Review: Mantric Realistic Vibrator

Are you following me on Twitter? If so, you may have seen me tweeting about the launch offer of a certain new collection from Lovehoney a few weeks back. The collection I’m referring to is named Mantric and it currently consists of nine silicone sex toys including a love egg, wand vibrator and prostate massager. I thought the collection was very visually appealing from the start and I couldn’t resist getting my hands on a product to review here on the blog. The pieces are all up-to-date, sleek takes on classic and popular sex toy styles and I couldn’t wait to give their promised premium pleasure a test run. So, did the Mantric Realistic Vibrator deliver on its promises or did it fail to be the innovative upgrade it advertised? Read on to find out my verdict!

Mantric Realistic VibratorThe packaging for Mantric products is what some would describe as bland but that’s exactly what I like about it. A plain cardboard box with the Mantric logo on the front is all that’s really required and this basic exterior is kind to the environment and easily disposable, so how could I complain? It isn’t fancy like some other brands boxes but it houses a truly luxurious treat inside its simple walls. The vibrator and charging cable are stored in separate pouches to keep them safe and clean and there’s also a user guide included.

Non-toxic, odourless and phthalate and latex free are words that offer several possibilities to what this vibrator could be made from but this toy is soft which rules out everything but silicone. The only hypoallergenic, body-safe material on the market that isn’t rigid. Mantric’s silicone is silken and smooth. It’s high-quality stuff with little drag to its untextured surface. It should only be combined with water-based lubes to avoid damage to the material and aid penetration. Naturally it is completely waterproof so can be rinsed before and after each use and cleaned with soap or toy cleaner without problems.

Mantric Realistic VibratorIt’s rechargeable and doesn’t come with battery life so it needed a full freshen up before I could get stuck in. It takes around a hundred minutes and offers roughly the same amount of use time, which I liked. The charging cable has a USB plug on one side which should be placed into a suitable connector and a jack on the other end which goes into a port on the back of the vibrator. It takes a firm push to get it fully inserted on the first few charges as it has self-healing silicone and this tends to be a little tough at first.

Control wise, there is only one button which makes operating this toy stress-free. Press it once to turn on and it will send the Mantric Realistic Vibrator into standby mode. To start the vibrations press again. Keep pressing the button to cycle through the various modes. The eighth press will stop everything and return to standby mode. The ninth press will cycle back to mode one. To turn off, just press and hold down for a couple of seconds. To activate the travel lock press and hold for three seconds. The light should flash six times to indicate success and the motor should pulse twice. Repeat the process or plug in the charger to deactivate.

So there are three speeds and four modes to choose from. Each mode flashes a different colour which is a feature I rather liked. It makes finding my favourite settings easier, particularly in the dark of night and could also be fantastic for people who find visual cues easier to remember than numbered settings. The first three functions are low, medium and high constant speeds. Mode one uses red, mode two uses blue and mode three uses green. After that there is the four patterned settings. Mode four uses purple and offers up a simple pulsation, mode five uses cyan and gives a combo of pulses and waves, mode six uses yellow and has a wave function and mode seven uses violet with its combination of pulsation and constant vibration.

Mantric Realistic VibratorThis Realistic Vibrator from Mantric is seven inches in overall length with six inches of insertable shaft. Six inches is the perfect length for me as it generally won’t reach or irritate my sensitive cervix but will hit all the spots I want it to stimulate. The shaft has a maximum circumference (around the head) of four and a half inches which places it on the lower side of the girth scale. This keeps it manageable for beginners and those who prefer slimmer vibrators. It’s been designed with g-spots in mind but it could also be used for a prostate for those who prefer the realistic look.

One thing that I write about all the time when discussing g-spot stimulation is firmness. I need tough pressure in this area for full, satisfying stimulation that results in orgasms otherwise I’m left feeling frustrated and reaching for old favourites. This vibrator has enough firmness to pass my tests and requirements but has a small amount of flex in the lower shaft that I can adjust for comfortable positioning if I need to. I really like this as it accounts for practical precision and comfort rather than just one or the other. If you are someone who prefers soft silicone cores for internal play or simply don’t need as much rigidity as I do then this may not be the best choice.

I am not usually a huge fan of realistic dildos and vibrators but this one isn’t ultra realistic. It’s what I’d call semi-realistic because it has a lifelike head but there’s no veins or texture and it’s not made in flesh tones. This element of realism may appeal to those who want something that resembles a phallus in terms of shape and size but don’t care for something with the full aesthetics and features of a human cock. For me, it strikes that balance well and I’m rather fond of it. The curved head is in the perfect position for my body so it doesn’t uncomfortably catch on my pubic bone or miss the spot entirely.

