Review: Javida Nubby Vibe with Clit Stimulator

Have you ever seen a dual stimulator with nubs on each arm before? Because I hadn’t. When I spotted the Javida Nubby Vibe with Clit Stimulator on Orion’s website I was rather curious. I wasn’t sure what to make of this vibrator initially but I just knew that I had to try it for myself and find out what those nubs felt like. I was itching to know. I had tried one other Javida product before, their heated massager, so I knew that I had a good quality product on the way but I didn’t know whether the nubs would be fun and stimulating or uncomfortable and boner killing material. Read on to find out whether the nubby was a painful experience or a pleasurable one.

Javida Nubby Vibe with Clit StimulatorThe packaging was similar to what I encountered before, it just had a different colour scheme. There’s a black and red box that is decorated with floral graphics and features key product information in the back and sides. The front of this box has a magnetic flap that can be opened up to reveal the vibrator behind a window of plastic which is a lovely touch. Inside, I found the vibrator, generic instruction leaflet and the required charging cable. My only complaint is the lack of storage bag as I think that’s a must-have extra once the price tag reaches £50+.

Javida’s Nubby Vibe is made from hypoallergenic, non-toxic, body-safe silicone and the handle is made from a robust abs plastic that has been coated with polyurethane. This just makes the handle softer and more comfortable to hold. This toy does not contain latex or phthalates and seems to be well-made and nicely designed. I was once again impressed with the feel of the silicone as the incredibly smooth surface feels delightful to the touch and has the smallest amount of drag possible. It should be used with lubricant for comfort regardless of the amount of drag it has or hasn’t got and this should be water based as to not degrade the silicone. Neither the box nor the website description mentions whether this product is waterproof so I haven’t risked it and have been cleaning it with antibacterial toy wipes instead of soapy water.

Javida Nubby Vibe with Clit StimulatorSo this vibrator is rechargeable via USB. I placed that end of the cable into my laptop and attached the magnetic clips on the other end to the corresponding prongs on the rear of the Nubby. Whilst it is charging a red light will flash on the control panel and this becomes steady once complete. It takes roughly an hour and a half to charge the device fully and this is said to provide around forty minutes of use on the highest intensity and around sixty minutes on the medium to low functions.

There’s only one button on this toy so it’s really simple to use. The button is located just under the clitoral arm and needs to be pressed and held for three to five seconds to turn the vibrations on. A light will turn on once the toy is in use. Tap the button again to cycle through the various settings and press and hold it down for a few seconds to turn off. There are ten functions to choose from. Three constant speeds of varying intensities and seven patterns.

Javida Nubby Vibe with Clit StimulatorI think this is one of the smallest dual stimulators or “rabbits” that I have in my collection at the moment. It is 7.2 inches in overall length with an insertable shaft of around 3.9 inches. This is pretty short for an internal arm as most are around the four and half to five and a half-inch mark.

Having said that, I think that this makes the Nubby a very viable option for a beginner. I generally don’t recommend this type of toy to someone who’s just starting out as I think you need to know your body and anatomy well to find the ones that work for you, but if you’re a beginner with a similar layout to my body, then I’d point you this way. It has a maximum girth of just under 3.9 inches which is pretty slim and manageable.

Dual stimulators are completely anatomy dependent so I wasn’t shocked at all when the fit of this one wasn’t the best that I’ve encountered. I know that shorter external arms are generally a good bet for me as my clitoris and entrance are quiet close together and I don’t need much  length to reach it. It rests at just about at the right spot although an extra inch or two of length would have made the arm line up perfectly. It sits covering half of this sweet spot as it is which means I can’t get maximum sensation from the vibrations or texture. This leaves me with the feeling that I need more and I can’t shake it off. As a result, the Nubby feels underwhelming and half-hearted.

