Review: Sh! Purple Glass Double Dildo

I love Sh! and what they stand for, a company that supports and encourages women to embrace their sexuality is a company that I want to buy from and associate with. Being able to write a review for them for the first time is a huge deal to me, so thank you! When I was offered one of their beautiful new glass toys, how could I say no? Glass is my thing and I’m always on the lookout for stunning, interesting pieces to add to my collection. This toy is both of those things, making it the perfect addition. I think glass is an essential material in any toy lovers collection and should be experimented with at least once, so if you’ve never tried it, I urge you to do so. If you don’t think this particular shape is right for you, they have some other stunning pieces that may be more your style, you can check those out here.

It arrived discreetly packaged a couple of days after our email communications, which was much faster than I had expected. Inside the plain, white jiffy bag was a beautifully presented product. It was wrapped in purple tissue paper with a Sh! sticker sealing it shut, further protected by a nice storage pouch (hello bonus points!) and a layer of bubble wrap. Alongside the toy was a sheet of upcoming classes and events (which you should definitely check out if you’re in the London area) and a sachet of their own brand paraben free lubricant.








This dildo is absolutely gorgeous, it’s a translucent lilac shade although it comes up slightly darker in photos. I know I complain about the colours of toys all the time, but when it comes to glass I don’t actually mind pinks and purples. I think these colours can actually make glass look prettier and they appeal to my aesthetic. The shape of this toy is visually appealing too, I like glass to have some texture and whilst this doesn’t have obvious texture like the dino dildo from the Tracey Cox set, the rippled waves do still work quite well for stimulation. Not just in the obvious sense either, sure it feels lovely internally as the waves massage my vaginal walls, but it’s also fantastic for rubbing against the clitoris or rolling against the skin during a massage. The curved shaft also makes use easier as it acts as a great handle when you’re thrusting with it.

As this toy is a double dildo, you can use your favourite end, switch between the two or even share it with your partner. I haven’t tested out the last theory, but I think it’s long enough that it could potentially work. There is eight inches of length to play with and 1.3 inches of diameter at the widest point. This is perfectly within my comfort zone and the girth is comfortable. I do prefer slimmer glass toys as the material has no-give making them feel bigger than they are, so this is perfect. I do think this would be an ideal first piece of glass, as it’s slim and not overtly textured, eight inches of length might sound big to a beginner, but remember not all of it has to be used.

I started with the tapered, slightly pointed end. I wanted to test both sides out a few times to get an overall opinion and decide whether I had a favourite and I discovered the pointed end is slightly better for me. It slides in easily with a tiny amount of lubricant (best thing about glass, you can use any type) and I found out very quickly that thrusting with this end was the way to go. If I can get the angle right, the point will find my G-Spot every, single time and work its magic. I love this type of stimulation, but combine it with something like the Nea 2 or Tango, it becomes explosive. You won’t hear from me for a few hours, because I’ll be dazed and busking in the orgasm.

With the other end, I prefer to twist rather than thrust. Inserting slightly and then twisting the waves around whilst clenching, feels absolutely incredible. I love the short burst of waves from this side, it’s very stimulating and takes me back to the craving for texture I was talking about earlier. It does feel nice when thrusting with this side, but I don’t find it batters my G-Spot as much as I would like, so I stick to the tapered end for that.

Being glass, you have the temperature play options. I still live at home so cannot put a glass dildo in the fridge, as funnily enough I think that would be noticed! Instead I fill a jug or bowl with icy cool water and pop the dildo in there for twenty minutes or so before use, but glass has a natural chill anyway. The same can be done with warm water but I prefer glass cold.

As for maintenance, I usually clean toys with antibacterial sex toy cleaner and water. This can be placed in the top rack of your dishwasher if you wish, but again this isn’t really an option for me. Cleaner works perfectly and as there’s no nodules or anything, it’s super quick and easy to clean.









I received the Sh! Purple Glass Double Dildo (£38) in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! No affiliate links have been used.