I like making things as simple for myself as I can so I use the Sliquid Sassy because that is what I prefer due to it being water based and it has a thicker consistency as it makes it more cushiony, besides, it is totally safe for my body. Of course, one can use any hybrid lube or water-based lube they want too. I have found my Tsunami to have firmness, though there is a little bit of give to it, however, nowhere near what you may find with the dual density toys, as it did take a little bit of work to get it to bend.

Tantus Tsunami
Tantus Tsunami

The only downfall I have found with this toy is that there is only one speed to the vibrator. Although its vibrator is strong, there is only one setting to it and it is a little on the buzzy side. I love the color of my Tsunami; of course, it does have two to choose from. Another feature I fell in love with is the raised ridges that run down the shaft, the ones on the front give my pussy a nice sensation as it is going in and out and the ones on the back side also add to the pleasure.


Not including the vibrator when being used, the length of the Tsunami is 7.25 inches with 6.75 inches of that insertable and it has a diameter of 1.5 inches.


As with nearly all of Tantus toys the Tsunami is made from 100% Ultra Premium Silicone making it safe for the inside of the body.


My new Tsunami can be cleaned using a anti-bacteria soap and water and there is the option of placing it in the dishwasher, another option is to spritz it using 10% bleach and water solution and wash with the anti-bacteria soap afterwards, or simply boil it.