Review: B-Vibe Trio Vibrating Butt Plug

Before we get into this review, we need to appreciate the anal experts that made this product. B-Vibe do absolutely fantastic work promoting safe and enjoyable anal play. Their products, guides and website are all gender neutral, sexuality neutral and welcoming to every body. They have tons of useful information on their site regarding backdoor fun and I would definitely recommend checking them out if you’re new, curious or unsure about anal stimulation. They have sex toys that are suited to different needs and levels of experience and the one I’m talking about today is the Trio. A vibrating butt plug that houses THREE different motors. I know my fellow power queens interest will be piqued by that and I’m happy to report back to them that I was not disappointed at all. It went above my expectations, proving that the Rimming Butt Plug 2 was not just a wonderful one-off but the first in a long line of greats.

The presentation was perfect. It had an outer cardboard sleeve with glossy product shot on the front, a description on one side, a list of key features on the back alongside some images of couples (bonus points for these pictures including multiple sexualities/ethnicities) and a diagram showcasing where each motor is located inside the plug. Under the sleeve there was a purple storage box with a magnetic side opening that opened to reveal a shiny metallic black case. The case held the plug, remote control, charging cable and a guide to anal play. The user manual was hidden underneath this case.

B-Vibe Trio Vibrating Butt Plug

B-Vibe Trio Vibrating Butt PlugB-Vibe Trio Vibrating Butt PlugB-Vibe Trio Vibrating Butt Plug





B-Vibe’s Trio Vibrating Butt Plug is made from luxurious silicone. It is high-quality, top-grade stuff that I can’t fault at all. It’s completely body-safe which means that it’s free from latex and phthalates, has no odour or nasty toxins and is hypoallergenic. It has a gorgeously soft, silky finish that has minimal drag to its surface and attracts less lint than silicone typically hoards. It requires a full coating of water-based anal lubricant for use as the anus does not self-lubricate. You may need to top up on the lube occasionally if you’re planning on wearing the plug for long periods of time or find it starts getting uncomfortable.

After use, the plug should be thoroughly cleaned with warm soapy water and rinsed off. It is splashproof, not fully waterproof, so don’t fully submerge it or use it in the bath/shower. I avoid wetting the base where possible and use antibacterial toy wipes on this area instead. When rinsed, dry with a lint free cloth or leave to dry naturally. It should be not used or charged until it’s completely dry and it should also not be cleaned with sprays that contain alcohol or acetone.

Rechargeable via a sturdy magnetic system, charging couldn’t be simpler. Just attach the magnetic clip to the points on the base and plug the USB into a suitable port. There should be a flashing light to indicate that the charging process has begun which goes solid once complete. In our experience, the plug takes around an hour and a half to charge and gives approximately the same amount of use time but it depends on the settings that have been used. The accompanying remote control is actually battery operated and comes with one pre-installed CR2032 to get you started. You can access the battery by sliding the back off the remote. Make sure to remove the paper disc inside this compartment before use so that it will actually work.

B-Vibe Trio Vibrating Butt PlugYou then have two control options. Manual control or use of the remote. My partner and I tried out both methods and found that it was easier to use the remote. I do like the option of having multiple methods but it can be difficult to change the setting manually whilst the plug is being worn. I only use the base controls if I don’t plan on changing the function I’m using and I don’t need to alter the intensity of the vibrations. All that’s needed for manual operation is a quick tap of the power button. This cycles through the nine modes and also turns everything off when pressed and held for a few seconds.

Controlling via the remote allows more range over the toys possibilities. To activate, turn the plug into standby mode by pressing the power button until it flashes. Then press the central button on the remote and check that the power button has gone solid to confirm the pairing. To change the vibration modes on the remote press the wave button. You can cycle through the nine options or pause all of the vibrations via this button. Press and hold for three seconds to do this. You can then press again once quickly to restart the vibrations

B-Vibe Trio Vibrating Butt PlugThe remote also allows you to change the intensity of each mode. You press the plus to increase and minus to decrease. There are a total of eight levels to choose from. To turn the toy and remote off, press and hold the power button on the plug for a few seconds and tap the power button on the remote once. To lock, press and hold the plus and minus buttons down together for three seconds or the power button on the plug for five seconds. You can reactivate by either method.

