You always remember your firsts. Whether it be the first time you rode a bike, or your first day at school, they always stay vivid in your memory. With this being my first post, as I embark into unknown territory, I figure the only way to kick things off is to describe my first time.
Awkward and nervous, we chose to simultaneously loose our virginity. I was a freshman, he was a sophomore, and the whole thing really just happened by chance. The adults were away and I basically had the house to myself. Over the course of that week a friend I met the summer before high school spent a lot of time over my house. He even slept on my floor in my closet so my sister wouldn’t find out he was over. We fooled around and hooked up, but for some reason never took the opportunity to go the extra mile.One of the last nights he suggested we walk back to his house since my sister would be back early that morning. I was nervous, understandably, because I had already risked getting caught multiple times earlier that week, what if this was the time my luck would run out? Still, I agreed and followed him down the road. It was the middle of Fall so understandably, by the time we completed the mile walk down the road we were both cold, and looking to warm up. It was at that moment he asked me to be his first. So many thoughts raced through my head, what happens if the condom breaks? Does he have a condom? What if I’m not good? How do I even know what “good” is? Even with all these thoughts I took a deep breath and agreed.

In a field behind his house, he laid me down and began to caress my thigh. Kissing me gently on the neck, I began to get an urge I had never acted on before. I started to unzip his pants and stroke him gently, feeling him become increasingly excited as the exchange continued. He made eye contact, asking me if I was ready. I nodded as he put on the condom and inserted himself inside me. It was both painful and pleasureful. I could feel him pulsating inside me, going deeper with every thrust. Our breathing becoming shorter and more exaggerated. I began to beg for him to go faster and harder. I could not believe what I had been missing, even at a young age I wanted this experience to last forever….

Well as all awkward first time stories go….the condom split on a blade of grass, and we both were left on the edge and embarressed at how silly the end result sounded. I do have to give it to him though, even with the possibility of pregnancy because of the condom breaking being minimal (considering we both hadn’t finished) he quickly stated he would step up in the event something happened. Proving some men do actually mature sooner then age 35 🙂

Sorry if that story left you wanting, but I am going to be 100% true and honest with everything I publish here. Let me know about your first time, awkward details and all! Be sure to share this site with your friends, and don’t be afraid to contact me on social media, or through our contact page!