Review: LoveDrop Subscription Box

In my time as a sex blogger and product reviewer, I’ve tried a handful of sexy subscription boxes and seen several others come and go. Most of the boxes that I’ve come across so far have been disappointing and many of the companies were obviously creating the boxes for the wrong reasons. It’s no secret that sex toys and bondage products are in high demand at the moment and this can bring people onto the scene who are hoping to make quick and easy cash. These people unfortunately don’t care about the safety or quality of the products they’re releasing which leads to subscription services being filled with porous/toxic junk and crappy filler items. It was immediately apparent to me that LoveDrop were not one of these companies as their site contained pictures and descriptions of high-quality, luxury sex products and body-safe materials.

After noticing the splashes of silicone, I reached out to the owners to find out more. This lovely husband and wife team told me that they came up with the idea of this service when they realised how important date nights were in a long-term relationship and how crucial it is to invest in some quality time together. We talked about society focusing so much on the early stages of the relationship that people let life get in the way of the long-term. For example, a duo that become so comfortable with each other that they settle into a habitual routine of Netflix and actual chill where the intimacy starts to take a backseat. LoveDrop want to make a difference in these scenarios and prevent couples from getting stuck in a cycle of sex that’s so predictable it stops being fun.

So, how does it work? LoveDrop hand-pick exciting adult toys, gifts, sexy games and romantic activities for a couple to explore in a ‘date night’ box that’s delivered bi-monthly. My partner and I would love to plan regular date nights ourselves but often get distracted by our day-to-day duties and obligations and know this is the case for lots of other couples too. LoveDrop take out all of the stress of arranging an intimate night in by dispatching a box of treats every other month that’s all ready to go when an opportunity strikes. It costs £45 per box, which is fantastic when you consider the fact that the total cost of the contents of my first box doubled this.

LoveDrop Subscription Box December 2017

LoveDrop Subscription Box December 2017LoveDrop Subscription Box December 2017LoveDrop Subscription Box December 2017





When the plain package arrived, I was greeted with a simple cardboard box with LoveDrop’s branding on the front and ‘we promise to try whatever arrives’ printed on the opening flap. Inside, I found a welcome to LoveDrop card that thanks you for purchasing the box and a booklet that features a list of the included items alongside some fun date and challenge ideas, a couple of interesting sexual facts and a position of the month. This is the only aspect of the box that’s not couple-neutral as I would say the contents are also suitable for couples that have two clits.

LoveDrop Subscription Box December 2017The first item I found amongst the wrapping was the main feature of the box. The designer sex toy. I could see a glimpse of packaging that was familiar and I was impressed to find a luxury clitoral vibrator inside that I did not already own. I have a substantial collection so it wouldn’t be shocking for me to receive a duplicate but the original Lelo Nea was something I hadn’t tried.

It’s burgundy in colour with silver patterns and is a plastic pebble-shaped vibe that nestles against the clitoris to provide stimulation. It’s rechargeable with a good battery life, easy to operate and suitable for use against different anatomies. The noise levels are very low too which is a bonus for student couples or those with kids.

LoveDrop Subscription Box December 2017The Lelo Nea is not as powerful as the Nea 2 but my partner and I still liked it. It has a decent amount of strength to its constant vibration modes and was able to make both of us orgasm. It can be used during masturbation, oral sex or penetrative sex as it’s small enough to hold between bodies.

My partner said that this version was better for him than the second as it has buzzier vibrations and that’s the type that he prefers. I’m more of a rumbles fan so that works out well. He gets a new toy to spice up his masturbation or blowjob sessions and I get my old favourite back. The Nea was a fantastic start to the LoveDrop experience for us and it was so refreshing to see a subscription service pick something like this over a cheap pocket rocket made from unsafe materials.

Next to be pulled out of the box was some samples. These were also from Lelo and consisted of two packets of their water-based personal lubricant and two Hex condoms. We have used this lubricant before as a sachet is usually included with their sex toys and it’s not bad. It isn’t our favourite but it’s safe to use with sex toys of any material and suitable for most sexual activities. Ingredients wise it’s free from parabens and glycerin, which is good, but does contain propylene glycol which can be problematic and irritating for some genitals. It doesn’t irritate me or my partner or dry up too quickly so these sachets are good to have on hand for on the go use. Sachets like this are the perfect way to try new lubricants before forking out on a bottle so I like that these were included.

LoveDrop Subscription Box December 2017Hex condoms are one of the only things that I didn’t love about this box and that’s because of the controversy that surrounds them and the related ethical issues. Lots of my fellow sex bloggers wrote posts about those issues so I won’t go into much detail but I will outline the basics so people can decide for themselves whether they feel comfortable using them.

The first problem was this video posted on social media. I was alarmed when I first saw the hole made in the Hex at the one minute mark and I’m still on the fence about the safety of these condoms. The second problem was the spokesperson Lelo chose to market the Hex, Charlie Sheen. He’s well known for having unprotected sex with multiple partners without disclosing his HIV status as-well as having numerous domestic abuse claims, which doesn’t line up with the loving, intimate, honest approach of LoveDrop.

LoveDrop Subscription Box December 2017A product I’d never seen before came next, the Melt co ‘Joy’ Candle. According to the booklet, each candle is handmade in Lancashire and lasts for 22 hours. LoveDrop describe the scent as a ‘sparkling citrus floral on a complex but soft woody and musk base over a rich heart of rose, lily and iris’. I’m no scent connoisseur but I can tell you that it smells absolutely gorgeous. It strikes the perfect balance between barely noticeable and overpowering, creating a relaxing environment as the aroma carries itself around the room.

LoveDrop Subscription Box December 2017The last two items in the box consisted of a bar of Fairtrade chocolate that my partner devoured within minutes and a pack of clearly printed prompt cards. There are eight cards total and each one displays a different sexy activity for the duo to try together. I’ve included a picture of one of these cards as an example but I’m keeping the other seven to myself as we haven’t used all of them yet. We decided to spread them out over several weeks in alternation with some of the date and challenges mentioned earlier.

Overall, my partner and I were very pleased with the LoveDrop Subscription Box. In the past I’ve noticed that subscription services are aimed at complete beginners or those who have a couple of items and want to build their collection but this box is fairly inclusive. In my opinion, a wide range of couples with varying levels of experience with sexual products could enjoy this box and as it’s affordable, easy to order and created by people who are doing it for the right reasons, I would be happy to recommend it.

You can subscribe to the LoveDrop Subscription Box (£45pm) through LoveDrop’s site.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. All views are our own and based on our experiences. No affiliate links have been used within this post.