Review: Mini Marvels Silicone Marvelous Massager

2017 has been another great year in the sex toy world. Demand for innovative creations has increased and a few companies have successfully delivered on that. There has been a lot of interesting releases over the past ten months but there was one particular collection that caught my attention. The collection I’m referring to was made by Cal Exotics and is named Mini Marvels. I haven’t had much experience with Cal Exotics overall but as one of the biggest companies in the industry, I hoped their award- winning Mini Marvels range would be as fantastic as reports claim. So when Peepshow Toys asked me if I’d like to review one, I happily agreed and opted for the Marvelous Massager. It had the most intriguing shape out of the available options and the gorgeous bright orange colouring simply sealed the deal.

The packaging for this collection is outstanding. It’s definitely suitable to give as a gift, whilst being secure enough to keep the toy safe and protected. It almost feels like it’s a shame to have to discard it. A yellow box with a very retro, vintage, pin-up style vibe turned up. It has an animated model on the front along with a viewing window and the product name. The box opens via the magnetic clip on the side to reveal the toy and charging cable behind a sheet of plastic. It lists some basic directions for use on the inside and has a rundown of features on the back. The only negative is the lack of storage bag.

Mini Marvels Marvelous Massager

Mini Marvels Marvelous MassagerMini Marvels Marvelous MassagerMini Marvels Marvelous Massager





It is made from a smooth premium silicone. This material is hypoallergenic, odourless, phthalate free, non-toxic and generally body-safe. It feels high-quality and soft with no rough edges or seams and it appears to be made well. It has some resistance to its surface as expected but a generous application of water based lubricant will remove this. It doesn’t attract as much lint as I anticipated but I’d still recommend rinsing it before each use. It’s fully waterproof so can be used in or out of water and cleaned up easily. I just use soapy water to clean it with and dry it with a lint free cloth.

Mini Marvels Marvelous Massager is USB rechargeable. It has a port located on the front in which the jack is inserted and a USB connector which goes into a laptop or computer. The control panel glows whilst the vibrator is charging and the light goes off when finished. I’d prefer a steady light to signify a full battery as sometimes I find myself wondering whether I could have accidentally disconnected it at some point and stopped the charge. That would be rather annoying if I thought it was full and it ran out of juice mid use. It only takes about an hour to charge and this gives up to thirty minutes of use on high and two hours on the lower speed.

The control panel consists of two buttons, an on/off button and a function button. There are unfortunately no up or down arrows so you can not go back a setting if you accidentally miss the one you wanted to use. You have to scroll back through all of the settings again. This can be frustrating but as there isn’t much space for a bigger control panel I’ll let it slide on this occasion. It also has a travel lock which is deactivated by pressing and holding the top button for two seconds. To reactivate repeat the process.

Mini Marvels Marvelous MassagerDesigned to be held between two fingers, the Marvelous Massager slides between the gap of the index and third finger snugly. It is surprisingly comfortable to hold, easy to use and stays in place so well that I can almost forget it’s there after a while. It’s a fun extension of the hand and is as petite as the brand name would suggest. Measuring in at just under three inches in total length and five and a half inches around. It’s smaller than a palm sized pebble which makes it a great on-the-go vibe to throw in a bag and travel with.

Offering up ten settings, there’s something for just about every mood and preference. The first three settings are constant speeds of varying intensities and the remaining seven settings are patterns. I don’t use any of the patterns as I think they’re off-putting. If you do enjoy them though here’s a basic run down of what’s available: wave of intense pulsation, fast pulsation waves, quick pulsing, very quick pulsing, up and down pulsation followed by a pause, slow stop and start pulsation followed by a quick wave and finally, a pulse followed by a few seconds of constant vibration.

Considering the petite dimensions of this vibrator, it has a lot of strength. I’m not sure how Cal Exotics managed to pack so much into its tiny interior but I’m not complaining. It is definitely powerful enough to get my partner off and it can also work for me on my sensitive days or occasions where I haven’t masturbated in a few days. The vibrations are primarily buzzy although the low speed is the exception to this. It’s not rumbly either but it rests comfortably somewhere between the two. I don’t mind the buzzing of this toy as it’s not numbing and surface level stimulation can be fun sometimes.