So, I mentioned three motors earlier but I didn’t describe the positioning of each one. There is one in the tip, one in the middle and one in the neck. I like the vibrations in the tip best but I also find the stimulation of the vibration in the neck to provide some external sensations that speed up my orgasms immensely. The vibrations are rumbly with some depth to them on the low to medium intensities but begin to get buzzier on the higher settings. Luckily, my butt doesn’t hate buzziness so this wasn’t a problem. Out of the nine vibration modes that are available, most of them use both of these motors which means I can make use out of nearly all of them. Here’s a list of what each function offers:

B-Vibe Trio Vibrating Butt PlugConstant vibration in the tip,
Constant vibration in the neck,
Constant vibration in the tip and neck,
Constant vibration from all three motors,
Pulsing pattern from all three motors,
Oscillating pattern from all three motors,
Fast paced pulsation pattern from all three motors,
Quick up and down pulsation pattern from all three motors,
Random pattern from all three motors.

I mostly stick to the first four modes as I prefer constant speeds but I don’t hate the patterns on this. I usually use the first and second modes to warm up with and then choose between the other two depending how sensitive I’m feeling. If I want maximum intensity then I’ll use the fourth setting to overwhelm my senses and let the toy force an orgasm from me rather than building to one myself. It’s tons of fun to play with during masturbation sessions alongside a clitoral vibrator like the Tango for maximum stimulation and aggressive orgasms but it’s also glorious during penetrative sex with my partner. It provides the well-known tighter vaginal canal feeling during intercourse and doesn’t get in the way of any of our regular rotation of positions. My partner can even control it from the base in the pronebone position which keeps things interesting.

B-Vibe Trio Vibrating Butt Plug

At just over five inches in overall length with 4.3 of them being insertable, this plug falls into the medium category. It has 3.9 inches of girth at its widest point which makes it suitable for those transitioning from beginner plugs to intermediate options. It’s noticeably slimmer than the Rimming Plug 2 so can be used as a warm-up tool or stepping stone to that.

I thought the size was extremely comfortable and the rounded, but tapered, tip didn’t cause a jabbing sensation like some of the other plugs I’ve tried with this shape. It works well with my body and doesn’t cause much of a stretching sensation during wear, making it perfect for those who don’t have tons of anal experience. I can happily wear the Trio for a few hours without having any problems. I enjoy leaving the remote in the hands of my eager partner, allowing the anticipation of not knowing when he’s going to turn it on to build to the suspense of the session. We had tons of fun with this as a couple and I think it’s definitely got potential to be used for public play providing there’s some background noise available. It works from about 30 meters away so a partner can control it from the next room or across the bar without having connection problems.

Overall, I think I have fallen head over heels for the Trio. I love that it can be used with or without the remote control as this gives various options for use and keeps things interesting. It might be difficult to control from the base but I like that the option is there if I want to use it. I have enjoyed it using it on its own, with other sex toys and with a partner so it’s practically perfect for every sexual situation. It has not disappointed me in the power department and I would not hesitate to recommend it to my fellow power lovers. Often multiple motors make a sex toy loud and obnoxious but B-Vibe have managed to make a manage-a-trois that’s quiet enough to use in public. I salute them.

You can purchase the B-Vibe Trio Vibrating Butt Plug ($140/£105.52) from Peepshow Toys. You can get 10% off any purchases with the code “NatandTom“.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.


Review: Ft London G Vibe Mini

I love toys that have a unique, interesting appearance to them and the G Vibe Mini by Fun Toys definitely fits into that category. I have never seen a vibrator split like this (other than the original G Vibe and the G Vibe 2 that I reviewed previously) so I was once again intrigued to see how it would work and how comfortable it would be to use. The brand said that the Mini was inspired by the requests they received from women who wanted to try the original product, but were put off or scared by the size. As a result the size was decreased, but the Mini claims to have kept all of the functionalities and features of the original. So, did it impress me? Or was I left feeling underwhelmed and wanting to go back to the G Vibe 2? Read on to find out!

