Review: Broad City Precious Package Love Egg

When I heard the news that Lovehoney were going to be launching a Broad City sex toy collection at ANME, I was rather surprised. I had never expected or even thought about a collaboration between a sex toy company and a mainstream tv channel like Comedy Central before, but the surprise was a welcome one. My partner and I love to curl up at the end of the day and watch an episode or two of Broad City before engaging in an evening of fun and intimacy so this range seemed perfectly suited to us. If you’re a fan of the show like us then this range will be right up your street, but there should be something suitable for everyone who’s fond of bright and colorful sex toys.

Broad City Precious Package Love Egg VibratorThe packaging for this range is one of the first things that got my attention. It’s clean, clear and full of bright colours and sass. It definitely tickles my fancy and is super on point branding wise. The Precious Package Love Egg arrived in a white cardboard sleeve that had Broad City written across the top and image of the two stars of the show, Abbi and llana near the bottom. The back showed another picture of the pair along with some of their quotes and some basic product information regarding batteries, materials and cleaning.

I quite like the appearance of this love egg although I would have preferred it if there had been no pink involved. The controller is mostly black with a splash of pink detailing around the buttons, which actually looks great, and it reads ‘Carpe Dayum’ on the front and Broad City on the back. Attached to the controller is a medium length wire that connects to the bright pink egg. It’s not as in-your-face as the packaging or some of the other products from this collection, but it’s not the most basic design either. The only thing outside of the pink that I wasn’t crazy about was the seam on the egg. It felt noticeable at times if I’d scrimped on the lube.

Precious Package is made from a PU coated ABS Plastic. This coating makes the surface extremely smooth to the touch and reduces any drag that the plastic would ordinarily have. It feels almost matte-like and attracts barely any lint, dust or pet hair. I wouldn’t say that lubricant is essential during use as the egg is pretty petite, but for beginners or people who don’t produce much natural lubrication, a slather of the water-based bottled stuff may make insertion more comfortable and reduce the feel of the seam. After use, simply rinse off the egg and wash with soapy water. Don’t wet the controller though. This should just be wiped down as deemed necessary.

Broad City Precious Package Love Egg VibratorBattery wise, this toy takes two double A’s and these are placed inside the controller. Simply unscrew the base, place inside the compartment as directed and screw the base back on firmly. I found it easy to remove and replace which was unusual as these compartments are often stiff.

To start the vibrations press the up arrow on the remote. You can tap this button four times to take you throw the four available settings. The lights will turn on beside the numbers on the control panel to indicate which setting is being used. To cycle back down the vibrations or turn the toy off press the down arrow.

I have had a couple of Lovehoney’s wired love eggs before (this BASICS one and this Power Play one) and had been reasonably impressed on those occasions so I hoped this one would be on the same wavelength. The first setting was a good start. It was a tiny bit rumbly and very low-pitched but not tickle-like or weak in terms of intensity. It starts to pick up in strength from setting two but this is where the vibrations also start to become buzzy. I thought the last setting was hand-numbingly high frequency so I couldn’t even attempt to use this clitorally as I knew it would desensitize me and leave my clit tingling in the wrong ways.

Broad City Precious Package Love Egg VibratorThe egg was easy to insert as its small and slim so I think it should be more than manageable for beginners to sex toys or people who are completely new to vaginal penetration. It has a maximum girth of 3.4 inches and just 3 inches of length, which makes it a great option for newcomers. It also has a rounded tip to make insertion and wear comfortable. It’s a traditionally oval-shaped egg with no curves to it, do it doesn’t hit any internal sweet spots for me, but it does provide some good old vaginal stimulation which can be just as fun.

I have to admit that the Precious Package is not the strongest egg on the market and probably not even one of the strongest of its category, but I can see where it may have its place in a collection. I personally struggled to orgasm with it on its own so I asked my partner for assistance.

