Share Our Shit Saturday – Week Four #SOSS

Welcome to the first Share Our Shit Saturday of 2018!

This is a hashtag that has inspired sex bloggers all over the world to support each other on a weekly basis by spreading the word about each others content and encouraging other people to do the same. It was created in the hopes of removing some of the social media stigmas that we face and to start the fight against some of the challenges that these platforms put in place to “protect the children” and those that are embarrassed about open sexual discussions. A simple share takes just a few seconds and helps us to show these platforms that there’s nothing wrong with talking about sex, creating content for adults and/or providing important sex education for people who may have none. Join in the conversation on social media to share your favourite shit each week by using the hashtag #SOSS.

I have not been the most reliable poster on this hashtag thus far but I am going to do my best to remember to write these posts on time going forward. So without further ado, let’s get stuck into the posts I’ve been loving over the past couple of weeks!

Five Ways Sex Toy Companies Could Be Better in 2018Miss Jezebella

 If you’re a sex blogger, member of the sex positive community or even a retailer/manufacturer you may have noticed the colossal amount of fuck-ups that companies made last year. Miss Jezebella wrote this great post which draws attention to just a few of the main issues that currently exist and I agree with all of their points. It must have been hard to narrow it down to just five ways that the industry could improve but I think they’ve nailed the most important problems in this post and I’d love it if  certain brands and companies would take some notes from it and do better in 2018.

Blush Novelties Avant D5 Striped Silicone Dildo Review Phallophile Reviews

One of the first blogs I search when new silicone insertables are released is Phallophile Reviews and that’s because it’s highly likely that I’ll find information on the product I’m looking for there. I was not disappointed when I set out on my search for people’s experiences with these gorgeous dildos from Blush Novelties and came across this post. This review of the D5 ‘Sin City’ is so informative that I left the page feeling like I knew this dildo inside and out without even trying it for myself. If you are as curious about this range as me then definitely check out this review but keep your wallet handy as you’ll probably be wanting to add one to your shopping basket afterwards.

What’s In My Bag? Daddy Dom / little girl EditionA Poly Princess

As a tween I spent hours on YouTube watching what’s in my bag videos so this post gave me memories of those times. This edition may be different to the ones I used to look at as the contents are not the usual keys, phone and packets of gum but I really enjoyed reading through it. If you’re keen to learn more about the Daddy Dom / little girl scene then this post would be the perfect place to start. I feel like I know more about littles after reading this and ultimately that enables me to be more understanding of people within my community and the things that they’re interested in. I’m hoping there will be a second part to this post so please let A Poly Princess know if you would like to know more too!

 Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration Giveawaydownthebunnyrabbithole

Does anyone else have the January blues? If you answered yes then downthebunnyrabbithole may just have something to cheer you up. It’s the chance to win one of the brand new releases from Satisfyer, the Pro Plus Vibration! To find out more about this interesting product, I recommend reading Satisfyer’s Succubuzz which is the review that this wonderful blogger has written for it. It’s made me all the more excited to get on with testing mine out and I hope it will make others excited enough to enter this fantastic competition.

Valentines Giveaway The Oooh Review

Bloggers are back from the festive break with a bang (and lots of products to giveaway) so I felt it was only right to include another one in this post. The Oooh Review is offering up a Lelo Sona, a Rocks Off Unihorn and a Bumper Thrust Buffer from Perfect Fit Brand to one lucky winner. If you haven’t tried one of the Sona models yet and like precise clitoral stimulation then make sure to enter this competition to be in with a chance of winning one of your own. Best of luck to all who are hoping to get their hands on this fun bundle for a Valentine’s to remember!

That’s all for now although there were tons of posts I could have chosen for this round-up. Be sure to check back next week for some more of my favourite reviews, articles and giveaways. Until then stay safe and sexy! x

Share Our Shit Saturday – Week Two & Three #SOSS

Welcome to Share Our Shit Saturday!

The hashtag that’s inspired sex bloggers around the world to support each other on a weekly basis by spreading the word about each others content and encouraging other people to do the same. It was created in the hopes of removing some of the social media stigmas that we face and to start the fight against some of the challenges these platforms put in place. A simple share takes just two seconds and can help us show these networks that there’s nothing “wrong” with talking about sex, creating adult based content and providing important education for those that have none.

Does anyone else feel like the last two weeks have just flown by? I feel as though I’ve blinked and missed them. I have however managed to sneak some time away from the festivities to pick out a selection of my favourite posts from the last fortnight. Let’s get stuck in, shall we?

Sinful Sunday 348: Festive FunBondageGod

I’m not creative enough with a camera to take part in Sinful Sunday but I’ve always enjoyed looking through the delightful images that are produced. One that caught my attention last week was this festive shot from Bondage God. I wasn’t in the mood for Christmas until I saw this picture but it made me want to hang tinsel on everything, buy some fun undies for my partner and use Santa’s beard as a feather tickler. Be sure to check out some of their other shots featuring lovely underwear from LHM.

Want Some? Sinful Sunday #349LittleSwitchBitch

Another shot that I adored recently was this one from LittleSwitchBitch. I’ll admit that theirs is one of the first blogs I check for new Sinful Sunday shots as they always manage to capture the theme beautifully. This particular photo has a focal point of a smooth dildo complete with strappy harness and I think it would instantly set any pegging fans heart rate up. It effortlessly oozes sex appeal with its striking black filter, clever positioning and killer high angle. It’s just stunning.

