Review: Fun Factory Mr Boss Realistic Hybrid Vibrator

When Fun Factory released their hybrid range I was desperate to get my hands on one. I love rechargeable vibrators and find myself leaning towards them 95% of the time so battery-operated vibrators often get overlooked. With this, I have the option to recharge the batteries it comes with so I’m not constantly having to buy new ones or search the house for triple a’s in the heat of the moment. This is much friendlier to the environment and for that reason I think the Hybrid Kit is a must-have buy if you are purchasing the Darling Devil, Wicked Wings, Abby G, Diva Dolphin or the toy I’m reviewing today, Mr Boss.

Fun Factory use the same style of packaging for all of their products. It’s classic and simple with a hint of luxury thrown in. It has an outer cardboard sleeve showing off a glossy product shot over the top of a plain gold cardboard box. This opens to reveal the vibrator alongside a small user leaflet and the click-n-charge manual that comes with all of their rechargeable products. They don’t include any storage pouches, which is one of the only downsides to this brand.

Mr Boss doesn’t come with a charging cable as this is a battery-operated vibrator that needs to be combined with the above mentioned Hybrid Kit in order to become rechargeable. Following the instructions, I removed the base of the vibrator and inserted the two batteries from the kit as directed. I then placed the base back on and plugged the USB into my laptop. From there, I attached the magnetic clip on the cable to the corresponding prongs on the base and waited for the lights to turn on.

The minus button will have a blinking light to begin with. This indicates that the battery life is between 0 and 33%. When that light becomes steady, the blinking light will appear on the plus button. This means that the battery has reached between 33% and 66% charged. After this turns steady a final blinking light will appear on the fun button. This indicates a battery level of 66-99% charged. When the fun buttons light goes solid, the toy has reached 100%.

Fun Factory Mr Boss Hybrid Realistic Vibrator Fun Factory Mr Boss Hybrid Realistic Vibrator

Fun Factory Mr Boss Hybrid Realistic Vibrator

Fun Factory Mr Boss Hybrid Realistic Vibrator





It is made from Fun Factory’s signature silicone, which is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and completely body-safe. I have noticed that their silicone tends to have a lot more drag (a rougher surface with more friction) than many other brands, so I would recommend being generous with the water based lubricant when using the Mr Boss or any of their other products. I would also recommend rinsing thoroughly before each use as this material attracts ridiculous amounts of lint and fluff. It’s fully waterproof so rinsing under warm water is not an issue and should be done afterwards with soap too.

To control the Mr Boss, press and hold the fun button for a couple of seconds to turn on. To explore the four intensities press the + button. After the highest intensity has been reached, the next tap of the + button takes you to the next function. There are six different vibration modes to choose from. I stick to the constant vibration setting as I personally find patterns off-putting. If you want to go back an intensity or function then press the – button. To turn off, press the fun button.

From the measurements given in the description on the Lovehoney website this sounded like a medium/average sized vibrator. It has eight and a half inches in overall length and six inches insertable. I thought that it looked quite slim upon arrival so I double checked the measurements myself and there is indeed five inches of girth around the widest point although I still think it looks less than. I’m not sure if this is due to the squish of the silicone, the tapered tip or the fact that I’m used to its older sibling, the Big Boss. I would be able to recommend it to those who are fairly new to toys and penetration as it’s not as thick or bulging as I expected.

Described as realistic, I expected more from this. It has a prominent head and some minimal texture around the base of the shaft but there is nothing going on in between. I personally would have liked to have seen some extra veins between the two for added sensation and realism. I’m not keen on overly realistic toys but I think this toy could have done with some added features. It looks almost half-hearted as it is and doesn’t offer much in terms of stimulation. The head has some definition to it which feels great upon insertion but the subtle texture of the shaft didn’t do anything for me as it wasn’t pronounced enough.

