Review: Tantus Compact

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Whenever the opportunity arises to add to my growing Tantus collection, I take it. So when I was offered a great discount in exchange for products of my choice, I opted for the Compact and the Flurry 02, as I’d been lusting after them for a while. I ordered through the US site, although StarSexToys now have a UK site too, although they unfortunately do not stock either of these beautiful toys there at this time.

I was expecting to wait a while for the delivery, as it was coming from America and customs often like to make me wait, but surprisingly, my package was with me just over a week later. It was discreet, other than the customs shipping information, but that was as expected. Inside the box, were both of my shiny new Tantus dicks and I just couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Or get them stuck in. Either way, I was excited.


The Compact is made from Tantus’s unique formula of ultra-premium silicone, making it (and the rest of their products) completely body-safe and hypoallergenic. Their products are phthalate free and non-toxic, as well as being boilable and dishwasher safe allowing a much deeper clean. I noticed the silicone has a little bit of a drag to it, not as much as the Flurry or Curve does, but enough that it will still require a small helping of water-based lubricant during use. The Compact is one of the softer, squishier toys I have in my Tantus collection so far and is also one of the most flexible.

This dildo is perfectly sized for beginners to vaginal and anal penetration and is suitable to peg with, providing you have a small enough O ring. It’s great as a warm-up toy or for those of us who simply enjoy their toys smaller. It is approximately 5.25 inches in length, with around 4″ being insertable. It has a small girth at just 3 inches, reaching 3.5 inches at the widest point of the head. It’s like a slightly longer/wider version of a finger, which is perfect for those who are just starting out and want to get used to something being inside before progressing onto bigger things.

As I briefly mentioned before, the Compact is quite a flexible toy, which is great until the time comes to insert it. The flexibility makes it very easy for the toy to slip out of position or begin bending once you begin inserting it, so holding midway down the shaft until it’s firmly inside is necessary. It’s flexible enough that it can be bent in half fully in either direction, so I’ve found it essential to keep a firm grip of this toy to avoid any uncomfortable poking should it decide to start bending or squishing about.

The base of the Compact is pretty small and not much of a handle, so I do like to keep an inch or so of the shaft free, in order to get better grip on the toy and make it easier to thrust with. This only leaves me with around 3 inches of length to play with, making this toy perfect for shallow penetration and just about right for g-spot stimulation.  I don’t mind the shorter length actually, as for once, I don’t feel like I’m playing hit and miss with my cervix. The head of the Compact is curved specifically for the g-spot and p-spot, but the toy isn’t quite firm enough to provide the pressure I need. It is great for finding and warming up my g-spot before using something a little bit tougher though.

What differentiates the Tantus Compact from the Tantus Silk (small)? Three gentle ridges below the head. The texture is only light, so remains suitable for beginners, whilst offering something extra to the more advanced players. I thought they might be too light for me to get any enjoyment from them, but once the ridges entered me, I felt them lightly begin to stimulate my vaginal entrance. For me though, the ridges shine anally. I can feel the texture much better this way and as I feel myself tightening around the toy, the ridges begin to stimulate all the right spots, without being too much.

In conclusion, the Compact is the perfect toy for warming up or introducing toys/penetration. It’s adorable, petite and squishy, which makes it non-intimidating and beginner-friendly. It’s not firm enough for me to get heavy g-spot stimulation from it, but may be enough for those who don’t need much pressure. I tend to use this dildo if I haven’t used an insertable for a couple of weeks (which surprisingly, can happen every so often depending on my review schedule). It’s been particularly helpful and reliable for getting back into anal penetration after a few weeks without it and is the perfect stepping stone  to returning to bigger toys after a brief anal break.

Rating; ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I received the Tantus Compact ($48.55/£33.34) from StarSexToys (US) at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!