During use, I noticed it’s not something I’ve been reaching for during solo sessions. I think this is purely because when I want to get off on my own time I generally want something quick and reliable like the Tango or Womanizer. When I’m with my partner however I like to slow things down, take my sweet time and use toys that don’t get me off in less than three minutes. The Marvelous Massager is perfect for that because it doesn’t have the strength of the other toys I mentioned and doesn’t just force orgasms from me. It gives a build up followed by a relaxing, gratifying release. I have mostly used it during PIV to get some clitoral stimulation involved (I usually can’t orgasm from penetration alone) and it hasn’t got in the way at all.

Mini Marvels Marvelous MassagerMy partner decided he also wanted it to be used on him so we did some experimenting. If I placed it between my fingers whilst giving oral then I could run my vibrating hand up and down his shaft whilst working on the head to give him some additional stimulation to get worked up over. He has been known to orgasm much faster with the help of a vibrator so this unobtrusive designs works very well when incorporating into a hand or blowjob. It’s a lot easier to manouvere than a pebble or wand as it moves with my hand rather than my hand moving it.

Strangely enough, the Marvelous Massager can also be used during a massage. It doesn’t feel like a deep tissue massage like the Doxy Die Cast does but it can be used in awkward locations such as inner elbows, kneecaps, under the shoulders etc. This may not sound particularly steamy and sexy but a sex toy doesn’t always have to be. This one has a massaging multipurpose that’s lovely for having a relaxing night in with a partner. It’s nice and quiet so doesn’t disturb a chilled environment, wake up the neighbors or alert the people in the next room that a vibrators in use. We are very pleased with it and would happily recommend it to other couples who want something bright, colourful and interesting to add to their collection.

You can purchase the Mini Marvels Silicone Marvelous Massager ($49/£37.13) from Peepshow Toys. You can get 10% off any purchases with the code “NatandTom“.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post. 

Review: Tenga Egg Easy Beat Hard Boiled Masturbation Pack

Tenga Easy Beat Masturbation PackWhen ManShop got in touch and offered my partner a review product, he jumped at the chance. He doesn’t have many sex toys that are strictly “his” as he tends to use a lot of bullet vibrators and wands that we both share. His collection of strokers and such is quite limited so when he saw that Tenga’s Easy Beat Hard Boiled Masturbation Pack was up for grabs it seemed like the perfect option for him. He had tried the Lovers Egg Masturbation Pack previously and loved those experiences so he was really looking forward to putting six different textured eggs through the ringer.

Before we get into the products and his thoughts, I want to introduce ManShop properly. They are an online shop and website that focus on educating men and couples on the sexual health benefits of using sex toys. Great, right? But there’s more. They noticed that there are tons of resources out there directed at a female audience that explain how to use sex toys and how they can improve their solo sessions and sex life with their partner(s) but the male equivalents were few and far between. So ManShop set up in the hopes of helping to dispel the notion that sex toys are gender bias and offer up a safe place for educational sources for penis owning people to check out and learn new things. Hopefully demolishing some of the stigma regarding “men’s toys” in the process.

Tenga Easy Beat Masturbation PackThe Easy Beat Masturbation Pack arrived in a plastic packet that resembles regular egg packaging. It’s a cute touch from Tenga and we liked it. It’s sealed securely and houses six different eggs. Each egg has its own outer wrapping that shows a sample illustration of the texture inside and they all have different colour schemes too.

So the six eggs that feature in this particular Hard Boiled Pack are Misty, Crater, Thunder, Shiny, Cloudy and Surfer. My partner really enjoyed three of them, thought one was alright and the other two didn’t seem to suit him well. Find out which received his seal of approval a little later.

