Review: So Divine Wild Thing Jewelled Booty Plug

During 2017, a few companies have shot up on my radar and So Divine are definitely one of them. I have been rather impressed with the quality of the products they’ve released so far and I adore their message of producing safe, affordable sex toys for all. They started out with mini bullets, single speed bullets, classic vibrators and massaging wands that doubled as internal vibrators. Then they continued to expand their range by launching the first butt plug, a petite toy named the Sweet Sensation. It has been my go-to plug to recommend to first-timers ever since I tried it and I’d hoped they’d add more to their anal offerings. A few weeks ago I received word that they’d added two more sizes and I opted to review the larger of the two, the Wild Thing. I will be purchasing the medium Bootylicious to complete the set and I’ll also be hoping to see some vibrating options appear in the near future.

It arrived in typical So Divine fashion – a simple purple and white box with a product photo on the front. It points out a few key features on the side of the box and some instructions for use on the back. Inside, there’s another box which contains the plug, two changeable jewels, a small velvet storage pouch and the information leaflet that comes with all products. It just gives a quick introduction to the brand and some basic cleaning information.

So Divine Wild Thing Booty Plug

So Divine Wild Thing Booty PlugSo Divine Wild Thing Booty PlugSo Divine Wild Thing Booty Plug





Wild Thing is made from soft silicone. This is of course non-toxic, odourless, hypoallergenic and completely body safe. There are no latex or phthalates involved either. A good, hygienic material is necessary for any sort of sex toy but it’s a must-have for butt stuff. The silky silicone has less resistance to it than many other silicone plugs I’ve encountered so there’s not much unwanted friction to remove. It is an anal toy however so this doesn’t mean you should scrimp on the lubricant as we all know the anus doesn’t lubricate itself. A high quality water based anal concoction is what you’ll need and I’d recommend being generous with it as this is a large plug.

Cleaning wise, silicone can occasionally maintain odours after use but this wasn’t an issue for me. For those who may encounter this problem, just bleach the plug (after removing the jewel) with a 10% bleach solution, place it in the dishwasher on a sanitize setting with no detergent or boil it for a few moments. You should clean with one of the above methods if the plug is going to be used by more than one person otherwise rinsing and spritzing with antibacterial cleaner is more than enough.

The Wild Thing Booty Plug has a traditional shape. It has a pointed tip with a rounded body and a slender neck. It has a circular base complete with changeable jewels that is wider than the plugs widest point to prevent unwanted travel. You should never use anything in your butt that doesn’t have a flared base as they can get sucked up/lost and create awkward hospital visits to get them removed. This plug is perfectly safe, easy to insert with some lube and has not slipped out on me during use. I have no concerns about it traveling or moving out-of-place as the base is both sturdy and secure.

So what are the dimensions? It has an overall length of four inches and an insertable length of 2.3 inches. It’s short and unobtrusive like its smaller counterpart but has a circumference of five inches that provides a filled sensation. It is not huge but it definitely should not be used without some slow build up and experience. I have been engaging in anal play and anal sex for a couple of years now so the size wasn’t an issue for me but those who are new to butt stuff should start with the Sweet Sensation and move on to the Bootylicious before attempting the Wild Thing.

The neck and base of this plug have some flex to them which gives the initial impression that they’d be hard to insert and position but there were no issues with this at all. If anything, it makes insertion easier as I can get the correct angle for comfortable entry. As I’d tried So Divine’s beginner plug I knew that I couldn’t accidentally pop out the crystal when pushing against it, as its supported well by the surrounding silicone, but it can be removed easily to change the jewel to one of the other color options. It comes with a gold, light purple and silver jewel that can be changed when wanted. All three colours look very pretty when worn as they sparkle and reflect the light beautifully. It gives a partner a nice view when wearing it and adds some extra details to a plug that would be plain otherwise. I have enjoyed matching the jewels to the finishing touches on the lingerie I wear and absolutely love the fact that I now have three plugs in one.

