So as I was in the shower this morning, I thought to myself….what is the point of pubic hair? Ever since I can remember I was told different stories regarding what to do with my hair. Some say shave it all off, some say leave a landing strip, others would stare in disbelief at even wanting to trim the hedges. I will admit when I first hit puberty I was such a religious shaver. I didn’t let that bush get more then grass height before I took out the weed wacker and got the shit under control. But enough with the gardening references, lets talk about pubic hair in all its glory, and why its even there in the first place. Maybe you’ll start to second guess your normal routine.

Why do we shave?

Reasons behind shaving are very simple, we think it looks better. By we I mean a majority of america where shaving, waxing, clipping, lazering, vagasiling, etc has become widely popular. Both men and women in fact, believe it is the cleaner alternative to what our dumb bodies decided during evolution.

Does the hair even have a purpose?


Some of the main and more common uses for the hair include:

  • Keeping your body temperature regulated. The hair retains heat when your sexual bits are cold, and when its hot, the oil secreted by the follicle evaporates and then cools the area.
  • Protect against friction. Skin to skin rubbing isn’t fun for anyone. The hair serves as a buffer to prevent redness and irritations associated with skin to skin friction. Imagine your bush as a fluffy cloud love wedge.
  • It contains pheromones! Pheromones as you may know, are what attractions one person to another, when you sweat you release more of these chemicals and they get retained within the pubic region.

What’s the worst case scenario?

Well since you asked;

Just like shaving any part of the body, you are going to irritate the area. Considering the sensitivity of that area, most creams are not recommended to sooth it, nor are the really that effective. This irritation is actually microscopic open wounds and inflamed follicles. When you repeatedly shave, the irritation (even when its not bothersome) continues to get worse in terms of risk. It is not unusual to develop boils or cysts, even infections like MRSA because of this irritation. It also puts you at a greater risk for things like warts and lice. The hair again, acts as a buffer, theoretically stopping the virus from getting on your skin.

Are there ways to prevent infection?

Yes and no. I am not going to tell you it will never happen if you do one thing or another, but like anything else, it can be “preventable”. Using clean, sharpened razors, as well as not leaving your razor in a wet place, and checking for rust can help. Also using a specific razor just for that area is recommended. Basically switching to a higher quality disposable for the sole purpose of shaving that area would be best.

Are you telling me to stop shaving?

Of course not, what you and your razor do in the sanctity of your own bathroom is none of my business. HOWEVER! I am here to answer a question and give the ups and downs. I personally am thinking twice about shaving as frequently. I mean it already took me long enough to be comfortable with my gyno rummaging around down there, let alone explaining to ER techs why my labia is the size of a melon and oozing. (pretty picture i know)

Anyway, no matter your reasoning, the only 100% safest way to not get a disease is to use contraceptives, and the 100% surest way to know the truth behind the shaving vs no shaving debate is consulting your doctor.