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I have saved the best product from my first Tantus review package until last, because frankly I couldn’t stop using it long enough to sit down and write about it. The G-Force is a toy I have wanted since the day I discovered Tantus and I’m so happy that I finally have it in my collection. What makes this even better is that I was sent it in wine, which is a deep burgundy shade that just so happens to be one of my favourite colours. It’s so rare to find sex toys in this colour, but it’s so beautiful.

Before I get stuck into all of the important stuff, I’ll mention that the delivery was extremely fast. FedEx were at my door within a week of dispatch notification, which is excellent! The package was as unassuming as Tantus advertise, with the only tell-tale sign of the contents being the legally required packing slip. The packaging for the G-Force itself was in typical Tantus style, just a simple cardboard box with a see-through window and product information on the back. It’s understated, but classic and all that’s really necessary.

The G-Force is made from Tantus’s unique formula of 100% ultra-premium silicone. This formula is completely body-safe and free from latex and phthalates. It’s eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-porous and hypoallergenic, as-well as being bleachable, boilable and even dishwasher-safe. I generally stick to toy cleaner and water for everyday cleaning, but I have placed several Tantus toys in the dishwasher when I’ve wanted a thorough clean and they’ve come out as good as new. I would recommend doing this regularly if you’re using this toy for p-spot stimulation or switching between orifices or partners. As this toy is made from silicone, I’d advise you to only use water-based lubricant. Silicone or hybrid lubricants can degrade the material. If you must use something other than water-based, do a patch test on the base of the toy first.

The G-Force has 10″ inches of overall length, with 6″ inches of smooth, glossy shaft being insertable. The handle takes up the remaining 4″ inches and has a completely different feel to it. It’s matte and velvety, which is quite the contrast to the shaft. This toy features a traditional curve and bulbous head combination which makes it excellent for g-spot stimulation, although I’m sure it would be enjoyable for p-spot stimulation too. It has a maximum diameter of 1.4 inches, which makes it manageable for most users. If this seems too small for you, then I’d suggest one of their slightly larger toys like the Slick Large or the Adam 02. These toys do not feature the handle, but as of right now, Tantus do not offer a thicker curved toy with a handle. If the curve isn’t essential to you and girth is your real preference, I’d take a look at the Anaconda.

I was surprised when I held the G-Force for the first time because it’s much more flexible than I had anticipated. I can make the head touch the base if I want to, although it takes a bit of force after the half way point. The shaft is what I’d describe as bendy, because it can be manipulated in any direction, with no real limits. I thought that this would make this toy very difficult to insert as it would be constantly moving out of position or bending once it reaches my entry, but surprisingly it’s very easy to use and the flexibility doesn’t get in the way at all. I think the handle and the firmness of the toy work together to make the process work and if neither were present, I doubt this toy would work. It’s not quite as solid as The Vamp, but it doesn’t have any squish to it at all.

I couldn’t wait to try this toy out, so after applying a spot of lube, I began to insert it. I felt the firm, bulbous head enter with ease, so I tilted it up slightly for it to rest against my g-spot. Once I found the best position, I began a gentle rocking motion and this seemed to work extremely well, although it wasn’t orgasm-inducing. I decided to speed up the pace and began thrusting a little bit, which started to create that feeling of pressure that undoubtedly means the orgasm is about to appear. I decided to bring a clitoral vibrator into the mix for extra intensity and I had a rather nice blended orgasm a few minutes later.

I’m the type of female that generally needs clitoral stimulation at the same time as penetration, but I have managed to have g-spot orgasms with this toy without it. I think it’s much easier to bring yourself to orgasm with a toy like this as it reaches all the right spots properly. I have pretty short arms so handle/angle room is often something I don’t have enough of, but I don’t have to worry about that when I use the G Force. The handle makes it so much easier to find a comfortable position for use and it also helps out weak-wristed people like myself. I can now thrust until I reach my finish and I don’t have to stop half way through because my arms hurt. It’s solved pretty much all of my penetration and g-spotting problems and for that reason, this dildo hasn’t even made it into my toybox yet. It’s permanently bedside for easy access.

Overall, I am yet to be disappointed by the G Force. I have used this toy countless times over the last few months and it’s never failed to find the right spot almost instantly. It’s like it has a magnetic pull or something. It’s super reliable for orgasms and the handle makes it perfect for lazy thrusting sessions. I only have minor issue with the G Force and that’s simply the amount of lint it attracts. I find it particularly builds up on the shaft due to the glossy finish, but the small indent in the handle where the Tantus branding is located catches a lot of dust too.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I received the G-Force ($69.97/£53.08) from Tantus in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! Affiliate links have been used within this post.