Review: VeDO GEESlim Silicone G-Spot Vibrator

Before I get stuck into this review I want to tell you a little about the company who sent me the product. That company is Peepshow Toys. If you’ve ever checked out their site then you’ll have noticed that they only stock body-safe sex toys, lubricants, bondage gear and other sexy essentials. I did my first set of reviews for them recently and absolutely fell in love with them, their site and their philosophy. They are extremely helpful and friendly and I love that they genuinely care about what us as customers put in and around our orifices. If you are new to sex toys and are unsure as to which materials are safe and which are not, then head over to Peepshow Toys and buy yourself something fun with complete peace of mind that you’re not getting something that will potentially harm you. I’m also going to shamelessly plug the fact that you can now get 10% off site wide with my code “NatandTom”.

I think the shape of the VeDO GEESlim is one that’s well documented. Virtually every sex shop I’ve ever visited has had at least one similarly shaped vibrator stocked. The dimensions may be slightly different from place to place, but all of the ones that I’ve come across have been made from hard plastic, look as cheap and basic as the price tag suggests and take batteries. The GEESlim is like an upgraded, luxurious take on a classic and it comes in pretty colours. I mean who doesn’t need more turquoise in their toy box? It also comes in the obvious choices of Foxy Pink and Into You Indigo but I love that there’s another option for those who want something different.

It arrives in simplistic, minimalistic packaging as expected. A white turquoise box with a product shot on the front, description and diagram on the back and further photos on the sides. Inside I found the VeDO GEESlim resting within some soft black casing and the charging cable and product guide were tucked away underneath. It doesn’t come with any storage but that was to be expected at this price point. One thing that I will say is that it may have been better to pack it in plastic rather than fluffy casing as some of it transferred onto the material of the vibrator.

VeDO GeeSlim G-Spot Vibrator

VeDO GeeSlim G-Spot VibratorVeDO GeeSlim G-Spot VibratorVeDO GeeSlim G-Spot Vibrator





As it’s made from silicone, lint is expected to be attracted to it but that generally happens whilst out of the box, not when inside of it. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly before using it to remove any traces of unwanted matter like pet hair or fluff. It is submersible so rinsing is not an issue but make sure the base is screwed back on firmly before taking it near the water. After use, clean with warm soapy water and dry naturally. This is a hypoallergenic, latex free and phthalate free material. It’s completely body-safe but it tends to have some amount of drag to its surface. There wasn’t much resistance in this case as the silicone is silky smooth and soft. A coating of water based lubricant clears any friction up anyway.

The GEESlim is not one of those cheap battery-operated models that are sold everywhere. It’s actually rechargeable. To charge, unscrew the plastic base, place the jack into the port inside and attach the USB to your laptop or other charging station. A red light will turn on to indicate that the charge has begun and it will turn green once finished. There’s no estimated charging or use time listed in the guide so I’d have to guess based on my experiences and say an hour and a half to charge with forty-five minutes of use time.

A singular button on the base is in charge of all operation. Tap it once to start the vibrations, tap again to cycle through the functions and press and hold for a couple of seconds to turn off. It’s easy to understand and perfect for a first time toy user. There are ten functions to choose from. There are three constant speeds of varying intensity and seven different patterns. The patterns are not for me as I prefer constant speeds, but there is a good variety for those who are interested.

Measuring up at just under seven inches in overall length, there are roughly six and a half inches that could be inserted. This is a perfect length for me as it doesn’t hit my cervix (when I’m fully relaxed) but I could also use whatever length I don’t need as extra handle room. I tend to use around five insertable inches and would recommend others do the same so you can get a better grip on the toy. The cap isn’t very easy to hold onto so having a small area of shaft free makes a lot of difference in how I can use and move the vibrator. It has just under 3.9 inches of girth around the widest point of the head which is a diameter of around 1.18 and the shaft is roughly 2.5 inches around.

Vibration wise, I was expecting less than I got. I think the vibrations are roughly average in terms of strength. There’s nothing particularly impressive about them and I don’t think they have enough oomph to satisfy a power queen but this makes the toy ideal for those who don’t need mega intensity or simply want to get a feel for vibrations for the first time. I thought the first setting was rumblyish, which was nice, but the settings that followed become buzzier. I wasn’t suddenly pushed into a beehive or anything as the sensations were tolerable, but ultimately are not my preference.

