Review: Tokidoki x Lovehoney Jolly Roger Bullet

Back when I first heard about the Tokidoki x Lovehoney collection, I didn’t know much about the brand or what they sold. I decided to do some research and discovered that Tokidoki make a whole plethora of products based around their own adorable characters. Cute and colourful items are all over their website, so of course the sex toys were made to match. I love this because the products aren’t just limited to pink and purple tones. I don’t mind a hot pink vibrator on some occasions, but other times I want blue and red, and thanks to Tokidoki, I can now do that. I think I only own one other red toy out of the 200+ plus I own, so I was pretty excited to get my hands on this third-generation mini bullet.

Tokidoki x Lovehoney Jolly Roger Bullet VibratorThe packaging follows the same theme and style as that of the past two series. It has remained true to branding and is decorated entirely with their famous characters and other adorable things. The bullet protrudes through a cut-out window in the front of a cardboard sleeve, safely secured within some plastic casing. It can be a bit of a pain to get out, so keep some scissors on hand. I think this packaging is lovely and simple, but it’s nice enough that it could be given as a gift as is.

Once I had the bullet removed from the packaging I gave it a once over. I found no faults with the build design, but I did find a love for the design. It’s my favourite of the three bullets that I have from this range so far. The Jolly Roger is made from a robust, body-safe plastic and is very soft to the touch. It has a velvet-like finish because of the coating that has been used on the plastic. It is recommended to use a splashing of water-based lubricant with this toy although I didn’t feel like I had to use much as the material has basically no drag.

Tokidoki x Lovehoney Jolly Roger Bullet VibratorIt’s operated via a single triple A battery which is inserted by unscrewing the cap of the bullet and placing inside the compartment as directed. It’s essential for the cap to be screwed back into position firmly to ensure that the vibrator functions properly and remains completely waterproof. As it is water-friendly, it can be used in the bath or shower and cleaned easily after use. Just add a drop of toy cleaner or soap and rinse off.

As I have tried a couple of these bullet vibrators now I had a good idea of what to expect regarding the power and type of the vibrations. I wouldn’t class them as lacklustre or unimpressive, but there is only the one speed which limits play options. I usually associate single-speed vibrators with the cheap kind that you can buy for less than £5 that provide barely there buzzing, but these Tokidoki bullets are different. Instead of tickle-like, boring vibrations, these bullets offer a decently powered speed. I may be a power queen by default who relies on strength to get her rocks off, but these bullets can get me off if I leave them pressed against me for long enough.

You may now be wondering how something that’s powered by a single battery can please a girl who likes her power straight from the socket and to be honest, so am I. I don’t have any answers. It’s rare for me to orgasm with vibrators like this, but I can get there if I’m patient. It does take quite a while, but it’s not impossible to reach the end result. I can’t say that the orgasm is the most intense, satisfying kind that I’ve received either, but hey, an orgasm is still an orgasm. If I press the Jolly Roger against my clitoral hood then I could orgasm in about fifteen minutes and directly against the clitoris could take about ten minutes. This is long for me as I prefer fast-paced clitoral climaxes, so I wouldn’t use this bullet in the heat of a give-me-an-orgasm-now moment, but it’s ideal for prolonged play or multiple orgasms.

Tokidoki x Lovehoney Jolly Roger Bullet VibratorThe only thing that I’m not particularly fond of is the buzziness of the vibrations. I don’t feel that the Tokidoki bullets reach below the surface as a rumbly vibrator like the Tango would, but it’s not so high-pitched that it becomes numbing. I have a strong preference for rumbles or at least a motor that is somewhere between the two, but this is definitely on the buzzy side. It does not make me hypersensitive, tingly or numb though so I will happily use it every once in a while.

My partner (who happens to be more sensitive than me) does not mind buzzy vibrations. I think he actually prefers them, and for that reason, he gets on incredibly well with the Tokidoki bullets. I think he’d have the entire collection of them if I’d let him. He likes it when I place the Jolly Roger (with some pressure) against his glans during a hand job or against his nipples during a blowjob or some of kind of penetrative sex. He can also use them on himself during masturbation. He says that these bullet vibrators bring him to climax faster than some of our other bullets as the strength is perfect for him.

Tokidoki x Lovehoney Jolly Roger Bullet VibratorNoise wise, the Jolly Roger is quite fair down on the scale. It’s not completely silent, but I’ve never used a vibrator that is. I think this is one of the closest things to it though. It does sound louder up close due to the buzzing of the motor, hardly surprising, but it can’t be heard from outside of the closed bedroom door. I think this bullet would make a great choice for someone who relies on discretion because of their privacy preferences or living situation.

Overall, I’d be happy to recommend the Jolly Roger to anyone, regardless of anatomy. In our experiences, the power is decent enough to bring us to separate orgasms despite having polar opposite tastes in vibrations. It can be used in multiples ways, making it highly versatile, and it’s also hand-held which is great for easy storing and travelling. I can definitely see why more designs of these cute bullets have been added as they are such fun, effective models for those looking for something a bit different. They are non-intimidating, couple-friendly and perfect for anyone who’s a fan of the kawaii scene. Tokidoki x Lovehoney is not a range that will appeal to all age groups and tastes, but for the market it’s aimed at, I can see why it’s successful.