Broad City Precious Package Love Egg VibratorHe blindfolded me and took control of the remote which instantly improved the feel of the vibrations. I felt that being blindfolded increased my sensitivity and heightened the sensation to make the vibrations feel better than they usually would. There’s also the added excitement of not knowing what setting he’s going to use or whether he’s going to incorporate something else into the mix.

I believe the anticipation is what made the end result possible. I did end up reaching orgasm on those occasions that I was blindfolded with my partner in control so I’d say that this toy is definitely more of a couples experience for us than a solo use vibrator. The thrill was all in the tease. The vibrations just weren’t enough for me on their own, possibly because of the buzziness, so this toy didn’t really work without the element of surprise and suspense. It may be different for the non-power queens of the world and I’d love to hear about it if so, but I personally won’t be using it to masturbate with.

Broad City Precious Package Love Egg VibratorOverall, I like the aesthetics of the Precious Package, the branding is on point and it has easy to use controls, but it didn’t have the right frequency for me to enjoy the vibrations alone. If they had been deeper and not so high-pitched then it may have been another story. I’d be happy to recommend this to couples wanting to explore toys together, wanting some foreplay fun or simply wanting to explore something gentle as an introduction, but the rechargeable toys in this range may be better suited to the more initiated toy users.
Lovehoney Broad City Collection

You can purchase the Broad City Precious Package Love Egg (£19.99) from Lovehoney. I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!



Review: Broad City Tuesday 7am Classic Vibrator

When I heard the news that Lovehoney would be introducing a Broad City sex toy collection at ANME, I was quite surprised. I never expected a collaboration between a sex toy company and Comedy Central, or any other tv channel for that matter, but the surprise was a welcome one. My partner and I love to sit and chill together on an evening and watch an episode or two of this show, then follow it up with a night of buzzing and intimacy, so this range seemed very well suited to us. If you’re a fan of Broad City or simply a lover of bright and colorful sex toys then there should be something suitable in this range for you too.

Broad City Tuesday 7am Classic VibratorThe packaging for this collection was one of the first things that caught my attention. It’s clean, bright and full of sass. That combination is right up my street and definitely tickles my fancy. The Tuesday 7am Classic Vibrator arrived in a white cardboard sleeve with Broad City written across the top and an image of the two stars of the show, Abbi and llana, near the bottom. The back of the sleeve showed another picture of the pair along with some quotes from the show and basic product information regarding materials, cleaning and batteries.

I had specifically asked for this toy because of the gorgeous colouring. It’s not often enough that I come across funky sky blue sex toys so when I spot one, my head just zones in on it and I don’t care what it is, I just have to have it. There’s pink writing on each side, one reads Tuesday 7am and the other side reads Broad City. In terms of how it looks overall, I was pretty pleased with it although I would have rather have had no pink whatsoever. Just for a change.

The Tuesday 7am is made from a smooth plastic so has little to no drag to it. It is advised to use water-based lubricant with it anyway, so I did as suggested. I really didn’t need to use more than a small pump or two as the drag is non-existent and its girth is slim. It glided in pretty easily with just my natural lubrication levels, but this obviously differs from person to person depending on a multitude of reasons. Either way, I think it should be manageable for beginners to sex toys as long as they can insert a finger comfortably.

Broad City Tuesday 7am Classic VibratorBattery operated vibrators seem to be very prevalent in the Broad City collection and this one requires two double A’s. These are not included. To insert them simply unscrew the base and place inside the compartment as directed then screw the base back on. It’s important that its placed back in position tightly or the toy will no longer be waterproof. As it is compatible with water you can take it in the bath or shower for aqua related adventures or easily clean it with warm soapy water after use.

No buttons or control panels are needed to operate this toy as it has a dial built into the base. Turn it clockwise to begin the vibrations and continue twisting until you reach full intensity. Turn it anti clockwise to decrease vibrations and turn off. The downside to a dial control means that the vibrator can only emit one single speed at a few different strengths. I prefer constant speeds to patterns so this works out fine for me, but if you prefer a variety of functions then the Yas Kween Bullet Vibrator may be a better fit for you.

