Review: House of Eros Dark Red Dagger Strap

As the winter nights draw in, my darker side seems to comes out. When it’s cold outside, maybe even raining, hailing or snowing too, many people gather inside to get warm. Some of those people might be snuggling under a blanket with a hot chocolate in one hand and a book in the other whilst others finally get around to sorting out that boring junk drawer they’ve been meaning to clear out for months. Me on the other hand, I’ll probably be found sleeping or engaging in some aspect of kink. If you’ve played around with bondage before then you’ll know that taking part in scenes can heat things up in more terms than just temperature. It’s certainly my favourite way to regulate body heat so what better time than the festive season to introduce a new tool to my box?

House of Eros Red Dagger StrapWhen I was asked what I’d like to review all I could think about was something I could hit with or be hit with. So that was exactly what I got. Bondage Bunnies selected the House of Eros Dark Red Dagger Strap for me and I was very pleased with their choice.

This is the type of implement that I would have chosen for myself and I’ve been meaning to try out this highly rated brand for a while now so first impressions contained lots of excitement. The packaging was minimal, just a plastic pouch with a brand tag attached. It doesn’t really need anything extra or fancy but it may be nice to see safety information included for buyers who are new to bondage tools.

One of the first things I noticed about the Red Dagger Strap was the smell. It is made entirely from leather and the smell of that is rather prominent. Have you ever been to a bike shop that was filled with vintage leathers? It was kind of like that but kinkier. Leather is a premium material and that means the majority of products made with it are high quality. I would say that this piece was rather well-made and smooth to the touch but the edges hadn’t been finished as evenly as the rest of the strap. This wasn’t much of an inconvenience or disappointment to me but it may bother some people.

Blindfolded with my wrists in chains, I could feel the suspense running through my veins. I lay on my stomach and waited for the hits but first my partner decided to do some sensory bits. This is important when engaging in a scene as it helps set the mood but also ready the skin. He started off with a soft feather tickler, moving it in circles on my back slowly then quicker. He traced each bare part of skin he could see before switching to a pinwheel that gently pricked me. The idea behind all of this softer play is drawing the blood to the surface, making the nerve endings stand up and prepare for further contact whilst building up the anticipation in the receivers (my) mind.

House of Eros Red Dagger StrapFrom here, the warm-up is complete and it’s time to hand over all control to him. He sometimes likes to start with a couple of harsh slaps then move into alternating gentle taps but other times that routine will be reversed. It always progresses to increased amounts of pressure with the later swings and this is usually what feels best for me. I enjoy the intense sensations that a hard slap will bring which for this particular strap is a very tingly sting. Impact tools are generally either thuddy or stingy and this one is definitely the latter in our experience.

The hits from this implement are more precise than I expected so I wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner or those who’ve not yet progressed past dual-sided paddle slaps. It has a long frame with not much width which explains why it gives the feelings that it gives. The smaller the surface area is, the sharper the sting seems to be. Each time this strap makes contact with the body it leaves a reminder in the form of red marks. It hasn’t made me bruise or left with cuts that don’t fade after a couple of days, which makes me think this would be an ideal choice for intermediate players or people who can’t have long-lasting markings.

House of Eros Red Dagger Strap

Overall, I think this strap felt brilliant every time its cold leather surface made contact with my skin. It makes threatening sounds with each movement, regardless of how aggressively it is used and I think I made an equal amount of sound. The only thing that I would change about this item would be the edges. If they were slightly smoother then I think this spanker would have been positively perfect. For the price, I would still highly recommend this to intermediate players and people who like precise pain.

You can purchase the House of Eros Red Dagger Strap (£20.99) from Bondage Bunnies.

We received this product free of charge in exchange for our honest review. This in no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. No affiliate links have been used within this post.


Review: Coco de Mer Teach Me A Lesson Spanking Ruler 

Coco de Mer Teach Me a Lesson Spanking RulerIf you read my review for the Fifty Shades of Grey Ruler, you will already know that I absolutely adored the sensations that it gave and was hoping to find something similar. It didn’t take me long to come across this Coco de Mer edition, which features a cheeky ‘Teach Me a Lesson‘ scribble on the back.