Javida Nubby Vibe with Clit StimulatorIt is disappointing that this is the case as I cannot fault the internal arm. It has everything I could want. A bulbous head, angled shaft and enough firmness to satisfy the inner diva of my g-spot. The nubby texture provides some extra stimulation and feels wonderful when using it in a circular motion to massage the g-spot.

The first setting was rumbly which is my preference and I could find myself getting along with this one. Unfortunately it didn’t have the amount of power I needed on the lowest intensity so I turned it up and then a swarm of buzzy, higher frequency vibrations erupted.

I don’t think these settings feel terrible, but I’m not fond of the buzzing as I find it distracting. I ended up using the rabbit without the vibrations with the internal arm working on my g-spot and a strategically placed We-Vibe Tango working on my clitoris. I could orgasm like this just fine. I tried again a few days later with the vibrations on and found myself being more tolerable of the internal vibrations on that occasion. So I now feel like I will be able to use this occasionally as intended but only on days that I’m not feeling over sensitive and have already penetrated with something else beforehand. I couldn’t just jump in with this if I hadn’t used an internal toy for a week or so as my g-spot would be too alert to cope with the buzzing.

As the Javida Nubby Vibe has two motors, I was expecting it to be noisy. It wasn’t. Even if I used the highest intensity, the sound could be easily drowned out with a duvet and a closed bedroom door. I wouldn’t and don’t mind using this when others are present in the house so for that reason I’d be happy to point people who need discretion in the direction of this nubby little number.

You can purchase the Javida Nubby Vibe with Clit Stimulator (€54.95/£50.65) from Orion. I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!

Review: Tokidoki x Lovehoney Jolly Roger Bullet

Back when I first heard about the Tokidoki x Lovehoney collection, I didn’t know much about the brand or what they sold. I decided to do some research and discovered that Tokidoki make a whole plethora of products based around their own adorable characters. Cute and colourful items are all over their website, so of course the sex toys were made to match. I love this because the products aren’t just limited to pink and purple tones. I don’t mind a hot pink vibrator on some occasions, but other times I want blue and red, and thanks to Tokidoki, I can now do that. I think I only own one other red toy out of the 200+ plus I own, so I was pretty excited to get my hands on this third-generation mini bullet.

Tokidoki x Lovehoney Jolly Roger Bullet VibratorThe packaging follows the same theme and style as that of the past two series. It has remained true to branding and is decorated entirely with their famous characters and other adorable things. The bullet protrudes through a cut-out window in the front of a cardboard sleeve, safely secured within some plastic casing. It can be a bit of a pain to get out, so keep some scissors on hand. I think this packaging is lovely and simple, but it’s nice enough that it could be given as a gift as is.

Once I had the bullet removed from the packaging I gave it a once over. I found no faults with the build design, but I did find a love for the design. It’s my favourite of the three bullets that I have from this range so far. The Jolly Roger is made from a robust, body-safe plastic and is very soft to the touch. It has a velvet-like finish because of the coating that has been used on the plastic. It is recommended to use a splashing of water-based lubricant with this toy although I didn’t feel like I had to use much as the material has basically no drag.

Tokidoki x Lovehoney Jolly Roger Bullet VibratorIt’s operated via a single triple A battery which is inserted by unscrewing the cap of the bullet and placing inside the compartment as directed. It’s essential for the cap to be screwed back into position firmly to ensure that the vibrator functions properly and remains completely waterproof. As it is water-friendly, it can be used in the bath or shower and cleaned easily after use. Just add a drop of toy cleaner or soap and rinse off.

As I have tried a couple of these bullet vibrators now I had a good idea of what to expect regarding the power and type of the vibrations. I wouldn’t class them as lacklustre or unimpressive, but there is only the one speed which limits play options. I usually associate single-speed vibrators with the cheap kind that you can buy for less than £5 that provide barely there buzzing, but these Tokidoki bullets are different. Instead of tickle-like, boring vibrations, these bullets offer a decently powered speed. I may be a power queen by default who relies on strength to get her rocks off, but these bullets can get me off if I leave them pressed against me for long enough.

