Review: Rocks Off Atomic Clitoral Vibrator

Clitoral vibrators make up a large percentage of my sex toy collection as they are what I seem to reach for the most. This isn’t surprising as I’ve always preferred clitoral stimulation over everything else and these toys are usually small enough to hold between my partner and I during penetrative sex or other intimate activities. It does however mean that I have lots of vibrators that are similarly shaped and this can become boring at times. Whilst I do love the traditional bullet shape, I enjoy experimenting with something different every once in a while and that’s where this little gem comes in. Rocks Off have definitely stepped up their game with their most recent releases, adding interesting new shapes, funky designs and bright attractive colour schemes to their catalogue. Their silvery-blue Atomic may have caught my attention visually but did it manage to please me clitorally? Read on to discover my verdict!

Rocks Off Atomic Clitoral VibratorPresented in usual Rocks Off fashion, the Atomic was secured within two pieces of plastic casing inside a simple black box complete with cut-out viewing window. A gold banner runs across the bottom of the box showcasing the brand logo and product name whilst the back reads basic product information and a few of the key features. This vibrator comes with the required triple A battery included and inserted so the toy can be used almost instantly upon arrival. Just remove the white paper disc first.

Made from rigid abs plastic, this vibrator is non-toxic, non-porous, phthalate free and completely body safe. It can be used with any water based lubricants for comfortable positioning but I’d be strict with the amount used as lubes tend to make plastic, glossy surfaces hard to grip on to. Thankfully it is fully waterproof so can be rinsed before and after each use and properly cleaned in soapy water. It doesn’t attract lint or pet hair and can be stored safely with other body safe materials.

There is a singular button on this vibrator which is located on the base. This makes it extremely easy to operate. One press will turn on the first setting, each further press will cycle through to the next function and pressing and holding for a few seconds will turn off. It offers a total of ten settings, consisting of three constant speeds and seven patterned modes. I am used to lots of power after being spoiled by vibrators like the We-Vibe Tango so I half expected this toy to not be strong enough for me. Whilst that is somewhat-true as it is not as powerful as I’d usually request, I was able to hit the point of orgasm on a handful of occasions.

Rocks Off Atomic Clitoral VibratorOf the ten settings, my favourite has to be the highest constant speed. The vibrations are buzzy as expected but not numbing or uncomfortable to feel against my bare skin. Patterned vibrations have never been my thing so it was no surprise to discover that these weren’t for me.

For people who do enjoy using these modes, there is the usual selection of patterns to be found on the Atomic ranging from faster pulsations, slow waves and stop and start pulses. There is something to suit most tastes here and although the power behind these sensations isn’t mind-blowing, it should be more than enough for beginners and people who don’t need industrial level strength.

Aesthetics aside, I thought the Atomic looked interesting. There are two precision prongs located on the top with a gap in the middle for the clitoris. It reminded me of a rabbit-ear style clitoral vibrator and although these can be notoriously difficult to get right, I wondered whether the hard plastic surface would allow for a level of pressure that soft silicone can’t. The fit was fine with my exterior anatomy but the gap between the points is rather small so people with an enlarged clitoris may struggle with finding accurate positioning or even coverage. If this is the case, I’d recommend placing the vibrator on its side and letting the vibrations travel to the sensitive spots that way. It provides broader stimulation as the surface area is larger but manages to get the job done.

Rocks Off Atomic Clitoral VibratorI’m a precision kinda girl, so the points resting against the sides of my clitoris provided the direct contact that I like during masturbation. It made the clitoris feel extra sensitive which in turn made me more reactive to stronger vibrators and clitoral clamps later on in the session. The Atomic needed a couple of test runs before I could get the combination of placement, pressure and precision exactly right but once I found the right match I was able to orgasm easily enough. If the vibrations had been rumbly and able to reach all the nerves below the surface of this hot spot I think I’d have enjoyed it even more.

I often hand over clitoral vibrators to my partner as they seem to work well for penis stimulation and sometimes he actually enjoys them more than I do. He doesn’t have the lust for power that runs through my veins, as he’s quite sensitive and finds too much intensity overwhelming, which makes battery-operated buzzing beauties like this one perfect for him. He used the Atomic on its side, as described above, and was soon on his way to a gratifying climax. This just shows that vibrators like this one aren’t solely limited to clitoris owning people and can be used in a variety of sexual scenarios.

Rocks Off Atomic Clitoral Vibrator

Overall, I was surprised by how much I liked the Atomic Clitoral Vibrator. It has the same motor as the Unihorn but the shape of this one worked much better for me. I’ll be the first to admit that this is not the strongest vibrator out there and I’d prefer rumbles to buzzes but there’s just something about this toy that ticks my boxes and allows me to look past those things. Quiet enough to use with others in the next room, this would be a suitable choice for students, parents and people who value discretion and I’d happily recommend it.