Broad City Tuesday 7am Classic VibratorI hadn’t tried a new classic vibrator since the Dr Feelgood back in October, so I wanted to see whether the Tuesday 7am would get me back on board the classic vibe train and take me to orgasm city or whether it would leave me with broad disappointment. Classic vibrators can be used in two main ways. Internally or externally. And when I say internal, I mean vaginal use only. There’s no flared base on a classic vibrator to stop it from traveling into the depths of the anus, so please don’t even consider it. It’s super unsafe.

This makes them versatile and great for traveling with as they’re a two for one sort of package deal. It doesn’t matter whether you’re craving clitoral or vaginal play as this can do either. I decided to try external use first to get a feel for the vibrations, so I applied a touch of lube to myself and the toy for comfort and pressed it up against the spot. I turned the vibrations up to full intensity as I need max power for clitoral stimulation and was surprised that the vibrations weren’t horribly buzzy. I was expecting your average surface level sensations, but that’s not exactly what I got. I wouldn’t call the vibrations rumbly either, just sort of in between and half decent. I could use more strength, which doesn’t surprise me at all, but I can still reach an orgasm if given ten minutes of constant use with firm pressure. That’s not bad for a battery operated vibrator and a fussy clitted power queen.

Internally, I’m not as demanding when it comes down to the strength of my vibrations so I knew this would be fine for that purpose. It has a tapered tip that doesn’t look too pointed or stabby and it wasn’t. It doesn’t poke out at my cervix or cause me any discomfort. Sensation wise, there’s no curve to the shaft so g-spot play was out of the question and I was left to explore regular vaginal stimulation. I can’t climax from insertables alone usually, although I do think toys like this have a place in my collection for warming up to dildos or PIV. It’s not a toy I’d ever use for a solid masturbation session as it simply couldn’t wow me, but someone who loves internal stimulation and doesn’t need a jackhammer may think it’s wonderful.

Broad City Tuesday 7am Classic VibratorLoud was what I was expecting from this battery-operated motor with a hard plastic exterior, but I’d put it at about average in terms of noise. It’s nothing that a closed bedroom door and a bit of background music couldn’t disguise. It’s not as quiet as a rechargeable toy would be, but it’s not excruciatingly loud by any means. I think it’d be fine for people who need some discretion as long as their situation allows for a level of background noise like the radio or tv.

Overall, I think the Tuesday 7am Vibrator would be a nice tool for beginners. It’s not intimidating in terms of packaging, aesthetics or dimensions and the power is not too intense or overwhelming. I liked it for clitoral use but for me personally it didn’t do much as an internal stimulator. The vibrations alone weren’t enough to get me off, but maybe some extra width and an added clitoral vibrator would have helped. I think this is a toy that’s going to be used to start sessions, but never one that will the finish the job. That may make it redundant for some people, but I’ll get some use from it. It’s never going to be my favourite though as it’s just an average classic vibrator with cute branding.

Lovehoney Broad City Collection

You can purchase the Broad City Tuesday 7am Classic Vibrator (£14.99) from Lovehoney. I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!


Review: Fifty Shades Darker by Coco de Mer Anastasia Half Cup Bra

I probably could have ordered the entire Fifty Shades Darker lingerie line if funds had allowed, but as I’m not a millionaire, I decided to limit myself to just three of my favourite items. The Anastasia Half Cup Multiway Bra was one of them. It was the last item I purchased as I was going back and forth between this and something from the Escala collection for a while but I’m so glad that I finally settled on this piece. The Anastasia collection is described as “blending feminine shapes with deep pink satin and lace to offer a statement of modern femininity and intrinsic desirability” and I think that statement summarizes it perfectly.