Although I said earlier that I’ve seen many vibrators of this shape, I’d never actually tried one of them. I have looked at them before and if I’d seen this particular one back when I was just getting into sex toys and g-spot stimulation, I think I would have purchased it. It would have been ideal for me as a beginner. It has the bulbous head and curve needed for this type of play and the slim shaft that follows is great for getting used to the feeling of something being inserted. It doesn’t push many limits and I see it as a gentle introduction to the g-spot.

VeDO GeeSlim G-Spot Vibrator

VeDO GeeSlim G-Spot VibratorVeDO GeeSlim G-Spot VibratorVeDO GeeSlim G-Spot Vibrator





The GEESlim is quite firm which is ideal for g-spot stuff and something that I think is an essential factor for me personally if I want to potentially reach an orgasm. I discovered that thrusting was the best technique to use as the head could then batter my g-spot in all the right ways. It’s more of a bump and grind situation than a gentle caress and I’m totally fine with that. I need there to be a certain level of pressure applied if I’m going to get the job finished and I can get that with this vibrator. It felt lovely without the vibrations but those added sensations definitely helped bring me to the edge faster.

Do you need discretion because of your living situation or privacy fears? If you answered yes, then I’m pleased to say that this should be fine. It’s not silent, but it’s not mains-powered wand loud either. It is somewhere between the two and can be disguised if needed. If I closed the door to the room I’m in and turn on a playlist then no-one else in the house has a clue what’s going on. I have used this with people in the next room with no problems at all, just for reference.

Overall, I think the VeDO GEESlim is a top-notch, good-quality, affordable vibrator that is perfect for first time users. If you want to explore your g-spot with a toy for the first time then this is a great choice. It may not wow you if you’ve already got a lot of sex toys, but it is an excellent choice for those who are earlier on in their sex toy journeys and collections. We all start somewhere and this is a timeless toy that can take you on a basic exploration tour of your body. If you’re not sure whether this type of play is for you, this is an option that will allow you to explore without breaking the bank and dropping dollars on crappy vibrators. It took me back to basics and whilst it didn’t blow my mind, I think it could have done when I was new and not spoiled by the likes of the Lelo Mona 2 and the We-Vibe Rave.

You can purchase the VeDO GEESlim Silicone G-Spot Vibrator ($39.00/£30.10) from Peepshow Toys. Get 10% off your order with code NatandTom. I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!

Review: Fifty Shades Darker by Coco de Mer Goddess Basque

Fifty Shades Darker Goddess BasqueI think the packaging for the Fifty Shades Darker lingerie line is boring and disappointing as it’s just a plain plastic pouch. The sex toy packaging for Fifty Shades Darker products is much better and they were made by Lovehoney, a company that cater to all price levels. Coco de Mer are a lavish brand, so something nicer for something that costs this much would have been appreciated. I’m not asking for huge extravagance, but they can do better y’know?

I had never had the pleasure of trying lingerie designed by Coco de Mer before this range came out but as they are known for luxury, I expected this piece to be perfect in terms of quality. It was. It appeared to have been made beautifully and was pretty damn flawless. The Goddess Basque is made up of two main materials and has subtle elements of one other. All three of them felt great and I was particularly impressed with how gorgeously soft the lace was. The mesh was lovely too and this makes a welcome change from the itchy mesh found on cheaper pieces.

For the price, I naively expected this basque to come with matching underwear. It doesn’t. You can get a thong or pair of high-waisted briefs separately, but having already spent £50 on a single piece of lingerie, I’d rather not. I would have been pleased with just a plain black thong with an emerald trim and I don’t think that would have been too much to ask. I don’t think it would have improved the price by much at all either. As of right now I’m just wearing regular black underwear and it looks fine, but I probably will have to get the briefs eventually.

32B was the smallest size available in this basque and I wear a 30A so I was apprehensive about the fit. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to fill out the cups or the band would be loose, but I needn’t have worried. There are two hook-and-eye fastenings on this basque and I wear it on the tightest one. It then fits like a dream. I feel that someone who wears a 28 band might even find this comfortable enough to wear as it seems to run on the smaller side. It should be fine for those who wear a 32 also, but it might be a little tight.