Mantric Realistic Vibrator

Once comfortably inserted and positioned, I just have to tilt the toy upwards very slightly and it will find the spot almost instantly. It feels natural and effortless to maneuver this vibrator and each gentle twisting motion I make enables the head to massage and caress my g-spot beautifully. I did try thrusting with it but I didn’t get the best feelings from it as it’s not quite wide enough for me to thrust aimlessly. I have to be very accurate with each movement which makes masturbating boring and chore-like.

As usual, the constant settings were my most used. I don’t enjoy patterns. The settings on the Mantric Realistic Vibrator are pleasant and fall somewhere on the rumbly spectrum. I wasn’t sure what to expect having never tried this new brand before but the motor involved is better than I thought considering the affordable price point. They provide that deep level of sensation that my body craves and reach more nerve endings and sensitive spots than their buzzy counterparts. I don’t need as much depth for internal use but it’s always welcomed, especially if I can also use the vibrator clitorally. It was pretty easy to get off with this for clit stimulation so I’d love to see this brand eventually create a comfortably, rumbly pebble that could compete with my Mimi Soft.

Mantric Realistic VibratorOverall, I liked this powerful, quiet Realistic Vibrator so much that I decided to order a couple more pieces from the Mantric range. I chose the rabbit vibrator for myself as the shape reminds me of the L’amourose Denia, which is an all-time favourite, and I got my partner the Vibrating Head Masturbator to explore. I’m hoping both of those new additions to our toybox will be as enjoyable as this one was. I’m looking forward to seeing where the future can take the Mantric collection and I hope other people will love it as much as I do.

You can purchase the Mantric Realistic Vibrator (£39.99) from Lovehoney.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This in no way changes our opinion of the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Fun Factory Mr Boss Realistic Hybrid Vibrator

When Fun Factory released their hybrid range I was desperate to get my hands on one. I love rechargeable vibrators and find myself leaning towards them 95% of the time so battery-operated vibrators often get overlooked. With this, I have the option to recharge the batteries it comes with so I’m not constantly having to buy new ones or search the house for triple a’s in the heat of the moment. This is much friendlier to the environment and for that reason I think the Hybrid Kit is a must-have buy if you are purchasing the Darling Devil, Wicked Wings, Abby G, Diva Dolphin or the toy I’m reviewing today, Mr Boss.

Fun Factory use the same style of packaging for all of their products. It’s classic and simple with a hint of luxury thrown in. It has an outer cardboard sleeve showing off a glossy product shot over the top of a plain gold cardboard box. This opens to reveal the vibrator alongside a small user leaflet and the click-n-charge manual that comes with all of their rechargeable products. They don’t include any storage pouches, which is one of the only downsides to this brand.

Mr Boss doesn’t come with a charging cable as this is a battery-operated vibrator that needs to be combined with the above mentioned Hybrid Kit in order to become rechargeable. Following the instructions, I removed the base of the vibrator and inserted the two batteries from the kit as directed. I then placed the base back on and plugged the USB into my laptop. From there, I attached the magnetic clip on the cable to the corresponding prongs on the base and waited for the lights to turn on.

The minus button will have a blinking light to begin with. This indicates that the battery life is between 0 and 33%. When that light becomes steady, the blinking light will appear on the plus button. This means that the battery has reached between 33% and 66% charged. After this turns steady a final blinking light will appear on the fun button. This indicates a battery level of 66-99% charged. When the fun buttons light goes solid, the toy has reached 100%.

Fun Factory Mr Boss Hybrid Realistic Vibrator Fun Factory Mr Boss Hybrid Realistic Vibrator

Fun Factory Mr Boss Hybrid Realistic Vibrator

Fun Factory Mr Boss Hybrid Realistic Vibrator





It is made from Fun Factory’s signature silicone, which is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and completely body-safe. I have noticed that their silicone tends to have a lot more drag (a rougher surface with more friction) than many other brands, so I would recommend being generous with the water based lubricant when using the Mr Boss or any of their other products. I would also recommend rinsing thoroughly before each use as this material attracts ridiculous amounts of lint and fluff. It’s fully waterproof so rinsing under warm water is not an issue and should be done afterwards with soap too.