I was disappointed and bored with the packaging, or lack of, that the Fifty Shades Darker lingerie arrives in. It’s just a plain plastic pouch. I expect this from Lovehoney as the lingerie is more budget friendly, but Coco de Mer are known for being lavish so I would expect more from them. I’m not asking for extreme levels of extravagance, but even just arriving on a nice satin hanger would have been better than this. If the boat can be pushed out for gorgeous packaging for the sex toy line, I don’t see why the lingerie line can’t also be gift-wrapped.

Fifty Shades Darker by Coco de Mer Anastasia Half Cup BraUntil this range landed at Lovehoney, I had never had the pleasure of trying lingerie designed by a Coco de Mer, because again, I’m not a millionaire. I can’t afford to be splashing out a couple of hundred pounds on a basque, robe or bra set. I’d rather buy three £40 options and have variety than just own a couple of nice pieces that I’d have to wear until death to get my money’s worth. The only exception to this will be the lingerie I wear for my honeymoon. That I will go all out for.

Getting back to this piece, I was expecting perfection and that’s precisely what I got. I couldn’t find any flaws with it whatsoever and it appeared to be made beautifully. It’s made up of two main materials, one being satin and the other being lace. Both felt divine to touch and I was particularly impressed with how comfortable they both were. Lace can sometimes be itchy or irritating, but this was not the case with this bra. It was soft and supple as one would hope for considering the price tag.

32B was the smallest size that I could get my hands on, and breasts into, so I went for that one. I usually wear a 30A so I hoped that sister sizing would be my friend on this occasion. It seemed to work out well as the Fifty Shades Darker lingerie all seems to run a bit small. The Anastasia Half Cup Bra has three hook-and-eye fastenings around the back and I wear this on the tightest setting. It fits pretty well. It doesn’t feel loose at all which makes me think that this would be incredibly skin-tight on someone who actually wears a 32.

Fifty Shades Darker by Coco de Mer Anastasia Half Cup BraAs for the cups, I was apprehensive. I am obviously lacking in the bust department so sizing up made me worry about things like obvious room left in the cups and gaping. Thankfully there wasn’t much of this. The cups actually seemed to fit very well. There was a tiny bit of room leftover, but not much, so I would suggest someone who wears a B cup to size up to the C in this particular bra. The cups definitely run small. This is great for small chests like mine as they seem to give a bit of a lift and a greatly appreciated boost.

Do I have any complaints? Outside of the packaging, not really. I could have done with being able to adjust the shoulder straps a tiny bit more for maximum comfort, but that’s a minor issue and something I can happily look past. The Anastasia Half Cup Bra is an absolutely stunning piece of lingerie and although I didn’t want to fork out on the matching briefs it wasn’t an issue as it matched a (now discontinued) raspberry Flirty Thong I have from Lovehoney. I  am not typically fond of pink especially when it comes to the bedroom as there’s so much of it in this industry, but I couldn’t resist this gorgeous rich shade. Combine this with the gorgeous front strapping and it’s an absolute winner. I love it.

You can purchase the Fifty Shades Darker by Coco de Mer Anastasia Half Cup Bra (£35) from Coco de Mer. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

Review: Womanizer 2 Go

Will I ever get bored of suction toys? No, probably not. That’s why my ears pricked up so quickly when I heard that Womanizer would be releasing a new version of their popular pressure wave device. This one is called the 2 Go and is the fifth model to join Womanizer’s repertoire. You might be wondering what else I could possibly say about this brands products at this point, but I’ve concluded that all of the models are so darn different which leaves me with tons of differences to comment on. The technology in each of the models may be the same, but ultimately the sensations and the way my body reacts are not.

It was presented in a clean white and gold box with the Womanizer branding on the front. It’s classic and understated, but I think that it’s nice enough to give as a gift as is. Inside the box I found the 2 Go alongside the charging cable and user manual. I had expected to find a larger head inside the box as these as usually included, but I couldn’t find one at first. It had been pushed up into the back of the tray that the toy was resting on so I had almost missed it. There’s no storage bag or case included, but as this device comes with a cap to cover the nozzle, I don’t think it was necessary.