Fifty Shades Darker Goddess BasqueAs for the cups, I surprisingly filled them out well. I obviously don’t have much of a bust, but there was no gaping or obvious spaces remaining. There was a small amount of room left in the cups as I expected but this was not noticeable to my partner at all. I think this is partly due to the clever strapping above the cups. I have found that this style seems to be extremely flattering with the size and shape of my bust and it has fast become one of my favourite bra options to go for. It’s even better on a basque.

One thing that really impressed me about the Goddess Basque was the boning. I have tons of basques that look amazing when I’m standing up or sitting still, but they are ruined with any sort of movement. It’s not particularly flattering as it bunches up the material, creating an odd bump in the front that ruins the overall look of the outfit. This one does not give me those sort of problems. The boning still moves as I do but it doesn’t stick out in bend in the creating a bulge sort of way. It stays pretty close to the skin which is exactly what I hoped it would do.

The final thing that’s worth mentioning is the suspender straps. These are both removable and adjustable. When I have tightened them fully I can attach them to stockings with no problems. I usually struggle with straps being too long for my five-foot, short-arse frame, but the ones on this basque seem to be shorter than most. This is great news for short women like myself, but it means that they may not be long enough for those who are much taller.

Overall, I really like the Goddess Basque. It has a gorgeous colour scheme that I can’t get enough of and after seeing how it looks with my skin tone, I’m convinced that I need more emerald-green in my lingerie collection. I love the strappy cups, mix of materials and the clever strapping across the waist that creates the illusion of a smaller figure. It’s a really flattering piece and I’m incredibly pleased with it. The lack of interesting packaging and matching underwear were the only downsides for me.

You can purchase the Fifty Shades Darker by Coco de Mer Goddess Basque (£60) from Coco de Mer. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

Review: Rainbow Pop! 6 Inch Silicone Dildo

Rainbow Pop! Silicone Dildo 6 InchAs soon as I saw this dildo, I knew I had to get it. I think it was online for maybe two hours before I gave in and ordered it, because you know, I didn’t want to be too keen. I love toys that aren’t just the typical, over-used pinks and purples, so what could be better suited to me than a rainbow dildo? The answer is nothing. Unless its made by Doxy, We-Vibe or Tantus. Or it has suction. Or its glass. Ok, I have a lot of toys that are suited to me and I’m obsessed with them all, but I hold a special place in my heart for colourful dildos.

The Rainbow Pop! arrived quickly and discreetly in a white cardboard box with a cut-out viewing window in the front. One side of the box shows off a picture of the toy whilst the other shows off the pride colours and the back lists some multilingual, basic care information. Inside the box, the dildo rested within a plastic tray. There’s nothing else included in the box, which is slightly disappointing as I had hoped for a storage bag considering the price.

It is made from a high-quality silicone, that has a firm core and a very minor amount of squish in the tip. This is important as it makes insertion easier. The material feels smooth and luxurious to the touch, but still has some drag, as you’d expect. A good quality water-based lubricant like Sliquid H20 will remove this and make use more comfortable. It attracts a crazy amount of lint so rinsing before each use is essential, even if it has been stored away. A thorough rinse and a spray of toy cleaner or soap after each use will keep it as fresh and clean as possible between uses.

As the core of the Rainbow Pop! is quite firm, I was not expecting it to be very flexible, so I was surprised when I experimented with it and managed to manipulate the tip into touching the base. It doesn’t flop around like a cheap, porous, jelly dildo would, but it does give you the opportunity to alter the angle of the toy should you need to.

Now, I have owned multiple suction cup dildos over the past year, with most disappointing me with their un-desirable amount of stick and willingness to cooperate. I think only a quarter of the suction cup dildos that I own are actually able to be used as such, but this dildo has happily joined that small percentage. Rainbow Pop!’s suction cup feels incredibly sturdy and reliable, with no chance of it flinging off the shower tiles mid-ride. It has to be removed from the surface by placing two fingers under the cup and it can’t just be pulled off the surface by the tip like some weaker toys can.

