Made by Tantus, the Cush 02 dildo has features that represent dual densities of the silicone it consists of. This is an extremely huge dildo that consists of white silicone that is super-soft and the firm part (on mine it is density blue instead of purple) forms a layer over it which is squishy. This toy’s squishy feature, along with its second ridge causes it to give off various sensations.

Tantus Cush 02
Tantus Cush 02

The packaging of the Cush 02

Tantus toys have a standard packaging method which is designed to catch the eye, as it is non-tacky and simple, but doesn’t go overboard in being discreet, which is apparent by designing it to be visually see through. I always store my Tantus toys in storage bags; this is to keep them from collecting dust and/or lint. It is safe to keep them altogether in the same storage bag and it helps on the amount of bags that has to be used too.

 The appearance of the Cush 02

Although I had three different choices to choose from, I went with ethereal blue, combined with white. The shape of this dildo is a bit interesting as well, for it falls between having a non-representational appearance due to the shape being designed so simple and it having a second ridge added to it, and it has a little realism to it due to the dildo’s head. The size of this dildo is huge and would be perfect for anyone who likes having something humongous inside of them, as it is close to 8 inches in length, with 7 inches of that insertable, and the thickness of it is 1.8 inches in diameter for the shaft, and the widest part being about 1.9 inches (for the head).