The 8 Best Male MasturbatorsLoveToyGuidance

There are a whole host of posts, guides, reviews and recommendations out there for people with vulvas looking to buy the “best” product but not so many for penis owning people. My partner stumbled across this post recently as he was browsing and thought this would be a helpful post to share. He’s still fairly new to this category himself so this gave him a couple of ideas of what he may want to explore next. I believe the Cobra Libre has just shot straight to the top of his lust list and the top of my ‘possible options for his birthday’ list, thanks!

Love Layla Desk Calender and Christmas Wrapping Paper Range ReviewsEmmeline Peaches

I really discovered Love Layla through the Pleasure Panel and thought their products were really fun. I enjoyed viewing and reading about some of their other products through these two reviews from Emmeline Peaches. Calendars aren’t the typical products reviewed on a sex blog but as this one contains cheekiness, implied references and sexual undertones, it’s more on brand than one may first expect. If you’re the kind of person who loves that sort of humor then I’d recommend checking out these reviews and browsing Love Layla’s shop. That Cobra Libre I mentioned earlier is definitely getting wrapped in some hilarious birthday wanker paper.

 So that’s all for this double edition of Share Our Shit Saturday but I’ll be back next week with another roundup of my favourite reviews, articles and images. Have a great Christmas all! x

Share Our Shit Saturday – Week One #SOSS

So, I’m late on this one as things have been hectic the past few weeks but I felt that it was important for me to start pitching in with this new weekly roundup of my fellow bloggers posts. One of the best in the biz, Girl on the Net, recently wrote about her frustrations with social media policies and their attitudes towards the sex community. This is not a new problem, social media has always attempted to keep erotic authors, cam models, sex bloggers, sex educators, adult film stars (plus many more) on the back burner.

You would think that people would be more accepting of a sex positive, resourceful community in late 2017 but this is unfortunately not the case. Open conversations on sex, relationships, anatomy and health should be the social norm and welcomed. Sex is one of the most natural things on the planet and it’s something that a large percentage of the world’s population engage in. So why the hell aren’t we allowed and encouraged to discuss it in a safe environment where it will reach and help more people?

I don’t have an appropriate answer to hand over but I can assure you that our voices will never be silenced. We blog, write and review because this is something we are passionate about, it helps us deal with our personal traumas, it allows us to share our experiences so people don’t feel alone when they encounter something new and scary, it enables us to provide answers to questions that people may want to ask but can’t elsewhere for whatever reason and most of all we do this because we care.

The Share Our Shit Saturday hashtag was created as a way of supporting each other, getting people’s voices heard and introducing people to new content that they might love. If you enjoy reading a bloggers posts please consider sharing them on social media. The more people who step forward to say “hey, this post was useful – check it out!” the more our voices will be valued and hopefully one day, respected, and welcomed with open arms. A simple share that takes two seconds may help us show social media platforms that we deserve to be recognized and acknowledged.

With all of that said and done, let’s get stuck in to the posts that I’ve been loving this week!

I am an exhausted Feminist by Isabelle Lauren.

I resonated with this post so strongly because I too am exhausted. This post covers some thoughts on the recent #MeToo campaign and the feelings that it has unearthed for those who’ve had something to discuss, share or think about through this hashtag. It talks triggers, constantly feeling the need to explain ourselves and defend our decisions to speak up or stay quiet. It’s a really heartfelt post that struck several cords with me and it definitely had to be one of my favourites this week.

Erotic Advent Calendar Review by Scanderella.

We checked out Lovehoney’s advent calendar last year and although we didn’t write much about it here, it was tons of fun to explore. It has been great to relive that experience and see what Orion included in their erotic calendar this year through the eyes of Scanderella. This review is being updated daily with the contents behind each door and a few thoughts on the product inside. I know I’m going to be continuing to check back each day to see what other surprises it has and so should you!

Paddle Ex Animo with Hearts Review by Joanne’s Reviews.

I’ve been a big fan of Joanne’s Reviews for some time now and they are my go-to blog when I’m looking for reviews on products that might be a little bit different. This week I noticed this review on my timeline and was drawn in by the beautiful product shots. The detailed feedback that Joanne gives in this review would be incredibly helpful to anybody who’s looking at purchasing this product or anything similar to it. If you’ve been looking for a paddle that may be able to induce orgasms from the sensations alone then Joanne may have just found it for you!

Rocks Off Purple Heart Review by Petra Pan.

Hearts seem to have caught my attention once again this week as I thoroughly enjoyed reading Petra Pan’s guest review of the Rocks Off Purple Heart over at RandomRedRose. The shape of this vibrator was rather intriguing to me and it was great to find out that it could be used for multiple types of stimulation. I like both pinpoint and broad stimulation so this review made me think that I should take a look at this toy myself as it may just work for me too.

Win a Doxy Number Three For Free! by Cara Sutra.

Now there has been multiple exciting giveaways popping up on my news feed this week as everyone  has been getting into the festive season and wanting to thank the people who read/support their blogs but this one grabbed my attention instantly. A lot of people in the blogging community rave about Doxy and their Number 3 Wand has to be one of the most coveted products this year by far. I almost reached into my pockets before I’d got people’s gifts this year after reading Cara’s review as it sounds too good to not own – but then I spotted that she’d managed to wrangle one to giveaway. Good luck to all who are entering – fingers crossed!

So that’s all for my first contribution to Share Our Shit Saturday but I’ll be back next week with another roundup of my favourite reviews, articles and giveaways. Have a great weekend all! x