I received the Tokidoki x Lovehoney Jolly Roger Bullet (£12.99) from Lovehoney in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! Affiliate links were used within this post.



Review: Fetish Fantasy Singapore Stinger Paddle III 

I have become a huge fan of wooden spanking implements, so when I noticed this Fetish Fantasy Singapore Stinger III Paddle at Lovehoney for less than £10, I had to add one to my basket.

Fetish Fantasy Singapore Stinger PaddleIt arrived quickly and discreetly as expected, but I noticed there was no outer packaging with this item. It simply had a Fetish Fantasy tag attached to it and that was all. I think a plastic pouch would have been better as it attracted some dust on its travels. I would have loved to have seen a safety guide included as I think the inexpensive price tag will attract beginners who might not know about spanking dangers, but let’s be honest, it’s made by Pipedream and safety isn’t their priority.

I ordered this paddle shortly after purchasing the Dominix Bamboo Paddle, partly because the options for wooden implements are limited and partly because it’s quite similar, so I knew I’d probably get on with it. I also knew not to assume that it wouldn’t be capable of causing pain if used harshly enough. The Singapore Stinger is very rigid, but it feels somewhat fragile so I do worry that this will break/snap with aggressive regular use. I haven’t encountered any issues so far (few months of use), but time will tell if this is true or not. It’s also quite lightweight and thinner than I expected it to be, but don’t let this fool you because it is capable of pain in the wrong (or right, if that’s what you like) hands.

It isn’t the highest quality paddle that we have, by a long shot, but the surface is smooth and decent enough. The edges aren’t as decent as they feel rough and unfinished in places, but it’s something I can look past as the surface is the only part making contact with my body. It’s comfortable and easy to hold due to the handle and handy wrist loop, both of which are wide enough for my partner to use comfortably.

I’m really enjoying harsher spankings in recent month and have yet to be disappointed by wood, as it provides a much more intense experience than many other materials. It’s definitely the one to go for if you’re looking to progress from faux leather/satin/dual sided paddles. It’s not quite as harsh as silicone, but it still feels pretty brutal and can be quite painful if swung hard enough. I think wooden paddles sound extremely threatening and intimidating in use as they make an amazing, loud slapping sound even when the taps are gentle. This of course goes along with the rough, sharp sting that it provides upon meeting the skin.

Fetish Fantasy Singapore Stinger Paddle 2Due to the wideness of this paddle (4 inches), the sensations it provides cover a broader area of impact, meaning spanks are not as direct, pin-pointed and intense as they would be from a ruler made from the same material. It’s still harsh enough that it’s capable of doing some damage though. From my experience with the Singapore Stinger, it leaves temporary red marks, but no bruising or long-lasting impressions. It leaves marks that can be felt for the rest of the evening, but isn’t very memorable the next day.

We use this paddle after some gentle warm-up with something softer like the Tease by Lovehoney Paddle as this gets all the blood rushing to the surface before we introduce the stinger. Gentle taps from the stinger are what I’d describe as suitable for beginners and not harsh enough for my tastes anymore, which was somewhat disappointing, but at the same time, this tells me this product could be used by someone new to spanking, providing they know their limits and what wooden implements are capable of. Harsher slaps are much more my thing and they feel fantastic from this paddle, particularly stingy on the backs of my thighs.

Overall, I like the sensations and impact of the Fetish Fantasy Advanced Singapore Stinger, but it’s not the harshest tool in the kit. It’s cheap and cheerful, so a great introductory wooden implement, but invest in something better if you decide wood is something you want to experiment more with.

You can purchase the Fetish Fantasy Singapore Stinger III Paddle (£9.99) from Lovehoney. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

Review: Lelo Tiani 3

I’ve always wanted to write a review for Lelo, so when I reached out and they offered me the choice between the Tiani 2 and the Tiani 3, I was beyond excited. I opted for the Tiani 3 as I thought the shape looked more comfortable and suitable for us as a couple.

I absolutely love luxurious packaging and this is one thing that Lelo have always done right. The Tiani 3 arrived in a beautiful glossy box with a picture of the product on the front. Inside this outer box, was a sturdy, black storage box housing the Tiani 3 and remote within some black velvet lining. In a separate section of the box, I found the user manual, two AAA batteries, warranty card, a sachet of personal lubricant, a satin storage pouch and the charger.

Lelo Tiani 3

Lelo Tiani 3

Lelo Tiani 3

Lelo Tiani 3





The Tiani 3 is charged via a three-pin plug. Plug this into your nearest socket and place the jack into the charging point. To find the jack you need to unscrew the head (just above the metallic band) and remove it, where you’ll find the charging point located inside. A small light will begin to flash to indicate its charging and this will turn to a steady glow when the charge is complete. I found that it took around two hours for a full charge and this gave roughly the same amount of play time. The remote control is not rechargeable, so make sure you have two AAA batteries on standby. The back of the remote control was loose when it arrived so all I needed to do was insert the batteries as directed and place the back into position. Once I’d done this, I took the key (pictured above), placed it into the small slit in the centre and twisted it at a 10% angle to lock the back on securely.

