Review: Lelo Ella 

Lelo EllaIf you had asked me a year ago who my favourite luxury toy brand were, I probably would have answered Lelo. If you asked me now, I’d tell you to seek out better companies such as We-Vibe, Svakom and Doxy. I don’t support Lelo anymore, due to ethical reasons briefly explained in the disclaimer at the end of this review, but I thought it was still worth sharing my thoughts on one of their popular toys that I purchased pre-hex era, called the Ella.

One thing that I cannot fault this brand on, is the presentation. I’m a sucker for simplistic, but luxurious packaging and that’s what I get with their products. Inside the cardboard sleeve and gift box it arrives in, the Ella can be found within a tray for added protection. The box also houses a satin storage pouch, user manual, a sachet of personal lubricant and a warranty card. Lelo’s warranty lasts for one year, but they also offer a ten-year guarantee, which you register for through their site.

Lelo Ella It is made from a glorious, luxurious silicone which is free from latex and phthalates, making it completely body-safe. It’s rather smooth to the touch and has a minimal amount of drag to it. It’s not minimal enough that I don’t need to use lubricant though, and as this toy is made from silicone, water-based is the type to go for.

The material picks up a fair amount of lint, but not to the same degree as the silicone used by Fun Factory. It can be easily removed under running water and cleaned with soap or toy cleaner. This material can be cleaned more thoroughly with a 10% bleach solution or by being placed in the dishwasher, which I’d recommend doing if you’re switching between orifices and/or partners.

The Lelo Ella is around seven inches in length, with just over five of those inches being insertable. I think this should be manageable for the majority of people who are used to penetrative sex or insertable toys, but I personally would have welcomed an extra inch of insertable length because I’m greedy.  I do think that any additional length would have put beginners off, so I’m happy with what it has and I feel it’s still enough to do the job that the toy is designed to do. In terms of girth, there are just over four inches around the widest point. This made me unsure at first as it’s quite slimline for a g-spot dildo, but somehow, it works.

Lelo Ella

In use, it took me a while to figure out that it’s actually double-ended and either side can be used depending on the type of stimulation you’re after. I definitely have a preference though and that is to use the flat, rounded end internally and the pointed end as a handle. I have found that the flat end sort of presses up against the g-spot’s entire surface area really easily. It doesn’t overwhelm the spot but it doesn’t leave anything to be desired either. It hits it perfectly, stimulating every curve and crevice.

I can orgasm easily with the flat end, and yes, I mean a squirting orgasm, which is not something I can regularly achieve with many toys. I think there are less than ten toys that can make me orgasm in this way on a consistent basis, but the Ella is within that small handful. It’s a particularly intense orgasm when I add a clitoral vibrator or my partner’s hand into the mix. I have found the best way for me to consistently reach this orgasm is a gentle rocking motion. I have found thrusting to be uncomfortable with this toy, especially if I’m using it with the pointed end inserted, slow and steady definitely seems to win the race here.

Lelo EllaOverall, I think the Ella is a fantastic toy for g-spot stimulation and I can’t help but want to recommend it. It’s slowly being taken off the shelves though, so I would advise getting it sooner rather than later if it sounds of interest to you. I just wish that the pointed end had been smoothed over and rounded instead, as I believe this would have stopped the stabbing pains when this end was inserted. The flat side is the clear winner for me.

link to sex toys     You can purchase the Lelo Ella (£34.99) from Nice ‘n’ Naughty. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

Review: Fun Factory Tiger Dildo 

If you are wanting a high quality silicone toy, then Fun Factory probably have at least one for you. I’m slowly building up a collection of their products and I just can’t get enough of their beautiful designs, colour options and wonderful innovations. I knew I had to have the Tiger from the first time I laid eyes upon it as the texture just looked divine and I wanted to know how it felt. I’ve since purchased the vibrator version too, so look out for that review in the near future.

Fun Factory TigerThe packaging was as I expected from this brand. I have come to love the minimal, simple and relaxed packaging that their products arrive in. It’s couple-friendly and non intimidating, whilst still being somewhat luxurious. The front of the cardboard sleeve contains an image of the Tiger and underneath, a gold box is revealed. Inside the box, the toy is found underneath a strip of cardboard along with a user manual. My only gripe so far is that Fun Factory toys do not include storage bags, but you can get them separately from their site.

The Tiger is made from 100% medical-grade silicone which is completely body-safe, odourless and free from both latex and phthalates. It’s hypoallergenic, non-toxic and non-porous. The silicone feels high quality and is smooth, but it has quite a large amount of drag to it – this is possibly due to the amount of ridges, but I generally find Fun Factory silicone has more drag to it than many other brands anyway. I’d say it’s essential to coat the toy in water-based lubricant before use to make it more comfortable and remove the friction. The silicone attracts a great amount of lint as you may expect, but it’s easily removable with toy cleaner and a rinse.