You may now be wondering how something that’s powered by a single battery can please a girl who likes her power straight from the socket and to be honest, so am I. I don’t have any answers. It’s rare for me to orgasm with vibrators like this, but I can get there if I’m patient. It does take quite a while, but it’s not impossible to reach the end result. I can’t say that the orgasm is the most intense, satisfying kind that I’ve received either, but hey, an orgasm is still an orgasm. If I press the Jolly Roger against my clitoral hood then I could orgasm in about fifteen minutes and directly against the clitoris could take about ten minutes. This is long for me as I prefer fast-paced clitoral climaxes, so I wouldn’t use this bullet in the heat of a give-me-an-orgasm-now moment, but it’s ideal for prolonged play or multiple orgasms.

Tokidoki x Lovehoney Jolly Roger Bullet VibratorThe only thing that I’m not particularly fond of is the buzziness of the vibrations. I don’t feel that the Tokidoki bullets reach below the surface as a rumbly vibrator like the Tango would, but it’s not so high-pitched that it becomes numbing. I have a strong preference for rumbles or at least a motor that is somewhere between the two, but this is definitely on the buzzy side. It does not make me hypersensitive, tingly or numb though so I will happily use it every once in a while.

My partner (who happens to be more sensitive than me) does not mind buzzy vibrations. I think he actually prefers them, and for that reason, he gets on incredibly well with the Tokidoki bullets. I think he’d have the entire collection of them if I’d let him. He likes it when I place the Jolly Roger (with some pressure) against his glans during a hand job or against his nipples during a blowjob or some of kind of penetrative sex. He can also use them on himself during masturbation. He says that these bullet vibrators bring him to climax faster than some of our other bullets as the strength is perfect for him.

Tokidoki x Lovehoney Jolly Roger Bullet VibratorNoise wise, the Jolly Roger is quite fair down on the scale. It’s not completely silent, but I’ve never used a vibrator that is. I think this is one of the closest things to it though. It does sound louder up close due to the buzzing of the motor, hardly surprising, but it can’t be heard from outside of the closed bedroom door. I think this bullet would make a great choice for someone who relies on discretion because of their privacy preferences or living situation.

Overall, I’d be happy to recommend the Jolly Roger to anyone, regardless of anatomy. In our experiences, the power is decent enough to bring us to separate orgasms despite having polar opposite tastes in vibrations. It can be used in multiples ways, making it highly versatile, and it’s also hand-held which is great for easy storing and travelling. I can definitely see why more designs of these cute bullets have been added as they are such fun, effective models for those looking for something a bit different. They are non-intimidating, couple-friendly and perfect for anyone who’s a fan of the kawaii scene. Tokidoki x Lovehoney is not a range that will appeal to all age groups and tastes, but for the market it’s aimed at, I can see why it’s successful.

I received the Tokidoki x Lovehoney Jolly Roger Bullet (£12.99) from Lovehoney in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! Affiliate links were used within this post.



Review: Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2

When given the chance to review a clitoral vibrator, I almost always jump on it. I was particularly excited to try Nomi Tang’s Better Than Chocolate 2, especially because the original was an award winner. I didn’t try the original so I can’t determine any differences between them, but I can share my experiences with the latest and tell you whether or not it’s the greatest. I’ll quickly mention now that I like the name of it, despite not being a chocolate eater. I feel like it’s a good play on something the majority of the target market enjoy and often joke about enjoying more than sex. I’d love to hear from some chocoholics who’ve tried this toy to see whether you think it’s truly better or not!

Nomi Tang Better Then Chocolate 2I was rather impressed with the packaging for Nomi Tang’s products. It’s classy and simple, which is exactly how I like it. It has a glossy outer box featuring branding and product photos and a sturdy storage box inside to house the vibrator. Alongside the Better Than Chocolate 2 there was a small instruction manual and the charging cable. It doesn’t come with a storage pouch, but it can be stored in the gift box, so I’ll excuse it.

