Review: Crowned Jewels Aluminium Shaftsbury (C Curve)

Crowned Jewels Marylebone1I purchased the Crowned Jewels Shaftsbury as a birthday present to myself after deciding it was finally time to try out metal. I have fallen in love with the material because of this experience and have gone on to add three more metal toys to my collection since then. I’m a huge fan of glass toys, so this wasn’t much of a step-up and it’s one I’d definitely recommend everybody try at least once, because despite the extra cost, it’s so worth it.

The Shaftsbury arrived in a wax-sealed tube, which is some of the classiest and more luxurious packaging that I’ve ever experienced. Inside the tube, the dildo is wrapped inside some black tissue paper alongside a branded storage pouch  and a small leaflet.

When I held the Shaftsbury for the first time I checked for any signs of imperfections within the material and I’m pleased to say that I couldn’t find any. This toy has been made excellently and finished to an extremely high standard. I cannot fault Crowned Jewels in terms of quality control at all, I actually feel this is an area in which they excel. All of their products are made by hand and crafted to order, with each being thoughtfully designed and created.

Crowned Jewels strive to make exciting, luxurious and beautiful adult toys that are crafted from completely body-safe and high-grade materials. They partake in regular quality testing to maintain the standards they’re putting out there and also make sure they’re in compliance with all British and EU rules regarding safe metal sex toys. The Shaftsbury is made from medical grade, pure aluminium and does not include nickel, latex or phthalates.

As the Shaftsbury is made with aluminium, any type of lubricant can be used with it, be that water-based, hybrid or silicone. I generally choose to use water-based when I’m using this in the bedroom to avoid any sheet staining, but I will switch to silicone lubricant if I’m using this toy in the bath. I haven’t and probably never will use this in the shower as I imagine dropping it on your foot would hurt more than stepping on a piece of Lego. I have often found that I don’t need to use any additional lubricant with toys made from metal as the material glides pretty easily with natural lubrication. After each use, I spritz with toy cleaner and rinse thoroughly although it’s impossible to remove all of those pesky fingerprints that this material picks up.

Crowned Jewels Shaftsbury

The Shaftsbury has an overall length of seven inches and an insertable length of six, which is ideal for me personally and should be enjoyable for most. It has a maximum girth of 3.75 inches which is fairly slimline and a size I’d consider to be suitable to beginners, particularly those who are new to rigid materials such as this one.

It was lighter than I had expected it to be, which makes it comfortable for long-term use and I would definitely advise you to consider this brand over njoy if weight is something you struggle with for whatever reason. I personally have weak wrists, so I find this toy much easier to use than my beloved pure wand.

I do think it’s slightly heavier than glass, so if weight is something you’re interested in, alongside firmness and rigidity, then metal is a material you’ll probably enjoy.  You might be enthused to know that you can experiment with temperature play, which just so happens to be one of my favourite things to do in the bedroom, and this material holds temperature much better than glass does. It can be warmed up or chilled, although warming is something I don’t really explore much as I prefer my dildos cold. It can be placed in a bowl of warm or cold water for twenty minutes to create your desired temperature or it can be placed in the fridge for an extra chill.

In my experience with the Shaftsbury, I have found that the smooth end is absolutely perfect for vaginal and in particular, g-spot stimulation. I have the C curve edition and I find it’s angled perfectly, managing to find my g-spot very quickly. If I begin thrusting quickly, then the deal is sealed within minutes. It’s almost effortless to have an orgasm with this toy and I can even reach multiple climaxes from this end, which is more than can be said for the pure wand, as I have to be done after one orgasm due to the weight of it.

The other end features four raised bulbs and this has proved to be the best for anal stimulation. I’m not fond of girth anally, so the slim size of this dildo is absolutely perfect for me and the texture does all the work once it’s inserted, so again, it’s almost effortless. I can feel every one of those raised bumps as this toy is gently rocked back and forth at the hands of myself or my partner and this eventually leads to some repetitive thrusting and a powerful orgasm.