Tenga’s masturbators are made from TPE, which is probably the least offensive material that they could have chosen out of all the porous options on the market. Some manufacturers have started making silicone options in the last couple of years, but unless fantasy themes and animal orifices are your thing, then these are still few and far between. I don’t think silicone masturbators have as much stretch or give to them which is the main reason it wouldn’t work on a stroker like this. It does set our minds at rest knowing that brands like Tenga and Fleshlight/Fleshjack care for safety and are known for making their products non-toxic. You won’t find latex or phthalates in their products. It also helps that these eggs are designed to be disposable and thrown out after a couple of uses.

Tenga Easy Beat Masturbation PackHow are they used? You open the wrapping from the bottom to reveal a white plastic egg. The outer casing then pops open to reveal the textured sleeve inside. There’s an inserted applicator inside the sleeve that contains a sachet of personal lubricant and holds the shape whilst it’s packed away. Remove the insert and pour the contents of the sachet into the egg. This can be messy on the first attempt but once it’s been done a couple of times it gets easier and it just clicks – like tying your laces for the first time as a kid, but with a sexy, sticky twist.

My partner then decides if he wants to use the toy together or whether he wants to use it alone. Regardless of who is in control of the egg, the application is the same. Pinch the tip of the stroker whilst it’s being placed on the penis (as you’d do with a condom) and roll it down over the head. My partner has not been circumcised so he found that pulling his foreskin back slightly to reveal his glans produced the best results. It was somewhat uncomfortable if he didn’t pull his skin back first. He can then glide the egg up and down his shaft following the motions he’d do to himself whilst masturbating. He feels that these eggs are a textured extension of the hand rather than toys designed to create a completely different sensation. These have been great to have on hand to change-up his masturbation techniques and prevent the return of death grip syndrome.

If he wants me to control the motions and speed, then I’ll have him place one over his head comfortably and then twist up and down his shaft in a circular motion. This technique rubs over his coronal ridge with each twist and feels wonderful for him. He found this to be most successful with the more textured strokers in this pack and I also noticed that his reactions were stronger with the harsher textures. The only negative thing that could be said about this style of toy is the noise it makes. If the sound of squelching from the combination of the lube/material/motions is annoying to you then these may not be a great choice.

Tenga Easy Beat Masturbation Pack MistyNow let’s get into the individual options. The first one he tried was Misty. This one has some gently raised nodules across the sleeve which my partner said would have felt great if they had been defined better. It wasn’t intense enough for him overall so didn’t add much to a session. This could be a design that is best suited to people with sensitive penises that don’t like the bigger textured styles. It could also work for those who orgasm quite quickly/easily. My partner takes his time to climax and this one just didn’t help him get to that point.

Tenga Easy Beat Masturbation Pack CraterNext up was Crater. In sheer contrast to the first egg that he tried, effort number two was very well received. The Crater has a selection of nodules spread across its soft surface made up of varying sizes and stages of definition. It has some larger nodules that my partner was especially fond of. He did mention that he needed to add more lubricant into this egg as the texture seeps to hoard/catch some of the fluid he’d originally added but aside from that, he had no issues orgasming with this one. It was his second favourite of the bunch and he’d happily use this again.

Tenga Easy Beat Masturbation Pack ThunderThen came Thunder. My partner and I thought flash or bolt would have been more appropriate names for this egg as that is exactly what the inner shapes resemble. Bolts of equally spaced lightning surround this stroker. He liked the feel of these whilst twisting the egg but didn’t get much from the texture whilst using his regular method of stroking up and down. He didn’t think it was as intense as the Crater so it would be a good choice for someone who’s never used a Tenga Egg or sex toy before. He would give this one another go.

Tenga Easy Beat Masturbation Pack ShinyShiny was up next and it proved to be an instant hit. It made him climax much faster than any of the others did and ultimately became his favourite. I think this is one we’ll be needing to stock up on. He even liked it more than the Lovers, which neither of us were expecting. If I had to try and describe the texture of this one it would be like a replication of the sun, it has the textured beams coming from a spiral nodule that’s raised in the center. After seeing his reaction to this one I was sort of jealous that I don’t have a penis.