To control the Mr Boss, press and hold the fun button for a couple of seconds to turn on. To explore the four intensities press the + button. After the highest intensity has been reached, the next tap of the + button takes you to the next function. There are six different vibration modes to choose from. I stick to the constant vibration setting as I personally find patterns off-putting. If you want to go back an intensity or function then press the – button. To turn off, press the fun button.

From the measurements given in the description on the Lovehoney website this sounded like a medium/average sized vibrator. It has eight and a half inches in overall length and six inches insertable. I thought that it looked quite slim upon arrival so I double checked the measurements myself and there is indeed five inches of girth around the widest point although I still think it looks less than. I’m not sure if this is due to the squish of the silicone, the tapered tip or the fact that I’m used to its older sibling, the Big Boss. I would be able to recommend it to those who are fairly new to toys and penetration as it’s not as thick or bulging as I expected.

Described as realistic, I expected more from this. It has a prominent head and some minimal texture around the base of the shaft but there is nothing going on in between. I personally would have liked to have seen some extra veins between the two for added sensation and realism. I’m not keen on overly realistic toys but I think this toy could have done with some added features. It looks almost half-hearted as it is and doesn’t offer much in terms of stimulation. The head has some definition to it which feels great upon insertion but the subtle texture of the shaft didn’t do anything for me as it wasn’t pronounced enough.

Fun Factory Mr Boss Hybrid Realistic Vibrator

Fun Factory Mr Boss Hybrid Realistic Vibrator





It does have a gentle curve that follows the ridge under the head so I decided to give it a go in the hopes that it would stimulate the g-spot. I wasn’t expecting it to be the most successful encounter as the head has some squish to it, but when I got down to business and began thrusting with it, I noticed that it did have some firmness to it that was capable of hitting the right spots. If I do this motion in conjunction with some high intensity vibrations then I can orgasm fairly easily. I would say that the vibrations got buzzier as the intensity increased but not in an irritating, off-putting or numbing sort of way.

I then tried to use it clitorally but I didn’t have much success with it that way. It seems that most of the vibrations are focused in the lower portion of the shaft and don’t travel as well as I’d like so I have to awkwardly hold the shaft up against my clitoris to get a feel for the vibrations. It’s not the most comfortable or precise way to stimulate this zone so I ended up giving up. There was little to no chance of me being able to get off with this awkward positioning. I’ll be sticking to using the Mr Boss for internal use and hoping I can get my hands on one of their new dual stimulators for clitoral use.

Overall, I enjoyed using the Mr Boss but I think I prefer the larger version, the Big Boss. The Big Boss feels more realistic to me, has rumblier vibrations and the sensations travel through the shaft better. I do think that the Mr Boss has some great qualities and fantastic things going for it though. It offers vibrations at a nice frequency, at a quiet volume, with a range of different intensities and functions. It is comfortable to hold, easy to control, body-safe and easy to clean up. On top of all that it is eco-friendly. What’s not to like? If you are looking for a semi-realistic vibrator from a trusted brand that can offer the possibility of g-spot contact then I’d be happy to recommend this to you. If you prefer a step-up in size and more intense vibrations then I’d opt for the Big Boss instead.

You can purchase the Fun Factory Mr Boss Realistic Vibrator (£69.99) and the Fun Factory Hybrid Battery Kit (£17.99) from Lovehoney.

We received these products free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the items. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.


Review: Pink Bob Alex Silicone Realistic Vibrator

Pink Bob Alex Silicone Realistic Vibrator 1Allow me to introduce you to Alex, a realistic, phallic-like vibrator made by Pink Bob. My partner and I actually refer to this as Bob, instead of Alex, but I will stick to Alex in this review to avoid confusion. The reason behind the name change is that this toy happens to share the same name as my ex-boyfriend and my younger brother, neither of which I want coming to mind whilst in the bedroom. I think this is the problem with naming sex toys ‘human’ names as there’s always going to be somebody that knows someone with that name and find the toy off-putting for that reason.

Alex and a couple of other review items arrived super fast from the states, in plain, discreet packaging. I wasn’t expecting them to arrive for at least two weeks, but my package was with me within a week of communications, which is pretty damn impressive. The Alex itself arrives in simple, functional packaging, just a white and pink cardboard box with a cut out window on the front and key features on the back. It’s then kept inside plastic casing just to keep it secure and clean during transit. No instruction leaflet is provided, but I think this toy is pretty self-explanatory. One thing I will mention regarding packaging is that it caused some initial confusion, with it saying that the toy is not waterproof, but the back of the packaging and website both claim that it is. I’ve gone based off the website and cleaned this with toy cleaner and water, with all being fine so far.

