Review: We-Vibe Jive

Being in a long-distance relationship increases the chances of our sex life going stale, getting boring or diminishing completely so we like to devote time to intimacy by trying new things on a regular basis. Activities such as sexting often occur when we are not together but this could become repetitive if done too often so it’s important that we switch things up with products like this that can be used by us both even when we’re not in the same postcode. We have always thought that knowing the other is in control of the settings adds to the excitement but unfortunately our experience with wearable vibrators in the past have been limited and underwhelming in the power department. Luckily for us, We-Vibe created the Jive, a vibrator that seemed to promise many of the features we had been hoping to find and Lovehoney were kind enough to send us one to review.

Arriving in a coloured cardboard box with a striking product shot on the front and some of the key selling points and relevant product information on the back. Inside there was the charging cable, user guide, storage pouch, a sachet of Pjur’s We-Vibe water-based lubricant and the Jive itself. It had no charge whatsoever so it needed to be plugged in for around ninety minutes before it could be used. A full lease of life is supposed to provide up to two hours of vibrations. It uses a sturdy magnetic charging system where the connector is attached to the corresponding points on the antenna.

We-Vibe Jive Vibrating G-Spot Stimulator

We-Vibe Jive Vibrating G-Spot StimulatorWe-Vibe Jive Vibrating G-Spot StimulatorWe-Vibe Jive Vibrating G-Spot Stimulator





Made from the brands popular luxurious silicone, the Jive is completely body safe. This material is odourless, non-toxic, phthalate free and hypoallergenic so you can be assured that this is a top quality product and it’ll be kind to your nether regions. It feels smooth to the touch but has the associated friction that comes with the silicone territory so be sure to slather it up in a good water based lubricant before use to aid insertion/removal and provide comfort. After use, clean it’s fully waterproof surface with warm soapy water and leave to dry before storing.

Control wise, there are two methods to choose from. You can operate via the button on the retrieval cord or through the We Connect App. We’ve tried out both methods of operation and thought they both had their time and place to be used. If I’m using the Jive during a masturbation session then the manual control is more convenient whereas it’s easier to hand over the phone to my partner and allow him to control through the app if we’re using it together. To control manually simply press the button for a few seconds to turn on and continue to press to cycle through the preset modes. Pressing and holding for a few seconds will turn the device off.

We-Vibe Jive Vibrating G-Spot StimulatorBefore opening up the app make sure that Bluetooth is activated on your chosen device and the Jive is switched on. Once in the app, press pair We-Vibe and let the devices find each other. When paired follow the instructions given on the screen.

The control button will find the first function and begin the vibrations. You can then swipe from side to side to change the function or pinch and pull on your selected function to change the level of intensity. To hand control over to a partner, press the connect lover button and follow the instructions that are given or simply design your own settings through the create my vibe option.

The box advertises the Jive as a hands-free, wearable g-spot vibrator and whilst I can’t disagree with the first words in that description, I have to argue against the second part. The shape of this toy is not typical of something designed to stimulate that area at all as there’s a severe lack of curve and definition. I had to force it into a titled, upright position for it locate the spot but then it wasn’t particularly comfortable or pleasurable to use and failed to remain where placed. It does have a bulbous width to it so I’d imagine that it would have been great for this kind of stimulation if it had been designed with a gentle curve but as it stands now, it doesn’t hit that area for me at all.

We came to the conclusion that it was best to treat the We-Vibe Jive as a love egg instead of a g-spot stimulator as these generally don’t have a particular area of focus and are designed to provide broad stimulation instead of precise. It’s comfortable to insert and wear this way as it’s not huge, it has an insertable length of just three and a half inches and a maximum circumference of just above four inches. It should be suitable for most people with some insertable experience and a thick coating of lubricant but please remember that this is not a toy that should be used anally as there is no flared base.

We-Vibe Jive Vibrating G-Spot StimulatorIt pressed against my vaginal walls with its firm surface adding welcome pressure which could be intensified by clenching around it. I wasn’t expecting it to work out my pelvic floor but hey, kegel exercisers are always welcome with me. The vibrations are strong, strong enough for the vast majority of people who are not power queens, but they are not the strongest vibrations I’ve felt from this brand. This was a little disappointing as I was expecting it to be the strongest of its kind but I got over this quickly when I realised that it still had We-Vibe’s signature rumbly motor.

The constant speeds are what I use the most and I liked the Jive’s although I found myself wishing they were a few notches stronger. The vibrations aren’t weak by any means but they never seemed to reach the level I associate with We-Vibe’s motors. That doesn’t mean that I couldn’t orgasm with this though as the combination of pressure against the vaginal walls, strengthening sensations and the rumbly motor worked some magic. If g-spot stimulation is what attracted you to the Jive then dare I say that you will be disappointed. Others may have more luck than I did but I don’t see it being a common occurrence unfortunately and would rather recommend their Rave for that purpose instead.

Overall, I like the We-Vibe Jive but it doesn’t blow my mind. It’s not the best toy I’ve tried from this brand I’m afraid and I hope they’ll take notes about the shape on board for future designs. I have to credit them for creating the best hands-free, wearable love egg that I have tried to date in terms of comfort, power, quality and long-distance control options but it could definitely have been improved in other areas. If it hadn’t been sold as a g-spot stimulator then I wouldn’t have felt disappointment upon trying it as I wouldn’t be expecting it to hit that spot. The other thing that made me slightly sad was the noise levels. It’s not as quiet as their other vibrators and probably couldn’t be used in public.

You can purchase the We-Vibe Jive (£99.99) from Lovehoney.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post. 