Being made from FDA grade silicone, this vibrator is completely free from latex and phthalates. It’s non-toxic, odour free and hypoallergenic too. If body safety is as important to you as it is to me, you’ll be pleased to note this passes all the tests. The silicone used is of the smooth, matte variety but it is perhaps rougher than some of the others on the market. I mean this in the sense that it has quite a bit of drag to it. I’d describe it as being similar to Fun Factory’s silicone, rather than a company like We-Vibe who use the velvety soft stuff. This is not a bad thing, I just found I needed to use a little extra water-based lubricant with it.

Nomi Tang Better Then Chocolate 2After use, it can be rinsed with toy cleaner or soap and water. It’s waterproof up to 1 meter and I’ve had no issues rinsing it in the sink or using it in the shower. I can’t account for baths though as I have not submerged it. I would recommend rinsing before each use as silicone can attract the lint fairies and I don’t think anybody wants to be pressing cat hair and bedding fluff up against their intimate areas. Make sure to dry it with a cloth or leave to air dry before turning on though.

In order to use the Better Than Chocolate 2 I had to charge it up. To do so, plug the jackpin into the port located on the toy and the USB into an available port. You must ensure the jack is pushed inside all the way or the charging will not work. I thought it was a bit stiff for the first couple of charges but this has eased up over time. You’ll know that the charge is working when you see the red light flashing on the front of the vibrator. It turns blue once it’s finished. A full charge takes around five hours and this gives two to four hours of use depending on the settings used.

Nomi Tang Better Then Chocolate 2Controlling this clitoral vibrator is a little bit different from others I’ve used. In fact, I’ve never tried a vibrator with this technology before and I own over a hundred vibrators, so that’s saying something. It has a regular power button located on the silicone body which turns the toy on with a tap and off when pressed and held for a few seconds.

You can tap it further to cycle through the five vibration patterns. It then has this innovative touch slider which is used to adjust the speed of the vibrations. You just slide your finger up or down it, depending on the speed you want. I thought this was really unique and cool, so huge thumbs up from me on this feature. It also comes with a travel lock. Activate by pressing the Nomi Tang logo for five seconds until the light turns red. Deactivate by doing the same or pressing the power button.

I’d describe the shape as a cross between the Lovehoney Desire Clitoral Vibrator and the Vive Minu, although it’s more compact than both. It’s the perfect size to be used between partners during sex, but I found that I needed to keep one hand on it at all times as it’s too small to be held between my legs. I have to hold it in place or move it around the clitoral area slightly in order to make the most of the vibrations. I tend to start by moving it around in gentle circular motions to spread stimulation across the vulva and clitoral hood. I then hold it in place directly over the clitoris to begin the process of working towards an orgasm.

Nomi Tang Better Then Chocolate 2This is not a toy that I would reach for in moments where I want a quick orgasm. It takes some work to get to that point with the Better Than Chocolate 2. When I say work, I mean using a mix of two types of stimulation, both broad and direct, on maximum power, for about 20-30 minutes. This is longer than I’d typically like to be using a clitoral vibrator for as I don’t want to be overstimulated, but I can deal with it on days where tease and denial is the type of session I’m craving. I don’t feel numb after using this for that long, but I definitely couldn’t go for round two for a while.

I feel that the reason behind the time it takes to bring me to climax is the type of vibrations and their intensity. I wouldn’t say these are the buzziest vibrations in the world, but they’re not rumbly either. I think they’re directly at the midway point. I can deal with the buzzing, but it’s not strong enough to rock my socks off. It sort of just removes my socks slowly like I have all the time in the world. The vibrations are not weak by any means, but I’m a power queen and need more strength in my vibrators than this can offer. If you’re a person who likes mid range power, this would probably be great for you. It’s also rather quiet, so those who need discretion shouldn’t have an issue with it.

