Review: Partner Whale Couples Vibrator

The term “couples vibrator” is one that sparks a great deal of debate on social media, blogs and forums. This is because these types of sex toys tend to be inclusive to one particular type of couple (a straight, male/female partnership) and don’t vouch for other couplings. I’m not majorly fond of the term myself but for the purpose of this review I shall be using it as this toy has clearly been designed with a couple in mind. I bet you guessed that based on the name Partner though. I do think this was intended to be used by a straight pairing but I believe that anyone in a partnership consisting of a vulva, clitoris and something penetrative (be that a finger, a penis or a dildo) could potentially make it work.

I haven’t tried many couples vibrators over the past couple of years that I’ve been reviewing, but the handful I have tried have all been at the higher end of the pricing scale. I was intrigued by the Partner range for that very reason as all of their current models come in at entry-level to mid-range price tags. I understand that not everybody wants to, or can afford to, splash out over $100 on a We-Vibe Sync or Classic, so I had high hopes that one of these models would be good enough for me to recommend as a more affordable alternative. I have tried all three of the existing models now so it’s time to answer the big question. Which one is the best? The Partner? The Partner Plus? Or the uber cute Partner Whale?

Arriving in a white and blue cardboard box with a glossy product shot on the front and back, I was pleased with the presentation. The images were tasteful and gave off a welcoming, non-intimidating vibe that would be ideal for those who may be new to the sex toy scene or introducing a toy within their partnership for the first time. The box lists some key features on the sides such as the number of functions, materials used and the fact that it’s waterproof. Inside, I found the Partner Whale, the charging cable and a user manual. There’s no storage included.

Partner Whale Couples Vibrator

Partner Whale Couples VibratorPartner Whale Couples VibratorPartner Whale Couples Vibrator





Made from a combination of velvety soft, smooth silicone and a touch of abs plastic, there’s no concerns about the safety of this toy. It’s non-toxic, latex and phthalate free, odourless and hypoallergenic.   I expected the Partner Whale to have some drag to its silicone body because of the ridged texture on the internal arm but there wasn’t much at all. It has some, as silicone always does, but nothing that a quick coating of water based lubricant couldn’t remove. I lube up both the internal arm and the area of the external arm that makes contact with the clitoris for comfort. After use, I give it a thorough rinse with warm soapy water and leave it to dry.

It is a rechargeable vibe with a USB connector on one side and a magnetic cap at the other which attaches to the corresponding prongs on the toy. The control panel flashes whilst the Whale is charging and the light goes solid once complete. The manual states that each charge should take around two hours, which I’ve found to be accurate, and this should provide up to sixty-five minutes of use. We’ve found the use time a little less but we tend to use it on the high power speed consistently.

There’s only one button on this vibrator and that is located on the external arm. Press it once firmly for a few seconds, wait for the control panel to light up and the vibrations will begin. Tap to cycle through the ten available functions and press and hold down for a few seconds to turn off. One button means it’s easy to understand but it also means you have to scroll through all of the settings if you miss the one you were looking for. I’d have loved a central power button with up and down arrows to change settings more conveniently. I hope this will be the case with future Partner vibrators.

The Whale has the same irritating order of patterns as the other two models that I tried. The manual states that pressing and holding the button down for two seconds will start the vibrations at the lowest massage level but from my experience with the Partner range so far, this isn’t true. All of them have started on high intensity before going down to medium, low and then the seven patterns. This is deeply confusing to me as the majority of people seem to like to start at the bottom and work up to full strength, not start on full and crawl back down.

I personally whack my vibrators up to full power straight away on most occasions so this wasn’t majorly problematic for me but I can see why it would annoy other people who prefer the opposite. I like a ton of strength with rumbly vibrations but this combination seems to be hard to find in these types of couples vibrators. Partner’s Whale doesn’t have any depth to its vibrations whatsoever. All of the sensations are surface level and buzzy. They couldn’t reach most of my external nerve endings. They do have a reasonable of strength to them and the buzzing is tolerable but it takes a while for me to get off from them.

