Review: Happy Rabbit 5 Function Finger Vibrator

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I offered to test the Happy Rabbit Finger because I haven’t had the best experiences with finger vibrators in the past. I mean, there was this BASICS Jelly Ring, which was weak and toxic and then there was the Fifty Shades Secret Touching Ring which left me equally unimpressed, so I didn’t have the highest hopes that this would be powerful, until I saw it was a new addition to the Happy Rabbit range.

The packaging is standard for the Happy Rabbit range, a classic pink and white box with the name of the product on one side and a picture on the other, with the key features listed on the side. Inside this box I found the finger vibrator inside some plastic casing along with a branded storage pouch and the USB charging cable. Lovehoney usually include an information leaflet with their own-brand toys, but there wasn’t one included in this box, although I assume this is because I received it prior to launch and there would usually be one.

Happy Rabbit Finger

Happy Rabbit Finger

Happy Rabbit Finger

Happy Rabbit Finger





The first thing I noticed about the Happy Rabbit Finger was how well-made it is. I have been pleased with all three products I have from this range in regards to the extremely smooth, luxurious to the touch silicone. It’s non-toxic, non-porous and free from phthalates and latex so it’s completely body-safe. It is a lint magnet as I expected, but it is splashproof so the lint can be removed with a quick rinse. The Happy Rabbit Finger has no obvious seams other than a small one just below the ears, but it’s not noticeable unless running a finger across it. I found no imperfections or flaws within the build-quality, which gave me the impression that this is a luxury product.

It’s extremely petite with a length of just 3.75 inches and a circumference of 4.5 inches, which is around the same size as my partners index finger, which is coincidentally the finger that this toy fits best. He did mention that it pinched at his skin slightly, so we think that the finger loop should have been stretchier, but it wasn’t uncomfortable or tight enough that he wanted to stop using it. It’s not as flexible as other finger rings we’ve tried, but that’s probably due to the body-safe material it’s made out of rather than a fault with the product.

To get started, plug the USB into your chosen port and insert the jack into the small, silicone hole in the base of the toy, which is located next to the power button. A red light will begin to flash to indicate charge and this turns to a steady light once it is full of life and ready to go. The charging is a simple process, but a little time-consuming. It took around two hours to be ready for use and I was expecting a shorter charge time for something so small!

The Happy Rabbit Finger is operated via a single button, which is located on the base of the toy. It is coated with silicone just like the charging port, which blends in with the toy nicely but makes it hard to find, particularly in the dark. I have to look quite closely to locate the button or fumble around for a while until I find it. Once I have found it, I tend to keep mine (or my partner’s) hand firmly in place, so the function can be changed easily without having to stop and look at it, which would be off-putting. Pressing and holding the button will turn the toy on and off and tapping will cycle through the five available function which includes three steady speeds and two patterns.

Happy Rabbit FingerI have used the Happy Rabbit Finger alone and with my partner, coming the conclusion that I would rather use it during couples play. I think it’s more of a fun couples toy than something I’d bring to a masturbation session. My partner is happy to wear this and control it, despite the minor pinching I mentioned earlier he said it felt comfortable to wear and once he’d gotten used to the positioning of the button it was easy for him to operate.

We discovered two main ways to use this toy on me, one involves placing a finger through the loop and nestling the rabbit ears around the clitoris and the other involves turning the toy upside down and resting the nose of the rabbit onto the clitoris and leave the ears to do some gentle tickling of the vulva. I have a preference of the second method as I feel that the vibrations are stronger in the rabbit’s face. The vibrations don’t seem to carry right through to the tip of the ears and they become quite subtle about 3/4 of the way up, which means they’re not strong enough to do anything for me. Resting the nose of the Happy Rabbit Finger on my clitoris means I get a better feel for the vibrations as-well as more direct stimulation.

We later found out that this toy is suitable for use on my partner too, either by letting the ears tickle the base of his penis or using it against his glans. He preferred the second method as he said the placement felt better and provided some additional stimulation to a handjob/masturbation session.