Crowned Jewels Marylebone 4

Overall, I am very glad I decided to try out metal and even more glad that I chose the Shaftsbury to kick-start my experiences with this material. I am very pleased with the aesthetics, size and quality of the Shaftsbury and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. I really enjoy the sensations it offers, both vaginally and anally, and this dildo is one that I’ll be keeping close to the bed for many months to come. If you’ve been curious about metal for a while but don’t want to spend £100 on a pure wand, why not try this toy instead? It’s just as good!

You can buy the Shaftsbury Aluminium C Curve (£69.99) from Crowned Jewels. No affiliate links have been used.

Review: Pink Bob Alex Silicone Realistic Vibrator

Pink Bob Alex Silicone Realistic Vibrator 1Allow me to introduce you to Alex, a realistic, phallic-like vibrator made by Pink Bob. My partner and I actually refer to this as Bob, instead of Alex, but I will stick to Alex in this review to avoid confusion. The reason behind the name change is that this toy happens to share the same name as my ex-boyfriend and my younger brother, neither of which I want coming to mind whilst in the bedroom. I think this is the problem with naming sex toys ‘human’ names as there’s always going to be somebody that knows someone with that name and find the toy off-putting for that reason.

Alex and a couple of other review items arrived super fast from the states, in plain, discreet packaging. I wasn’t expecting them to arrive for at least two weeks, but my package was with me within a week of communications, which is pretty damn impressive. The Alex itself arrives in simple, functional packaging, just a white and pink cardboard box with a cut out window on the front and key features on the back. It’s then kept inside plastic casing just to keep it secure and clean during transit. No instruction leaflet is provided, but I think this toy is pretty self-explanatory. One thing I will mention regarding packaging is that it caused some initial confusion, with it saying that the toy is not waterproof, but the back of the packaging and website both claim that it is. I’ve gone based off the website and cleaned this with toy cleaner and water, with all being fine so far.

Alex is made from silicone, so is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and entirely body-safe. It does not contain any latex or phthalates. It does seem unusual to find a silicone toy that’s so inexpensive, but it has passed the tests I carried out and was completely odourless, so I am satisfied that it is what it claims to be. I found the material to be smooth to the touch and it had minimal drag, which is not what I expected. It has some drag around the textured areas, but this is nothing that a coating of water-based lubricant can’t relieve.

Pink Bob Alex Silicone Realistic Vibrator 2I must admit that I generally opt for non-realistic toys, purely because this is my preference, but the Alex isn’t so lifelike that I’m put off using it. It has some gentle texture in the form of realistic veins and a lifelike head and coronal ridge, but it’s not as realistic as some of the other toys on the market. I will say that I’m not a huge fan of flesh tones and this hasn’t changed with this toy, but colour is something I can look past. I know this might be off-putting for others too, so it would be nice to see Alex available in another (non-flesh) colour in the future.

According to the measurements I’ve taken, Alex has a total length of seven inches and an insertable length of six. It has a minimum girth of 3.9 inches around the smallest point (which is the head) and the shaft gradually increases in girth until it reaches the bottom. The end of the textured part of the shaft is roughly 5.3 inches and then there’s a bit of a jump in girth for the remaining section of shaft as this goes up to 6.2 inches. This is above average, heading towards the large category, so I would avoid that last section if you’re not comfortable with bigger girth. The head and textured portion of the shaft should be manageable for most people who are used to penetration. I’d probably recommend something smaller to a first-time user.

Alex takes two AA batteries (which aren’t included) and these are simply placed as directed into the battery compartment. I was pleased to find that this was easy to open as it’s simply a matter of unscrewing the base. Once the batteries are in position and the base is screwed back on firmly, it’s time to discover what the toy has to offer. It’s operated via a singular heart-shaped button on the base of the toy and the vibrations begin with a light tap to the button. If you continue tapping the button you’ll scroll through the ten available settings and once you’ve reached the end of the patterns, the vibrations stop. I would have liked if the settings just begun from the start again instead of the toy turning off, but this is  just a minor annoyance. If you wish to turn the toy off at any other time this is done by pressing and holding the button for a few seconds.

img_2170As I just mentioned there are ten settings to choose from and typically this would be three speeds and seven patterns, but for some reason Alex only has two speeds and the rest are patterns. I would have liked that third constant speed as I personally need more power than the second speed has to offer. I’m not a pattern fan at the best of times, so I’d rather have less of those and more speed options.