So Divine Wild Thing Booty PlugSo Divine Wild Thing Booty Plug

So Divine Wild Thing Booty PlugSo Divine Wild Thing Booty PlugSo Divine Wild Thing Booty Plug





In regards to how comfortable this is to wear, I’d say very. This is the kind of plug that I can wear for long-term use without having any discomfort. If large plugs are new to you then build up the wear time slowly to not overwhelm your body and prepare to relubricate as needed. I can wear it for three to four hours without needing to top up as it’s so sleek and soft that additional lubricant isn’t needed until that point. Others may need to add more lube sooner, but this is how it worked out for me.

What do butt plugs do other than look pretty? If being worn by someone with a vagina then it can make the canal feel tighter which can be fun for both parties during intercourse. This size definitely created a more obvious difference than the smaller version which my partner liked. I’m naturally quite tight down there anyway as I do kegel exercises regularly and I haven’t had children but there is a difference when wearing a plug that no amount of kegels could achieve. Plugs also place a subtle but noticeable pressure on the back wall of the vagina which makes PIV more enjoyable for me. I’m not a huge fan of vaginal sex but it is better for me when wearing a plug and I can orgasm pretty easily from the combined stimulation without even adding vibration (something I must have during sex without a plug).

As a result of better sex I’ve been wearing this plug on a regular basis since it arrived. I do think this is a great size for my experience level and being able to wear it comfortably during sex without it slipping out is wonderful. I can orgasm in time (or close to it) with my partner whilst wearing the Wild Thing which makes sex feels more intimate and connecting. It enables me to enjoy a sex act that I’m not usually that bothered about which is great for my partner and allows us to create a deeper sexual bond. I would actively recommend this plug by So Divine to people who can handle the size and I’m looking forward to seeing how they expand their anal range in the coming months.

You can purchase the Wild Thing Booty Plug (£21.99) from So Divine.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This in no way changes our opinion of the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. No affiliate links have been used within this post.


Review: Tenga Egg Easy Beat Hard Boiled Masturbation Pack

Tenga Easy Beat Masturbation PackWhen ManShop got in touch and offered my partner a review product, he jumped at the chance. He doesn’t have many sex toys that are strictly “his” as he tends to use a lot of bullet vibrators and wands that we both share. His collection of strokers and such is quite limited so when he saw that Tenga’s Easy Beat Hard Boiled Masturbation Pack was up for grabs it seemed like the perfect option for him. He had tried the Lovers Egg Masturbation Pack previously and loved those experiences so he was really looking forward to putting six different textured eggs through the ringer.

Before we get into the products and his thoughts, I want to introduce ManShop properly. They are an online shop and website that focus on educating men and couples on the sexual health benefits of using sex toys. Great, right? But there’s more. They noticed that there are tons of resources out there directed at a female audience that explain how to use sex toys and how they can improve their solo sessions and sex life with their partner(s) but the male equivalents were few and far between. So ManShop set up in the hopes of helping to dispel the notion that sex toys are gender bias and offer up a safe place for educational sources for penis owning people to check out and learn new things. Hopefully demolishing some of the stigma regarding “men’s toys” in the process.

Tenga Easy Beat Masturbation PackThe Easy Beat Masturbation Pack arrived in a plastic packet that resembles regular egg packaging. It’s a cute touch from Tenga and we liked it. It’s sealed securely and houses six different eggs. Each egg has its own outer wrapping that shows a sample illustration of the texture inside and they all have different colour schemes too.

So the six eggs that feature in this particular Hard Boiled Pack are Misty, Crater, Thunder, Shiny, Cloudy and Surfer. My partner really enjoyed three of them, thought one was alright and the other two didn’t seem to suit him well. Find out which received his seal of approval a little later.

Tenga’s masturbators are made from TPE, which is probably the least offensive material that they could have chosen out of all the porous options on the market. Some manufacturers have started making silicone options in the last couple of years, but unless fantasy themes and animal orifices are your thing, then these are still few and far between. I don’t think silicone masturbators have as much stretch or give to them which is the main reason it wouldn’t work on a stroker like this. It does set our minds at rest knowing that brands like Tenga and Fleshlight/Fleshjack care for safety and are known for making their products non-toxic. You won’t find latex or phthalates in their products. It also helps that these eggs are designed to be disposable and thrown out after a couple of uses.