Happy Rabbit Finger

In our experience, all three speeds of this toy seem to be on the buzzy spectrum, but the first one is baseline rumbly despite being the least powerful. I don’t find the settings strong enough for me to orgasm with, but it’s certainly a fun little toy to use nonetheless. My partner however, thinks that this vibrator aided his experiences and helped him to orgasm faster, so I believe the speeds will be great for those who don’t mind surface-level stimulation. Neither of us get along with the patterns, but they are nice extras for people who do.

It’s quiet even when it’s on the highest setting, so I’d happily recommend this finger vibrator to those who are looking for discretion. It cannot be heard from the next room and I didn’t even feel the need to play background noise to cover the sound. A duvet cover is enough to drown out the buzzing if you’re extra conscious about noise.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who doesn’t need deep, rumbly vibrations to orgasm or are simply looking for something fun and a little bit different to bring to their bedroom. It would also be ideal for weekends away as it’s so petite and easy to store. It’s quiet, fabulous quality and easy to use once you get used to the positioning of the button. It might not be strong enough for me, but it comes highly recommended from my partner who doesn’t need as much power. I definitely think it’s one of the best vibrators in this category at the moment!

 I received the Happy Rabbit Finger from Lovehoney in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! It has since been discontinued but the full-sized rabbit is still available for purchase. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Happy Rabbit Ears Clitoral Vibrator

After my first negative experience with a rabbit, I thought it would be the last. I wasn’t interested in trying another rabbit, let alone just the ears of one. Then I tried the Happy Rabbit 2 (which I received free with an order) and surprised myself by loving it. It’s a fantastic rabbit, but the ears were my favourite part. I then saw that Lovehoney offered the ears separately and I decided to buy them on the 3 for £75 offer to see if they could impress me on their own.

HAPPY RABBIT EARS VIBRATOR 1The packaging was classic, just a simple pink and white box with the name of the toy on one side and a picture on the other. A smaller version of the Happy Rabbit 2’s packaging really. Inside the box, I found the ears inside some plastic casing along with a small information leaflet, charging cable and a sleek, black, satin storage bag with a small Happy Rabbit tag on one side. This is great as it makes it easier to find amongst the sea of other black storage bags I have in the drawer.

First of all, I’ll have to say this garish pink is not really to my taste. I’m over the pinks. If there had been another colour choice (I’d even take purple) I’d have chosen it without a second thought. My next thought was that these ears are rather large, probably one of the biggest clitoral vibrators that I have (a little bigger than this). The toy just about fits in my palm but this doesn’t include the length of the ears themselves. The ears are very flexible, just as they are on the full size rabbit and can be separated as well as moved backwards, forwards or particular angle, meaning it’s adjustable enough that most people should be able to find a way to make this work with their anatomy.

Before using the toy, a full charge is required. This takes around two and a half hours. It gives roughly an hour of playtime. I would have liked slightly more playtime considering the charge time, but it’s decent enough that it will last a couple of shorter sessions. The charging port is in the base of the toy, it’s a small hole that seals when not in use to keep the toy fully waterproof. Insert the jack into the base and the USB into your chosen supply source, a red light will begin to flash to indicate the ears. The light will just stay on once the charge is completed. It’s easy to charge, but time-consuming and it doesn’t seem to take long before it needs to be put back on charge.

Moving onto the manual information, there is only one button to control the toy, so it’s very straight easy to use. It is blended into the toy nicely and coated with silicone to keep the finish smooth, but it can be a little stiff to press at times. I don’t really like the positioning either, I find I have to move the toy away from me to change functions, it’s not something I can do without looking at it first. This can be slightly off-putting and occasionally it can kill the mood. Once you’ve got used to the positioning, it just takes a quick press and hold to turn the toy on/off & tapping once will cycle through the different functions. There are three speeds and nine patterns to choose from, none of these patterns are available on the ears of the Happy Rabbit 2.









