.

You can purchase the Fifty Shades of Grey Spank Me Please Spanking Ruler (£7.99) from Harmony. Affiliate links have been used in this post.