Alex is made from silicone, so is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and entirely body-safe. It does not contain any latex or phthalates. It does seem unusual to find a silicone toy that’s so inexpensive, but it has passed the tests I carried out and was completely odourless, so I am satisfied that it is what it claims to be. I found the material to be smooth to the touch and it had minimal drag, which is not what I expected. It has some drag around the textured areas, but this is nothing that a coating of water-based lubricant can’t relieve.

Pink Bob Alex Silicone Realistic Vibrator 2I must admit that I generally opt for non-realistic toys, purely because this is my preference, but the Alex isn’t so lifelike that I’m put off using it. It has some gentle texture in the form of realistic veins and a lifelike head and coronal ridge, but it’s not as realistic as some of the other toys on the market. I will say that I’m not a huge fan of flesh tones and this hasn’t changed with this toy, but colour is something I can look past. I know this might be off-putting for others too, so it would be nice to see Alex available in another (non-flesh) colour in the future.

According to the measurements I’ve taken, Alex has a total length of seven inches and an insertable length of six. It has a minimum girth of 3.9 inches around the smallest point (which is the head) and the shaft gradually increases in girth until it reaches the bottom. The end of the textured part of the shaft is roughly 5.3 inches and then there’s a bit of a jump in girth for the remaining section of shaft as this goes up to 6.2 inches. This is above average, heading towards the large category, so I would avoid that last section if you’re not comfortable with bigger girth. The head and textured portion of the shaft should be manageable for most people who are used to penetration. I’d probably recommend something smaller to a first-time user.

Alex takes two AA batteries (which aren’t included) and these are simply placed as directed into the battery compartment. I was pleased to find that this was easy to open as it’s simply a matter of unscrewing the base. Once the batteries are in position and the base is screwed back on firmly, it’s time to discover what the toy has to offer. It’s operated via a singular heart-shaped button on the base of the toy and the vibrations begin with a light tap to the button. If you continue tapping the button you’ll scroll through the ten available settings and once you’ve reached the end of the patterns, the vibrations stop. I would have liked if the settings just begun from the start again instead of the toy turning off, but this is  just a minor annoyance. If you wish to turn the toy off at any other time this is done by pressing and holding the button for a few seconds.

img_2170As I just mentioned there are ten settings to choose from and typically this would be three speeds and seven patterns, but for some reason Alex only has two speeds and the rest are patterns. I would have liked that third constant speed as I personally need more power than the second speed has to offer. I’m not a pattern fan at the best of times, so I’d rather have less of those and more speed options.

Having said that, I was impressed with the strength considering the power source. It’s not the most powerful battery-operated toy I have ever used, but it seems to be good enough that it will satisfy people who aren’t power queens like myself. If you don’t need extreme intensity to get off, then this toy has the potential to be a great fit for you.

If I use this toy internally with a strong clitoral stimulator alongside, then it’s possible for me to orgasm, so this toy still has its uses for me, despite it not being strong enough to produce a solo orgasm. I find that the vibrations were on the buzzy spectrum, but they weren’t numbing or desensitising which I was pleased about. The vibrations are definitely strongest in the head, but they do travel well throughout the shaft, although they cannot be felt at all in the non-textured part of the shaft. In regards to noise, Alex isn’t the quietest vibrator around, but it’s nothing that a TV can’t disguise.

I enjoyed the girth and length of this toy as they’re both within my comfort range and I can see myself using this as a dildo, rather than a vibrator in future sessions. The head is tapered which makes insertion easy and it has a small amount of squish to it which keeps things comfortable. The rest of Alex is extremely firm and rigid with no flexibility, which makes it great for A-Spot stimulation. The texture is subtle and not really noticeable after entry, which is fine, but I had hoped the veins would be slightly more pronounced to provide better stimulation to the vaginal walls.

Overall, the Alex is not the strongest vibrator around, but I think most people who haven’t been spoiled by power will enjoy the settings it has to offer. It would be a great starting toy to those who are used to penetration and I think it’s inexpensive enough that they could work up to something stronger later on without much of a loss financially. I do wish it was available in another colour, had slightly more pronounced texture and a third speed, but apart from that, I think this is a nice, budget-friendly option to experiment with.