The constant vibrations verge on being rumbly but never quite make it, which is disappointing as the full size is much stronger, deeper and powerful. I can orgasm on the highest setting, but it does take a while and I’d prefer to use something else. I’d rather something more precise too, this doesn’t give as much pinpoint stimulation to the clitoris as I expected. One positive about the vibrations on this toy? They carry through the head and ears so there’s no hand numbing coming from the body of the toy, making it something that can be used for longer periods of time.

As you may know, I don’t really enjoy patterns but I quite liked the ones that the Happy Rabbit 2 offered, so I thought they may be worth a try on the ears. Lots of the patterns are similar and buzzy, so I don’t really like them. There’s some stop and start vibrations and some fast pulsations, none of which really float my boat. I did like the first pattern though as it was like a wave, going up and down in intensity. If patterns are your thing, you might enjoy them, but for me, it’s not happening this time. I think the patterns on the Happy Rabbit 2 had a little more depth to them, which is what made them enjoyable to me.

Noise wise, it’s louder than I expected. It’s not wand loud, but it’s more than I’d like. I find most of the noise comes from the patterns, which might contribute to why I find them so off-putting. Having the TV on in the background and a closed-door, would be essential for me to use this whilst others are home, but again, I’d much rather just use something else. It is nice to use in the shower every so often but I have stronger clitoral toys I could use so it’s not often I bring it out.

It’s fairly easy to clean, apart from the area where the seam joins the head and body of the toy as this seems to be a really easy place for lubricant or other fluids to pile up. This takes a little bit of extra time and attention. It does gather lint being made from silicone, but it’s not the worst toy I’ve seen for lint hoarding.

HAPPY RABBIT EARS VIBRATOR 4Overall, I’m disappointed in this toy. It’s not a bad toy, but it’s disheartening after such a good experience with the Happy Rabbit 2. I’d much rather have the vibrations and length of the shaft than use these ears alone. Whilst it was a nice idea, it didn’t work for me. It’s partly due to the lack of rumbles as the full size manages to make it to the rumbly category, it’s also due to the disappointment in the patterns and the charge to play time ratio. I could only recommend this if you haven’t yet tried the Happy Rabbit 2 or don’t need rumbles to orgasm, but otherwise, buy the full size. You’ll thank me later.

You can no longer purchase the Happy Rabbit Ears USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator from Lovehoney as it has been discontinued. You can view their other clitoral vibrators here. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

Review: Happy Rabbit 2 Natural

Occasionally Lovehoney send out email promotions that I just can’t refuse, for example, this Happy Rabbit for free if I spent £40? I’d like to thank them for the opportunity to get my hands on this with an order I was going to make anyway. It has been done a couple more times since I got mine, so I highly recommend signing up for the emails to get similar offers.

SEX AND THE CITY CHARLOTTE VIBRATORThe rabbit is the first sex toy I ever encountered, thanks to Charlotte in an iconic episode of Sex and The City. She was so in love with hers, I wondered what I was missing out on, so I ordered one. I was extremely disappointed with it, it was made from Jelly Rubber and caused a very painful burning between my legs. I threw it out quickly and vowed never to own a rabbit again. Then I noticed the Happy Rabbit and decided to give the category another chance.

I haven’t got on as well with any other rabbit since, so it seems the Happy Rabbit is truly the perfect fit for me. If there’s ever a similar offer for the G-Spot version, I’ll be hopping over to Lovehoney and adding it straight to my basket.

HAPPY RABBIT 2 NATURAL 1It arrived packaged in a sleek, pink and white box with a huge picture of the rabbit covering one side and the name of the toy on the other. The side displays the key features as is always the case with Lovehoney branded products. Inside the box, was my Happy Rabbit 2 inside plastic casing to keep it protected along with a satin storage bag,  USB charging cable and a small information guide. Since my original review, I have had an issue with the storage bag as it seems to have some dye residue inside which has stained my Happy Rabbit in a couple of places. It’s not overly visible, but it is aesthetically ruined for me now. I would recommend  to anyone buying this toy, to wash the bag first to remove any residue and keep your rabbit in perfect condition. I now wrap it in a plastic bag inside the storage bag to protect from any further staining.