Nomi Tang Better Then Chocolate 2I prefer pin-point stimulation to broad, but both are options with this toy. You can rest it flat against the vulva & clitoris for broader stimulation or you can place it upright so the tip rests directly upon the clitoris. I feel like I can reach orgasm faster if I start with broader stimulation and then gently tip the toy so that it’s in more of a pinpointed position. I will experiment some more with it over the coming months to see if I can improve the experience & will report back if I find something that works better.

Often when I review a clitoral vibrator I use it against my male partner to see if it can work for him and on this occasion he had the same sort of reaction as I did. He usually loves the toys that I don’t find strong enough, but he had mixed feelings about the Better Than Chocolate 2. He couldn’t really find a placement against his penis that felt comfortable. I don’t know if this is due to the rigidity of the material or the shape, but it just wasn’t happening. He liked it against his nipples during play, but there are other toys he’d rather use for that purpose.

Nomi Tang Better Then Chocolate 2To conclude, I am conflicted. I love the shape for use on myself, I like the fact it can be used for two types of stimulation that are very different to each other and I also enjoy the innovative control slider. I don’t particularly like the amount of time it takes to satisfy me, the lack of depth to the vibrations and the absence of ruthless power. It’s a nicely designed toy, that has been made well, and I give props for the innovations used, but I feel that a little more time selecting a motor could have made this so much better.

I received the Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 in Red Violet ($89.90/£69.84) from Nomi Tang in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! Affiliate links have been used in this post.

Review: Bondage Boutique Beginners Collar and Lead 

Bondage Boutique Beginners Collar and Lead Set
Being a member of the Lovehoney forum, adult community and blogging scene has led to me trying many things that I’d always thought were a little bit scary, from glass and metal to nipple clamps and pinwheels. I wouldn’t have even considered some of the things I now love this time last year. One of these things was a collar and lead set as I just couldn’t see the appeal to them and I thought they were intimidating, but then I developed a sudden urge to try one out..

I eventually decided on this Bondage Boutique Beginners Collar and Lead Set, as it was one of the most friendly options I could find. It arrived in typical fashion for this brand, which is just a clear packet with a sticker on the front. The only thing that I don’t like about this is the fact that there is no safety information included with it and I think this should be essential with all bondage products, especially those aimed at beginners.

This is an inexpensive starting option, but it seems that the quality has not been spared. The neoprene  it’s made from is smooth, soft and incredibly sturdy. It feels durable and I can see it lasting for quite a while. The collar has some flex to it, but not so much so that it begins to sag or sits strangely when being worn. It has just enough give in it to make it as adjustable and comfortable as possible. The ring at the front of the collar is well-attached and no amount of tugging (believe me, I’ve tried) will detach it. The lead isn’t the most comfortable to hold, due to the material, so after a few uses, I switched to using this one instead.

I chose this particular collar to be my first due to it being wider, softer and more adjustable than most of the others that I came across. It is fastened via velcro around the back and it has a long strip of this, so you can wear the collar as tight or loose as you want. I think this is perfect for beginners who want to get used to wearing something around the neck before exploring with something tighter-fitting and more choker-like. I did begin with it being loosely fastened, but I quickly moved to wanting it to fit and look tighter. I now fasten it at the halfway point, which I feel is tight enough for my current experience level.
I thought that the collar was extremely comfortable to wear and I believe I made the right choice to start out with something soft and lightweight. I have since moved onto a thinner, leather collar, but I still bring this out from time to time when I want to be dominated in a more gentle fashion. Leads attach very easily to the ring at the front, with the two I own both having quick-release clips for fast removal. The collars velcro fastening also means the collar itself can be removed within seconds if you reach a limit, need a break or simply decide collar play isn’t for you.