I received the Alex Silicone Realistic Vibrator ($19.95/£15.05) from Pink Bob in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! No affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Crush Hunger Realistic Dildo Vibrator

I received the Crush Hunger Realistic Dildo Vibrator back in September of last year so I no longer have the original packaging although I still have my notes from the first review to refer to. It arrives in a no-nonsense plastic box with a cutout window to view the toy and it also had the key features written on the front. I remember my first thoughts being excitement over the fact it had a flashing LED light. I’m easily amused.

Crush Hunger Multi Pleasure Realistic DildoI actually had no idea what the toy looked like prior to the arrival as this was a secret tester. All I knew was the product name and that it was battery operated. It’s made from hygienic silicone and ABS plastic so is body-safe (yay!) It’s possible to get decent quality toys from safe materials for less, as this toy so proves.

I did think it was going to be retailing for a little more than its current retail price, so I would say it’s definitely worth the price tag. I think this would make an excellent beginners toy as it’s non-intimidating and easy to use. At this time, I was still regularly using battery operated toys so this wasn’t an issue for me, but now I wish it was USB rechargeable as batteries are a pain.

Inserting the batteries are easy, simple remove the base of the toy and insert 3 AAA’s. This toy does mark out which way the batteries should be facing inside the battery compartment, so make sure you’ve entered them correctly before twisting the base back into place.

To turn on the toy press the central button once, this button will light up when using, making it the perfect under the covers companion. This button will also change the settings each time it is tapped and pressing and holding will turn the toy off. You can also adjust the intensity of each function, the left button decreases the strength and dims the LED light, the right button increases in the strength and brightens the LED light. This toy has five settings so with the option to change intensity, you actually have ten different ways to use this toy.

The toy starts on a steady vibrating function, it’s pretty strong for a battery operated toy, especially when the intensity is fully increased. It then moves onto a function called ‘Surge’ this is a buzzy setting that doesn’t particularly interest me, although it is fairly strong and could be improved  with a little less buzz. It then moves onto ‘Insta-surge’ which is the strongest of the patterns, it’s pretty speedy and something I don’t mind using. I prefer the steady vibrations, but insta-surge can be fun at times. Intermittent is next, it’s an up and down type vibration with high power even at its calmest point. Followed by the usual roller coaster spurt, a gradually increasing vibration in power. It was originally my favourite function on the toy. The LED light goes along with the vibration pattern, the flashing does give me a headache after a while so the patterns aren’t often used.

As clitoral stimulation is my preference, I initially tried it against my clitoris, it felt pretty good on the highest intensity, but sadly is no longer enough for me. It would however be great for the beginner or woman who doesn’t need much power to get off. If I use this internally whilst in the shower with the shower head against my clitoris, I can orgasm still, but it’s not a toy I use frequently anymore.

Crush Hunger Multi Pleasure Realistic DildoInternally, I could feel the realistic veins on the toy and the head is very lifelike. It doesn’t intimidate my partner though due to the size and colour. It’s not a girth toy by any means, it’s around average size so is perfectly comfortable to use even without much lubricant. It’s pretty small in length at only 4.5 inches which might not appeal to everyone, but the sensations are pretty good considering. I think the size is perfect for beginners too as It’s slimline and short.

My partner liked this toy and was fascinated by the light up aspect, playing with that as opposed to playing with me. (Oh, boys and toys!) I think he liked the fact the could alter the settings as he pleased, but many of my USB rechargeable vibrators now offer that, so it isn’t a unique selling point for us anymore.

Most toys have a flaw of some description and unfortunately this toy has one of the bigger flaws a vibrator could have. It’s not the quietest, especially on the higher intensities. I need to have some background noise on to be able to use this toy and I don’t use it when others are home as I can’t fully enjoy the toy at the lower, quiet speeds. I probably wouldn’t recommend this toy if you live in shared housing or need discretion.

This toy picks up dust easily being made from silicone, so rinsing before every use is essential. It’s really easy to clean with toy cleaner and a rinse after use, lube can get stuck under the ridge of the head, but an old toothbrush can get those hard to reach areas.

It’s a great toy for solo play or for couples play and I’ll keep hammering home that I’d recommend this as a first toy. Back when I first reviewed this toy, I wouldn’t have thought it would be suitable as it’s quite strong, but knowing what I know now, it’s definitely not the strongest option a beginner could choose and the option to decrease intensity allows them to decide for themselves whether it’s too strong or not.

You can purchase the Crush Hunger Realistic Dildo Vibrator (£26.39/€29.95) from Orion.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.