The charging point on the Happy Rabbit is located on the back of the base and is covered with a silicone seal to ensure it remains fully waterproof. It’s really easy to charge, just insert the jack into the charging point and the USB into your laptop or chosen charging port. It takes approximately two hours for a full charge and it gives off a decent amount of play time, but I can’t say exactly how long as it depends on the settings you’re using. It has varied each time I’ve used it. This toy has a red charging light that turns to green when the toy is ready to be used.

HAPPY RABBIT 2 NATURAL 2One of the first things I noticed about the Happy Rabbit 2 after removing it from the packaging was the quality of it. It’s extremely well-made, the silicone feels so luxurious and smooth to the touch, though of course it’s fantastic at catching lint, cat hairs and dust. The base of the rabbit is made from plastic and is surprisingly sturdy, with some weight to it.

It’s very comfortable to hold and easy to use. The buttons are both on the base of the toy, so are easy to reach and use whilst in hand or inserted. Much better than the horrible twisting base on the previous disaster rabbit I owned. This toy actually has two motors, one in the clitoral arm and one in the shaft. Both offer powerful, rumbly and worthwhile vibrations.

The Happy Rabbit 2 has flexible ears so you can angle them to perfectly surround your clitoris. The head of the shaft also has some gentle flex to it, so it can be adjusted to suit your body. The ears on this are actually rather long, but they still carry vibrations well throughout the entire length. Due to them being this long and also flexible, I think this is a rabbit that could potentially work for lots of women as it’s more adaptable than others I’ve come across.

HAPPY RABBIT 2 NATURAL 3This toy offers 15 impressive functions, three of which are in the ears and twelve belong to the shaft. All three in the ears are constant speeds with varying levels of intensity. The shaft has the same amount of speeds and intensities, along with nine patterns to choose from. There’s something for everyone here.

The small button at the bottom operates the ears and the longer one operates the shaft. Tap once to start the vibrations, press again to cycle through the settings or press and hold down to turn off. You can use the shaft and ear functions simultaneously or you can just use one or the other. It’s entirely up to you. I like to use both at the same time, if I want to use just the ears, then I can, because I have them as a separate toy!


The first three functions in the shaft are constant, rumbly, vibrations. Both the shaft and the ears have very nice, rounded vibrations that travel well throughout the entire length and aren’t softened by the silicone. Even the lowest speeds are by no means weak. Definitely more than the ticklish feelings I experience regularly with other toys. The vibration intensity doesn’t decrease if using some pressure either, which I really like, as I often find vibrations to dull once pressure is applied.

Now, you might know me as an avid pattern hater, but I can’t keep up the cold-hearted attitude towards them on this toy.  There are some pretty great ones on this and there are only a few that are the type that I hate. The power is maintained through these functions, but a couple become buzzy. Number 10 is worth a quick mention as it does make me a little numb after use, so I have to be careful with it. I can only use it for a couple of minutes at a time. Out of the fifteen functions the Happy Rabbit 2 offers, I like and use around nine of them, which for me is unheard of. I love finding hidden gems in a category that I usually ignore. These powerful patterns feel fantastic with the high-speed clitoral stimulation.


As the Happy Rabbit 2 has two motors, I expected it to be a rather noisy toy. I’m surprised and pleased to report that it isn’t in the slightest, even with both motors on their most powerful settings, it’s easily drowned out with a duvet and some background music. For the amount of power this rabbit holds, I am really impressed with how little noise it makes. I can even use it whilst other people in the house, which is always a bonus.

Overall, this is a fantastic toy. It has excellent build quality and I’m surprised by the intense power in both motors, how quiet it is and how easy it is to use, charge and clean. Toy cleaner and water works perfectly fine, but I have been using a 10% bleach solution recently to try to reduce the purple markings. It has the added benefits of flexibility and being waterproof so I don’t see much room for improvement here. It’s my perfect rabbit mate and it won’t be buried at the bottom of the hutch anytime soon.

        You can buy the Happy Rabbit 2 Natural (£54.99) from Lovehoney.

Affiliate links have been used within this post.