Fun Factory Mr Boss Hybrid Realistic Vibrator

Fun Factory Mr Boss Hybrid Realistic Vibrator





It does have a gentle curve that follows the ridge under the head so I decided to give it a go in the hopes that it would stimulate the g-spot. I wasn’t expecting it to be the most successful encounter as the head has some squish to it, but when I got down to business and began thrusting with it, I noticed that it did have some firmness to it that was capable of hitting the right spots. If I do this motion in conjunction with some high intensity vibrations then I can orgasm fairly easily. I would say that the vibrations got buzzier as the intensity increased but not in an irritating, off-putting or numbing sort of way.

I then tried to use it clitorally but I didn’t have much success with it that way. It seems that most of the vibrations are focused in the lower portion of the shaft and don’t travel as well as I’d like so I have to awkwardly hold the shaft up against my clitoris to get a feel for the vibrations. It’s not the most comfortable or precise way to stimulate this zone so I ended up giving up. There was little to no chance of me being able to get off with this awkward positioning. I’ll be sticking to using the Mr Boss for internal use and hoping I can get my hands on one of their new dual stimulators for clitoral use.

Overall, I enjoyed using the Mr Boss but I think I prefer the larger version, the Big Boss. The Big Boss feels more realistic to me, has rumblier vibrations and the sensations travel through the shaft better. I do think that the Mr Boss has some great qualities and fantastic things going for it though. It offers vibrations at a nice frequency, at a quiet volume, with a range of different intensities and functions. It is comfortable to hold, easy to control, body-safe and easy to clean up. On top of all that it is eco-friendly. What’s not to like? If you are looking for a semi-realistic vibrator from a trusted brand that can offer the possibility of g-spot contact then I’d be happy to recommend this to you. If you prefer a step-up in size and more intense vibrations then I’d opt for the Big Boss instead.

You can purchase the Fun Factory Mr Boss Realistic Vibrator (£69.99) and the Fun Factory Hybrid Battery Kit (£17.99) from Lovehoney. I received both of these products free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!


Review: Javida Double Ended Vibrating Massager

When I was asked what I wanted to review next for Orion, I spotted a couple of Javida products that looked interesting. I had already tried the heating vibrator from that line so I knew it was a good quality collection and all of the products seem to have some sort of fun quirk that appeals to me. I asked for the Nubby Vibe with Clit Stimulator which is a textured dual stimulator and this Double Ended Wand Massager which is a vibrator with two different ends for two different purposes. I was most looking forward to this one as I’ve tried a dual wand before and loved it; so I thought this might be an alternative that I could recommend to international folks.

Javida Double Ended Wand MassagerThe packaging was the same as the presentation for the heating vibrator, a simple black and pinkish/purple box. It’s decorated with floral graphics and features key product information on the back and sides. The front of this box has a magnetic flap that can be opened up to reveal the vibrator behind a sheer screen of plastic which is a cute touch. Inside, I found the wand, a generic instruction leaflet and the required charging cable. It doesn’t come with storage which is a bit of a shame but not a huge deal.

Javida’s Double Ended Wand Massager is made from silicone with a polyurethane coating and an abs plastic control panel. It’s a non-toxic, hypoallergenic and body-safe combination of materials. It doesn’t contain any latex or phthalates and seems to be very well-made and ergonomically designed. I was impressed with the feel of the silicone as the beautifully smooth surface feels amazing to the touch and has the smallest amount of drag possible. It’s silky soft but should be used with water based lubricant for comfort. Neither the box nor the website description mention whether this product is waterproof so I haven’t risked it and have been cleaning it with antibacterial toy wipes instead of soapy water.

Javida Double Ended Wand MassagerThis is a rechargeable vibrator. It has a USB connector at one end that needs to be placed in a suitable port and it has a silicone sealed hole in the back for the jack. Push it through and look for the flashing red light. This will indicate that the charge has started. It becomes a steady green light once the charge is complete. It states that it takes a hundred and eighty minutes for a full freshen up and this can last up to one hundred and twenty minutes depending on the settings being used.