The model that I received arrived with some charge but as I wasn’t sure how much I decided to give it a freshen up before taking it on a test run. To do so, you have to open up the covering over the port on the base and plug in the jack. Then place the USB into a suitable port and wait for a flashing green light to appear on the Womanizer. It takes approximately two hours for a full charge and you’ll know that it’s finished when the light turns steady. This provides up to 240 minutes of use, although of course this depends on the settings used. If the device begins to flash red at any point this indicates that the battery is running low and needs to be placed on charge. I love this as I’ll never be caught out thirty seconds away from a climax.

Womanizer 2 Go

Womanizer 2 Go

Womanizer 2 Go

Womanizer 2 Go





The Womanizer 2 Go is made up of a glossy plastic body and a pink silicone head. Both of these materials are latex and phthalate free, non-toxic, odourless and completely body safe. It’s waterproof, which is something many of us have always asked of Womanizer and they’re starting to deliver that with their newer models. The manual advises to clean the device by removing the head and rinsing out the pressure chamber. It says that the device should then be switched on and ran at high intensity for one minute. Shake out all of the water in a sweeping motion until the gurgling noise dissipates, turn off the leave to leave to dry. As for the heads, you can use good old soap and water or bleach/boil them for extra peace of mind. I’d recommend the second method if two clit owners will be using the 2 Go.

Before I go any further into this review I think I need to address the elephants in the room. The appearance and the size. The presentation of the 2 Go is completely different to the other designs that Womanizer have made. It doesn’t resemble an ear thermometer at all and I think the colour options are lovely. I chose the white and gold version as I felt that was the most luxurious and attractive, but it also comes in black and gold and green and pink. There are no leopard print patterns or gemstone buttons in sight, so I’m rather satisfied with the way that it looks. I hope future designs will follow in this direction rather than going back to the crocodile prints of the original W100.

Womanizer 2 Go

I am not the first person to comment on the dimensions of the Womanizer 2 Go and I definitely will not be the last. I had heard jokes about the size before I received my own device and I thought that people were exaggerating, but it turns out that the one-liners are all true. It is comedically large for a lipstick shaped sex toy. I have previously tried Lovehoney’s Oh! Lipstick Vibrator so I decided to compare it the 2 Go and was shocked to discover it was at least twice the size of it.

I can see why it might need to be larger than the average lipstick vibrator to hold the required technology inside, but I do feel that this sort of defeats the purpose of a disguised design. It doesn’t look discreet enough to be passed as a lipstick in my opinion and I don’t know anyone who’d believe this was a cosmetic. I feel that my friends would quickly guess that this was a sex toy trying to pass off as a lipstick, and they’re not totally clued up in the world of toys. I would say that it looks more like a classy fragrance bottle when the cap is on.

Womanizer 2 GoThe 2 Go is not much smaller (height wise) than the W500 which again, makes the discreet design a bit redundant in my opinion. Having said that, I don’t leave sex toys lying around outside of my bedroom so discretion isn’t too much of an issue for me.  I don’t really leave my house to travel, although I’ll admit that I probably wouldn’t take this on the go if I did. This is due to the cost, rather than the dimensions or shape. I wouldn’t want to risk losing it, so I’d take the more replaceable options like the Pro 40, Satisfyer 2 or the Satisfyer Deluxe. I wouldn’t be too bothered if I lost the latter two.

As for the controls, there’s only one. A singular button located on the base. One press will turn the toy on, each further tap will cycle through the six available modes and after this it returns to the lowest intensity. I do have a preference for multiple buttons on my sex toys, as I like to have an on/off switch and an up and down arrow to change through the intensities as I desire with the option to go back a setting if needed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lipstick shaped sex toy with more than one button (hell, finding them with more than one speed is difficult) so I will give Womanizer a pass on this occasion. I would love the multiple buttons back on future devices though.