Partner Whale Couples Vibrator Partner Whale Couples Vibrator

Partner Whale Couples Vibrator Partner Whale Couples Vibrator





The Whale has a very similar shape to the Partner Plus but the dimensions are different. The external arm is 3.5 inches around at its widest point which covers the entire clitoral area. The internal arm has 2.3 inches of usable length and a maximum girth of 2.5 inches. This is not very wide at all so I expected my above average partner to have no problems inserting him underneath it. My partner has a larger girth that provides a full feeling at the best of the times so I did feel rather like I had reached full capacity with both of them inside. If it had been much wider then I think I would have struggled to accommodate them both but it was manageable with warm-up and splashings of lube.

I can’t say that our encounters with the Whale have been the most comfortable sexual experiences for my partner. He felt that thrusting was difficult with this toy as the external arm kept sliding out of position each time he pulled back, poking his schlong. I think external stimulation is the most important part of a couples vibrator so the fact that the pressure kept disconnecting as the external arm moved back ruined the experience for me. This was not an issue with the Partner or Partner Plus so I can’t put my finger on a reason why this occurred with the Whale. I would have thought that the subtle texture made for better grip than the silky soft silicone that the others have but apparently not.

One thing I loved about the Whale was the internal arm. I wasn’t fond of the squishy, flexible arm that the previous models had and Partner have improved on that massively with this version. It has a firmer shaft that gives me adequate pressure and the added bonus of ridged texture on its inside. These ridges aren’t defined enough to bring me to climax on their own but I always appreciate some love and attention against my front wall. I felt the shaft was just about long enough to hint, grind and push against my g-spot in sync with my partners movements but it may not fit everybody’s anatomy in the same way.

Overall, I think the Whale has adorable aesthetics, a fitting colour scheme, better firmness than the previous two models and fun texture to add some extra flavour. It has all of the benefits of the others such as body-safe materials and being rechargeable, quiet and waterproof. It unfortunately also has the downside I’ve commented on previously – buzzy vibrations. For the next model I would love to see a change in motor. Low frequency, rumbly vibrations would be fantastic. I’d also love to see a three button control panel for ease of changing the settings. If those two things were combined with the shape of the Partner Plus, the dimensions of the Partner and the aesthetics and texture of the Whale then I think I’d have found my perfect match.

You can purchase the Partner Whale Couples Vibrator ($49.95/£36.75) from Peepshow Toys. You can get 10% off any purchases with the code “NatandTom”.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Javida Nubby Vibe with Clit Stimulator

Have you ever seen a dual stimulator with nubs on each arm before? Because I hadn’t. When I spotted the Javida Nubby Vibe with Clit Stimulator on Orion’s website I was rather curious. I wasn’t sure what to make of this vibrator initially but I just knew that I had to try it for myself and find out what those nubs felt like. I was itching to know. I had tried one other Javida product before, their heated massager, so I knew that I had a good quality product on the way but I didn’t know whether the nubs would be fun and stimulating or uncomfortable and boner killing material. Read on to find out whether the nubby was a painful experience or a pleasurable one.

Javida Nubby Vibe with Clit StimulatorThe packaging was similar to what I encountered before, it just had a different colour scheme. There’s a black and red box that is decorated with floral graphics and features key product information in the back and sides. The front of this box has a magnetic flap that can be opened up to reveal the vibrator behind a window of plastic which is a lovely touch. Inside, I found the vibrator, generic instruction leaflet and the required charging cable. My only complaint is the lack of storage bag as I think that’s a must-have extra once the price tag reaches £50+.

Javida’s Nubby Vibe is made from hypoallergenic, non-toxic, body-safe silicone and the handle is made from a robust abs plastic that has been coated with polyurethane. This just makes the handle softer and more comfortable to hold. This toy does not contain latex or phthalates and seems to be well-made and nicely designed. I was once again impressed with the feel of the silicone as the incredibly smooth surface feels delightful to the touch and has the smallest amount of drag possible. It should be used with lubricant for comfort regardless of the amount of drag it has or hasn’t got and this should be water based as to not degrade the silicone. Neither the box nor the website description mentions whether this product is waterproof so I haven’t risked it and have been cleaning it with antibacterial toy wipes instead of soapy water.

