It is great that I can use it with my harness and even anally. My Vamp has ridges on the beginning of it, which works towards keeping it from falling out once it has been inserted into me and the thrusting begins for it is acting as if it were a plug.

Tantus Vamp
Tantus Vamp


My Tantus Vamp is only the initial dildo version, however, for a few dollars more you can get it where it is hollow at the base and it allows a bullet vibrator to be inserted, and it can also be use as a suction cup where you can place it almost anywhere and ride whenever you want.


The length of my Vamp is 7 inches, with a diameter, including the head is 1.75 inches.


The material that the Vamp is made from is 100% Ultra Premium Silicone. It is safe for the body and also non-porous.


It is very easy to clean this dildo; all you need is some anti-bacteria soap and a little water. In additionally, anytime you share your sex toys they should be sterilized to be on the safe side.

Personal experience of my Vamp Dildo

I will be ordering it next time as I enjoy y freedom to express the wants of my pussy and by that I am talking about a suction cup to stick it up in any room in the house and fuck the hell out of it. Something I love to do is stick a cock on the oven when I am using it and as I ride it my body has orgasms off the ovens heat, and every now and then I enjoy pushing myself all the way to the ovens door and let it burn my ass a little cause I needed to be punished right then.