To turn the toy on, press the central power button until the control panel lights up red once. Press the M or W button to control the vibration intensity in the head or the tip. M controls the massage head and has three levels of intensity. The W controls the vibrations in the tip and also has three intensities. The control panel will be lit continuously during this. After the third intensity has been reached in whichever end of the vibrator that’s in use it will stop. It will remain switched on but you have to tap again to cycle through again. Alternatively you can press the power button for a couple of seconds to turn on the eight functions. These can be used in either end. The control panel uses different colored lights for each mode.

It is 8.5 inches in overall length which gives you plenty of handle/grip room. It’s most comfortable to hold the slim end in my opinion, but both work well as stable handles. The wand has a maximum girth of 4.7 inches at its widest point, which is actually very streamlined for this sort of massager. It’s not very wide at all so the sensations end up being somewhere between pinpoint and broad. If you don’t really have a preference or simply just need something vibrating against your clitoris during masturbation or sex then something like this could work for you. The slim tip has a max girth of 4.1 inches so if you’re a beginner and want to play around with insertion this is a viable option for that too.

Javida Double Ended Wand MassagerI thought the first and second intensity in the head of the wand felt good. Both settings has some depth to them and were low-frequency. The third and most intense setting was faster paced, higher frequency and buzzy. The settings in the other end of the vibrator were set to a patterned buzzing of those three different intensities. It’s no secret that I don’t get along with patterned vibrations so I scrolled through the eight functions to find the steady setting. It was the same story as the wand end, first settings were good, third was buzzy.

I held the Javida Double Ended Massager against my clitoris wand side up to start with and expected to hit the M button straight up to the third intensity. I usually just go to full power instantly as I’m a sucker for strength, but I didn’t feel like that was appropriate with this wand. I was comfortable with the second intensity and enjoyed the depth behind this setting very much. I could feel myself climbing up to the steps to orgasm heaven gradually and that’s something I experience rarely with clitoral stimulation although I can appreciate it every now and again. Most of the time I’d want to orgasm in under five minutes so I could continue with my day or take a nap, but I can tolerate extra time with this wand.

Javida Double Ended Wand MassagerTen to fifteen minutes seems like an accurate representation of the time that it takes me to get off with this vibrator. This would usually be too long for me and I’d become bored and frustrated and end up switching to something reliable like the Doxy, but for some reason I make excuses for this toy and it’s become one of the few exceptions to this unwritten rule of mine. If I’ve had a stressful week I would usually opt for a drawn out internal orgasm to relieve some tension and built up pressure, but now I’ve begun craving external massages instead.

It doesn’t make me climax in the way that I had anticipated, but that’s what has left me invested in this vibrator. It has bought out another side to my masturbation habits that I hadn’t come across before and helped me discover something new about my tastes and preferences. I have learned that maybe it is alright to wait for the orgasm to pass naturally sometimes rather than force it out with something super strong like the Tango or above mentioned Doxy. This is a mid-range intensity massager and perfect for those who don’t need strength by the bucket load. It’s also good for power queens who think their clits have deserved a break from the battering of rumbly vibrations and needs some time to relax and release on its own time.

Javida Double Ended Wand MassagerAn interesting side use for the wand side is as a body massager. My partner likes it to be used as a massage tool, be that during an erogenous tour of his body or a soothing press against his aches and pains. Its oval head is great for getting at tight knots that bury themselves just below the surface and reaching hard to access areas but it doesn’t get into the deepest sores and aches as it’s simply not wide enough. You’d need a mains powered wand with a larger head for those purposes. For a quick run down after a long day or a teaser against the groin though, this is simple and effective.

As for the slimmer end, I don’t have much to share. I’ve tried it a handful of times and had the same experience each time. Average, uninteresting, not particularly exciting… You catch my drift. It just felt like a boring dildo when used internally and it didn’t have the right shape for my body externally. I couldn’t get the right amount of surface area covered, the right amount of pressure or the right angle to make clitoral contact feel good and empowering. It might be a better fit for someone else, but I just didn’t have much luck with it as a stimulator regardless of how I tried to use it and how many chances I gave it.