Fun Toys G Vibe MiniMy package came directly from Fun Toys and was discreet as promised. Inside the box, I found the three items that I had been sent. I absolutely adore the packaging that this company uses – it has remained the same as those pictured in my previous reviews. The G Vibe Mini comes in a sturdy cylindrical tube with product photos on the front, an artistic drawing on the back and key features on the side. It’s classy and luxurious, as well as being a handy way to store the product after use. The cylinder held the advertised product, charging cable, user manual and a branded storage pouch (Yay, bonus points!).

The G Vibe Mini is made from medical-grade, premium silicone. It is non-toxic, non-porous, odourless and hypoallergenic. I’m sure you’ll all be happy to know it’s free from latex and phthalates too, making it completely body-safe. I love the look and feel of the silicone, as it feels high-quality. It’s seam-free, smooth to the touch and has a velvety finish. It’s more luxurious than I expected it to be, but after a few positive experiences with this brand, I should probably raise the bar and expect consistently great materials. It has minimal drag to it, but I would still recommend using a splashing of water-based lubricant to remove any friction and aid insertion. Attracting lint, dust and cat hair like crazy I recommend giving the product a thorough rinse before each use. It is fully waterproof which makes clean-up easy and underwater fun possible.

Fun Toys G Vibe MiniBefore I could explore the different ways that I could use the Mini, I had to give it a full charge. It took roughly two hours which gives around four hours of use. This is obviously going to be less if you’re regularly using the vibrator on the highest intensity, but it still has a brilliant charge to play time ratio regardless.

It charges via USB, so all that’s necessary is plugging in the USB into your chosen charging port and attaching the fancy magnetic clip to the points located on the base of the toy. The control buttons flash/light up whilst charging and go steady once the charge is complete. It does seem to disconnect quite easily so make sure to charge your G Vibe Mini on a flat surface to avoid this.

It operates via an easy to understand three-button interface consisting of a plus, minus and a central button featuring some wavy lines. The + button begins the vibrations and increases intensity and the – turns off the vibrations and decreases intensity. The central button operates the patterns with a single touch and you can cycle through them by tapping again. Once you have reached the end of your six options, the cycle starts again making your favourites quick and easy to get back to if you accidentally go past them. The intensity can be increased on all of the settings, whether it’s a constant speed or a pattern, which is something I love to find on vibrators.

Fun Toys G Vibe Mini

These vibrations emit from two motors located in the Mini’s tips. I really like the motor placement as it’s in the perfect spot to make the vibrations travel through the full length of the arms. I often find vibrations don’t travel to the tops of the tips in dual stimulators etc, but they do in this case, which is really satisfying. The one thing that I think needs improvement in these motors is the type of vibrations they produce. They seem to only give out the buzzy type and more often than not I need the rumbly type to get my kicks.

Having said that, I do believe it has a nice variety of intensities on offer. It has everything from light tremor tickles to a strong, fast buzzing. If you’re not a power queen like myself and don’t have an appetite for rumbly vibrations, you might find those on the Mini to be more than enough for you. As this doesn’t have the strength of a wand, it doesn’t have the noise of one either. The sound coming from the Mini is minimal. It would be ideal for someone who requires discretion and wants to maintain privacy because of their accommodation/living situation. All you’d need to do to cover the sound is close the door.

Fun Toys G Vibe Mini

According to my own measurements, the G Vibe Mini is just over 4 inches in overall length but the insertable length is only about 2.5 inches. It really is quite petite and I think it would be perfect for people who don’t like a lot of usable length. I personally do not mind usable length, which is why I think the G Vibe 2 seems to work better for me as a vaginal stimulator. I could find and stimulate my G and A spot with the 2 as it had more length to work with, but I can’t do either with the Mini.