Tenga Easy Beat Masturbation Pack CloudyCloudy was the fifth egg he tried and it was unfortunately a bit of a disappointment for him. It has a cloudy lined pattern inside which isn’t at all raised or defined which means it didn’t add any extra sensation for him whatsoever. Maybe he has a stubborn penis that needs more stimulation than this texture can offer. For this reason he probably would not use this one again. I however can make use from it. If I place it over the head of a wand whilst using it clitorally the added texture feels better than the smooth plastic.

Tenga Easy Beat Masturbation Pack SurferLast but not least, there was Surfer. Looking at the texture of this one I expected him to have a similar reaction to the Cloudy/Misty but what makes this one better suited to him than those designs are the little nodules between the waves. It adds that extra something that they don’t have. The waves also are quite precise which means he can actually feel them as he strokes the egg up and down. It’s not his favourite of the pack, but he did enjoy using it and would probably go for this one again.

Overall, my partner and I think that this Masturbation Pack from Tenga would be a perfect introduction to sex toys for people who have a penis. Tenga Eggs are non-intimidating, easy to use and stretch to accommodate a variety of sizes. The varieties of textures can help you to understand what works for your body and what doesn’t. My partner discovered that the more texture there is, the better the stroker works for him, but that doesn’t mean this will be the case for everyone. If you or your partner are looking to experiment with toys for the first time then this would be a great starting point. It would also make a fantastic stocking filler come Christmas!

You can purchase the Tenga Easy Beat Hard Boiled Masturbation Pack (£40.53) from ManShop.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. No affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Blush Novelties Aria Vibrance Vibrator

After I put the Lotus Flutter through its paces in 2016, I was hoping to get a chance to review another vibrator from the Blush Novelties Aria range. I got that chance recently from Peepshow Toys who sent over the Vibrance for me to test. I am excited about this collection for a couple of main reasons. The first being the colour options. Each vibrator has been created in four key shades. There are the two obvious choices, pink and purple, but there are also some unexpected colours in the form of a tangy orange and bright lime. It’s so refreshing to see barely used colours featured so prominently within a sex toy collection. The second reason is that it offers good quality, body-safe products at an affordable price point. The vibrators come in a wide variety of shapes and styles to suit every mood and occasion and I’d happily recommend this line to those on a budget who want something safe but not lacking in standards.

The presentation for Aria products is not particularly fancy. It’s just a white cardboard sleeve with a viewing window in the front, cut-out logo on one side and list of multilingual key features on the back. Inside the sleeve, the Vibrance is found within some plastic casing. Underneath there’s a cardboard leaflet that gives some directions for use, more product information and warranty instructions. This line doesn’t include storage bags with the products which is a minor downside for me but not an essential.

Made from a velvety smooth, silky soft silicone which is non-toxic, odourless, hypoallergenic and latex and phthalate free, the Vibrance is the essence of body safe. It has minimal drag to the surface but a touch of water-based lubricant for comfort is never a bad thing. I would recommend it if using internally but I didn’t use any during external use. The material does harbor some lint and fluids, particularly around the bottom of the shaft, but this can easily be removed with running water. It’s a fully waterproof vibrator so rinsing with soap is no issue providing the battery compartment is properly in place.

It takes two triple A batteries, which are not included, and these need to be inserted into the base. Unscrew it to reveal the compartment and look at the diagrams inscribed inside to make sure the batteries are being placed correctly. Once in, screw the base back on and get ready to go. The singular button that controls all operation is located on the front of the base and should be pressed once to start the vibrations. Tap again to cycle through the various speeds or press and hold for a few seconds to turn off. It doesn’t have up and down arrows to scroll back through a function if you miss the one you desire so that can be a little frustrating, but for this price point, I cannot complain.