Having said that, I was impressed with the strength considering the power source. It’s not the most powerful battery-operated toy I have ever used, but it seems to be good enough that it will satisfy people who aren’t power queens like myself. If you don’t need extreme intensity to get off, then this toy has the potential to be a great fit for you.

If I use this toy internally with a strong clitoral stimulator alongside, then it’s possible for me to orgasm, so this toy still has its uses for me, despite it not being strong enough to produce a solo orgasm. I find that the vibrations were on the buzzy spectrum, but they weren’t numbing or desensitising which I was pleased about. The vibrations are definitely strongest in the head, but they do travel well throughout the shaft, although they cannot be felt at all in the non-textured part of the shaft. In regards to noise, Alex isn’t the quietest vibrator around, but it’s nothing that a TV can’t disguise.

I enjoyed the girth and length of this toy as they’re both within my comfort range and I can see myself using this as a dildo, rather than a vibrator in future sessions. The head is tapered which makes insertion easy and it has a small amount of squish to it which keeps things comfortable. The rest of Alex is extremely firm and rigid with no flexibility, which makes it great for A-Spot stimulation. The texture is subtle and not really noticeable after entry, which is fine, but I had hoped the veins would be slightly more pronounced to provide better stimulation to the vaginal walls.

Overall, the Alex is not the strongest vibrator around, but I think most people who haven’t been spoiled by power will enjoy the settings it has to offer. It would be a great starting toy to those who are used to penetration and I think it’s inexpensive enough that they could work up to something stronger later on without much of a loss financially. I do wish it was available in another colour, had slightly more pronounced texture and a third speed, but apart from that, I think this is a nice, budget-friendly option to experiment with.

Pink Bob

I received the Alex Silicone Realistic Vibrator from Pink Bob in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! No affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Split Peaches Unicorn Horn Small

When I was a kid, I used to spend the weekends in bed, flicking through the Argos catalogue and ticking everything I wanted, now I do the same with the Split Peaches website. It all started when I first set sights on the Unicorn Horn, a unique toy that’s literally shaped like a Unicorn’s horn. This mesmerizing dildo is available in three different sizes, small, medium and large and comes in rainbow and white varieties. I chose the small rainbow horn, but I think I’ll be getting a medium at some point, possibly with their new awesome glowgasm feature.

Split Peaches Unicorn Horn and RivetorI absolutely love what Split Peaches do and they are a company I support whole heartedly. I think their customer service is absolutely fantastic and I’ve had nothing but pleasurable experiences when chatting to them via social media. I was kept updated from the second my order was placed and I knew when it was being moulded and I even got sent a photo of both toys I was receiving prior to them being packed. How cool is that?

I was expecting to have to wait a while as Split Peaches products are made in the US and I’m in the UK, but my package was with me within a week of placing the order and was discreet as promised. I found both of my toys wrapped inside Split Peaches tissue paper, which was a nice touch, and an envelope which contained a signed note from Andy (the owner), stickers and some temporary tattoos. Inside the tissue paper, the Unicorn Horn was inside a plastic tube (similar to Vixen packaging) with the brand name on one side.

I couldn’t wait to tear open the tube and have a feel of this majestic toy. It is made from a super high-quality silicone, which is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and free from phthalates. It’s easy to clean as all that’s necessary is a spray of toy cleaner and a rinse before and after each use. I had heard great things about the feel of Split Peaches silicone and those things that I heard were all true. I underestimated how soft and luxurious it would feel, but I was pleased to discover that it was of a wonderful standard, even though it did have some drag to it. I haven’t come across many silicone toys that don’t have drag, so this was not a downside, simply an excuse to get the Sliquid out!