It does have some other purposes that it really works well for though, so I’ll go through a couple of favourites now. The first is penis stimulation. How do I do this? Well, I place an arm either side of his penis and set the vibrations on high. I usually do this alongside manual stimulation, oral sex or use of the Sqweel XT around his glans. The combination of two types of stimulation is something my partner has always enjoyed, but he seems to particularly enjoy how the Mini feels on his shaft. He liked the G Vibe 2 to be used in this way too, but after a few comparative uses, he’s concluded that the Mini is the better G Vibe for the job. He thinks the larger of the two can get in the way sometimes during the other stimulation that’s taking place and the weight pulling on his penis isn’t too enjoyable for him.

Fun Toys G Vibe MiniMy other favourite method is using one arm on the clitoris and the other at the vaginal opening. In a way this is similar to a rabbit vibrator in that the places the arms sit are the same, but it feels extremely different. The G Vibe Mini’s petite shaft means there’s no room for rotation, twisting or thrusting, it simply rests inside my entrance and provides some stimulation through the vibrations. It can do this hands-free. I don’t need to hold it in place for it to stay in position, nor do I need to move it around to feel anything from it.

I felt that the arms reach my clitoris affectively and sits resting over it, rather than just below/above or next to it as some rabbit vibrators do. I have a rather short distance between my opening and my clitoris, so the length of the arms are pretty much perfect for me. The other arm sits comfortably resting on the inside, where the vibrations do some magic on the opening and the surrounding areas such as the labia. If the vibrations had been rumbly, then I think I could have reached a fast orgasm with the Mini when using it in this way but as it is, it takes around 15 minutes on the top speeds with some erotic audio playing in the background.

Fun Toys G Vibe MiniOverall, I don’t think the G Vibe Mini has as much variety as the G Vibe 2 has, but I think it’s better at certain stimulations available with a split-end toy. I really liked to use it for the methods mentioned above, but there are certain things I can’t do with it than I can do with the G Vibe 2.

I think deciding between the two would be easy for most people as it ultimately comes down to how much length and girth you’d prefer. This doesn’t have either so I personally don’t find it fulfilling to use both tips simultaneously in my vagina, but someone who doesn’t want those things would probably find the G Vibe Mini to be satisfying. It provides a filled sensation without any stretching, which is something that has put a few people off using the 2. If you think you can handle the girth and length, then I’d recommend the G Vibe 2 as there’s simply more options for use, but I can’t discount the Mini for the things it can do. Both are surprisingly Fun Toys (I didn’t mean to do that) and I would be happy to offer up a recommendation for either based on my experiences.

Tease Me Simply Pleasure

I received the G Vibe Mini from Fun Toys in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! You can purchase the G Vibe Mini (£101.95) in Blue or Aqua from Simply Pleasure. Two affiliate links have been used in this post.

Review: Tantus Rumble

When I heard that Tantus were releasing a wand, I was pretty excited. It’s something that they’d never done before, so I was apprehensive, but as I love 95% of their inventory that I’ve collected, I had high hopes. I mean, they’ve made vibrators before, but nothing quite like this. I haven’t seen anything similar to this on the market and that’s one of the main things that set it apart from the rest. The other thing that makes the Rumble different is the slogan it carries, it’s described as ‘a vibrator for every body’. I absolutely adore this message as it’s pointing the industry towards the right direction, which is gender neutral and inclusive marketing. It’s something we don’t see enough of, so I’m super happy that Tantus chose to do this and hopefully other companies will start to take notice of the fact that genitalia doesn’t always dictate who a person identifies as or what toys they can use.

Tantus RumbleThe packaging for the wand is different to the usual display case styles boxes that Tantus toys arrive in, but it’s still easily recognizable due to the orange and white colour scheme. It’s classy and sleek as expected, covered with glossy images of the product and some of its key features. Inside the box, lay the Rumble within some foam casing, an instruction manual and the USB charging cable. One charge lasts around four hours, which is pretty great in my opinion and as a result, I’ve only had to charge it a handful of times despite a multitude of uses.