Blush Novelties Aria Vibrance

Blush Novelties Aria VibranceBlush Novelties Aria VibranceBlush Novelties Aria Vibrance





There are ten lovely functions to choose from on the Vibrance, five of them are constant speeds and the remaining five are patterned vibrations. I prefer constant vibrations so the choice of extra speeds over seven unusable patterns was very much appreciated. If you are like myself and would rather have a steady setting than a zigzag pattern or rollercoaster of intensities then the Aria range could be ideal for you. I haven’t used the patterns other than to test them out in my hand because as expected they are not suited to me but there’s a fun variety for those who do enjoy them.

Fragile, delicate and gentle are all words I’d use to describe the first speed. It’s subtle, tickle-like and perfect for warming up or introducing someone to vibrations for the first time. The second speed was still quite soft but the vibrations did feel almost rumbly towards the base where the bulk of the power resonated. The third speed is where the vibrations begin to pick up in pace. The power is an improvement but the sensations become buzzy from this point onwards. The fourth speed improves again, but the fifth speed is where the surprise hit me. There’s a big jump in intensity there. It’s sadly the most buzzy speed of them all too so I unfortunately can’t use it externally as it numbs my clitoris.

I have used the Aria Vibrance for both internal and external use, but for me, it shines best internally. I decided to use it for clitoral use during sex with my partner first. It’s small enough to hold between our bodies in most positions although a bullet is more conveniently sized and practical. I used the constant speeds up to the fourth intensity for some added stimulation during penetration but I couldn’t reach an orgasm with it this way. I need more power externally than this can offer me and I can’t handle the buzziness of the fifth speed which may have been strong enough to do the job otherwise. It hasn’t worked during solo sessions for external play either so I’ve had to rule this out as an option for me.

Blush Novelties Aria VibranceMy partner had a completely different external experience. He does not need buckets of strength to orgasm and doesn’t mind buzzy vibration frequencies so this worked out perfectly for his needs. He liked the toy to be placed against the tip of his penis and held there whilst he masturbated. It definitely induced his orgasms faster and made them feel more intense so he’d happily recommend it to other penis owners or people who don’t need super strong settings to get their kicks.

I didn’t end up handing the Vibrance over to him permanently though as I mentioned that it worked for me internally. I actually had a whale of a time during sessions with this. It has an overall length of 6.2 inches with 4.5 inches being insertable. This is a great length for first time users, those who don’t enjoy deep penetration and those who fancy something shallower from time to time. I fit into the latter category. I don’t always want to push my vaginas limits and avoid my cervix, sometimes I just want something short and sweet. This is exactly that. It has a maximum circumference of around 4.3 inches at its widest point which is again manageable for a wide variety of people and circumstances. I wouldn’t advise this to someone who’s never inserted anything before but if two fully inserted fingers are comfortable then this should be fine.

Blush Novelties Vibrance is firm to the touch and the silicone has no squish but it does have some flexibility. It can be moved in all directions to a certain extent which makes it ergonomic and likely to contour to each individual anatomy it pairs with. The gorgeous twist texture that it features is more prevalent than I expected and it feels incredible in use. It provides a delightful internal massage to the vaginal walls if twisted whilst inserted or rocked gently back and forth. I didn’t find it as pleasant when thrusting so tend to opt for more relaxed methods of movement.

Blush Novelties Aria VibranceOverall, I was not disappointed with my first experience with the Aria line and I haven’t been disappointed with my second. The Vibrance is a non-intimidating, quirky vibrator with great texture and satisfactory vibrations. I personally need more power if I want to use something like this externally but it was suitable for internal use and working up my partner who is less power inclined. Its quiet enough for those who need discretion with a bit of background noise and at this price, you can’t really go wrong.