Bondara Toys

You can purchase the Rocks Off Atomic Clitoral Vibrator (£18.99) from Bondara.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review but Rocks Off currently do not have this item listed on their website. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Rocks Off Unihorn Clitoral Vibrator

Rocks Off are best known for their extremely popular bullet vibrators. Every sex toy shop that I’ve ever visited has stocked at least one version of them and lots of people recommend them to first time toy users, couples and people who ask for something small and non-intimidating. How could they continue to grow in this area? Branch out from basic bullet shapes and simple colour schemes to release exciting new designs like the Unihorn. This cute little clitoral vibrator has ombré shading that features four or five bright colours and it’s also unsurprisingly shaped like a unicorn horn. It’s an absolute treat on the eyes but was it a treat for my clitoris? Let’s find out!

Rocks Off Unihorn Clitoral VibratorIt was presented in usual Rocks Off fashion, just a classic black box with a cut-out viewing window that shows off the sparkly surface of the Unihorn. There’s a gold banner that runs across the bottom of the box that reads the product name and brand logo whilst the back houses some basic product information and a few of the key features.

Inside the box, the vibrator rests within two pieces of plastic casing that are secured together to keep the toy protected. The required triple A battery comes included and inserted so the toy can be used almost instantly. Just remove the white paper disc beforehand.

Made from abs plastic, the Unihorn is non-toxic, non-porous and completely body-safe. It’s completely rigid so can make the sensations feel more aggressive than a silicone surface would. It is compatible with water based lubricants but don’t go overboard on the slippery stuff as this can make the toy hard to hold on to in my experience. This mini vibrator is fully waterproof so it can be sprayed with toy cleaner and rinsed or cleaned in soapy warm water. It doesn’t attract lint at all and is fine to be stored with other body safe materials.

There’s just one button on this vibrator and its located on the cap. Press it once to turn on, continue to press to cycle through the ten functions and press and hold for a couple of seconds to turn off. It has three speeds and seven patterns to choose from. I wasn’t sure how I would get along with them as I’ve been spoilt with mains-powered vibrations from the Doxy and rechargeable rumbles from the likes of the Tango but my experience with the Unihorn was primarily positive.

As I have said a thousand times on this blog, patterned vibrations aren’t my thing. We have never particularly clicked as I find them distracting, frustrating and off-putting so this isn’t a criticism of the toy, it’s just a matter of personal preference. They’ve never got me close to an orgasm at all but for people who do like these settings, there are a nice variety of different options to choose from. It has some faster pulsations and some slower ones so there should be something suitable for every mood and need.

Rocks Off Unihorn Clitoral VibratorOf the ten settings, the highest speed is my favourite. It is as buzzy as I expected it to be but strangely I didn’t hate this. The vibrations are not overly numbing or high-pitched so they can bring me to orgasm although those climaxes aren’t the strongest I’ve ever experienced. I have managed to hit the point of release and satisfaction several times so I could classify this toy as reliable although I believe it works better for my partner than it does for me.

With a small amount of water-based lubricant, the tapered tip is comfortable to place against the clitoris. I noticed that the pinpoint precision made the clitoral area feel extra sensitive which made me more susceptive to stronger toys that I mentioned above later on in the session. I couldn’t orgasm from using the tip but I discovered during my exploration that holding the vibrator upside down and pushing the shaft against the labia and clitoris felt great. Direct contact is usually the thing that gets me off the quickest but in the Unihorn’s case it was all about the wider spread sensations.

As for my partner, he doesn’t need as much power or precision as I do and often takes ownership of the vibrators that aren’t strong enough to please my clitoris. His orgasms can be induced with very little intensity so even the lower speeds felt pleasant to him. He prefers buzzy vibrations against his glans and shaft as he has found that rumbles are overwhelming for him at the moment so this little gem is ideal for him. It doesn’t make him feel too sensitive that he needs to push the vibrator away from himself but it doesn’t make him orgasm so quickly that he feels like his orgasm was wasted. It strikes the perfect balance for him and just goes to show that Rocks Off make versatile vibrators that aren’t limited to clitoris owning people.

Rocks Off Unihorn Clitoral Vibrator

Overall, I think this would be a great first vibrator. I also think it would be a suitable choice for people who don’t mind buzzy vibrations, don’t need power queen level vibes to get off and want something that’s quiet, unassuming and pretty. The Unihorn and I may not be inseparable lovers but I can appreciate it for what it is and it could bring me to orgasm if I ever needed it to. My partner has now taken possession of this toy as it worked brilliantly for him and he’d recommend other penis owners give it a go too.

You can purchase the Rocks Off Unihorn Clitoral Vibrator (£19.99) from Lovehoney.

 We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review but Rocks Off currently do not have this item listed on their website. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

Christmas Giveaway: Win a Rocks Off Joycicles Vibrator! (Ended)

Win a Rocks Off Joycicles Giveaway!Hi all! As a thank you to those who have supported our blog, purchased products through our links and read our posts over the past twelve months, we have teamed up with the wonderful folks over at Rocks Off to provide one lucky winner with a sparkly new blue Joycicles Vibrator for Christmas.