Tenga Easy Beat Masturbation PackHow are they used? You open the wrapping from the bottom to reveal a white plastic egg. The outer casing then pops open to reveal the textured sleeve inside. There’s an inserted applicator inside the sleeve that contains a sachet of personal lubricant and holds the shape whilst it’s packed away. Remove the insert and pour the contents of the sachet into the egg. This can be messy on the first attempt but once it’s been done a couple of times it gets easier and it just clicks – like tying your laces for the first time as a kid, but with a sexy, sticky twist.

My partner then decides if he wants to use the toy together or whether he wants to use it alone. Regardless of who is in control of the egg, the application is the same. Pinch the tip of the stroker whilst it’s being placed on the penis (as you’d do with a condom) and roll it down over the head. My partner has not been circumcised so he found that pulling his foreskin back slightly to reveal his glans produced the best results. It was somewhat uncomfortable if he didn’t pull his skin back first. He can then glide the egg up and down his shaft following the motions he’d do to himself whilst masturbating. He feels that these eggs are a textured extension of the hand rather than toys designed to create a completely different sensation. These have been great to have on hand to change-up his masturbation techniques and prevent the return of death grip syndrome.

If he wants me to control the motions and speed, then I’ll have him place one over his head comfortably and then twist up and down his shaft in a circular motion. This technique rubs over his coronal ridge with each twist and feels wonderful for him. He found this to be most successful with the more textured strokers in this pack and I also noticed that his reactions were stronger with the harsher textures. The only negative thing that could be said about this style of toy is the noise it makes. If the sound of squelching from the combination of the lube/material/motions is annoying to you then these may not be a great choice.

Tenga Easy Beat Masturbation Pack MistyNow let’s get into the individual options. The first one he tried was Misty. This one has some gently raised nodules across the sleeve which my partner said would have felt great if they had been defined better. It wasn’t intense enough for him overall so didn’t add much to a session. This could be a design that is best suited to people with sensitive penises that don’t like the bigger textured styles. It could also work for those who orgasm quite quickly/easily. My partner takes his time to climax and this one just didn’t help him get to that point.

Tenga Easy Beat Masturbation Pack CraterNext up was Crater. In sheer contrast to the first egg that he tried, effort number two was very well received. The Crater has a selection of nodules spread across its soft surface made up of varying sizes and stages of definition. It has some larger nodules that my partner was especially fond of. He did mention that he needed to add more lubricant into this egg as the texture seeps to hoard/catch some of the fluid he’d originally added but aside from that, he had no issues orgasming with this one. It was his second favourite of the bunch and he’d happily use this again.

Tenga Easy Beat Masturbation Pack ThunderThen came Thunder. My partner and I thought flash or bolt would have been more appropriate names for this egg as that is exactly what the inner shapes resemble. Bolts of equally spaced lightning surround this stroker. He liked the feel of these whilst twisting the egg but didn’t get much from the texture whilst using his regular method of stroking up and down. He didn’t think it was as intense as the Crater so it would be a good choice for someone who’s never used a Tenga Egg or sex toy before. He would give this one another go.

Tenga Easy Beat Masturbation Pack ShinyShiny was up next and it proved to be an instant hit. It made him climax much faster than any of the others did and ultimately became his favourite. I think this is one we’ll be needing to stock up on. He even liked it more than the Lovers, which neither of us were expecting. If I had to try and describe the texture of this one it would be like a replication of the sun, it has the textured beams coming from a spiral nodule that’s raised in the center. After seeing his reaction to this one I was sort of jealous that I don’t have a penis.

Tenga Easy Beat Masturbation Pack CloudyCloudy was the fifth egg he tried and it was unfortunately a bit of a disappointment for him. It has a cloudy lined pattern inside which isn’t at all raised or defined which means it didn’t add any extra sensation for him whatsoever. Maybe he has a stubborn penis that needs more stimulation than this texture can offer. For this reason he probably would not use this one again. I however can make use from it. If I place it over the head of a wand whilst using it clitorally the added texture feels better than the smooth plastic.

