Review: Cal Exotics Red Hot Spark Vibrator

The clitoral vibrators category of sex toys is always expanding and producing new innovative designs, shapes and functions and as a fan of clitoral stimulation above everything else, I’m always eager to find new things to spoil my clit with. Cal Exotics Red Hot Spark stuck out to me for two main reasons, the first being the obvious hot red colouring and the second being the shape. It’s streamlined, ergonomic and different to other vibes I’ve tried in recent months. Too Timid describe the shape as ‘clit encasing’ which is the most accurate description of its aesthetics that I’ve come across. It has a closed hole that’s situated towards the tapered tip of the vibrator that is designed to surround the clitoris for maximum stimulation. In the past I have tried rabbit-ear shapes that have arms either side of the clitoris but no toys with an oval-shaped area have made it into my toybox yet so I was intrigued to see how it would perform in practice. So was it a searing success or more of a dying flame? Let’s find out!

Minimalistic, clear and non-intimidating packaging is the way forward in my opinion and I think Cal Exotics have achieved that here. The Spark is presented in a cardboard box with the key features and product information printed on the back and a transparent cover on the front to protect the toy inside. The cover features the product name and tasteful photo of a couple on the front whilst the box houses the charging cable and vibrator within some foam casing.

Along with the vibrant and attractive appearance, the Spark has a whole host of other positive features that become obvious after removing it from the box. It has been made from a soft, premium silicone so it’s body-safe, odourless, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and latex/phthalate free. Not only does it meet my safety requirements but it does so in a luxurious way with it’s silky seamless finish. It does have some drag to it and will attract its share of lint but neither of these things are uncommon with silicone surfaces and can easily be resolved. Water-based lubricants will remove any unwanted friction thus making use more comfortable and a quick rinse will take care of the lint. As there are no visible seams, cleaning is a breeze. Warm water, a squirt of soap and a lint-free cloth will have the toy as good as new in a matter of seconds.

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Rechargeable via usb, there’s no need to hunt around in the dark for compatible batteries. Just plug the included cable into the port located on the back of the vibrator and the usb into a suitable connector. The power button on the base will brightly flash when the charge is connected and taking place and this turns off once complete. I was expecting the charge to take two and a half hours as indicated on the box but it was finished within the hour and ready to use. You can get thirty minutes of use from the high-speed and up to three hours on low which is rather impressive.

Cal Exotics Red Hot SparkOperation wise, there’s a singular button which controls everything. Press and hold down for a few seconds to begin the vibrations and do the same to turn them off. To cycle through the ten available functions simply tap the button. Out of the ten settings there are three constant speeds and seven patterns to choose from. The box describes them as “ten intense functions” so I was eager to test this claim out for myself and report back to my fellow power queens.

Initially I had some doubts about whether the vibrations would be able to travel the tip due to the shape of the encaser but surprisingly, they did. I couldn’t feel much of them on the low setting but during use of the medium and high modes the vibrations could be felt throughout the entire body of the toy. The first constant speed verges on having rumbly vibrations but the rest are firmly on the buzzy platform. None of the constant modes are buzzy or high-pitched enough to create a numbing sensation but some of the patterns are. Luckily I don’t use them as I think they’re distracting so this didn’t bother me and I was happy enough to use the constant modes in all their buzzy glory.

There are a couple of ways in which this vibrator can be used so we’ll start with the way in which it was designed to be used, as a clitoral surrounder. I wasn’t sure whether the shape would work for me as I thought it may be one of those scenarios where anatomy comes into play. However my clitoris fit perfectly within the space with some room remaining for occasions where it may be enlarged from prior stimulation. The ‘arms’ are quite stretchy so can be adjusted to suit a whole host of different bodies and anatomies, which is a huge bonus. Cal Exotics had designed an inclusive vibrator in the form of the Red Hot Spark but could it make me orgasm?

With my clitoris placed comfortably within the silicone exterior, I turned on the vibrations and lay back to let the Spark do its thing. I liked the rumbles of the first speed but sadly this wasn’t strong enough for my made-from-steel sweet spot so I skipped straight to the high intensity. I was impressed with what I was on the receiving end of from this point forwards. I was expecting less sensation than I got so it was a welcome surprise to find a surge of power that had the potential to take me all the way. It proved able to meet its full potential as I was quickly able to achieve a gratifying climax from the strength that it was delivering to my clitoris.

Cal Exotics Red Hot SparkThe stimulation from the above method is somewhere between pinpoint and broad as although it’s providing constant contact with the area, the tips or ‘arms’ in either side of the clitoris make the vibrations travel though a wider area than a tapered bullet would. If you like direct types of stimulation then you can position the toy so that the tapered tip is pressing against the clitoris rather than encasing yourself within the ‘arms’. For broader stimuli, using the vibrator on its side across the clitoris and labia works well.

Overall, the Red Hot Spark was a success for me. I was able to find three different methods of using this vibrator that produced different types of sensations, variants in pressure and ultimately, orgasms. As it’s so versatile and can be used for direct stimulation, broad stimulation and stimulation that rests somewhere between the two, it’s likely to work for a variety of people with different preferences. It has power levels that are suitable for someone like me, who’s used to mains-powered wands and heavy-duty bullet vibrators, so power queens who don’t mind buzzy vibrations may be able to make some use out of this. On top of all of that, it’s quiet enough to use with others in the house with a splash of background music and the aid of a duvet cover so I have little to no complaints to make.

You can purchase the Cal Exotics Red Hot Spark ($67.95/£47.85) from Too Timid.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.