It has been made well and I couldn’t find any flaws with the build quality or materials used. It feels like a sturdy, quality toy and its of course body-safe, as all Tantus products are. One downside to the Rumble is the fact that it’s not waterproof, so it can’t be used in the bath or shower. It is considered splash proof, but I never like to take any risks. For cleaning, I use toy wipes on the handle/control panel and remove the waterproof silicone head to be rinsed separately. This can be rinsed in soapy water to remove fluids and lint, but make sure it’s fully dry before placing it back on. It can also be boiled (as can the sold separately attachments) if multiple people are going to be using it, which is great for those of us who are extra cautious about our toys being sanitary.

Tantus RumbleAs for the control panel, it’s made up of three simple buttons. Power to turn on/off, plus to increase in intensity and minus to decrease. These buttons also control the use of the patterns, of which there are four. I’m really pleased with the layout of this panel as it’s clean, uncomplicated and easily accessible. It seems to be a popular move for companies to make vibrators that have the power button immediately next to the increase/decrease buttons, which makes it easy to accidentally turn the toy off instead of up/down and this puts a dent in the mood. Luckily, Tantus have solved this problem by placing the power button further up the toys shaft.

The Rumble is different for a multitude of reasons, but I think its distinctive design definitely has to be talked about in this review. Wands typically have a large, oval or circle shaped head and a straight, weighty body. This one doesn’t. It’s insanely lightweight, to the point where I wondered if I had been sent a foam version when I first got my hands on it, which makes it accessible to a larger audience. There are many people out there who enjoy broad stimulation but have mobility issues, weak joints, or coordination problems that affect their ability to use standard wands, so the Rumble is going to be ideal for anyone with these sort of issues.

Tantus RumbleIn regards to the power, I agree with Tantus’s definition of it being mid-range. They have openly said that it’s no Doxy, but that doesn’t mean it’s weak, lacklustre and uninspiring. It’s not a wand that will tear orgasms from you in thirty seconds like the mains-powered beast I just mentioned, but that’s exactly what I like about it. I know, it’s strange, right? I’m a power queen that generally prefers to have my clitoral orgasms over and done with in under five minutes, but on occasion, I like to take my time to reach a climax.

Admittedly, this is not very often, but it does happen. Sometimes I want to lay back and take twenty minutes to revel in the sensations and let my orgasm be reached in a more natural, gradual sense rather than it be forced from my body within a matter of seconds. If extended play is the vibe that I’m feeling on a given day, this wand is one of the first things that comes to my mind. It has a low hum to its vibrations, not so much of a rumble, but definitely not a buzz, that feels glorious against the clitoris without overpowering it and sending my nerve endings up into ecstasy.

The only problem that I have encountered is finding a position that works for me. It’s quite hard to get the head in a comfortable position that’s also providing stimulation to the right places with an adequate amount of pressure.

Tantus Rumble

Overall, I quite enjoyed the Rumble. It’s not my favourite wand and I’ll be the first to admit that, but it’s certainly not a bad toy. It has its time and place in my collection and goes well with certain moods.  It’s definitely worth a shot if you have any sort of motor/mobility issues and like broad stimulation, want something lightweight and/or don’t need power-queen vibrations.

You can purchase the Tantus Rumble ($129.99/£103.60) from Tantus. Affiliate links have been used within this review.

Review: Womanizer W100

A few months ago, I finally managed to get my hands on the Womanizer W500 and I really enjoyed the experience, so when I saw the W100 on sale at Lovehoney, I decided I just had to get the original too. Admittedly, I still prefer my beloved Satisfyer Pro 2 to both of these Womanizers, but I’m super excited to see what both brands bring out next.

Womanizer W100

Womanizer W100

Womanizer W100

Womanizer W100





I was reasonably happy with the presentation upon arrival as the box was much cleaner than I thought it would be. It’s classic and understated (unlike the toy) and features just a few simple images of the product and samples of the design that I chose. Inside the box, I found a lovely branded storage case alongside a user manual. Inside the case was the Womanizer itself, the charging cable, an adapter and a spare silicone head.