Tenga Easy Beat Masturbation Pack SurferLast but not least, there was Surfer. Looking at the texture of this one I expected him to have a similar reaction to the Cloudy/Misty but what makes this one better suited to him than those designs are the little nodules between the waves. It adds that extra something that they don’t have. The waves also are quite precise which means he can actually feel them as he strokes the egg up and down. It’s not his favourite of the pack, but he did enjoy using it and would probably go for this one again.

Overall, my partner and I think that this Masturbation Pack from Tenga would be a perfect introduction to sex toys for people who have a penis. Tenga Eggs are non-intimidating, easy to use and stretch to accommodate a variety of sizes. The varieties of textures can help you to understand what works for your body and what doesn’t. My partner discovered that the more texture there is, the better the stroker works for him, but that doesn’t mean this will be the case for everyone. If you or your partner are looking to experiment with toys for the first time then this would be a great starting point. It would also make a fantastic stocking filler come Christmas!

You can purchase the Tenga Easy Beat Hard Boiled Masturbation Pack (£40.53) from ManShop.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. No affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Furry Fantasy Bunny Tail Butt Plug

I recently found myself in somewhat of a frustrating situation at the hands of a company that shall not be named. They pulled out of doing a giveaway at the last-minute leaving me with no back up plan for the giveaway I had been wanting to do for months. Thankfully, a fellow sex blogger, RandomRedRose stepped in and posted a tweet asking if any companies would be willing to help out and as a result of that, Charlie (from got in touch and said he could sort something out. We decided on the Furry Fantasy Bunny Tail Butt Plug in Black and he kindly offered me one of my own to review.

Furry Fantasy Black Bunny Tail Butt PlugThe packaging for this product is very understated and simple. It comes in a velvet drawstring pouch with a simple tag attached. It doesn’t give much information other than the two materials used within this plug but I don’t think anything else was actually needed. Inside the drawstring pouch I found a small resealable plastic bag housing the plug which had been wrapped in tissue paper and a polystyrene like pouch for added protection. It may be basic in its presentation, but I maintained high hopes for its performance.

Furry Fantasy’s Bunny Tail Butt Plug is made from a shiny aluminium alloy. It feels smooth to the touch, is seamless and seemed to be finished well. It is free from latex and phthalates and feels high quality, especially considering the price tag. It hasn’t chipped or flaked at all which makes me confident in stating that this is non-toxic and body-safe. It can be used with any type of lubricant, which is great news for me as I like to use silicone based options with butt toys, although I didn’t want to risk staining the faux fur so I’ve stuck with water based so far. I have been using a 10% bleach solution to clean the plug and so far this has done me well. I’ve had no problems.

Size wise, I’d class this in the range between beginner and intermediate. I have a fair amount of anal experience, be that with my partner and with sex toys, so this was more than suitable for me. If you can take two fingers in your butt comfortably, then this plug should be fine for you. It is 4.72 inches in overall length, but only 2.95 inches are actually insertable. This is quite short for a plug and definitely more in the beginners realm of comfort. As for the girth, it measured in at 3.1 inches at the tip and 4.3 inches around the widest point of the bulb.

Furry Fantasy Black Bunny Tail Butt PlugThe Furry Fantasy Bunny Tail Butt Plug was designed in a classic shape. The traditional and very popular teardrop. This means that there’s a pointed/tapered tip with a rounded body and a slender neck. It has an all important circular base (with faux fur attached) that is wider than the neck to prevent unwanted travel.

You should never use anything anally that doesn’t have some form of sturdy flared base as it could end up getting lost and that would create an uncomfortable (and potentially painful) trip to hospital to get it located and removed.