Split Peaches Small Unicorn Horn 1I didn’t apply a huge amount of lubricant to this toy because I thought the measurements were quite manageable. It has six inches of length and 1.5″ of girth at the widest point, which is around the base. These measurements are well within my comfort range and I now see that I probably could have managed the medium, which is why I’m planning on getting one of those soon. I had also noted earlier that the Unicorn Horn has some squish and flexibility to it, which would help with insertion and comfort. It’s not so flexible that it will move without some encouragement, but the tip will touch the base if you want it to, which means it can be adjusted as much as you wish in any direction.

I was curious about how I’d manage to orgasm from this toy because it isn’t curved to specifically target the g-spot and it isn’t quite long enough or firm enough to hit my a-spot. I think the medium and large might work well for a-spot play, but I had to try something else with this small size. I decided that I’d try a simple in and out internal massage to see if the gentle, swirly texture would stimulate and warm-up my vaginal walls. I thought this would be the most effective method and I was pleased to discover the full length and girth was comfortable and the spiral texture, as minimal as it is, was lovely during warm up. It did massage the vaginal walls as I’d hoped, but it wasn’t overwhelming and couldn’t bring me to orgasm. It is great to use before The Rivetor though as that has a hell of lot going on.

I initially thought that g-spot stimulation was out of the question/not going to happen with the Unicorn Horn due to the straight shape and small width, but I was proved wrong when I accidentally pressed upon the g-spot whilst adjusting the toy. I wasn’t expecting it to be stimulated, but I decided to try some shallow thrusting just in case and found that it was actually pretty successful, as long as I angled the toy in a certain position and moved quite quickly. The toy isn’t quite firm enough to bring me to this kind of orgasm, but it still felt great nonetheless.

Split Peaches Small Unicorn Horn 2

I did find one way to orgasm with the Unicorn Horn and that was anally. It has a flared base so is completely safe for anal play and can even be used in a harness if that’s what you’re interested in. I don’t peg my partner so I haven’t tried this out, but it is compatible according to their site. I think the gradual increase of width in this toy makes this a fabulous contender for anal play, especially for a novice. I generally let my other half do the work with this toy and thrust it in and out at a medium pace, which doesn’t take long to leave me breathless.

Overall, I am so appreciative of toy makers who put safety first and use these fantastic quality materials, especially when they make them available in these amazing colour options and designs. Split Peaches are a company I support 100% and I’d highly recommend their small Unicorn Horn to those who are new to penetration (anal or vaginal), don’t like much girth or simply just want a unique, colourful toy in their collection. This size is not quite long/wide enough to be the cause of my vaginal orgasms, hence why I’m sizing up, but I still find it incredibly satisfying in use and it’s a dream to use anally. It has become one of my go-to toys for anal play and I can’t wait to get another to push my limits!

I received the Split Peaches Small Unicorn Horn ($43/£33.13) in exchange for my review. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Tantus Curve

As a lover of body-safe toys and materials, I’m so thankful for Tantus. I only purchased my first toy of theirs back in December, which just so happened to be the Curve, but my collection has grown substantially since then. Tantus are a trustworthy and highly respected brand in the adult industry because they make all of their products from a unique formula of ultra-premium silicone, which is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, phthalate-free, latex-free and completely body-safe. This product is boilable and dishwasher safe, so you can get an extra thorough clean if you wish or simply spritz with toy cleaner and rinse, which is fine if you’re not switching between orifices and/or partners.

It arrived quickly and discreetly as always from Lovehoney, even despite the Christmas rush. The Curve itself arrived in typical Tantus fashion, in a simple cardboard box with a see-through window and a bunch of information about the toy and the brand on the back.

Tantus Curve

The Curve has become one of my top five dildos of all time and is definitely a toy I’d want on a desert island. This toy seems to fit my criteria down to the letter. It has my desirable insertable length which is around 6.5 inches, with a further inch of base to grip onto. 7 inches of length is usually my maximum for vaginal penetration, but it depends how generous my cervix is feeling. It has an ideal circumference, that’s perfectly manageable and comfortable at 4.5 inches. I may be starting to enjoy bigger toys, but with the Curve’s shape and texture, I don’t think it needs any further girth to be pleasurable.