In use, I found this dildo to be a fantastic size. It’s slightly smaller than my other half, so it’s not intimidating to him and honestly, even if it was bigger, I doubt he’d be intimidated by something so colourful. I find this toy extremely useful to use to warm-up with before engaging in sex with him. It has an overall length of eight inches, but only six are insertable as the rest is just the balls and suction cup. Its girth is  a maximum of five inches around the widest part, which is filling without being overwhelmingly so. It doesn’t create too much of a stretching sensation which is good as I can often find this painful, rather than pleasurable.

I am typically speaking not a huge fan of realistic toys, but this one has very minimal detailing. It does have a realistic head and coronal ridge, but the very faint vein detailing on the shaft is barely noticeable and it cannot be felt during use or insertion. I thought from first glance and appearances that the coronal ridge might catch on my pubic bone upon insertion due to how well it’s defined, but so far, I have not had any such problems.

Rainbow Pop! 6 Inch Silicone DildoThe Rainbow Pop! feels great to thrust with, ride on or simply clench around to enjoy the girth. I can insert the full length of the shaft as it’s not quite long enough to hit my cervix, so use is comfortable and enjoyable. I seem to use this dildo more with my partner than I do alone, whether it’s him using it on me or dabbling in double penetration. I think this is because he is able to be more vigorous with it than I am and he seems to be able to hit the places that I can’t from his angle. If I’m using this dildo alone then I need to also be using a clitoral vibrator in order to orgasm, but if he’s in control then I can orgasm on most occasions.

Overall, I think the Rainbow Pop! is absolutely worth its retail price of £44.99. It’s extremely difficult to find high-quality silicone toys that are on the larger side, so they’re always going to be a little more expensive, but in my opinion, they’re so worth it. It’s going to last so much longer than something cheap and porous. It has been made wonderfully and I think it’s so aesthetically pleasing that I would honestly leave it out for decoration if I didn’t still live with family. The Rainbow Pop! is not just a toy for people in the LGBTQ community who are celebrating pride, it’s for its supporters too.

You can purchase the Colours Pleasures Pride Edition Rainbow Pop! 6 Inch ($44.99/£33.10) from Betty’s Toy Box. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Split Peaches Unicorn Horn Small

When I was a kid, I used to spend the weekends in bed, flicking through the Argos catalogue and ticking everything I wanted, now I do the same with the Split Peaches website. It all started when I first set sights on the Unicorn Horn, a unique toy that’s literally shaped like a Unicorn’s horn. This mesmerizing dildo is available in three different sizes, small, medium and large and comes in rainbow and white varieties. I chose the small rainbow horn, but I think I’ll be getting a medium at some point, possibly with their new awesome glowgasm feature.

Split Peaches Unicorn Horn and RivetorI absolutely love what Split Peaches do and they are a company I support whole heartedly. I think their customer service is absolutely fantastic and I’ve had nothing but pleasurable experiences when chatting to them via social media. I was kept updated from the second my order was placed and I knew when it was being moulded and I even got sent a photo of both toys I was receiving prior to them being packed. How cool is that?

I was expecting to have to wait a while as Split Peaches products are made in the US and I’m in the UK, but my package was with me within a week of placing the order and was discreet as promised. I found both of my toys wrapped inside Split Peaches tissue paper, which was a nice touch, and an envelope which contained a signed note from Andy (the owner), stickers and some temporary tattoos. Inside the tissue paper, the Unicorn Horn was inside a plastic tube (similar to Vixen packaging) with the brand name on one side.

I couldn’t wait to tear open the tube and have a feel of this majestic toy. It is made from a super high-quality silicone, which is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and free from phthalates. It’s easy to clean as all that’s necessary is a spray of toy cleaner and a rinse before and after each use. I had heard great things about the feel of Split Peaches silicone and those things that I heard were all true. I underestimated how soft and luxurious it would feel, but I was pleased to discover that it was of a wonderful standard, even though it did have some drag to it. I haven’t come across many silicone toys that don’t have drag, so this was not a downside, simply an excuse to get the Sliquid out!

Split Peaches Small Unicorn Horn 1I didn’t apply a huge amount of lubricant to this toy because I thought the measurements were quite manageable. It has six inches of length and 1.5″ of girth at the widest point, which is around the base. These measurements are well within my comfort range and I now see that I probably could have managed the medium, which is why I’m planning on getting one of those soon. I had also noted earlier that the Unicorn Horn has some squish and flexibility to it, which would help with insertion and comfort. It’s not so flexible that it will move without some encouragement, but the tip will touch the base if you want it to, which means it can be adjusted as much as you wish in any direction.