Bondage Boutique Beginners Collar and Lead SetOverall, I’m pleased that I changed my mind about collars and something inside me decided to tempt me into trying one. I have found that collars (and leads) are something I very much enjoy and I think they’re incredibly versatile pieces of kit. They can be used in numerous ways, from being pulled on during sex, to being used during teasing and spanking sessions. Your imagination is your limitation.


   You can purchase the Bondage Boutique Beginners Collar and Lead Set (£9.99) from Lovehoney. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Lovehoney Oh! Lipstick Vibrator

Lovehoney Oh! Lipstick VibratorWhen I volunteered for this product I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but my first impressions upon arrival were good. I was particularly pleased with the presentation, in this cute pink box with heart detailing. It’s feminine in design, as one may expect from a lipstick vibrator, but this also makes it non-intimidating and friendly for beginners and couples. The box does not show any images of the vibrator, which adds to the discretion theme that this toy has going on.

The Oh! Lipstick Vibrator is made from a sturdy ABS plastic which is extremely smooth to the touch. It is finished with a gloss, which adds to the aesthetic and makes it look more realistic, but this finish also makes it slippery once water-based lubricant is added into the mix. It’s comfortable to use and hold other than that though. It’s unfortunately not completely waterproof, so it cannot be submerged in the bath or shower, but it is splash-proof, so can be rinsed quickly after use with a spritz of toy cleaner, providing the base is in place firmly and the cap is screwed on tightly.

Lovehoney Oh! Lipstick VibratorAs you might expect from an inexpensive toy such as this, its battery operated. It takes one N battery, which Lovehoney kindly include. I’m very thankful they decided against watch batteries as they’re a pain, but the type they did go for aren’t the easiest to find and they don’t have a great lifespan, so I would advise you to stock up on batteries if this is a toy you decide to purchase. To gain access to the battery compartment you need to pull off the cap and then untwist the base of the vibrator. It will then be revealed, where the paper disc on top will need to be removed before placing the base back on. It will not work until this process is done and the base is back on firmly.

Once the battery is in position, you can press the singular button on the base to begin the vibrations. It’s a single speed vibrator, so there are no other settings to scroll through, leaving the button to simply turn the toy off again. I was actually very surprised when I turned this petite product on for the first time as I was expecting some dull, weak and uninviting vibrations. Make-up vibrators don’t have the best of reputations, often known as being a disappointment, but this one surprisingly has a decent amount of strength for its size and power source. It’s not blow-the-roof-off powerful, but for its stature, it’s almost impressive.

Lovehoney Oh! Lipstick Vibrator

I will admit that I usually see toys like this as gimmicky rather than functional, but I could see the potential in this being of use to some people. I know that something like this would have caught my attention during my early days of toy use. It has surface-level buzzy vibrations that don’t have enough strength behind them to make me orgasm, but a first time toy user or extremely sensitive clitoris owner may appreciate that it’s not super powerful.

It’s not as quiet as I expected it to be, but the noise does seem to lessen upon contact with the body. It can be heard from the next room if it’s laying on a flat surface, so beware of that if you’re putting it down for a while during a session. I think background music and a closed-door should cover the sounds it makes otherwise. It’s not the first toy I’d think of in terms of noise discretion, but it’s an option I’d put out there, especially if it looking discreet is of importance to you.

Lovehoney Oh! Lipstick Vibrator

Overall, I think this vibe is cute, fun and a great cheeky gift. It’s the perfect size to use during sex and is ideal for clitoral stimulation due to the slanted tip being able to provide precision, but it’s not just limited to this use. It can be used on the vulva, nipples, thighs and glans too. The vibrations do seem to dull slightly upon firm contact, so I’d suggest power queens look elsewhere, but for those who want something discreet in appearance, buzzy and small to travel with, I’d give it a shot.

  I received the Lovehoney Oh! Lipstick Vibrator (£14.99) from Lovehoney in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! Affiliate links have been used in this post.