All packages from Coco de Mer are picked and packed in the Lovehoney warehouse, so be assured that it will be completely and utterly discreet. I have to admit that I was disappointed that there was no actual outer packaging for the product, other than the burgundy tissue paper that Coco de Mer use to wrap your entire order individually. I usually encourage no-frills packaging on cheaper items, but Coco is a luxury brand and company, so I expected that theme to continue throughout. A lovely storage bag wouldn’t have gone amiss either.

The ruler appears to be well-made and of the quality I would expect, it’s perhaps a little rougher than the other ruler that we have, but it’s smooth enough, particularly around the edges to be comfortable. It’s made from a sturdy, lightweight wood and features measurements on the front like a regular ruler would, in both cm’s and inches. I wouldn’t say that it’s completely accurate or to scale, so I wouldn’t go around trying to measure things with it, but for the visual effect, it’s great. It features Coco de Mer branding on the front and Teach Me A Lesson on the back as I mentioned earlier. It’s also available with the words ‘Spank You Very Much‘ if this saying doesn’t float your boat.

My partner and I have gotten into more aggressive/advanced spanking activities over the last few months, so silicone and wooden spanking implements have become some of our favourite tools of choice. I find that these materials are the harshest and generally the best for leaving red marks, scratches, faint bruising and a stingy sensation when you sit down the next day. If you like all of those, then I think you’re in luck because as I expected, this ruler ticks all of those boxes. It has the potential to take me out of my comfort zone, but there’s something about that which excites me.

Before we use this ruler, we generally start out with something softer. I think warm up is really important when playing with bondage and it’s something that we do every time spanking takes place. I am a fan of skin on skin contact before an implement is used as this just warms up the area and puts me in the right head space to take the hits from something harsher. Once I am ready, my partner begins with gentle taps followed by direct, stronger thwacks. I like this sort of tool to be used alongside a flogger as the different sensations keep me guessing and the floggers hits are generally softer which breaks up the tougher spanks from the ruler.

I think hits from a ruler like this one feel much more precise than spanks I’ve received from wooden paddles, because it’s a slimmer, longer implement and the small surface area only covers a specific area of the bottom when spanking. It stings more than the crops that I have, so I’m glad I didn’t rush in with a product like this as I probably would be more reluctant to continue spanking practices if I had. It doesn’t take much force to get a very satisfying sting and a highly enticing slapping sound. I have been left with some marks after a session, but none that last longer than a couple of days and nothing that some aftercare couldn’t handle.


Overall, it’s an exciting piece of kit to use during sex and role-play, particularly for student/teacher scenarios and we both really enjoy the sessions where this product comes out to play. It’s not as luxurious as I’d hoped for considering its branding though.

You can purchase the Teach Me A Lesson Spanking Ruler (£12) at Coco de Mer. No affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Tantus Snap Strap

Tantus Snap StrapI had been longing after a Tantus paddle for the longest time, but they’re very difficult to find in my neck of the woods, so I gave up looking. I was browsing Coco de Mer a few weeks later and noticed they were discontinuing it from their stock, so it was on sale. I’d already broke the bank that month, but I was not going to miss out! I purchased it alongside the Teach Me a Lesson Ruler, which I’ll be reviewing soon, and both arrived quickly and discreetly as promised.

The Snap Strap is made from Tantus’s unique formula of 100% ultra-premium silicone. This formula is completely body-safe and free from latex and phthalates. It’s eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-porous and hypoallergenic, as-well as being bleachable, boilable and even dishwasher-safe. I generally stick to antibacterial toy cleaner and water for everyday cleaning, but I have placed several Tantus toys in the dishwasher when I’ve wanted a thorough clean and they’ve come out as good as new. I would recommend doing this regularly if you’re using this toy on different partners.

This paddle has a length of 17.75 inches and 2″ inches of width, which makes it quite lengthy, but fairly slimline for an impact toy. It has the same width as the Wham Bam paddle, but this one has a couple of extra inches of length. I would recommend that beginners stay away from a product such as this because it’s not designed for first-time spankers. Thin, long objects can leave a much bigger impact on the body than a hand or rounded paddle, so I’d advise to try those tools and master them first. Silicone is also one of the harshest spanking materials alongside wood, so it would be too intense for someone who has never been spanked before.

When I held the Snap Strap for the first time, I noticed that it was rather flexible, to the point where it would just flop over. It doesn’t stand upright without support, which was not what I was expecting. I have never really experienced a paddle that wasn’t rigid or almost rigid, so this was definitely a new experience for us. I would personally class this as a flogger because it moves in the same sort of way and isn’t as stable as the paddles I’m used to. It was essential for my partner to practice on a pile of stacked cushions beforehand, to work out exactly how to cause maximum sensation whilst remaining safe and managing to land it properly.