Overall, I think the Javida Double Ended Vibrating massager is a well-made, decent quality vibrator at an affordable price tag. It’s not without its faults and difficulties, but there are some great points to consider that outweigh the downsides for me. I may have been disappointed and ranting in the slimmer end if I hadn’t loved the wand head so much. It is the sole provider of orgasms on this toy and it provides a variety of sensations with a multitude of possible uses. It can be used on any anatomy or body and the vibrations are not awful. It doesn’t make me scream out in ecstasy, but it has taught me a trick or two about taking my time on occasion and letting some orgasms be laid-back and less intense. Not every orgasm has to be mind-blowing and leg shakingly good. Sometimes just a breath of fresh air is all that’s needed.

You can purchase the Javida Double Ended Vibrating Massager (€59.95/£54.64) from Orion. I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!



Review: Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

It’s no secret that I loved the original Satisfyer Pro 2. I raved about it on my blog, Twitter and the Lovehoney forum for months after I received it. It is still one of my all-time favourite toys and part of my regular rotation, but I think it might finally be time to demote it. Satisfyer contacted me recently and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing the Pro 2 Next Generation and obviously I could not refuse this offer. I was really pleased to see that this brand had taken reviewers feedback on board and gone back and improved their devices in order to create the best products possible. I have tons of respect for that, as that’s exactly what we as reviewers want to achieve in this industry. We want to encourage companies to do their best, so we can offer our readers the best in return. So, did Satisfyer ruin a good thing by upgrading the Pro 2 or did they manage to make a good toy even better? Keep reading to find out!

The packaging is pretty standard for the Satisfyer range, just a white cardboard box with a glossy product shot on the front and back and basic product information on the sides. Inside this, there’s some plastic casing that stores the device and charging cable. A user manual is tucked away underneath. As I’ve mentioned in my previous Satisfyer (and Partner) reviews, this company does not include storage bags so be sure to get something suitable on hand if purchasing one of their products.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next GenerationSatisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation





Upon setting sights on the Pro 2 Next Generation for the first time, I noticed a couple of obvious aesthetic changes. The first, and most noticeable difference, was the colour. My original Pro 2 is a bright rose gold shade whereas this new version is more of a light bronze. The second thing I noted was the change in texture. The original has a glossy finish which makes it difficult to hold at times, especially if lubricant is in the picture, but the new version has a matte texture that removes this potential problem. The third change I picked up on was a subtle thing that’s been added; the Satisfyer logo embossed onto the front of the shaft. I like this as it looks like more of a finished product now.

It is still made from a combination of abs plastic and high-grade silicone. The body is all plastic but the head and buttons are premium silicone. The head feels a little softer and smoother than the previous models did, but I would still recommend using lubricant for comfort. As the head is made from silicone, the type of lubricant needed is water based as other types may cause damage to the material. It has the same visible seams as the original, which isn’t majorly attractive but once the toy is in use I honestly couldn’t care less what it looks like. It’s also still completely waterproof, making it a breeze to clean. I remove the head and clean with a 10% bleach solution but the rest of the toy is just rinsed with warm soapy water. It’s then left to dry naturally for as long as needed.

Magnetic charging systems usually frustrate me to no end, but Satisfyer have nailed a sturdy, secure system that doesn’t disconnect easily. I swear We-Vibe’s disconnect just by looking at them, so maybe they need to switch to these cables instead. The manual states that the initial charge could take up to eight hours but I found mine ready to go after half that time. It now takes only 150 minutes, which is not bad at all, and this gives ninety minutes of use. An improvement on the original which offers only a third of that.

There are now three buttons on the control panel. Hallelujah! I am beyond happy about this as the two button interface was one of my only criticisms regarding the original. Use is so much easier now and I love the fact I can go back an intensity if I should need to without having to cycle through all the settings again. There’s a round button which is the power hub, press once to turn on and hold for a few seconds to turn off. The longer oval button is the intensity changer and you just press the + and – buttons in accordance with your preferences.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next GenerationSatisfyer Pro 2 Next GenerationSatisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation





As I’ve had some experience with these pressure wave stimulators now, I know exactly where I need to place the head in order to get the most accurate, direct and comfortable sensations. So, that’s what I did. I lay back, lubed up and turned the toy on. I felt an immediate difference between the low settings on this model and the low settings on the original. Both are very subtle, tickle-like sensations but the new version feels more refined and precise. I don’t know whether this is due to the new nozzle shape, which is longer and wider than the original or whether the motor has been tweaked slightly, but it feels noticeably better to me.