Javida Nubby Vibe with Clit StimulatorSo this vibrator is rechargeable via USB. I placed that end of the cable into my laptop and attached the magnetic clips on the other end to the corresponding prongs on the rear of the Nubby. Whilst it is charging a red light will flash on the control panel and this becomes steady once complete. It takes roughly an hour and a half to charge the device fully and this is said to provide around forty minutes of use on the highest intensity and around sixty minutes on the medium to low functions.

There’s only one button on this toy so it’s really simple to use. The button is located just under the clitoral arm and needs to be pressed and held for three to five seconds to turn the vibrations on. A light will turn on once the toy is in use. Tap the button again to cycle through the various settings and press and hold it down for a few seconds to turn off. There are ten functions to choose from. Three constant speeds of varying intensities and seven patterns.

Javida Nubby Vibe with Clit StimulatorI think this is one of the smallest dual stimulators or “rabbits” that I have in my collection at the moment. It is 7.2 inches in overall length with an insertable shaft of around 3.9 inches. This is pretty short for an internal arm as most are around the four and half to five and a half-inch mark.

Having said that, I think that this makes the Nubby a very viable option for a beginner. I generally don’t recommend this type of toy to someone who’s just starting out as I think you need to know your body and anatomy well to find the ones that work for you, but if you’re a beginner with a similar layout to my body, then I’d point you this way. It has a maximum girth of just under 3.9 inches which is pretty slim and manageable.

Dual stimulators are completely anatomy dependent so I wasn’t shocked at all when the fit of this one wasn’t the best that I’ve encountered. I know that shorter external arms are generally a good bet for me as my clitoris and entrance are quiet close together and I don’t need much  length to reach it. It rests at just about at the right spot although an extra inch or two of length would have made the arm line up perfectly. It sits covering half of this sweet spot as it is which means I can’t get maximum sensation from the vibrations or texture. This leaves me with the feeling that I need more and I can’t shake it off. As a result, the Nubby feels underwhelming and half-hearted.

Javida Nubby Vibe with Clit StimulatorIt is disappointing that this is the case as I cannot fault the internal arm. It has everything I could want. A bulbous head, angled shaft and enough firmness to satisfy the inner diva of my g-spot. The nubby texture provides some extra stimulation and feels wonderful when using it in a circular motion to massage the g-spot.

The first setting was rumbly which is my preference and I could find myself getting along with this one. Unfortunately it didn’t have the amount of power I needed on the lowest intensity so I turned it up and then a swarm of buzzy, higher frequency vibrations erupted.

I don’t think these settings feel terrible, but I’m not fond of the buzzing as I find it distracting. I ended up using the rabbit without the vibrations with the internal arm working on my g-spot and a strategically placed We-Vibe Tango working on my clitoris. I could orgasm like this just fine. I tried again a few days later with the vibrations on and found myself being more tolerable of the internal vibrations on that occasion. So I now feel like I will be able to use this occasionally as intended but only on days that I’m not feeling over sensitive and have already penetrated with something else beforehand. I couldn’t just jump in with this if I hadn’t used an internal toy for a week or so as my g-spot would be too alert to cope with the buzzing.

As the Javida Nubby Vibe has two motors, I was expecting it to be noisy. It wasn’t. Even if I used the highest intensity, the sound could be easily drowned out with a duvet and a closed bedroom door. I wouldn’t and don’t mind using this when others are present in the house so for that reason I’d be happy to point people who need discretion in the direction of this nubby little number.