As I mentioned above, the size was very manageable for me. I found that the plug was easy to insert with a small helping of lube and comfortable to wear once in place. It hasn’t slipped out at all, despite me being used to bigger products and I have no doubts about the base whatsoever. It feels secure and keeps the plug firmly in place until I’m done with it. This plug isn’t large at all so I can wear it for longer periods of time, but sitting down with it in is not much of an option. It isn’t very comfortable and I feel like the tail gets all squashed which ruins the aesthetic. To sum it up, I can clean the house with it in, but it’s not a plug I’d wear to lounge around and get aroused in.

When I was younger, probably mid-teens, I was surrounded by people who thought that anything anal was “disgusting” and “gross” so I adapted myself to that situation and thought those same things. As I’ve gotten older and developed my own opinions and begun trying things out for myself, I discovered that anal was something that I actually really enjoyed. I’ve been experimenting for a few years now but surprisingly butt plugs haven’t come onto my radar until much later. I only started using/trying/buying them around seven or eight months ago and I had always gone back and forth about whether I should get one before that.

I had previously restricted my searches to the most bland, basic, stripped-back designs that I could find and ignored the bright and beautiful, eccentric and fetish types. When I eventually started using butt plugs and realising how fantastic they could be, my mind suddenly started remembering all of these ‘unusual’ plugs that I’d pushed to the back of the shelf and I found myself honing on in animal tails. I was drawn to ponies, cats and fox tails as these seemed to appeal to my inner pet the most, but I wanted to start off with something small and cute like a bunny tail so I didn’t shock myself into never trying a tail again.

Furry Fantasy Black Bunny Tail Butt PlugWhen I had inserted the Furry Fantasy Bunny Tail Butt Plug for the first time, I turned around to check out the tail in the mirror and immediately fell in love with the aesthetic. I thought it looked adorable and my partner agreed. He said that I have a small butt (in terms of cheek size) so the pert fluff of this tail looked well suited between my cheeks. We both agreed that it could be potentially buried between larger cheeks, so a fuller, fluffier tail may be better suited to those who have a butt that Nicki Minaj would envy.

I felt in my element when wearing this plug and I really hadn’t expected to feel that way. Something seemed to click in me that said I’d found something worthwhile, something that worked for me and knowing that I hadn’t even considered it until recently surprised me. I feel that since I’ve started sex blogging I have discovered a lot about myself and I think this particular product has allowed me to explore a fantasy that I never knew (or pretended I didn’t know) I had. I almost wished I had some matching ears and fluffy mittens to complete the look and get fully in the zone, but who knows? Maybe I’ll step up my game again in the coming months and indulge in some animal accessories.

Butt plugs can make the vaginal canal feel tighter during PIV which can be fun for both parties. My partner could notice a subtle difference although he said it wasn’t as obvious as it’s been with other plugs that I have used. I’m quite tight down there anyway as I’ve never had children and I do my kegels often, so I care more about the noticeable amount of pressure placed up against the back wall of my vagina than the sensation of tightness. It increases my chances of orgasm and helps me get off much faster during an act that doesn’t do a whole lot for me on its own. If I combine a clitoral vibrator with the feel of the cool plug and that pressure, I can be in heaven within around ten minutes.

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You can purchase the Furry Fantasy Bunny Tail Black Butt Plug (£24.95) from

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.


Review: Tantus Charmer

In the late months of 2015/early days of 2016, I decided that I wanted to improve the quality and shelf life of the products in my toybox and remove everything mediocre, low-quality and/or porous. So that’s exactly what I did. Tantus are the best in the business for well-made, body-safe products and naturally I was drawn to them for some of my first purchases. I absolutely loved my first choice, the Curve, so I decided to follow-up with the Charmer. A dildo with similar ridges along the side, albeit more defined, and a slightly slimmer shaft. I definitely made the right choice as I’m still obsessed with the Charmer over twelve months later.

Tantus CharmerThe packaging was typical for Tantus products. A simple white and orange cardboard box with a see-through window in the front to view the toy. There’s a bunch of info about the brand on the back. Inside the box the Charmer is stored in some plastic casing. You do not get a storage bag with Tantus products, so make sure to get one of those separately to keep it safe from lint and other sex toys. I’ve had no issues letting my Tantus toys touch each other, but some retailers don’t recommend it.