It feels more refined throughout the entire range of intensities actually and I’d say these sensations offer more depth to them than I could have received with the original. They penetrate below the surface with all their might and reach a whole bunch of sensitive nerve endings that can’t be hit with any other sort of sex toy. I haven’t used my original model much since this one arrived as I feel this one is more polished and finished, giving better results. I still love the Pro 2, but the Next Generation model feels a bit stronger and as a suction slut/power queen, that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

This type of stimulation can take some getting used to, so I’d recommend trying one of the entry models first to see whether it works for you or not, but this is the one to go for if you want the best of the current Satisfyer models and know pinpoint stimulation is right for you. It offers very direct clitoral contact and as it is designed to stay in place from start to finish, this is not a toy that will work for those who need broad stimulation or are very sensitive clitorally. I love precise contact, so this is a joy for me to use, especially on intensities seven and above. I can orgasm in less than three minutes 99% of the times I use this. I love a toy that is reliable and consistent, so I’m struggling to fault this at the moment.

Outside of the suction/vibration thing the Pro 2 Next Generation has going on, it also offers a cooling breeze to the clitoris. Have you ever tried an orgasm gel or balm that’s designed to increase sensitivity and heighten sensations? Well, it feels like that and makes my clitoris tingle a little. This is part of the reason I believe my orgasms are achieved easily with this toy as I become so heightened by the combination of everything that’s going on that my body just can’t hold the pleasure waves in any longer.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation





So, how do I rate this in comparison to the original? I would personally say that it is better and the improvements were all welcomed. It looks better aesthetically, is easier to hold/use due to the matte texture and new control panel and the new nozzle makes the stimulation feel more refined. It’s marketed as being quieter too and I’d have to agree with Satisfyer on that. It is quieter. It’s never going to be a silent toy as the mechanisms that go into the motor make some noise when in action, but some of the noise levels decrease upon skin to nozzle contact and a closed-door drowns out the rest. The only thing that I’d love to see from them now is the inclusion of a storage pouch with each device. I’m not sure they could do anything else to make me fall deeper in love with the Pro 2.

You can purchase the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation (£54.23/$69.99 USD) from Peepshow Toys. Get 10% off your order anytime with the code NatandTom. I received this product from Satisfyer free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!

Review: Partner Plus Couples Vibrator

Couples vibrators are generally created with a straight partnership in mind, which is why I think theirs term sparks a lot of debate on social media, forums and blogs as it’s only inclusive to one particular type of couple. I’m not overly keen on the term myself but for the purpose of this review I will be using it as its true that this vibrator been designed with two users in mind. Hence the name Partner. I don’t believe it’s strictly limited to straight couples though as anyone who has a vulva, clitoris and a partner who can penetrate them (be that with a finger, a toy or a penis) could make the Partner Plus work.

I haven’t tried many couple vibrators at this point in my reviewing career, but I’ve come across a handful that are mostly at the mid to high-end of the pricing scale. For that reason the Partner range intrigued me as all of their current models come in at entry-level to mid-range price tags. I know that not everybody can afford to, nor might they want to, fork out over £100 on a We-Vibe Sync or Lelo Tiani 3 so I had hoped that at least one of the Partner toys would be a good affordable alternative that I could recommend. This range of couple vibrators are designed by the same folks who own Satisfyer so I was curious to see whether the brands success would carry over into their latest venture. Read on to find out whether their Partner Plus was a hit or a miss…

Arriving in a white and purple cardboard box with a glossy product shot on the front and back, I was pleased with presentation. The images were tasteful and I think they give the product a welcoming, non-intimidating vibe to those who may be new to the sex toy scene or introducing a toy within their pairing for the first time. The box lists some key features on the sides such as the number of functions, which materials have been used and the fact that it’s waterproof. Inside the box I found the Partner Plus, the charging cable and a multi-lingual user manual. There is no storage pouch or case included, so be sure to pick something up separately to keep it in.