Review: VeDO Inu Super Plus G-Spot Vibrator

We have tried a couple of vibrators from VeDO now and concluded that both the Wink and the GeeSlim would be fantastic for beginners due to their entry-level measurements and average vibration strength. However, their latest release, the Inu Super Plus, is the opposite of both of the toys I previously mentioned as it’s short, textured and averagely girthed. These qualities made me think that this would be a product that would be better suited to intermediate users or people with more penetration experience. As someone who is well acquainted with various vibrators myself, I was looking forward to giving this pretty aqua treat a chance to win me over and I had high hopes that this would be an affordable option that I could recommend to folks in the market for a g-spot toy that’s a little different. So did it impress or was I left feeling deflated?

VeDO Inu Super Plus G-Spot VibratorIt arrived in a white and turquoise box which was minimalistic in design. Just a product shot on the front, a description and diagram on the back and further photos on the sides. Inside the toy rested within some soft black casing and the charging cable and product guide were stashed underneath. It doesn’t come with any storage but that’s expected and acceptable for this price point. The only thing I don’t like about the way this brand packages is the fluffy casing as some of it transfers onto the silicone of the product inside.

The Inu Super Plus is rechargeable via usb so it’s travel friendly, convenient and straight forward to set up. Just unscrew the cap, place the connector into the port and plug the usb to a suitable spot. A red light will turn on to indicate that the charge has started and this will turn green when completed. It doesn’t give an estimated charge or use time in the manual so I’d have to estimate based on my experiences and say it takes about an hour and a half for a full refresh which gives forty-five minutes to an hour of use depending on the settings that are being used.

VeDO Inu Super Plus G-Spot VibratorAs it’s made from a matte style silicone, it attracts all sorts of lint and pet hair so rinsing thoroughly before use is a must and cleaning well with soapy water afterwards will keep it in good sanitary condition. It is submersible so rinsing is not an issue but make sure the base is screwed back into position firmly before approaching water to keep the charging port protected.

Silicone is one of the best materials out there for sex toys as it’s completely body-safe, non-porous, non-toxic, odourless and phthalate free as well as being hypoallergenic and easy to clean. The type used for the Inu Super Plus is silky and soft but I’d still recommend a splashing of water-based lube to aid penetration.

When the Inu arrived and I compared it to the GeeSlim I was surprised by how significant the size difference actually is. In total, the Inu has five insertable inches and five inches of girth around it’s widest point. If you’ve never inserted anything before then this will probably be too thick for you even with adequate lubrication so I wouldn’t recommend this to a complete beginner although it may be a suitable first-time toy for people who have experience with penetration from fingers or a penis. For me, the girth was within my ideal range and the length was perfect. I don’t like toys that hit the cervix and this one thankfully doesn’t get close enough to mine to brush up against it.

VeDO Inu Super Plus G-Spot VibratorA singular button on the base is in charge of all operations. Tap it once to start the vibrations, tap again to cycle through the functions and press and hold for a couple of seconds to turn it off. There are ten functions to choose from. Three constant speeds of varying intensity and seven different patterns. The patterns are simply not for me as I prefer constant speeds but there is a good variety for those who do experiment with them.

When I got my first feel of the vibrations I thought I’d picked up another toy by mistake as I wasn’t expecting the level of power that I got. In my opinion, it’s much stronger than either of the VeDO toys I’ve tried previously and would be best suited to people who know that they like power and can handle it. If you’re particularly sensitive to vibrations and find them overwhelming at times then this may not be the right product for you. I’m a lover of power and will take whatever I can get so the Inu gets a thumbs up from me on the intensity front.

VeDO Inu Super Plus G-Spot VibratorI tried it out clitorally first as I usually do and noticed that the lowest speed was rumbly, the medium was on the border and the highest was buzzy. The lowest speed wasn’t enough to bring me to the point of an orgasm externally so I went over to the highest speed and found climaxing quite easy from there.

The silicone surface is firm enough that I’m able to comfortably push it up against my clitoris for direct contact, maximum stimulation and my desired amount of pressure. If you’re like me and like toys to be as close to the clitoris as humanly possible, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s possible to achieve  that with this vibrator.

Firm surfaces and my g-spot go hand in hand so I was excited to see how this would hold up for internal use. I’m not much of a thruster with vibrators (I prefer to use dildos for that method of masturbation) so I don’t need as much length or width on a vibe which is where this toy fits perfectly into my collection. Some people like to thrust with every internal toy designed to hit their g-spot but I’d rather be as lazy as possible if I have vibrations willing to take over part of the work for me. If I were one of those people who preferred to put the work in myself then I think I’d be disappointed with this toy internally as it doesn’t have much ‘wow’ factor. It feels good but the dimensions aren’t enough to be filling and unfortunately, the texture is barely noticeable upon use.

VeDO Inu Super Plus G-Spot Vibrator

Without static contact to the g-spot, the Inu Super Plus doesn’t quite do enough stimulating to produce orgasms in my experience. Luckily for me, static contact is my thing so I was able to enjoy my encounters with this toy and have orgasms easily enough. I will say that I’ve had stronger/better orgasms from other toys with more pronounced curves or angles to the head but this is perfect for lazy masturbation sessions, quick releases and working out what feels good for my body.

Overall, I was impressed with the strength, the soft silicone exterior and the way that it stimulated my external and internal spots. I think it could have been better with more pronounced texture for additional stimulation and a touch more girth, but I think that some people will have great exploration experiences with this and be able to take it for what it is. More advanced users, people who like to thrust with their vibrators and those who are looking for serious texture will want to look elsewhere as this doesn’t meet those parameters. It also may not be the best choice for people who value discretion as it’s not the quietest toy around.

You can purchase the VeDO Inu Super Plus ($54.95/£39.60) from Peepshow Toys. You can get 10% off any purchases with the code “NatandTom”.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.