I was curious about how I’d manage to orgasm from this toy because it isn’t curved to specifically target the g-spot and it isn’t quite long enough or firm enough to hit my a-spot. I think the medium and large might work well for a-spot play, but I had to try something else with this small size. I decided that I’d try a simple in and out internal massage to see if the gentle, swirly texture would stimulate and warm-up my vaginal walls. I thought this would be the most effective method and I was pleased to discover the full length and girth was comfortable and the spiral texture, as minimal as it is, was lovely during warm up. It did massage the vaginal walls as I’d hoped, but it wasn’t overwhelming and couldn’t bring me to orgasm. It is great to use before The Rivetor though as that has a hell of lot going on.

I initially thought that g-spot stimulation was out of the question/not going to happen with the Unicorn Horn due to the straight shape and small width, but I was proved wrong when I accidentally pressed upon the g-spot whilst adjusting the toy. I wasn’t expecting it to be stimulated, but I decided to try some shallow thrusting just in case and found that it was actually pretty successful, as long as I angled the toy in a certain position and moved quite quickly. The toy isn’t quite firm enough to bring me to this kind of orgasm, but it still felt great nonetheless.

Split Peaches Small Unicorn Horn 2

I did find one way to orgasm with the Unicorn Horn and that was anally. It has a flared base so is completely safe for anal play and can even be used in a harness if that’s what you’re interested in. I don’t peg my partner so I haven’t tried this out, but it is compatible according to their site. I think the gradual increase of width in this toy makes this a fabulous contender for anal play, especially for a novice. I generally let my other half do the work with this toy and thrust it in and out at a medium pace, which doesn’t take long to leave me breathless.

Overall, I am so appreciative of toy makers who put safety first and use these fantastic quality materials, especially when they make them available in these amazing colour options and designs. Split Peaches are a company I support 100% and I’d highly recommend their small Unicorn Horn to those who are new to penetration (anal or vaginal), don’t like much girth or simply just want a unique, colourful toy in their collection. This size is not quite long/wide enough to be the cause of my vaginal orgasms, hence why I’m sizing up, but I still find it incredibly satisfying in use and it’s a dream to use anally. It has become one of my go-to toys for anal play and I can’t wait to get another to push my limits!

I received the Split Peaches Small Unicorn Horn ($43/£33.13) in exchange for my review. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Womanizer Pro W500  

I was sent the Womanizer to review a couple of months ago, but unfortunately I had a few personal issues to contend with and then I wanted to do some thorough testing. I also got the Womanizer W100 during that time so I wanted to compare them and include the differences in this review. To keep this introduction short and sweet, I’m sorry for the delay but I have come to the conclusion that the Womanizer W500 is definitely a toy I’m going to be obsessing over for months to come.

I was super impressed with the presentation of my package, I found my Womanizer and bottle of lubricant, along with a letter contained inside a cute Womanizer bag. I’ll definitely be keeping this as it’s too pretty to throw away, although I’m not sure I’ll get much use from it! The outer box for the Womanizer is much cleaner than I thought it would be, it’s very classic and understated with just a couple of pictures of the toy and the brand name. Inside the box lay the toy and a satin storage pouch, spare XL head, charging cable, adapter and the manual.

Womanizer W500 Pro Mint

Womanizer W500 Pro Mint

Womanizer W500 Pro Mint

Womanizer W500 Pro Mint





I opted for the mint lace colour/pattern scheme as it’s totally different to anything I have in my collection. I don’t have much green in my toybox unfortunately, so if I have the option, I will choose it and I did! I think this is one of the better looking designs that Womanizer currently offer, as I’m not crazy about the leopard print varieties. It has the perfect amount of detailing and is actually very pretty in person. I have to admit that I’m still not crazy about the sparkly button, but it turns out it’s not just the aesthetics I dislike, but I’ll get back to that later.

