To begin with I have to say that I am so thankful that my new Uncut 2 toy is anal safe and that I can use it with my harness. I really like the feeling it gives me when inserting its big head into e. All the fine detail on it is able to be felt as it thrusts in and out. It is amazing how real like the over skin texture is. Another feature that it has is that great pleasure you get from a dual-density toy (soft on the outside and hard on the inside). It is normally a bit of a challenge for me to be able to grasp the end good enough to get a good hold on my dildos, however, with the extra length of the shaft and the girth of the base.

Tantus Uncut 2
Tantus Uncut 2


This is as realistic as it gets! It has been designed to resemble an uncut penis, whereas, the foreskin on the head of the penis can slide back and forth (only the actual moving of the foreskin has been left out), they have yet to figure out how to create it so the skin can be pulled back and forth, but when they do, look out. As part of the Dual Density 02 line from Tantus it offers some great features, one of those is the super soft outside, with a more firm inside, and others include more detailed veins, skin texture, uncut appearance, and wrinkles.


The Uncut #02 is 1.6 inches in diameter and the insertable length is 6.4 inches.


The Uncut #02 dildo is made of 100% Ultra Premium Silicone, making it eco-friendly. It is also hypoallergenic. 


Due to all the tiny nooks and crannies and to be on the safe side it is suggested that Uncut #02 be boiled and/or put it in the dishwasher to make certain the surface gets completely cleaned.