Made from a combination of smooth, velvety soft silicone and a touch of abs plastic, there’s no need to have concerns about the safety of this toy. It’s not toxic, it doesn’t contain latex or phthalates, it is odourless and hypoallergenic which means it can be cleaned easily. I thought that the silicone of this vibrator would be quite draggy but I really didn’t notice much of this at all. It has a small amount, as all silicone sex toys do, but nowhere near as much as I’d anticipated. The brand recommend using a splashing of water based lubricant on both arms for maximum comfort. Following use, rinse away any signs of use with soapy water and leave to dry for next time.

Charging is so simple. It comes with a USB plug on one end which can be placed into a laptop or computer and a magnetic cap at the other end which attaches to the corresponding prongs on the Partner Plus. The control panel will flash whilst charging and go solid once complete. The user manual advises that the first charge could take up to eight hours but ours only took about four as it came with some charge preinstalled. Each additional charge has taken around two hours and lasted just over an hour each time. This is good for about two uses per charge.

Partner Plus Couples Vibrator

Partner Plus Couples VibratorPartner Plus Couples VibratorPartner Plus Couples Vibrator





Theres only one button on the Partner Plus which is located on the front of the external arm and this controls everything. To turn the toy on, press and hold this button firmly for a few seconds and the control panel will light up and the vibrations will begin. Tap to cycle through the ten functions and press and hold tightly again to turn off. It’s frustrating that there’s only one button as this means having to scroll through all of the settings if you miss the one you were looking for and it kills the mood slightly. I can see why no other buttons were added as this isn’t a girthy toy and it’s also inexpensive, but I’d love to see it as a possibility for future models.

One aspect that confuses me about both of the Partner models I’ve reviewed is the order of the settings. The manual states that pressing and holding the button down for two seconds will start the vibrations at the lowest massage model but in my case, both the Partner and the Partner Plus started on the highest before going down to medium, low and then the patterns. I’ve seen a growing trend in companies ordering the speeds like this as it has me lost as I know most people like to start out at the bottom and work up to full strength, not start on full and climb back down the power ladder.

For me personally I tend to send my toys up to full intensity straight away so this isn’t a major dilemma for me, but I can see why it would annoy others who prefer and need to do the opposite. I’m a power queen and love myself some rumbly vibrations but it’s very difficult to find couples toys that have both the right strength and depth to them. Unfortunately, the Partner Plus didn’t have that depth, or any sort of depth to them really. I struggled to feel anything below the surface level of my clitoris and the settings were all what I’d call buzzy. Tolerable buzzy, but buzzy nonetheless. I preferred the vibrations that belonged to the Partner although there aren’t any internal vibes on that particular model.

Now this edition of the Partner Couples Vibrator is slightly larger than the original in terms of girth. It has 2.75 inches around the widest point, which doesn’t sound huge, but it’s slightly more cumbersome than the original if your partner is well endowed as mine is. The original is just under two inches which makes it ideal for beginners and those who don’t like the stretching sensation, so I’d recommend that as a first couples vibrator for anyone in the above scenarios. My partner is just above average in terms of girth so this one does provide a more filled sensation than the original for me, which is what I prefer.

Partner Plus Couples Vibrator

Partner Plus Couples VibratorPartner Plus Couples VibratorPartner Plus Couples Vibrator





I did wonder whether the Plus would be long enough to hit my g-spot as it only has an insertable length of just over three inches, but it’s just about right. It may not be the perfect positioning for everyone due to anatomy differences, but I can make it work for my body. It manages to touch up against my spot but it wasn’t the best at stimulating it. This was purely due to the amount of flexibility and squish the internal arm has. It’s a touch firmer than the original, but still not firm enough for my bodies needs and wants.