As it’s manufactured by a company renowned for dedication to body-safety, you can be assured that their unique formula of ultra-premium, completely safe silicone has been used. It’s free from latex and phthalates, non-toxic, odourless and hypoallergenic. It can be bleached, boiled and placed in the dishwasher for through cleans and peace of mind. I usually wipe down with antibacterial cleaner or a 10% bleach solution for everyday cleaning, but as this is textured I do like to place it in the dishwasher once a month for a deeper clean. This is particularly important if you’re switching between partners and/or orifices.

Tantus CharmerLube wise, I’d recommend sticking to water-based. If you prefer using hybrids then I’d recommend doing a patch test on the base first to be sure that it doesn’t degrade the silicone. I’ve had no issues with Sliquid Organics Silk but I don’t want to use it on this too much.

The silicone used for the Charmer has a glossy finish, rather than the matte finish of the Curve, so it has less drag to it. I would still suggest using a good coating of lubricant especially if you’re new to texture or plan to use this for anal play. I personally didn’t need a lot as this toy is within my ideal dimensions with a 3.75 inch circumference and a usable length of six and a half inches.

When I read through the product description, I was excited to see the Tantus Charmer described as firm as that is what works for my g-spot. It definitely does feel firm out of the box, but there is a minute amount of squish to the lower portion of the shaft. It’s small, but enough to stop the toy from being completely rigid and harsh. Due to this I was not expecting flexibility, but that’s what I got. I can make the head touch the base with some pressure, which is great news for those who may need to adjust the angle or positioning for comfortable use.

Tantus CharmerAlthough there were all these great things going for it, I couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed when it first arrived. I felt that the four ridges across the shaft look less intense in person and I still stand by that now. The photos make them look more pointed and defined, but in reality they are more like soft, rounded bumps attached to the shaft.

They are nowhere near as harsh as the Tsunami’s waves, but they are more noticeable than those lines on the Curve. It’s the perfect medium really. I proceeded with insertion despite my initial reservations and was met with the shock of a lifetime as the ridges pulled, pushed, bumped and grinded up against my g-spot with each thrust.

In order to feel all of the benefits that the Charmer offers, thrusting is essential. I don’t mean the super hard, intense, fuck-me-quickly thrusting, but the kind where a gentle rocking back and forth or game of tug of war with your motions is used. So, in, out and repeat basically. The Charmer doesn’t really work as a furious thruster because it’s quite slimline and flexible which makes those movements difficult. It also stops the ridges from maintaining pressure on the g-spot, which is not what I want. I think this is a toy that has been designed with the idea of users taking their time. It’s a lie back, relax and thrust gently until it pushes you into orgasmic oblivion sort of toy.

I have not been able to squirt with the Charmer, as I can with the less intense but wider Curve, but I don’t feel that I need to in order to enjoy this toy. It’s my preference for g-spot toys, but it’s not essential. I genuinely like the stimulation this toy provides as is. I personally would not have minded a larger girth for two reasons. 1) I do like a full feeling. I don’t want to be stretched as such, but full is satisfying. 2) I could have then rotated the toy in order for the ridges to rub against the internal walls. As it currently is, the shaft is only wide enough to target the specific g-spot area. It doesn’t really stimulate the sides at all. I feel like those ridges would provide a divine internal massage, although it might have been too much for some with double the pleasure going on.

Overall, I feel like this dildo takes a relaxed, laid-back approach to sexual satisfaction. It’s a toy that’s meant to be savoured and enjoyed, rather than being raced to the finish line for a quick fix. If you’re looking for that reliable quick-release dildo, your search is not over. The Charmer is absolutely perfect for getting to know your body with, particularly if the g-spot is new to you, and is great for determining how much pressure and texture you like. It’s ideal for lazy masturbation sessions with no time frame and wonderful for warm-ups to something more intense like the Bound or Tsunami.

You can purchase the Tantus Charmer (£36.99) from Lovehoney.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This in no way changes our opinion of the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.