It took some time to perfect the technique, but I will tell you that it was worth the wait. There are two main types of sensations from impact tools and I think this one lands firmly in the stingy category. I am generally more of a thuddy type of girl and tend to keep stingy toys for warming but I may be converted to stinging solely because of the sensations of this one particular tool. They are sharp, intense and flinch-worthy. If you can’t handle the flogs from something like the Lelo Whip or Tease by Lovehoney Flogger, you definitely will not be able to handle the spanks from the Snap Strap.

You can purchase the Snap Strap ($49.57/£38.13) from Tantus.

Affiliate links have been used in this post.

Review: Fetish Fantasy Singapore Stinger Paddle III 

I have become a huge fan of wooden spanking implements, so when I noticed this Fetish Fantasy Singapore Stinger III Paddle at Lovehoney for less than £10, I had to add one to my basket.

Fetish Fantasy Singapore Stinger PaddleIt arrived quickly and discreetly as expected, but I noticed there was no outer packaging with this item. It simply had a Fetish Fantasy tag attached to it and that was all. I think a plastic pouch would have been better as it attracted some dust on its travels. I would have loved to have seen a safety guide included as I think the inexpensive price tag will attract beginners who might not know about spanking dangers, but let’s be honest, it’s made by Pipedream and safety isn’t their priority.

I ordered this paddle shortly after purchasing the Dominix Bamboo Paddle, partly because the options for wooden implements are limited and partly because it’s quite similar, so I knew I’d probably get on with it. I also knew not to assume that it wouldn’t be capable of causing pain if used harshly enough. The Singapore Stinger is very rigid, but it feels somewhat fragile so I do worry that this will break/snap with aggressive regular use. I haven’t encountered any issues so far (few months of use), but time will tell if this is true or not. It’s also quite lightweight and thinner than I expected it to be, but don’t let this fool you because it is capable of pain in the wrong (or right, if that’s what you like) hands.

It isn’t the highest quality paddle that we have, by a long shot, but the surface is smooth and decent enough. The edges aren’t as decent as they feel rough and unfinished in places, but it’s something I can look past as the surface is the only part making contact with my body. It’s comfortable and easy to hold due to the handle and handy wrist loop, both of which are wide enough for my partner to use comfortably.

I’m really enjoying harsher spankings in recent month and have yet to be disappointed by wood, as it provides a much more intense experience than many other materials. It’s definitely the one to go for if you’re looking to progress from faux leather/satin/dual sided paddles. It’s not quite as harsh as silicone, but it still feels pretty brutal and can be quite painful if swung hard enough. I think wooden paddles sound extremely threatening and intimidating in use as they make an amazing, loud slapping sound even when the taps are gentle. This of course goes along with the rough, sharp sting that it provides upon meeting the skin.

Fetish Fantasy Singapore Stinger Paddle 2Due to the wideness of this paddle (4 inches), the sensations it provides cover a broader area of impact, meaning spanks are not as direct, pin-pointed and intense as they would be from a ruler made from the same material. It’s still harsh enough that it’s capable of doing some damage though. From my experience with the Singapore Stinger, it leaves temporary red marks, but no bruising or long-lasting impressions. It leaves marks that can be felt for the rest of the evening, but isn’t very memorable the next day.

We use this paddle after some gentle warm-up with something softer like the Tease by Lovehoney Paddle as this gets all the blood rushing to the surface before we introduce the stinger. Gentle taps from the stinger are what I’d describe as suitable for beginners and not harsh enough for my tastes anymore, which was somewhat disappointing, but at the same time, this tells me this product could be used by someone new to spanking, providing they know their limits and what wooden implements are capable of. Harsher slaps are much more my thing and they feel fantastic from this paddle, particularly stingy on the backs of my thighs.

Overall, I like the sensations and impact of the Fetish Fantasy Advanced Singapore Stinger, but it’s not the harshest tool in the kit. It’s cheap and cheerful, so a great introductory wooden implement, but invest in something better if you decide wood is something you want to experiment more with.

You can purchase the Fetish Fantasy Singapore Stinger III Paddle (£9.99) from Lovehoney. Affiliate links have been used in this post.