The Tiani 3 and the remote control are both made from the high-quality, luxurious silicone that Lelo use with all of their products. It’s phthalate free, non-toxic, odourless, hypoallergenic and completely body-safe. It’s also extremely soft and velvety, with less drag than I expected. Water-based lubricant is still recommended for comfort reasons. The metallic band around the Tiani 3 and the back of the remote control are made from robust ABS plastic, which is also body-safe. As long as the head is placed firmly back on after charging, then the toy is fully waterproof, which gets it some bonus points. I find this makes cleaning much easier and of course, it allows for aquatic adventures.

The Tiani 3 is designed to be worn during intercourse, it’s said that it will stimulate both the clitoris and the g-spot simultaneously. The internal arm does not vibrate, but the remote control and the bulbous, boxy head of the clitoral stimulator do. I am still unsure of why the remote actually vibrates, other than to let the person in control of the vibrator know what setting they’re using on the other. It wasn’t hand-numbing, which is good, but I did find this feature to be unnecessary and irritating at times. You can turn this off by pressing and holding the centre button for 5 seconds. The remote will continue to flash, but will stop vibrating.

The internal arm is extremely flexible, adjustable and quite soft. The tip of the internal arm is slightly firmer than the shaft, but it still feels squishy compared to the external arm, which is firm and rigid. The external arm is wonderful, it’s firm enough to provide a perfect amount of pressure to my clitoris, which is something that I need to enjoy a clitoral orgasm. The internal arm is a different story, I initially thought that it would be too soft to stimulate my g-spot, as again, I like firm pressure, but when it came to using the toy, I found it managed to hit the right places on several occasions. It has also managed to miss on several other occasions. I think the g-spot stimulating aspect of this toy only works in certain sexual positions and probably wouldn’t be firm enough for those who regularly use something like the nJoy Pure Wand.

We have only tried one other couples vibrator before and it did cause a slight pinching sensation, but that toy was much larger than the Tiani 3 so we hoped that this would be a better fit for us. My partner is quite large, length and girth wise, so the smaller the couples vibrator, the better really. I placed the Tiani into position before allowing him entry and he said he felt a slight drag from the silicone, so he applied some lubricant to himself and some extra to the toy, which he said made things a lot more comfortable for him. I found that missionary was the best position to use this toy in as the internal arm stayed against my g-spot and didn’t end up hitting my vaginal wall, like it did in rear-entry positions. I soon forgot how soft the internal arm was because once my partners penis was pushing it into my g-spot, it felt much firmer than it actually is. I still didn’t have a g-spot orgasm, but it provided more sensation than I was expecting to feel.

The Lelo Tiani 3 is part of their SenseMotion range, which basically means you can control the settings  of the toy without even pressing any buttons. To activate this, simply turn on the remote by pressing the (+) button and wait for the wireless connection to activate, you’ll know it’s ready as the lights on both the remote and the massager will illuminate. It will automatically turn on Mode 1, which is where you can control the intensity of the steady vibrations by simply tilting the remote. When the remote is horizontal the vibrations are very gentle and tickle-like, but once it’s tilted to a vertical stance, it reaches full intensity. I did find this to be fairly powerful, although the vibrations were only surface level and buzzy rather than rumbly. I usually can’t get off on buzzy vibrations, but there are exceptions every once in a while and this toy is one of them. It’s not the strongest vibration I’ve ever felt and is definitely weaker than the We-Vibe Touch, but it’s just about strong enough to get me to a clitoral orgasm. Bare in mind that I am a power queen, so this might be different for you.

Mode two is slightly different, as the remote can be moved in any direction. Faster movements will increase the intensity of the vibrations. You can activate this by pressing the centre button whilst in mode one. I personally prefer mode one, but it’s nice to change things up every once in a while and create something different. There are also six pre-programmed modes on the remote control, which you can get to by pressing the centre button for a third time, there is one constant speed and five pulsating patterns. You can increase or decrease the intensity of any of these settings with a tap to the relevant button (+ or -). Holding the (-) button for three seconds will turn the remote off.

You can also use the Tiani 3 without the remote control. Simply leave the remote alone and press the button on the massager itself. Press the button again to begin vibrations and continue to press to cycle through the pre-programmed settings, which again feature some pulsating patterns. All of these settings are set to 100% intensity and this can’t be altered without the use of the remote. To turn off the toy, just press and hold the singular button for around 3 seconds.

Lelo Tiani 3Overall, I’d say that this is one of the better toys I have tried from Lelo and is definitely one I’ll continue to use regularly. It adds something different to regular sex and is a great alternative to having to hold a bullet vibrator in place. It’s snug, petite and comfortable to wear, it doesn’t get in the way of penetration at all and provides some pretty decent clitoral stimulation. I’d have preferred more power/rumbles, but on the whole, there’s not much more I can complain about.

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You can purchase the Lelo Tiani 3 (£120) from Simply Pleasure.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.