You can purchase the Javida Nubby Vibe with Clit Stimulator (€54.95/£50.65) from Orion.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This in no way changes our opinion of the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. No affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: So Divine Lovesexy Silky Touch Vibrator

Before I get to my thoughts on the So Divine Lovesexy Silky Touch Vibrator, I want to tell you a bit about the company behind it. If you’ve already read my review for their bullet vibrators, you’ll already know this so feel free to skip ahead. So Divine are a company that I wanted to get behind straight away after I read the about us section of their website. The message really resonated me with me and I love supporting companies that share the same feelings as I do. So Divine want to celebrate the arrival of a brighter future in which everyone can enjoy the pleasure of high-quality sex toys. Nice, right? It doesn’t end there though. Their belief is that sex toys should be fun for all, regardless of gender and/or sexuality. I’m all for inclusive marketing, so sign me up!

The Lovesexy arrived in a compact box featuring a product photo on the front along with the name and So Divine branding. The back of the box had a small viewing window to allow a quick glimpse of the product, which I thought was cute, and some brief instructions for use. Inside I found the vibrator in plastic casing alongside a small information leaflet. This just gave a quick welcome to So Divine and some basic cleaning directions.

So Divine Lovesexy Silky Touch Vibrator

So Divine Lovesexy Silky Touch VibratorSo Divine Lovesexy Silky Touch VibratorSo Divine Lovesexy Silky Touch Vibrator





It’s made up of an ABS plastic bullet vibrator and a silicone sleeve. Both materials are non-toxic, odourless and body-safe. I am happy to state that they are free from latex and phthalates too. I’ve felt a lot of silicone in my time and I was still surprised by how great it was on this product. I was expecting a rougher feeling silicone considering the price of the vibrator, but it’s actually silky soft and smooth to the touch with its matte finish. It doesn’t have a huge amount of drag to it, but it does have some as it’s still silicone. I recommend using a sprinkling of water-based lubricant for comfort. It’s fully waterproof so it can be taken in the shower with you for a fun way to spruce up the morning and it can be cleaned conveniently. Just make sure that the base has been screwed back on firmly beforehand.

Batteries are not included with the Lovesexy so make sure you have a double A on hand to place inside upon arrival. To get to the compartment simply pull off the base, insert the battery as directed and screw the cap back into position tightly. I did find myself accidentally turning the vibrator on as I tried to screw the compartment cap back on, but that’s not difficult considering the button placement. There’s only one and it’s located on the base. This turns the vibrations on with a single tap and cycles through the various settings with each further tap. It needs to be pressed and held for a few seconds to be turned off.

It has three speeds and seven patterns to choose from and naturally, I swayed towards the constant speeds as these are what work for me best. I was surprised by what I felt as I had expected the silicone sleeve to dampen the vibrations and make them feel very subtle, as the one from the Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit did, but that was not the case. I actually thought the settings were pretty good considering this only takes one battery and is quite petite at just 3.7 inches long. I would class the vibrations as being of the buzzy variety, but fortunately for me, they are not the numbing the clit type of buzzy.

Something that was expected however, was me not being a huge fan of the patterns. I never usually am. It’s a very rare occurrence for me to use or enjoy the patterns on a vibrator, but I can appreciate the amount of variety that the Lovesexy offers.

So Divine Lovesexy Silky Touch Vibrator

So Divine Lovesexy Silky Touch VibratorSo Divine Lovesexy Silky Touch VibratorSo Divine Lovesexy Silky Touch Vibrator





What I need in a vibrator aside from power is the ability to use pressure. I consider this to be an important factor and I avoid toys that I can’t push against the clitoris to get that deeper sensation. I was able to achieve a level of pressure that worked for me with the Lovesexy but as the tip is rounded rather than slanted, the sensation is a little broader than it would be with something like the Rocks Off Bamboo. If you need really precise stimulation against your clitoris, then I think So Divine’s Halo/French Kiss Bullets would be better suited to you.

Overall, I think that the bullet has a good amount of power for its size and the bumpy/ridge covered silicone shaft is great for adding extra sensation to a session. You can use the bullet alone or add the sleeve for a different texture. It’s super quiet either way it’s used, so discretion is not an issue. It works effectively against the clitoris, nipples and glans, so I’d feel comfortable recommending it to anyone, regardless of their anatomy. If you’re a power queen like myself then this will most likely be a teasing toy for you, rather than something that brings you to the end result. If you don’t need a ton of intensity though, I think the Lovesexy could be a worthwhile purchase.