I would suggest that beginners try a non-textured dildo like the Magnum before something like the Tiger as this is not exactly a small toy and the texture that it has makes it feel larger than it is. It has eight inches of overall length and just under seven inches of insertable shaft. I find this length to be really comfortable and it’s about my desired size, I have no issues with it hitting my cervix on most occasions, but if you have a tilted cervix or it’s sitting lower at particular times of the month, then you may not want to make use of the entire length. It has just over five inches in girth at the widest point around the last ridge and is just over four and a half inches around the slimmest point which is just below the first ridge.

Fun Factory Tiger

Slathering the tantalising Tiger in lubricant, I slowly began to insert it. I didn’t even take notes on the first use as I had planned, because I was just blown away from the second I first felt the coronal ridge. It has a gentle curve at the top which helps the Tiger to find the right spot without much intervention from me and it doesn’t take long for it to begin to work its magic once I’ve begun some movement. I tried a couple of different methods and both worked well, but my preference is thrusting.

I found that I could thrust quite quickly with this toy, which was a great way for the coronal ridge to stimulate my g-spot and the rest of the shaft creating a sensation of fullness, with some added stimulation to the vaginal walls from the ridged texture. I absolutely love the ridges throughout this toy as they add an extra layer of intensity and they manage to hit all the right spots. The ridges seem to heighten my sensitivity, which is exactly what I need during the build-up to a g-spot orgasm. I can also rock this toy in a back and forth motion when I’m craving something more gentle, but the texture still does marvellous things for the vaginal walls which can bring me to a relieving orgasm.

Overall, I think the Fun Factory Tiger is a fantastic dildo for vaginal play and it’s become one of my favourite insertable toys. I love the way that it tackles my g-spot and forces an orgasm out of it, plus the extra texture from the ridges is simply divine. I couldn’t have asked for a better balance of texture and I wouldn’t change anything about it. It is safe for anal use and can be used with a harness, but as we don’t peg and I think this a little big for my back door right now, we haven’t experimented with it in this way thus far.

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     You can purchase the Fun Factory Tiger Dildo (£32.99) from Nice n Naughty. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

Review: Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit

I received the Ramsey Rabbit from Rocks Off as a prize during their Twitter Easter competition. It’s the first time I’d ever won anything, as well as being my first product from Rocks Off, so I was really excited for it to arrive. I’ve since nabbed a Bamboo and will hopefully try some more of their products in the near future, so look out for some more Rocks Off reviews soon.

The Ramsey Rabbit arrived quickly and fairly discreetly, wrapped inside a ‘remove before display’ sleeve, which I assume is to simply protect the packaging and product during transit. Removing the sleeve, I was met with the lovely, minimalistic outer box of the toy. It features a cut out window which shows off the vibrator in all its glory. A small purple banner across the bottom of the box reads the product name alongside the brand logo. The back of the box features some of the key selling points of the toy, along with battery information and vague instructions for use.

Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit

Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit

Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit

Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit





This toy is made up of two parts, an outer bunny sleeve and their famous 7 speed RO-80mm bullet vibrator. The sleeve is made from a very soft, smooth and somewhat flexible silicone, which is is completely body-safe, hypoallergenic and non porous. The silicone is completely seamless and of a high quality, with minimal drag to it. I would still recommend using a small amount of water-based lubricant though, just to make using the toy more comfortable. The bullet inside the silicone sleeve is made from sturdy ABS plastic, which is also body-safe. The toy is completely waterproof so is very easy to clean with a quick rinse and a squirt of toy cleaner. The bullet is also removable for a better, more intense clean.

The Ramsey Rabbit arrived with the needed N battery inside, so all I had to do was unscrew the base of the bullet, remove the white paper disc and place the cap back on. It’s operated by a singular button on the cap, so is very straight forward to use. Press down for a couple of seconds to begin the vibrations, tap to cycle through and press and hold for a few seconds to turn the toy off. There are three constant speeds and four patterns to choose from.

As expected, I’m not fond of the patterns, but I never usually am. I prefer constant vibration, I don’t really understand the need for fancy patterns and constant stopping and starting, this brings me further from orgasm, rather than closer to it. The patterns on the Ramsey Rabbit are ones that you’ll find on most inexpensive vibrators, so are nothing special, but there’s decent variety for those who might enjoy this type of stimulation. The speeds are okay, not mind-blowing or powerful enough to bring me to orgasm, but probably strong enough for someone who’s new to vibration. I must admit I’m used to strong/rumbly rechargeable vibrators now, so many battery operated toys aren’t strong enough for me anymore, but they may still be wonderful for others.

I was quite disappointed in the sleeve, as it just seemed to dull the vibrations and didn’t carry them very well. I had anticipated that the main source of vibrations would be in the ears, but these didn’t vibrate at all. I found the vibrations felt the strongest in the face of the rabbit and it definitely feels strange placing a rabbits nose on your clitoris, rather than having its ears surround it. The vibrations are also quite strong near the end of sleeve, which is quite odd as thats where your hand goes, resulting in a numb hand. Based on my experiences, I don’t think this sleeve is particularly functional.