Womanizer 2 Go

Down to the nitty-gritty now, let’s discuss the sensations. I found it difficult to even get to the point of feeling them at first as it was hard to locate a way of holding the device that was both comfortable and effective. The original nozzle is slightly different to the oval shape of the nozzles on the other versions of the Womanizer, which took some getting used to. I had to adjust a few times to get it to sit over my clitoris properly. This was made more difficult by the glossy finish that the toy has as it kept slipping out of my hands.

Eventually, I learned that holding it upside down so that the button pointed upwards towards my belly button was the best position for me. When I turned it on for the first time I was taken back. I was expecting the subtle, gentle intensity that the other four models offer, but this version doesn’t really have them. It starts off at a more medium level than the others, which makes me think that it’s probably not the best choice for those who have never tried a toy like this before. I would prefer to recommend the more varied Pro 40 as a first time Womanizer.

Womanizer 2 Go

The sensations are similar to that of past models once I’ve found the correct positioning but I did note that it definitely felt more intense. I have needed to switch to the larger head with past versions in order to get more than one orgasm as I became too sensitive with the original head, but due to the change in nozzle shape, I can actually get off comfortably two to three times with the smaller head. I get quite sensitive and tingly afterwards as the stimulation is quite precise and the cool air sensation heightens that further.

The second (or XL head) would be great for those who have bigger or buried clitoris in my opinion. It  has quite thin, rounded edges and the perfect amount of open space in the centre to cover most clits. For me, I found this head reduced some of the intensity as it wasn’t as precise as the first head. I have a smaller clitoris, so I sort of expected this once I saw the size of the second head. I felt like I needed to up through the intensities faster with the XL than I did with the regular. I can use settings two and three comfortably whilst still reaching intense orgasms with the first head, but I need setting five and six to get off with the second.

Womanizer 2 Go

Overall, I think the Womanizer 2 Go has been the most surprising model so far for me. It looks kinda comical because of the size, but don’t let that fool you. This thing has great levels of intensity and I was amazed that the smaller head allowed me to reach multiple orgasms this time around. I still lean towards preferring the Plus Size, but I prefer this to the W100, W500, Satisfyer 1, Satisfyer 2, Satisfyer Pro Deluxe and the Femme Fatale Clitorizer, so that should tell you that this is a suction toy worth trying.

I received the Womanizer 2 Go (€159/£139.59) from Orion in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! No affiliate links have been used within this post.



Review: Javida Heating Vibrator

Having tried one heated vibrator in the past, I was wholly looking forward to trying another. I had fantastic experiences with L’Amourose’s Rosa Rouge so I couldn’t wait to see what the Javida Heating Vibrator could do for me. I haven’t had the best experiences with dual stimulators overall, but I had a feeling that the shape of the Javida would be fine as it’s similar to the shape of a couple of my favourite rabbits. It’s also quite flexible, which means I’m able to adjust it to work with my body and maintain constant contact with the clitoral arm.

Javida Heating VibratorBefore I get into that though, let me tell you about the packaging. The black and pinkish purple box is decorated with floral graphics and features key product information on the back and sides. The front of this box has a magnetic flap that can be opened up to reveal the vibrator behind a window of plastic which is a nice touch. Inside, there’s the charging cable, generic instruction leaflet and the toy. My only complaint is that there was no included storage bag as I think this a must-have for toys that are on the medium range of the pricing scale.

The Javida Heating Vibe is made from hypoallergenic, non-toxic, body-safe silicone that has been coated with PU and the handle is made from a robust ABS plastic. All of these materials are free from latex and phthalates and are high quality. I was particularly impressed with the feel of the silicone on this product as it’s super smooth surface feels wonderful to the touch and it has a very minor amount of drag. It should only be used with water-based lubricants to avoid degradation of the material, but as the drag is minimal and the dimensions aren’t overbearing, only a small amount was needed. The box nor the websites description mention whether this product is waterproof or not so I did not want to risk it and have been using antibacterial toy wipes and cleaner instead.