I opted for the black tattoo pattern as it’s totally different to anything that I have in my collection and it’s one of the least offensive designs available in my opinion. I think this is probably one of the best designs that Womanizer currently offer the W100 in, but I prefer the mint lace pattern of my W500 and the clean appearance of the white Pro40 to this style. I have to admit that I’m still not a big fan of the sparkly gemstone button that the original Womanizers have, but I find it easier to use on the W100 as it’s not so stiff.

Womanizer W100Before I could get stuck in, a full charge was required. I didn’t need the included adapter, so I just plugged the USB into the charging port and opened up the small silicone flap on the base of the toy to insert the jack. A light flashes near the charging port to indicate that the charge is taking place and this becomes steady once the charge has completed. The manual recommends four hours of charge for a complete refresh, which should give around ninety minutes of playtime, depending on the intensity it’s being used on.

Out of the two Womanizers that I currently own, I prefer the shape of this one, especially when I wish to use it for longer periods of time. I don’t have to stretch my hand around such a wide surface and I think the button placement is better on the original. It has two buttons, a power button and the gemstone button that I briefly mentioned earlier. The power button obviously turns the suction on, but it also reverts back to the lowest intensity if pressed again during use. It turns off by being pressed and held for a few seconds. The gemstone button is in charge of cycling through the available functions, of which there are six.

Womanizer W100The Womanizer has grabbed the attention of many, intriguing sex toy enthusiasts worldwide, but it’s not going to be suitable for everyone. I personally believe that this toy is best suited to those who enjoy direct/pin-point clitoral stimulation. If you’re a person who prefers broader stimulation, then I think you might find a toy such as this to be too intense, even on the lower settings. I like a bit of both, but I prefer intense, direct contact so a toy like this is ideal for me.

You can get two different sized heads for the Womanizer, regular or XL and I personally prefer the regular as I’ve found this makes the stimulation extremely precise. The larger heads are useful on the occasions where I don’t want to orgasm quite so quickly or I want to experiment with multiple orgasms. The larger head takes away some of the intensity, so it’s not my head of choice, but it is nice on those occasions where I want to spend more time with the Womanizer. The smaller head tends to make me feel more sensitive after one orgasm, to the point where a second orgasm could actually be painful, but this doesn’t happen with the larger size, which is why it’s useful for longer use.

Womanizer W100

Once I’ve found the perfect position around the clitoris, I can just lay back and let the Womanizer take over. I apply a small amount of water-based lubricant to the silicone nozzle beforehand as this makes use more comfortable. There are six settings ranging from light and gentle to an intense suction, but I only really use settings four through six. I am a power queen and I’ve learned that the W100’s highest setting is not always enough for me.

I prefer the W500 to the original simply because of the two extra settings, although the shape and control panel are much better on this one. If the things I liked about both of the Womanizers were combined into one toy, then I think it would seriously give the Satisfyer a run for its money. It would also have to be waterproof, which neither of these models are. The silicone heads can be removed and cleaned with toy cleaner and water, but the rest is not water-friendly so it’s best to use antibacterial wipes on the body.

Womanizer W100

In terms of noise, the Womanizer is not a particularly quiet toy, but the sound does dissipate once the toy makes contact with the skin. A closed-door is generally enough to cover the sound once it’s made contact, but once it’s taken away then the noise can be picked up on from outside the room. I usually use this toy when I have the house to myself or simply turn the toy off before removing it from the skin to avoid being heard. Background music may help out, so I wouldn’t completely rule it out for those who need discretion.

Overall, I think the Womanizer W100 is a wonderful device. I would highly recommend it to those who like direct clitoral contact, cooling sensations and fast orgasms. It can take some getting used to, but the orgasms from this toy are results I can’t reach with a regular vibrator. If it had the power of the W500, then I think this would be the winner for me because it has a better shape, easier control panel and it comes with a case, which the more expensive, wider version does not.

At the present time I can not locate a stockist of the Womanizer W100. It appears to have been discontinued in favour of the newer models. I will update with links if I find a stockist.