The bullet on its own however, is much better than I had anticipated. It’s still not a toy that’s strong enough for me or suits me well, but I can definitely see someone new to sex toys or someone who doesn’t need much power enjoying it. In conclusion, the toy itself is not bad, it just isn’t right for me.

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You can purchase the Ramsey Rabbit (£19.99) from Nice ‘n’ Naughty. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Lelo Smart Wand Large

Lelo Smart Wand LargeIt came in a huge box. Not glossy and bright as most other Lelo boxes, but splashed with pictures of the product and information about it. Inside the box, the wand rested within some casing. In a separate part of the box I found a storage sleeve, charger, sachet of personal lubricant, warranty card and user guide. I must say that the sleeve is well-made and looks much nicer than the typical storage bags I use to store my sex toys. It’s also easily identifiable, which is good.

It is made from silicone, which is soft to the touch. The finish is smooth and silky, as is the case with the silicone that Lelo use most of the time. It has very minimal drag to it, but water-based lubricant can be applied to the head and yourself for comfort. It’s marketed as fully waterproof, so cleaning in soap and water is not a problem, neither is using it in the bath or shower. I have never used this in the bath, as I have concerns about water getting into the charging port as it doesn’t appear to be sealed in any way. It’s not that I distrust the claim of it being waterproof, I just don’t like to take any chances, especially when I’ve heard stories about this particular product breaking soon after the warranty runs out.

In regards to charging, the Smart Wand is refreshed through the mains. It takes around two hours for a complete charge and this gives around the same amount of use time on the lower speeds. I have found it only gives about an hour on the highest settings. Having said that, I’ve noticed that my Smart Wand Large doesn’t hold charge well at all. If I use it one day and put it back with half charge left, I can come back two days later to a dead vibrator. It seems to run the battery down so quickly, even when it’s not in use. I expect this somewhat, but not to the extent that it does. Due to this, I can’t use this toy whenever I fancy because I always need to charge it first.

Lelo Smart Wand LargeIt has a three-button interface, a +, a – and a () button. The + button activates the vibration and increases the strength, whilst the – decreases the strength and turns the wand off. Pressing and holding these buttons down for five seconds will activate/deactivate the travel lock feature. The () button activates the patterns, of which there are eight. This button also activates Sense Touch, which is exclusive to Lelo Smart Wands.

To explore this, press and hold for a few seconds. Sense Touch is a feature where the massage strength builds when the wand comes into contact with the skin. It’s caused by special touch sensors in the tip that recognise when the wands comes into contact with the body. When it isn’t touching, the vibration intensity decreases. When it is touching, you can adjust strength via the other buttons as normal. If you wish to turn this setting off and just use the standard modes, press and hold the () button for a few seconds.

Now I’ll be honest, there are only three vibrators from Lelo that I actually like, the Nea 2, the Mona 2 and this. The Smart Wand Large is one toy that I think they got right. Sure, there’s a few things that I would change, but on the whole, it’s a good product. It’s rumbly, it’s powerful and reaches that level of strength that I crave. Most of the vibrators that I have tried from Lelo have been unimpressive in the intensity department, but this is where the Smart Wand excels. I did notice that I was feeling bruised after use when I first started using this toy and I’m not too sure why this was, but a thick coating of lubricant seemed to ease the problem.

Lelo Smart Wand LargeThe other issues that I encountered includes the problem with it not holding charge well and the fact that it heats up exceptionally fast. With it being such a high-powered wand I expected it to heat up, as most do, but I wasn’t expecting it to get hot within five minutes or less. I don’t feel as though this is a good sign. I can see this being the means of an end. I am worried that it’s going to break on me within a year or two. I would expect at least fifteen minutes of consistent use before it begins to warm up, especially as it’s not even mains-powered.

Overall, I like the Smart Wand Large, but it’s not perfect. It’s certainly one of Lelo’s better creations and if I were to recommend any toy of theirs, it would be between this and the Ella. However, I no longer support this company due to ethical differences, so I have been searching for an equal to (or better than) equivalent. The best option that I found was the slightly pricier O-Wand. It has none of the issues that I encountered with the Smart Wand and I believe it’s actually quieter too. It even comes with an attachment.

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You can purchase the Lelo Smart Wand Large (£129.99) from Nice n Naughty. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

Please note (2016): Since I received this product, my thoughts on this brand have changed completely. I no longer support their marketing, ethics or brand and I would advise you to research their recent behaviour before purchasing their products. I’m mostly saddened by their attitude in recent months – in particular in the insult of using a domestic abuser named Charlie Sheen, who also happened to have unprotected sex with uninformed partners whilst knowing he had HIV, to promote their new condoms. I cannot support a company who put profits and sales above ethics and morals.