ust a warning to my little sex kittens, this will not be my normal review. After receiving this product I learned of the disgusting morals behind it and was faced with a choice to not post anything, or rant my ass off. After consulting some senior reviewers, I decided to inform you of my experience, as well as why I choose to not post my normal review. The ultimate decision to buy is up to you, but i suggest you just go elsewhere.

The “fifi” was advertised to me as a “unique” male masturbator that you could tighten and that came with disposable sleeves for “easy clean up”

NUMBER 1: My partner tried it prior to us finding out what we did, and his first comment is “why did you choose a condom wrapped in a waist trainer” —

yes, it was that bad, and he said he didn’t even finish because it felt nothing like a pussy, and wasn’t remotely ergonomic in his hand

NUMBER 2: You’d think, even if they were going to stick with “disposable sleeves” they’d choose ANY OTHER MATERIAL THEN LATEX!…they literally cut there market area in half, if not more, by offering a product in a material that many are allergic too.

NUMBER 3: I am not sure if you can really see in the pictures, but I will just ruin the secret….EVERYTHING IS MADE IN CHINA. Not saying NOTHING good comes out of china, but when the company is practically a no name and is already pretty shady, seeing a “made in china” sticker doesn’t exactly help them.

NUMBER 4: Below this you will see more pictures, and also the advertisement that set me off. Below that is a list that corresponds with this, and that is how pricey it is for something that probably costs less then 2 dollars to make. You will end up spending around 30 dollars to jerk off about 15 times. Im sorry but i get off maybe 8 times a week, if not more, so if im a dude trying to be thrifty, this just isn’t cutting it. You could literally go to most of my affiliates sites and buy more then one thing, that is still a quality product, for the same price.

So why the hate?

Reason 1.

This is an actual advertisement they posted, and subsequently deleted. They make statements all the time saying “The fifi is better than BLANK” but this went WAY to far. So many have fought for too long to make buying sex toys, and working in the adult industry body friendly, and sex positive. There is NO excuse for labeling people of differing shapes, sizes and colors bad sex partners.

Reason 2.
The product just doesn’t make sense. If a guy wanted to jack off into a condom, with a compression bad around it, he would just make one. Oh…that’s right….THEY ALREADY HAVE! If you look below, “fifi’s” (yes they are even known by that exact name, have been made in prisons, and by drunk college kids alike far before this product was “created”.
Prevalent within death row inmates, a hands-free masturbation device made up of a dirty old sock, vaseline (or toothpaste, if not available) a toilet paper tube (if available), wedged firmly between a matress.

Things you should buy instead;

You could buy a cup of coffee for 10 days

You could buy a meal for 2 at a restaurant

Or a meal for the whole family at a fast food restaurant

You could buy a full tank of gas

You could literally pick two of 100 + toys from LoveHoney for 30 dollars, and you could masturbate an infinite amount of times, compared to the 15 times you’ll get buying this product.

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