The Curve is fairly firm, but still offers some slight flexibility. I can’t make the head touch the base, but I can adjust it to the left or right to make it fit more comfortably with my body. It isn’t squishy at all so a strong serving of water-based lubricant is essential for me to insert and use this toy. Combine the firmness with the drag of the silicone and there’s too much friction for it to be comfortable to use, so lubricant really does help to make my time with the Curve more enjoyable.

I’ve found a few ways to use this toy, but using it for G-spot stimulation is how it works best for me. It is a truly fit for purpose toy as it has been designed specifically to target the G and P-spot. I don’t have a P-spot as I’m a female, but I still find this toy enjoyable when used anally. I haven’t tested it on my partner as this is too big for him at the moment, but if I ever do, I’ll update.

It might seem obvious by the title, but the curve is, well, curved. It begins to curve near the base of the toy, rather than near the head like the Warm Up. I usually prefer the curve to be near the tip, but for some reason, I feel like the curve of the Tantus Curve has been perfectly placed. This toy hits my G-spot with military precision pretty much every time I use it and I don’t even need to add a clitoral vibrator to the mix to get off. I can orgasm from the G-spot stimulation alone almost every use. Now, if you know me, you’ll know that I’m one of those women who rarely orgasms from penetration alone, but there are some exceptions and the Curve is definitely one of them.

Tantus CurveThe very first I used the Curve alone, I managed to squirt uncontrollably. I haven’t been able to do this every single use, or even almost every single use, so I can’t class the Curve as a reliable squirting tool, but it is capable of doing the job if I’m paying attention to how I’m using it and I’m in the right mood. I may have to get my hands on a Liberator Throe and do some more testing with my technique in the near future.

Not only is it great for G-spot stimulation, but its been working on my A-spot too. I don’t find it firm enough to bring me to an A-spot orgasm, but it is firm enough to begin stimulating it. The Curve doesn’t find my A-spot on a regular basis, as I have to be in the right mood and frame of mind, but on the few occasions it has, its felt good.

I would happily use the Curve for a G-spot or blended orgasm first, then continue to use it to begin the build-up to an A-spot orgasm, before introducing something larger to finish the job, like the Flurry 02. Whilst it is a bit of a disappointment that I can’t bring myself to climax this way, I realise that it wasn’t designed to stimulate this region, so the fact it does in the first place, is in my opinion, just another reason to love the Curve.

When I bring the Curve out to be used anally, I generally let my partner take control. I let him thrust the toy in and out slowly or ask him to twist it gently, so I can feel the lightly pronounced ridges in the shaft.    Once I’m warmed up enough, he speeds up the thrusting and I kinda lose my mind for a while. Things become a bit of a blur and I can’t focus on anything else. It just feels fantastic, especially if a clitoral vibrator is added in. I have become shaky and watery-eyed many of times from this combination and it’s definitely my partners favourite toy to use back there.

Overall, the Tantus Curve is almost faultless to me. I mean, I’d prefer it attracted less lint, but that’s about it. I’m not sure what it is about the Curve, whether it’s the ridges, tapered tip or divine shape, but it seems to be my perfect dildo, no matter how I use it. It may not be the cheapest, small dildo around, but you get what you pay for and if you buy the Tantus Curve, you’ll be getting a high-quality toy that will last a lifetime with proper care.

You can purchase the Tantus Curve (£38.99) from Lovehoney or directly from Tantus ($71.63). Affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Tantus Flurry 02

I recently received a review package consisting of the Flurry and the Compact, both beautiful toys from my favourite toy makers, Tantus. I had wanted the Flurry for a while and was eager to try it out to see if I could handle the size before working my way up to the slightly bigger Cush.

Before I delve in to the most important details and my experiences, I’ll mention briefly that the packaging was discreet other than the legally required packing slip and delivery was much quicker than I had anticipated. The packaging for the Flurry itself was typical Tantus style, just a cardboard box with a see-through window to show off the beautiful toy and some product information on the back. Simple, but effective.