You can purchase the Blush Novelties Aria Vibrance ($27.99/£21.20) from Peepshow Toys. You can get 10% off any purchases with the code “NatandTom”.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Lovehoney Hummer Deluxe Wand Attachment

We haven’t tried many wand attachments. In fact, I think the only ones we had tried prior to the arrival of Lovehoney’s new Hummer Deluxe Wand Attachment were the three that were designed to be used with the O-Wand. The O-Gasm was the model designed for penis owners and it seemed to work very well for my partner. We didn’t have anything to compare to that attachment until now but I have to say that we struggled to compare these two. Mostly because the two materials used are so different and this makes the sensations feel distinctly fresh. I have seen a lot of similar products on the market to the Hummer so I don’t know whether Lovehoney’s is any better or worse than those, but I do know that I should have ordered my partner one years ago as he flippin’ loves it.

Lovehoney Hummer Deluxe Magic Wand AttachmentIt comes in the standard packaging that we’ve come to know and love for Lovehoney’s own-brand products. It’s simplistic and minimal in design. A white box with blue lettering and a clear product shot on the front. Inside, the Hummer can be found within some plastic wrap. It doesn’t come with any storage, so do be sure to pick up some sort of storage pouch if purchasing as this material should not be stored touching other toys or materials.

Y’all know that I am only here for body-safe products but it seems to be difficult to find silicone masturbators that aren’t realistic. My partner and I make the exception for external toys that are used on him and will use sex toys that are made from TPE. It is porous so it can never be properly cleaned and should be checked regularly for mold spots or material changes. It should be discarded and replaced at least once a year, maybe even more frequently if used often. We do rinse it with water and toy cleaner as best as we can after each use and leave to air dry for as long as required.

I was half expecting an odour upon removing the Hummer from the plastic, but neither he or I could pick up on anything. Materials like this generally have some sort of scent, although it’s not as unpleasant as PVC or Jelly, but we seemed to avoid that hurdle on this occasion. This was great news for both of us as an unpleasant odour would have certainly put us off wanting to use it. It did meet my expectations in all other areas such as stretchiness and quality though. There is some give to this squishy material, but water-based lubricant is an absolute must have.

Adding a slick coating of Lovehoney’s Enjoy Lube to himself and the sleeve, my partner placed the Hummer on top of our gorgeous new Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand and guided himself inside the sleeve. He is slightly above average in the girth department so it was definitely a learning experience in regards to how much lubricant was required to get him inside comfortably. Once we had figured out a suitable amount for him, getting his penis in and out of the sleeve was quick, painless and friction free.

Lovehoney Hummer Deluxe Magic Wand Attachment Lovehoney Hummer Deluxe Magic Wand Attachment Lovehoney Hummer Deluxe Magic Wand Attachment  Lovehoney Hummer Deluxe Magic Wand Attachment





I started the vibrations on low and asked him how he’d like to use the attachment. After all, this experience was all about his needs and preferences. He decided that he should take control of the wand first and move it back and forth gently to massage his penis and get a feel for the textured sleeve. He said that the ridged end felt better for him than the noduled side, so he entered from this side on each further test run. He liked that the ridges made contact with the sensitive areas such as the underside of his penis head. The vibrations, even on low intensity, made the texture feel more intense apparently and the combination of the two was definitely successful in extracting orgasms from him.

Later, he wanted to try it with me in control of the wand. I turned the vibrations up to max and held the wand in place. He claimed that this felt fantastic and I could see that for myself from the squirming that occurred. It was his preferred method of using the attachment when a quick release was on his mind. He did mention that it could be too intense for those with a super sensitive penis, but for him, it was good. He liked that this method was hands free as this allowed him to either stimulate his nipples or touch me, which are both great sources of extra stimulation for him.

Overall, I cannot believe that it has taken us this long to try a stretchy penis attachment for a wand. I was caught up in the safe silicone of the O-Gasm attachment so never considered something like this, but I’m glad my partner put himself forward to review it as it actually worked wonders for him. His final thoughts were that this felt good for him regardless of how it was used and he’d be happy to recommend it to other penis owning peeps out there. The only downsides for him were the squelching noises it makes (not dissimilar to the sound of a Tenga egg) and the fact that it won’t last forever like his silicone one will.

You can purchase the Lovehoney Hummer Deluxe Magic Wand Attachment (£19.99) from Lovehoney.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.