This cute mini vibe is ideal for external stimulation and beginners penetration. It has a total of ten patterns to explore, delicate texture to create heightened stimulation and three and a half inches of insertable length to play around with. It is made from rigid, body-safe plastic and is completely waterproof for all aquatic adventures.

Win a Rocks Off Joycicles Giveaway!

So how can you enter to win this prize? There are nine methods available via the Gleam widget with some of those methods being worth more than one entry. There are a couple of methods that can be used daily to increase your chances of winning so make sure to take advantage of those!

Thanks again to those who have supported our blog during the last twelve months, it has been a difficult time for sex bloggers with many of the social media platforms doing their best to keep us quiet so it’s super appreciated when people check back to see what’s new with us.

Win a Rocks Off Joycicles Vibrator!
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  • There will be one winner and the prize will be one blue Joycicles Vibrator worth £19.99. It is brand new, unopened and was sent directly via the brand themselves to us for the sole purpose of this competition.
  • The winner will be chosen at random via the valid entries on the Gleam app. The winner will then receive an email from Nat and will have 24 hours to respond. If you fail to reply to the email within this timeframe you will forfeit the prize and a new winner will be drawn.
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  • Finally, you have until midnight on the 20th December to get your entries in. The winner will be drawn and contacted on the morning of the 21st. Good luck!



Review: Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit

I received the Ramsey Rabbit from Rocks Off as a prize during their Twitter Easter competition. It’s the first time I’d ever won anything, as well as being my first product from Rocks Off, so I was really excited for it to arrive. I’ve since nabbed a Bamboo and will hopefully try some more of their products in the near future, so look out for some more Rocks Off reviews soon.

The Ramsey Rabbit arrived quickly and fairly discreetly, wrapped inside a ‘remove before display’ sleeve, which I assume is to simply protect the packaging and product during transit. Removing the sleeve, I was met with the lovely, minimalistic outer box of the toy. It features a cut out window which shows off the vibrator in all its glory. A small purple banner across the bottom of the box reads the product name alongside the brand logo. The back of the box features some of the key selling points of the toy, along with battery information and vague instructions for use.

Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit

Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit

Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit

Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit





This toy is made up of two parts, an outer bunny sleeve and their famous 7 speed RO-80mm bullet vibrator. The sleeve is made from a very soft, smooth and somewhat flexible silicone, which is is completely body-safe, hypoallergenic and non porous. The silicone is completely seamless and of a high quality, with minimal drag to it. I would still recommend using a small amount of water-based lubricant though, just to make using the toy more comfortable. The bullet inside the silicone sleeve is made from sturdy ABS plastic, which is also body-safe. The toy is completely waterproof so is very easy to clean with a quick rinse and a squirt of toy cleaner. The bullet is also removable for a better, more intense clean.

The Ramsey Rabbit arrived with the needed N battery inside, so all I had to do was unscrew the base of the bullet, remove the white paper disc and place the cap back on. It’s operated by a singular button on the cap, so is very straight forward to use. Press down for a couple of seconds to begin the vibrations, tap to cycle through and press and hold for a few seconds to turn the toy off. There are three constant speeds and four patterns to choose from.

As expected, I’m not fond of the patterns, but I never usually am. I prefer constant vibration, I don’t really understand the need for fancy patterns and constant stopping and starting, this brings me further from orgasm, rather than closer to it. The patterns on the Ramsey Rabbit are ones that you’ll find on most inexpensive vibrators, so are nothing special, but there’s decent variety for those who might enjoy this type of stimulation. The speeds are okay, not mind-blowing or powerful enough to bring me to orgasm, but probably strong enough for someone who’s new to vibration. I must admit I’m used to strong/rumbly rechargeable vibrators now, so many battery operated toys aren’t strong enough for me anymore, but they may still be wonderful for others.

I was quite disappointed in the sleeve, as it just seemed to dull the vibrations and didn’t carry them very well. I had anticipated that the main source of vibrations would be in the ears, but these didn’t vibrate at all. I found the vibrations felt the strongest in the face of the rabbit and it definitely feels strange placing a rabbits nose on your clitoris, rather than having its ears surround it. The vibrations are also quite strong near the end of sleeve, which is quite odd as thats where your hand goes, resulting in a numb hand. Based on my experiences, I don’t think this sleeve is particularly functional.

The bullet on its own however, is much better than I had anticipated. It’s still not a toy that’s strong enough for me or suits me well, but I can definitely see someone new to sex toys or someone who doesn’t need much power enjoying it. In conclusion, the toy itself is not bad, it just isn’t right for me.

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You can purchase the Ramsey Rabbit (£19.99) from Nice ‘n’ Naughty. Affiliate links have been used within this post.