Tantus Flurry 02

Tantus Flurry 02

Tantus Flurry 02

Tantus Flurry 02





The Flurry 02 is a dual density dildo with a firm core and a soft outer layer, made from Tantus’s unique formula of ultra-premium silicone, which is completely body-safe and hypoallergenic. It’s phthalate free and non-toxic, as-well as being boilable and dishwasher safe, which offers a much deeper clean. I generally spritz my Tantus toys with my favourite antibacterial cleaning spray and rinse, but I will occasionally run them through the dishwasher if I have the house to myself.

Ever wondered what the differences are between the Flurry and it’s sibling the Cush? Well, as the proud owner of both, I’ll be happy to tell you. The Flurry is the smaller of the two, being 7 inches in overall length, with roughly 6.5 being insertable, and a reasonable girth of 5 inches. As I mentioned earlier, the Flurry has a firm inner core, which means it’s not the most flexible dildo available, but I can bend it slightly to make insertion easier and more comfortable if necessary. I find the Flurry has more flex than the Cush, but not by much. It’s the less intimidating toy of the two and I’d definitely recommend starting with the Flurry, if girth is not something you’re used to.

I decided to warm up with the Curve before using the Flurry for the first time as I hadn’t used an insertable of this width in a while, so once I was aroused enough to begin, I coated the Flurry in a layer of my favourite Sliquid and begun to insert it. The tapered tip was fairly easy to get in after that and I decided I was happy to continue and tackle the texture. The Flurry’s texture is in the form of two ridges that are placed immediately below the head. I found the first ridge protrudes slightly more than the second, which seems to be why it catches on my pubic bone, almost every time I try to insert it. It isn’t painful, but it is slightly uncomfortable for a few seconds. The second ridge hasn’t caused me any problems or discomfort thus far, despite it feeling much firmer than the first.

So what does the Flurry have to offer? First and foremost, variety. I say this often when I’m writing a review for a dildo, but the great thing is, many dildos can be used in a multitude of ways, although not every method will work for every toy, or everyone. This particular dildo can be used by anyone of any gender for vaginal penetration, anal penetration/pegging and even practising blowjob techniques. The dual density body offers up many possibilities and I’m sure there are other ways to use this toy that I haven’t even considered.

The Flurry doesn’t do much for my G-Spot, as it’s a straight dildo and I prefer an angled or curved toy to do that job. It does however brush up against it if I get the angle right and my G-Spot responds positively to the texture and firmness of the Flurry. It’s not orgasm inducing, but it feels pleasurable enough that I will purposely do this on occasion, even if it’s just for the sake of change.

What it does do something for, is my A-Spot. I don’t think I’ve talked about A-Spot stimulation much on my blog yet, as it’s not something I have heaps of experience with, in fact I only recently found it! I’ve found that many dildos just seem to miss my A-Spot and end up smashing into my cervix instead, which is not the most pleasurable of feelings. The Flurry has yet to disappoint my A-Spot as it always seems to stop in the right location. If I’m thrusting or twisting the Flurry, I can feel the satisfaction building up inside me, quite intensely, to the point where I can be seconds away from climaxing, retract the toy and then thrust with it shallowly, until I’m laying there gasping and basking in the orgasm. This is even more satisfying when used with one of my favourite clitoral vibrators.

Overall, the Flurry by Tantus is an absolutely fantastic dildo. It has so many great qualities and very little negatives. The first ridge catching on my pubic bone and the amount of lint it attracts are the only things I have to complain about, but they are both things that I can look past. I wouldn’t recommend this to beginners to penetration, as whilst 5″ of girth might not sound like much, the firmness of the core makes this toy feel bigger than it is. I would recommend it to anyone with a lust for texture, love for length or craving for average girth. If you’re someone who likes all of the above, the Flurry might just be your dream dildo.

I received the Tantus Flurry from a company called Star Sex Toys in exchange for my review. Unfortunately, they no longer appear to be in business. You can still buy the Flurry ($76.42/£61.20) directly from Tantus. Affiliate links have been used within this post.