I quite like the shape of the W500 as it seems to fit perfectly in the palm of my hand and the petite size makes it easier to store by my bed, but the shape of the W100 is my preferred build for this toy, especially when using for longer periods of time. I like the placement of the buttons on this model as they aren’t in the way, but they are easy to access when required. The longer button controls the intensity and is really easy  to operate. Simply press the + to increase and the – to decrease, then press the power button to turn off. The power button is the sparkly button I mentioned earlier and this is where my other problem with it begins. I can’t get away with not touching it as it turns the toy on and off, which is unfortunate as I find this button to be painful at times. It’s just so stiff and rigid that its extremely difficult to push down and the slightly pointed tip causes discomfort.

Before getting stuck in, I gave the Womanizer a full charge. I didn’t need to use the included adapter as I simply plugged the USB into a charging port and opened up the small flap on the front of the toy and inserted the jack. I did find this to be slightly fiddly at first, but this seems to have gotten easier over time. The head flashes green whilst the toy is charging and this becomes steady once the charge is complete. A full charge seems to take around 120 minutes, which offers up 240 minutes of play time, which is a fantastic ratio. So far, I have only needed to recharge it a handful of times, despite almost daily use. The only issue I’ve encountered and maintained with charging is that it seems to make the body of the Womanizer quite warm.

Womanizer W500 Pro Mint

Womanizer W500 Pro Mint

Womanizer W500 Pro Mint

Womanizer W500 Pro Mint





The Womanizer has grabbed the attention of many and has intrigued sex toy enthusiasts across the world, but it’s not going to be suitable for everyone. I think this is a toy that is best suited to those who enjoy direct/pin-point clitoral stimulation. If you prefer broad stimulation, you might find the Womanizer to be too intense, even on the lower settings. I think this toy is very interesting, as it doesn’t just vibrate, it offers suction. It’s a pretty exciting development in the sex toy industry and I love the way it blows cool air around the clitoris whilst it flutters.

As I mentioned above, there are two heads to choose from. The regular and the larger head. I’ve read many reviews of people preferring the larger head, but honestly, I prefer the smaller, regular size. I am a huge fan of clitoral stimulation and extremely direct contact, which is what the smaller head provides. The larger head still provides me with the same stimulation, but it doesn’t feel as intense as the smaller size, due to the larger surface area. To sum it up, the smaller head is for when I just want a quick release and the larger head is for longer sessions and/or multiple orgasms.

Once I’ve found the perfect position, I can just lay back (after wrestling with the power button) and let the Womanizer do all the work. I do like to apply a smidge of lubricant to the silicone nozzle as this makes use more comfortable, but the amount I need is minimal. There are eight modes to choose from, starting at a gentle tickle working to a more intense suction setting. This has two more modes than the W100 and those are 2 that I definitely needed. I don’t think the W100 is always strong enough for me, but the W500 hasn’t let me down in that aspect yet. I must admit I’m a power queen and although this isn’t technically a vibrator, the highest settings penetrate below the surface of my clitoris and send me to orgasm central in less than a minute. I don’t find myself pushing the + button to increase further, which is something I have done with the W100.

The Womanizer is not the quietest toy, but it does dissipate as it makes contact with the skin. It can still be heard, but it’s not as loud. It cannot be heard from the next room, unless the house is completely silent. I usually use background music when using this toy as I do still live at home and can’t always have the house to myself.

As for cleaning, this toy is unfortunately not waterproof other than the silicone head, which can be removed. I usually apply a couple of squirts of toy cleaner, rinse and leave to dry before putting back on. I then wipe the rest of the toy down with antibacterial wipes.

Overall, I absolutely love the power of the W500 and without a doubt, I prefer this one over the W100 purely because of that. There are aspects of both that I really like and if I could merge them all into one toy then I think it would be so close to perfect. I’d take the buttons from the W100 along with the shape and the included case then I’d take the power and design from the W500. I was quite disappointed there is no case with the more expensive version of the Womanizer, especially at its retail price! This toy is highly expensive, but it is a fantastic, quality product and I would recommend it, although a waterproof version with all the mixed qualities I listed above would be even better.

I received the Womanizer W500 in Mint Lace from Orion in exchange for my honest review. I also received a bottle of the Just Glide Womanizer Lubricant. Thanks again! You can now purchase the Womanizer W500 from Lovehoney for £149.99.