Javida Heating VibratorIn order to charge this toy you must pierce the silicone. On the reverse side of the vibrator there is a small sun design underneath the brand name. The middle of which houses the charging port. I placed the jack into the port and the USB into my laptop, then left the vibe to refresh. It took around two hours and I knew it was ready as the flashing lights across the control panel had gone steady. It lasted around an hour and fifteen minutes on the stronger settings before it needed to be plugged back in which I think is rather reasonable.

This dual stimulator has a three-button control panel. It consists of a power button, an upwards arrow and a downwards arrow. Tap the power button to turn on, press the down arrow to control the internal arm and the upwards arrow to control the clitoral arm. Each arm has ten settings. Three constant speeds and seven patterns. You can use the arms separately or together on whichever settings suit best. That might mean a combination of patterns internally and constant vibrations clitorally or vice versa. Unfortunately, there is no option to scroll back through the previous settings so you have to go through them all again if you miss your preferred pattern.

Javida Heating VibratorNeither of the arms could provide rumbles behind the vibrations, but the buzzy sensations released from the Javida Heating Vibe were not high-pitched or numbing. I can tolerate buzzing in scenarios like this, so I wasn’t too upset that they didn’t have more depth to them. Having said that, I do wish there had been some rumbles to the clitoral arm as I can’t keep buzzy vibrations in constant contact with my clitoris for too long.

The strength behind the buzzing was a surprise to me. It’s generally known amongst this community that rabbit vibrators tend to have one stronger arm and one weaker, which was the case here, but neither were lackluster. I often find the clitoral arm to be a complete disappointment, but it was pretty good on this occasion.

If you like girthy rabbits, or girthy toys of any kind for that matter, then I probably would not recommend the Javida Heating Vibrator to you. It has just over 4″ inches in circumference, which is rather slimline, especially for its g-spot targeting shape. I personally like both slim and large toys, so I wasn’t discouraged by its width at all. I feel that it would make a great first-time rabbit vibrator for someone with little sexual (be that with toys, masturbation or partnered play) experience, who prefers slimmer internal vibrators or those who find discomfort with the stretching sensation larger toys provide. It also has around 4.5″ inches of insertable length which seems to be the standard for rabbits.

I found that the firm, shapely head was everything that I wanted it to be. It has the perfect amount of rigidity to satisfy my stubborn g-spot and it seems to nudge against it, rather than bash against it as others have done, *points at Lelo Ina 2 with a look of annoyance on my face*. I don’t need to a use a ton of movement to get the stimulation that I’m looking for and I think that has something to do with the heating function. I think that without the heat I would have felt as though the internal arm was missing something and I’d have probably started to long for girth.

Being the sucker for temperature play that I am, a heating function is warmly welcomed by me. I usually prefer cold temperatures with my glass and metal sex toys, but I quite like heat on silicone. It feels better than body temperature in my experience. On this vibrator, the heating begins when the vibrations are turned on and it gradually increases over a time period of around five minutes. It takes about the same amount of time to cool down after use. I feel like the heat adds that extra something I’m looking for in a vibrator and the combination of buzzing and change in temperature is absolutely divine. A heated vibrator is something that I’d recommend everyone try at least once.

As the Javida Heating Vibe has two motors, I expected it to be loud. It wasn’t. Even when I use both arms on their top settings, the sound is easily drowned out with a duvet and a closed-door. I can happily use this when there are other people present in the house, which is always a bonus, and for that reason I’d be willing to point those who need discretion in the direction of this subtle seducer.

I received the Javida Heating Vibrator (€59.95/£51.52) from Orion in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! No affiliate links have been used within this post.