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I received the Lovesexy Silky Touch Vibrator (£15.99) from Nice ‘n’ Naughty.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This in no way changes our opinion of the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Vibrator Pleats from Vibe Couture 

Vibrator Pleats from Vibe CoutureIt arrived in a lovely glossy box with a picture of the toy on the front and its key features spread out amongst other areas of the packaging. One side of the box has a magnetic flap that can be opened up to reveal the product behind a screen of plastic, which is similar to the Icicles packaging. Inside the box, the vibrator was protected within some plastic casing, whilst the charger and small promotional leaflet rested amongst it. My only complaint here is that it didn’t come with a storage bag, which I think is a must-have for toys that are made from silicone and are on the higher side of the pricing scale.

The Vibrator Pleats is made from hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non-porous, double-layered, body-safe silicone, which is free from latex and phthalates. It has a couple of visible seams that I wish weren’t there, but everything else about the aesthetics and design is great. It feels wonderful to the touch and has a very smooth surface area with minimal drag. It should only be used with water-based lubricants to avoid degradation of the material, but I personally didn’t need much to use this toy comfortably. It’s completely waterproof so can be used for aquatic play or it can simply be cleaned under running water with the help of some soap.

It’s rechargeable via USB and takes around two and a half hours for a complete charge. Toys like this one are extremely convenient for travel as you don’t have to worry about bringing enough batteries or buying any adaptors. The port is simply plugged into the base of the toy and the USB into a charging port of your choice. Once the charge has begun, both buttons on the control panel will light up and start to flash. This changes to a steady light once the charge is complete.

The two buttons are incredibly easy to understand, the power button simply turns the toy on and off and the wave button cycles through the various functions, of which there are seven. It has three speeds and four patterns to experiment with. If you have read reviews of mine before then you’ll probably know that I am not fond of patterns and find that they don’t do anything for my arousal or pleasure, so it won’t be a shock to discover that this toy wasn’t an exception.

The constant speeds are what I care about most and thankfully the three this toy has work well with my body. I was pleased to discover that the first and second speeds verge on being rumbly, below-the-surface vibrations as these are the types that I desire, but they were lacking that additional strength I needed for an external orgasm. Internally, I don’t need as much strength so the medium setting was enough to get me to a climax, providing an external vibrator was used on the clitoris at the same time. I like blended orgasms and I think they can be unappreciated at times, but this toy reminds me of why two toys can sometimes be better than one. I would much rather use this toy alongside my Mimi Soft than use any rabbit vibrator I’ve ever tried.

I can’t achieve g-spot orgasms from this toy, although the slight curve does angle correctly to hit the spot, the firmness isn’t quite enough for me, due to the dual layer silicone. It has a firm inner core and a soft outer layer, with the outer layer having some squish to it, which is great for easy, comfortable insertion but not so great for g-spot stimulation. My g-spot is quite spoiled at this point, so I can’t say that it wouldn’t have finished the job several months ago, but as of now, it’s just a fraction off being firm enough. I can’t say that others will experience the same issues as I think it will depend on your bodies sensitivities and preferences.

In terms of noise, I don’t think this is abnormally loud for a vibrator of this type. It’s quieter than many battery operated toys, but also quieter than a mains wand, so it’s a nice inbetweener. If the bedroom (or wherever you’re using it) door is closed then it cannot be heard from the next room, although a faint buzzing may be noticeable if there’s no background noise. That’s easily curable with a sexy playlist though, so there is no reason why this can’t be used by someone looking for discretion.

Vibrator Pleats from Vibe CoutureOverall, I have had multiple enjoyable experiences with this toy and there’s nothing majorly off-putting about it thus far. It functions well, has a nice amount of power, has all those great features that I like, such as being rechargeable with an easy to use control panel, being quiet enough that I can use it with others home and being waterproof for fun underwater.

I received the Vibrator Pleats from Vibe Couture (89.00 €/£75.44) from Orion, in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! No affiliate links have been used in this review.