I need rigid pressure against my g-spot in order to get anything pleasurable out of the experience or come close to orgasm, so the Partner Plus kind of disappointed me in that respect. It’s just too soft for me. The experience was a little better once my partner got involved as his penis pushed the internal  arm upwards to force it to make constant contact with the spot and rub around against it. It wasn’t enough to provide the stimulation that I need or push me over the edge to an orgasm, but I did like the filled sensation that I got from that being inside me alongside my partner.

As for the external arm, I had no issues getting it to sit over my clitoris accurately. This offers more of a firm body so I was able to place it in position without needing to hold onto it or grind it into my pubic bone. I could have clitoral fun hands-free for one of the first times and that experience was wonderful. It felt good to be able to feel vibrations and my partner at the same time whilst allowing my hands to roam free or be tied above my head as he dominated the session. I couldn’t reach orgasm from it as the vibrations were too buzzy for my body, but it was fun to tease and play around with.

Overall, I think the Partner Plus was more of a miss than a hit for me. It has some great things going for it such as its firm external arm, body safe silky exterior, girth that provides a filling sensation when teamed with a penis, it’s waterproof surface and easy to use control panel. It’s also not very loud which makes it great for people who need discretion. Unfortunately though, the downsides are the major things that I don’t want/need or like in a toy such as the high-frequency vibration type and a flexible internal arm. If the Partner and Partner Plus were combined I think I’d have the perfect couples vibrator as I like certain aspects of both, but was let down by some of their other features. I just got my hands on the newest model, the Partner Whale, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be the one that ticks all of my boxes.

You can purchase the Partner Plus (£54.99) from Bondara. I received the Partner Plus from Partner free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!


Review: Partner Couples Vibrator

The term “couples vibrator” is one that sparks a lot of debate on social media, forums and blogs but for the purpose of this review I will be using it. I’m not overly fond of this term myself, but it’s true that the Partner has been designed with two users in mind. Some people may say that it has been created for a straight partnership to use but anyone who has a vulva, clitoris and a partner who can penetrate them could make this toy work.

I haven’t tried many of these couple-style vibrators, but I was interested in this one because of its entry-level price tag. Not everybody can afford to fork out on a We-Vibe Sync or a Lelo Ida, so I hoped that at least one of the Partner models would be a good, affordable alternative. The Partner range is made by the same folks who own Satisfyer, so I wondered whether the brands success would carry over into this new category of sex toys. Read on to find out whether it was a winning decision or mission impossible…

The Partner arrived in a white and purple cardboard box that had product shots on the front and back. The images were tasteful and I feel that helps give this product a welcoming, non-intimidating vibe to those who may be new to sex toys or tools that can be used within their pairing. The box lists some of the key features on the sides, such as the number of functions, materials used and the fact that it’s waterproof. Inside the box I found the vibrator, charging cable and multi-lingual user manual. There’s no storage bag which is a small disappointment, but it was expected from me after trying the Satisfyer models.

Partner Couples Vibrator

Partner Couples VibratorPartner Couples Vibrator

Partner Couples Vibrator





Made from smooth, velvety soft silicone and complimented with abs plastic, there’s no need to worry about this toy being toxic or porous. Both materials used are odourless, latex/phthalate free, easily cleaned and completely body safe. I had expected the silicone of this vibrator to be quite draggy but I didn’t notice much of this during use. There’s some of course, as it is silicone, but nowhere near as much as I anticipated. The brand recommend using a coating of water-based lube on the internal arm, but I’d add a touch to the external area that rests on the clitoris too for maximum comfort. Following use, simply clean with soapy water and leave to dry for next time.

Charging is a breeze. It has a USB connector at one end to go into a suitable port and a magnetic connector at the other end which attaches to the two prongs on the front of the vibrator. The control panel will flash blue whilst charging and turn solid when complete. The manual advises that the first charge could take up to eight hours, but ours came with some juice so it only took about three and a half. Each additional charge has taken roughly two hours and has lasted for just over/under one hour each time. This isn’t bad, but only lasts us two uses per charge.

