Review: Fifty Shades Freed Cherished Collection Dual Sided Paddle

Fifty Shades Freed has finally arrived and that can only mean one very special thing. No, not the nuptials of Ana and Christian, but the release of the third luxurious line of limited-edition branded bondage pieces. This collection is named ‘Cherished’ and consists of ten total products, all designed in a gorgeous dark purple and rose gold colour scheme from leather, suede and metal materials. Lovehoney have saved their best work until last and have pulled out all of the stops to make this the most elegant range of the series. I think this collection is a glorious grand finale to a trilogy that has made bondage and sex toys more acceptable in mainstream society and whilst the items are not the cheapest, I do think they are worth the money, especially for fans of the books, movies and product ranges.

The presentation was simply exquisite. A beautiful velvet storage bag complete with silky ribbons and embossed branding arrived with the paddle stored inside. The handle had been wrapped with tissue paper and bubble wrap for protection as metal can easily be scratched or damaged. There were also three tags attached to the handle; one was leather and had the brand name on, one read a quote from the book and one had safety information and cleaning directions.

Fifty Shades Freed Cherished Paddle

Fifty Shades Freed Cherished PaddleFifty Shades Freed Cherished PaddleFifty Shades Freed Cherished Paddle





My partner and I have tried a vast range of paddles from a variety of materials but this one immediately grabbed and maintained my attention because of its high standards. It is the true definition of decadence and has obviously been made with care. Made from three main materials, all of which are high-quality and well sourced, this paddle is in no way flimsy or breakable allowing you to be as tame or as rough as personal preference dictates. There is a soft sensual surface made from suede and a smooth leather opposition which adjoins to a sturdy metal handle for safe, supportive grip.

There’s not much flexibility to its large surface (8 x 3.5 inches) so it doesn’t take much force to produce a reasonable sensation. Both sides of the paddle offer different stimulation and intensity which results in noticeably different reactions from the spankee. The suede side is what I would recommend starting out with and I’d insist upon it if spanking, especially with an implement, is new to you. It disguises itself as gentle and innocent to begin with but do be aware that it’s not incapable of providing some harsher realities.

Fifty Shades Freed Cherished PaddleFor us as intermediate/advanced users, the suede side of this paddle is perfect for some light warming up and preparation for heavier impact. Each movement brings the blood rushing to the surface of the skin, heightening the sensations of whatever follows. I approximately take around ten minutes with this side before moving onto some more painful paddling.

Switching sides is a treat as the differences are so drastic. The leather surface is a favourite of mine and I think it could be used by people of all levels of experience depending on the person who’s aiming the paddle, their technique and the amount of pressure they are using. If this side is swung with little to no force behind it then the area of impact will be aware that contact was made but experience only minor levels of stinging or pain. The spankee should also be able to feel faint vibrations from the impact travelling towards their genital region, which is a sensation that feels unusual at first but pleasant nonetheless.

Fifty Shades Freed Cherished PaddleIf you’re into some pleasurable pain then aiming with more force will provide quite the thuddy sensation. This paddle definitely has the potential and bite needed to be rather harsh in the hands of an experienced spanker. I personally like forceful love taps that leave the skin tingling and red but I don’t want marks that last for weeks. I do like a reminder on the skin that will last several hours or a few days but I don’t want to receive pain that’s on the border of needing an ice bath to soothe it. If you’re more of a masochist than me and want that level of pain then you may prefer something thicker made from wood or silicone.

Due to this being a short-range implement, the sensations feel direct and intense in all the right ways. A paddle produces a broad sensation as it has a larger surface area than a crop or cane so they are perfect for people who prefer their sensations to be spread out. This particular paddle can become a subtle extension of the hand for cheeky, low-impact and fast-paced taps or it can be unforgiving and leave red marks across the skin for people who’d rather have some pain with their pleasure..

Fifty Shades Freed Cherished Paddle

Overall, I would highly recommend this breathtakingly beautiful paddle to anyone who likes broad spanks, two materials to choose from and/or the power to vary how much intensity is given. It would make an ideal luxurious treat for a special occasion or a great upgrade from the simplistic, cheaper paddles. If you are going to engage in spanking play that has the potential to cause serious pain remember to prep your safe words and signals beforehand and use aftercare following the session if it’s needed.

You can purchase the Fifty Shades Freed Cherished Collection Paddle (£69.99) from Lovehoney.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.