Partner Couples VibratorThere is one singular button on the Partner, which is located on the front of the external arm, and this controls everything. To turn it on, press and hold this button for a few seconds and the control panel will then light up and the vibrations will begin. Tap to cycle through the various functions and press and hold again to turn off. If you miss the setting that you wanted you have to scroll back through all ten to get back to it, which can be frustrating, but as this is an entry-level model that’s not very wide, I can see why no other buttons were added to make this possible.

One aspect of this vibrator that confused me was the order of the settings. The manual says pressing and holding the button down for two seconds will start it at the lowest massage level but in my case, it didn’t. I don’t know if I got an odd one or whether the manual had a typo? Either way, starting at the highest intensity seems to be becoming increasingly popular in recent toy designs and it makes no sense to me. Most people who use a vibrating toy like to start at the bottom and work up to solid strength, not start on full and work their way back down.

For me however, I generally send my toys up to full power straight away so this wasn’t a huge issue, but I can see why it would annoy others who prefer to do the opposite. I’m a power queen and love rumbly vibrations, but it’s hard to find couples toys that have both strength and depth to them. The lowest setting on the Partner did have a low-pitched rumble to it, which was gratifying, but the other two speeds and the seven patterns were more on the buzzy spectrum. They were the sort of buzzy sensations that are just surface level, rather than the kind that feels like a wasp nest attacking the clitoris, so I can cope with them and even enjoy them when in the right mindset.

Partner Couples VibratorFlexibility was something that stood out to me when holding the Partner for the first time. I noticed that the internal arm was very flexible to the point that I could manipulate it into a straight shape similar to Mystery Vibe’s Crescendo. It also had a fair amount of squish to the silicone, which gave me the impression that I wouldn’t be able to maintain contact with the g-spot or stimulate it.

The internal arm is very slimline. It’s just under two inches in girth at the widest point which makes it perfect for beginners, those who don’t like to be stretched and vulva owners that have well-endowed partners. We tried one couples vibrator previously that had around five inches in length and width and it made it very difficult to accommodate the toy and my partner at the same time. I had no such issues with this Partner model.

I was worried that it wouldn’t be long enough to hit my g-spot as it only has an insertable length of around 2.7 inches, but it seems to be just about right. It may not be the correct positioning for everyone, but I can make it worth with my anatomy. Whilst it does hit the g-spot, I didn’t feel very stimulated by it for two reasons. The first being the lack of vibrations and the second being the lack of firmness. The internal arm on the Partner does not have a motor, so you only receive external vibrations from this model. If you want sensations from both arms, the Partner Plus might be more your thing.

I need intense pressure against my spot for me to feel stimulated and come close to orgasm and I couldn’t achieve that with the internal arm alone as it’s just too flexible. It was different when my partner got involved and inserted himself as his penis sort of pushed the arm up onto my erogenous zone and forced it to main contact and added a little bit of pressure because of his shaft continuously hitting the arm with each thrust. It made the arm bump and grind against me, which did feel good. Unfortunately though, it wasn’t enough to push me over the edge and give me an internal orgasm.

Partner Couples Vibrator

The classic U shape of this vibrator worked well for me. I had no problems getting the external arm to sit over my clitoris accurately and the internal arm was just about long enough. If I placed this in position and began having sex with my partner it wouldn’t take long for the vibrations to start taking me in the direction of an orgasm and that’s something I can appreciate. It doesn’t steal or force orgasms from me like the Satisfyer Pro 2 does, but it can get me off.

Overall, I think this couples vibrator could be classed as a success. It worked well for my partner and I, didn’t cause any uncomfortable poking once inserted for either of us and the quiet, external vibrations aren’t half bad. It would be a fantastic entry-level choice for someone new to couples vibrators or someone who doesn’t want to fork out over £100 on the We-Vibes and Lelo’s of the world. I also think it will be a popular choice for those who don’t want to use some of the girthier, bulkier options on the market. If you prefer firm internal stimulation, girth or texture then this may not be right for you, but if you like the complete opposite, I’d recommend giving the Partner a chance.

I received the Partners Couples Vibrator from Partner in exchange for my review. Thank you! You can purchase the Partner (£44.99) from Bondara.